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Liam was devastated to learn that he'd been mistaken about the kiss between Thomas and Hope, and Steffy urged Liam to keep silent about their night together. Ridge worried as Thomas underwent brain surgery. Eric made an important decision about his marriage.
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Thomas underwent brain surgery as Liam wanted to come clean about sleeping with Steffy
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Thomas' medical crisis takes a dire turn Thomas' medical crisis takes a dire turn
Monday, December 7, 2020

At Forrester, Paris thought she was stopping the sketching Zende from getting any work done, but Zende liked her company. Paris persisted in being awestruck by Forrester. She couldn't believe her sister was able to work there after helping Reese steal Hope and Liam's baby. Zende had thought a similar thing about Thomas and said Thomas seemed to be doing well.

Paris was amazed that the Forresters had been so forgiving to Zoe. "Yeah, Zoe's proved herself, showed a lot of remorse," Zende replied. Paris mentioned that Zoe had had many chances to reveal the truth about Beth. Instead, Zoe had sided with Reese. Paris wasn't sure what she would have done if she'd been in that situation.

Zende said Reese should have never put Zoe in that position. Paris figured that it had been an awful chapter, and it hadn't been like Zoe. He assumed that everyone was trying to move on from it. Paris was happy for Zoe, and he figured that the sisters were close. Zende wished he had a sibling, but Paris said he had enough aunts and cousins to make up for it.

Agreeing, Zende shared that it was one of the reasons he'd moved back to town. He'd missed the excitement, and it was never dull around there. He wished he could hang out with Thomas more. Paris replied that anyone could make progress if Hope and Thomas could.

Zende remarked that Liam felt the exact opposite and would always be guarded for Hope's sake. Zende hoped that the change in Thomas was the real deal. He thought that Thomas had a bright future ahead of him.

Later, Zende regaled Paris with a tale of the time Ridge had rented out the largest theme park in California for Thomas' 15th or 16th birthday. Zende, Thomas, and 50 of Thomas' friends had had the run of the place. "Paris, when I say it was legendary...I'll never forget it, old as I get," he declared. Paris had been "dying" to go to that park. He offered to take her. He said he couldn't rent out the whole place, but he told her that they'd go.

Paris warned that her eyes would remain closed on any hair-raising rides. Zende offered her a hand to hold. She contemplated taking tequila shots beforehand. Looking forward to it, she mentioned inviting Zoe and Carter. Paris decided to let him get back to work. He thought it was a good idea, but he let her know that she had an uplifting energy that he liked being around.

At Thomas' apartment, Liam was still trying to reconcile with himself that Thomas had been kissing the mannequin, not Hope. Hope assumed that Thomas had had a mental breakdown after he and Liam had gotten into an argument. Liam said it wasn't possible.

A flashback played of Hope abruptly leaving Thomas' apartment after Thomas had begun telling her how grateful he was to have her in his life. She told Liam that she'd had dinner with Thomas and Douglas. Douglas had played at his friend Camden's apartment. Hope had retrieved her purse from Thomas' and left when Thomas had started getting "all sentimental."

Hope asserted that she'd gotten Douglas and gone home. She hadn't kissed Thomas. She'd been long gone by the time Liam had seen whatever he'd seen. "I wasn't even here. It was her!" Hope said, pointing to the doll.

"So, you and Thomas did not make out at all?" Liam asked. Hope stated that she hadn't touched Thomas. Hope wouldn't do that to Liam. She insisted that she wouldn't betray Liam that way.

Hope asked if she could finally talk about Thomas and the reason she was in his apartment. In Liam's silence, she explained that she'd shared Finn's concern about Thomas, who could have suffered a concussion after he and Liam had gotten into it. Liam said he'd never touched Thomas. Hope elaborated that it had happened after Liam had already gone.

In an animated tone, Hope said it made sense to her because Thomas had been talking to "that" as if it were alive, as if it were some warped version of her. Looking at the mannequin, Liam stated that he'd been so sure and had thought he'd had every reason to believe that something had been going on.

Still riled up, Hope continued explaining how she'd tried to calm Thomas down, but he'd kept yelling at the mannequin. She'd assured him that he'd get help, but he'd collapsed. She'd called paramedics and Finn, who'd taken Thomas to the hospital.

Hope wanted to go to the hospital. Liam seemed disillusioned and immobilized. Hope said it hadn't been his fault; no one was blaming Liam, and it would be okay. She loved Liam and would never kiss Thomas or break their marriage vows. Liam shrank like a chastised puppy.

Hope repeated that they needed to go to the hospital. As she walked out the door, Liam studied the mannequin. He flashed back to seeing Thomas kiss it. Liam seemed as if he might be ill.

At the hospital, Ridge and Steffy stood vigil at Thomas' bedside. An anxious Ridge wanted Finn to run more tests. Wondering why Thomas wasn't waking up, Ridge wanted to see Thomas' scans for himself. Steffy tried to reassure her father that Finn and his team were doing their best and would give them information soon. Ridge didn't know how it could have happened.

More time passed, and Ridge and Steffy urged Thomas to wake up or give them a sign that they heard him. They let Thomas know that he was not alone, and Douglas needed him.

Later, Ridge paced in the lobby with Steffy. He was still upset that he had no new news about Thomas. Steffy reminded her father that it was the best hospital in the country, but he felt guilty, saying he was supposed to protect Thomas. Ridge remembered sitting at Steffy's hospital bed, and this time, he was by Thomas'. Steffy told Ridge that she was fine, and Thomas would be, too.

Finn emerged from Thomas' room, and Ridge demanded answers about his son. Finn said that he and Dr. Sprenger had diagnosed Thomas with a subdural hematoma, and the tests had confirmed it. The team was doing all it could to stop Thomas' brain from bleeding, but Thomas had also been having seizures, which was probably why he'd lost consciousness.

Steffy asked what they could do. Finn said they were controlling the seizures through medication. Ridge asked if Thomas needed surgery. Finn replied that they had to run tests and wait and see. "'Wait and see?'" Ridge incredulously repeated. Finn explained that oftentimes, the body could reabsorb the blood on its own. If it didn't, they might need to surgically drain the blood and relieve pressure from Thomas' brain.

Later, Steffy and Ridge were alone in the waiting area. Ridge still didn't know how it could have happened to Thomas. All Steffy knew was that Finn had said Thomas had hit his head a few days back after a confrontation with Liam. Ridge began threatening Liam, but Steffy said Thomas' injury had happened after Liam had gone.

Ridge asked how that could be enough to land Thomas in the hospital. Steffy didn't know. She recalled that Finn had said that Thomas had been having headaches, but they couldn't have been a big deal because Thomas hadn't mentioned them to anyone before that. Ridge asked what it was with Liam, who could never let it go or give it a rest.

Steffy quipped that Liam and Thomas were destined to have issues forever. Ridge thought it'd be even more so because Thomas had kissed Liam's wife. Steffy still couldn't believe Liam had seen that. Ridge asked what a problem in Liam's marriage would mean to Steffy. Irked, Steffy told her father to keep his voice down because she was in a relationship with Finn.

Ridge got that, but he wondered if it could be the end of Hope and Liam. Steffy ordered Ridge to stop. "What? I know how much you like him, for whatever reason," Ridge responded.

As Steffy muttered embarrassingly under her breath, Liam and Hope disembarked the elevator. Hope asked Steffy how Thomas was. Steffy cut her eyes to Liam. Liam's eyes darted around, and he looked down at the floor.

Ridge conveyed that Thomas had bleeding in his brain. Steffy added that the doctors were trying to treat it. Ridge told Hope that she'd been there when it had happened. He demanded to know what had gone on.

Hope recounted the details that had led her to visit Thomas. When she'd gotten there, she'd heard him yelling at someone through the door. Ridge asked at whom Thomas had been yelling, and everyone was shocked when Hope said Thomas had been alone. It had just been him and the mannequin. "Mannequin?" Ridge asked.

Hope replied that Thomas had been yelling at the mannequin as if it had been a real version of her. "What?" Steffy exclaimed. Hope recalled that he'd called the mannequin evil and had said it had been telling him to do things. Off to Hope's side, Liam sneaked a look at Steffy. Hope described Thomas as delirious and scared. She'd tried to calm him down and reassure him.

Flashbacks of Thomas' breakdown replayed on the screen. Hope tearfully said Thomas had passed out, and she'd called emergency services and Finn. Ridge believed that Hope had done the right thing, and Steffy didn't know what would have happened if Hope hadn't been there.

Finn rushed out of Thomas' room. Finn announced that the seizures were worsening, and Thomas' midline shift was extremely dangerous. They needed to rush him into emergency surgery to try to stop the hemorrhaging. "What does that mean? Could he die?" a panicked Steffy asked.

Quinn eavesdrops on Eric and Shauna Quinn eavesdrops on Eric and Shauna
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

At the hospital, everyone panicked when Steffy asked if her brother could die. Finn didn't want anyone to get ahead of themselves. At that point, he was only talking about emergency surgery for Thomas. Ridge assumed that the medication hadn't stopped the seizures. Finn explained that the midline shift had caused the bleeding to progress to a dangerous point, and the doctors needed to relieve the pressure.

Steffy feared that it was risky. Finn acknowledged the risk but said he had an excellent team of doctors working with him on Thomas. She asked Finn to take care of her brother. As he left, he promised that he would.

Ridge wondered how they hadn't been able to see what had been going on with Thomas. Steffy yelled that there hadn't been any signs. She looked to Hope, who'd been with Thomas a lot, for answers. Hope said she hadn't seen anything like it, but she added that Liam had had his suspicions.

Liam said that he hadn't suspected anything more extreme from Thomas than lying about getting over Hope. Liam asked if anyone had called Taylor. "I'm gonna wait until Thomas is out of surgery, if that's okay with you," Ridge responded sharply. Hope began worrying about Douglas losing his father. Ridge roared that no one was losing anyone, and he asked that everyone agree that Thomas would pull through it.

Later, the wait got to Ridge, and he went to get some air. Hope decided to go home to check on the kids and asked Liam to message her if there were any developments.

Alone with Steffy, Liam asked how she was doing. She was afraid for her brother, who'd been doing well and getting his life on track. She didn't know what had happened. Liam flashed a strained look and said there was something she needed to know about Thomas.

Liam offered to talk somewhere quiet, but Steffy wanted to remain near her brother. He thought it was ironic that it had turned out to be a good thing that Hope had been at Thomas' that morning. Steffy was grateful that Hope had been there and said that after what Liam had seen, they knew why Hope had been there.

Liam reminded Steffy that Hope had said that Thomas had been talking to the mannequin as if it were real. Steffy didn't think she could take it if Liam started bashing her brother. Liam said he wasn't a "bastard," and he didn't want to see Thomas on an operating table. The more Liam learned about the situation, the more he understood how much Thomas was going through.

Liam didn't completely understand it all, but he did know that he'd been wrong. Steffy asked what he'd been wrong about, and he replied that he'd been wrong about what he'd seen between Thomas and Hope. Steffy recalled that he'd seen Thomas and Hope kiss. "Yeah. No," Liam responded, and Steffy asked what he was talking about.

Liam stated that he'd been so sure, and he'd just run out of there and straight to Steffy. "And then we..." he said. Steffy asked what he was trying to say. Liam said it had been hard to believe, but Hope had convinced him. He added that Hope never lied, and he needed to remember that before he jumped to conclusions.

Liam revealed that Thomas hadn't been kissing Hope. "But you said..." Steffy replied. She asked if it had been another woman. Liam explained that Thomas had been so far gone that he'd been kissing the mannequin. "He was kissing the damn mannequin," Liam said.

At Wyatt's house, Flo and Wyatt entered in beach attire. Wyatt contemplated getting frisky with Flo but groaned when the moping Quinn walked into the living room. Quinn reminded them that she wouldn't be encroaching on their privacy if Shauna hadn't moved in with Quinn's husband.

Wyatt said his mother didn't know how to let anything go. Flo added that Shauna had moved out, and Wyatt figured that Quinn needed to give Eric more time. Quinn was done wasting time. Wyatt figured it was hard for Eric, who'd believed that she'd changed.

Quinn claimed that she had changed. Wyatt agreed that she'd had a long streak of good behavior, "but, wow, what a comeback!" Quinn replied that she'd been trying to help Shauna. He asked her to look at how that had turned out for everyone involved. Quinn snapped that Shauna was living with Quinn's husband.

Flo chimed in, saying Shauna had moved out, and she'd been there to plead Quinn's case, nothing more. Quinn was frustrated because Shauna had done all the dirty work in their scheme, but Quinn was the one to get punished. Quinn was still kicking herself for doing so well as lady of the manor but getting caught up in the scheme. She wondered if she'd even taken her husband's feelings into consideration. Quinn believed she'd miscalculated everything.

Quinn appreciated Wyatt's letting her stay with him, but she was anxious to go home. Wyatt replied that he and Flo wanted Quinn to go home, too. Quinn said she'd been calling and messaging Eric. She'd even waited around for him at Forrester, but he'd never shown up there.

Wyatt assumed that Eric worked from home to avoid Quinn. That was unacceptable to Quinn, who said Eric couldn't just not speak to his wife. She found it difficult not to blame Shauna. Flo asked Quinn not to do that. Flo didn't think Shauna deserved it and said Shauna wasn't a part of Eric's life. Quinn asserted that Shauna had better not be.

"I am done waiting. I'm going to get my husband," Quinn said, and she left the house.

At Eric's mansion, Eric gazed poignantly at Quinn's portrait. He was surprised by a visit from Shauna, who noted that Quinn was beautiful and hadn't changed over the years. Eric sarcastically said Quinn had proven that. Shauna dared him to say he didn't miss Quinn.

For Eric, it was more complicated than that, and he thought he'd been married to a more simplified and scaled-down version of Quinn. Claiming that it was what he'd had, Shauna asked how many times Quinn had gone off the rails since their wedding. There had been a few minor occasions, according to Eric, but the divorce scam hadn't been minor, in his eyes. Shauna noted that he'd forgiven her. She asked him to extend forgiveness to the woman he'd married.

Eric was glad to see Shauna. He missed their time together. Shauna did, too, especially their martinis at five and talking deep into the night. She'd learned a lot by listening to Eric, who'd talked about the places he'd been and the events he'd participated in. It made her want to know more about everything. Eric liked knowing that he'd broadened her horizons.

Shauna asked how Eric was really doing. He said it was still a lot to process. He asked if Quinn was still upset with Shauna for staying there. Shauna quipped that Quinn hadn't met a grudge she couldn't hold, but things would be fine. Eric noted that Shauna seemed confident in that. Shauna wasn't confident for her own life because Ridge would never trust her again, but she believed that Eric and Quinn would be together, which was where they belonged.

Eric asked Shauna not to take his words the wrong way, and she sensed a lecture about Ridge was imminent. Eric thought she was smart and truly stunning. Any man would be lucky to have her, but Ridge would always love Brooke. Eric concluded that Ridge and Brooke always ended up together, and Shauna was too good to wait around for crumbs.

Shauna admitted that Ridge wasn't the first guy she'd loved and lost, but she saw that the doors were not closed on Eric and Quinn. Eric didn't want to live his life in chaos. It was destructive and exhausting. "And to be honest, my feelings for Quinn have taken a real hit after this last escapade of hers," Eric stated.

Shauna reminded Eric that he'd said Quinn should have hope for a reconciliation in time, and that time had come and gone. Shauna could see that, despite all that Quinn had done, Eric still loved her, and Shauna urged Eric to forgive Quinn and let her be home.

Shauna asked if Eric still missed Quinn, and Eric admitted that the place wasn't the same without her. Shauna knew that Quinn would love to be home, and Flo and Wyatt wanted it, too. With one decision from Eric, everyone would be happy. She asked what held Eric back.

Eric said it was the deviousness and breach of trust. It had been especially bad because it had been directed at his son and Brooke.

At the front door, Quinn entered. She saw Eric and Shauna in the living room. Quinn removed her shoes and silently closed the front door. She sneaked through the foyer, sat on a bench beneath the overlook, and listened in on Shauna and Eric's conversation.

Shauna told Eric that he'd known when he'd married Quinn that she could be impulsive and went overboard at times. Shauna believed that Quinn had calmed that trait down for Eric's sake. Though Quinn had slipped into her old ways to help Shauna, Shauna believed Quinn would take it back if she could. The last thing Quinn wanted was to lose Eric. Shauna could see that Eric loved Quinn. She urged him to forgive Quinn and not to throw his marriage away.

Liam tells Steffy that he is going to come clean to Hope Liam tells Steffy that he is going to come clean to Hope
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

At the hospital, Steffy was infuriated by Liam's allegations that Thomas had been acting irrationally prior to his collapse. Liam assured Steffy that he was not "trashing" her brother. Steffy told Liam that she could not hear about her brother being "completely disconnected from reality." She questioned how no one noticed that Thomas was not well.

Liam whispered that he'd broken his vow to Hope because he had wrongly thought that Hope had been kissing Thomas. Asked if he was certain, Liam nodded affirmatively. "Stephen King couldn't make this up," he muttered. Steffy still found it hard to believe that Thomas had been kissing a mannequin.

Liam wished that he and Steffy could talk about everything somewhere else. Steffy icily replied that her brother was in surgery, and she would not be leaving the hospital. Liam understood and said that he had wanted to tell Steffy what had happened with Thomas before Hope did. Liam then added that he had not told Hope that he and Steffy had slept together.

"Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?" Steffy asked, then demanded, "Just say it! You're staying with Hope." Liam apologized for being wrong and jumping to the wrong conclusion about Hope. "I can't believe what I've done to Hope, to you," Liam said with a deep sigh. He then announced that he had to come clean with Hope. Steffy stepped toward Liam and ordered him to listen to her: he should not tell Hope what had happened. "I have made a monumental mistake here, [and] I can't sweep it under the rug," Liam replied. He again asked himself what they had done.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Hope ended a phone call as Ridge approached. Ridge shared that he'd tried to reach his father but noted that Eric was not reachable. Ridge paced around the corridor, desperately trying to recall his last words to Thomas. Ridge told Hope that Thomas would not be alive if Hope had not been there when she had been. Hope said that it had been great to see Thomas rebuild his relationship with Douglas. She admitted that she had even started to rebuild her relationship with Thomas.

Finn emerged with an update. Thomas was still in surgery, but he was "hanging in there." Ridge pressed for details, but Finn had none to provide. The doctor explained that Thomas' operation was delicate, and it was too soon to talk about a prognosis. On the positive side, there had been no complications to date. Finn promised to return with another update when Thomas was out of surgery and in recovery.

Hope assured Ridge that Thomas would pull through. Ridge countered by saying that he thought Hope being there for Thomas would be the best thing for Thomas' recovery.

At the Forrester manse, Shauna disagreed with Eric's statement that Quinn was no longer in the Forrester mansion. "She's, uh, right above the mantel," she said with a slight smile. Eric explained that the portrait was merely a symbol. Shauna recounted some of Eric and Quinn's relationship highlights, including Quinn surprising Eric in Monte Carlo. In short, Shauna believed that Eric had not removed the portrait because he still loved Quinn and knew that their marriage would survive.

As Shauna and Eric talked, Quinn listened intently from behind a potted plant just a few yards away. Eric called Shauna a loyal and devoted friend. Shauna urged Eric to listen to what she was saying. She then reiterated that what she and Quinn and done to Brooke and Ridge had been wrong. However, Shauna went on to note that while she was remorseful for her part in the plot, Quinn regretted her own wrongdoing even more. Eric silenced his mobile phone when it began to ring and offered Shauna a martini.

Eric admitted that his life and his house felt empty without Quinn. He insisted that he never doubted Quinn's love for him -- or his love for her. "I took on my whole family to be with her," Eric shared. However, he admitted to being torn because he was no longer sure that he could trust Quinn. "Your ability to forgive is legendary," Shauna replied.

Shauna said that she understood that Quinn felt that Shauna had stabbed her in the back by staying at the Forrester mansion. "Quinn is like a sister to me -- I love her," Shauna said with a smile. "Sisters can bicker from time to time [but] at the end of the day, she's my best friend." Shauna questioned why Quinn had not yet been able to persuade Eric to take her back. Shauna ended her "little pep talk" by saying that she needed her best friend back -- but not as much as Eric needed his wife back. Shauna showed herself out.

After he was left alone, Eric turned to stare at the portrait of Quinn above the fireplace. "Are they still the same color blue?" Quinn asked softly. Eric turned around slowly.

Steffy fears that she may lose Thomas and Liam forever Steffy fears that she may lose Thomas and Liam forever
Thursday, December 10, 2020

At Eric's house, Quinn was there because she couldn't bear being away from Eric for a moment longer. She acknowledged that she'd done a terrible thing to Brooke and Ridge, and she'd been wrong to drag Shauna into it. Quinn had wanted Shauna to have the same happiness Quinn had with Eric, but Quinn had hurt all three of them and had almost destroyed her own marriage. "Almost," Quinn emphasized.

Quinn admitted that patience wasn't her strong suit, so she'd shown up to gauge where Eric was emotionally. Eric asked if she'd just barged right into the house. She confessed that she'd been there earlier and had overheard what Shauna had said to him. He stated that Shauna was Quinn's biggest supporter, even when Quinn had thought otherwise.

Agreeing, Quinn hadn't even known what she'd been thinking to accuse Shauna of being the type to move in on Eric. It wasn't who Shauna was, and Shauna wouldn't betray her friends. Quinn said she and Shauna had raised their children together and had shared almost every aspect of their lives. Quinn had wanted Shauna to be happy and married just like Quinn was.

Quinn knew that it had been wrong to force Shauna's marriage, and she'd used Shauna in the vendetta against Brooke. Quinn realized that she'd betrayed Shauna, not the other way around. Quinn felt the need to thank Shauna for all she'd said to Eric.

Quinn professed that she'd never love another man the way she loved Eric, and she asked him to say he wanted to reunite. She reasoned that she might not deserve it, but she didn't want them to be over. She'd found in Eric what she'd been searching for her all of her life. He accepted her for all her eccentricities and loved her in spite of her going overboard at times.

Eric said Quinn had gone too far that time by engineering the destruction of Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Eric noted that Shauna had been in love with Ridge and still was. "And look at what you put her through," Eric said. Despite all that, he had missed Quinn and what they had together. He'd been thinking of how good they'd been together. "And you were willing to risk all that for your friend and to get back at Brooke," Eric stated.

Quinn began apologizing more, but Eric told her that she'd done that enough. It was his turn to do it. Eric acknowledged that it had been insensitive of him to ask Shauna to stay on the property with him. He was sorry about it and explained that he'd been angry with Quinn at the time. Quinn asked if that meant something had changed.

Eric conveyed that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about his beautiful, intelligent, and maddening wife. He told Quinn that he loved her. Gasping with joy, Quinn said he was a remarkable, magnificent man. She loved him and would love him forever "and ever and ever and ever..." As they hugged, Quinn kept repeating those words.

Outside the surgery unit at the hospital, Hope and Ridge waited. He felt helpless. He wondered what would happen after the surgery. "Brain trauma. What does that mean? Who's he going to be when he wakes up? Who is my son going to be?" Ridge questioned.

Hope handed Ridge some coffee. He told her that he'd talked to Brooke, who was keeping the kids, and had told her that he'd let her know when there was news.

Finn rushed out of the operating room. Ridge asked if Thomas was out of surgery. Finn affirmed it, and Ridge asked how his son was doing.

Outside Thomas' hospital room, Liam agonized about mistaking the mannequin for Hope. He hadn't had enough faith in his wife. He had jumped to the wrong conclusion and had gone too far with Steffy. It hadn't been fair to her or Hope. Steffy didn't blame him for it, but she didn't want to talk about it while Thomas was fighting for his life. She couldn't lose her brother after she'd already lost her sister.

Liam was sorry to put it on Steffy right then. He said it was bad enough that he'd misinterpreted everything, but it was also affecting everyone's lives. Steffy replied that he hadn't set out to deceive Hope. Liam stated that it was what would happen if he didn't come clean. In his mind, Hope needed to know what had gone on between Liam and Steffy the previous night.

Liam loved Hope and his family but wanted Steffy to know that he'd meant everything he'd said to her. "I know," Steffy replied. He figured it wouldn't be easy for Hope to hear. He didn't like hurting Hope, but secrets destroyed marriages. Steffy flashed a disgruntled look, and Liam insisted that Hope deserved to know. Although Liam wanted to wait until Thomas had pulled through, Liam saw no choice but to tell Hope about his night with Steffy.

Just then, Ridge, Hope, and Finn arrived with the news that Thomas had made it through surgery. The procedure had gone well, and Thomas would be transferred back to his room. The surgery had gone better than expected, and the neurosurgeon had been able to remove the blood in Thomas' brain through a small incision. Thomas needed seizure monitoring, but the doctors believed he'd fully recover.

Ridge asked Finn about the delusions Thomas had had about the mannequin. Finn responded that his team believed the delusions had been an extension of Thomas' psyche caused by the subdural hematoma putting pressure on the brain. The head injury from Thomas' fall had brought it on.

Hope told Finn that if it hadn't been for him, she wouldn't have checked on Thomas earlier. Ridge thanked Finn. Finn was grateful that Hope had gone to see Thomas because if Thomas had collapsed alone, they might be having a very different conversation.

Later, Finn let everyone know that Thomas was back in his room. Finn took Steffy and Ridge to see Thomas. Hope thanked God that Thomas would be okay. Liam stated that she'd saved Thomas' life. Hope replied that she was just glad Thomas had pulled through and could get back to normal. Liam wasn't sure what normal meant anymore.

For Hope, normal meant her and Liam, their family and love. Liam hoped she knew that he never took their family or love for granted.

In Thomas' room, Finn left to consult with Thomas' doctors. Steffy and Ridge talked to Thomas about the scare he'd given them. Ridge was proud of Thomas and who he'd become through "this." Ridge stated that Thomas had fought his way back as a son and a parent.

Thomas slowly opened his eyes. Steffy and Ridge greeted Thomas and explained that he'd just had surgery. Steffy let Thomas know that they were there for him, even Liam and Hope. Steffy stated that they were all grateful that Hope had been with him.

Thomas looked through the viewing window of his room. He saw Hope and uttered her name.

Quinn summons Shauna to the Forrester mansion Quinn summons Shauna to the Forrester mansion
Friday, December 11, 2020

At the hospital, Thomas awakened and saw Steffy and Ridge in his room. Hope peered in from the viewing window and the waiting area. Ridge and Steffy explained to Thomas that he'd successfully completed surgery for a head injury that had caused him to have seizures. They said Thomas was doing better, and it was all thanks to Hope.

Groggy and in pain from the procedure, Thomas uttered Douglas' name. Steffy assured Thomas that his son was fine. She asked if he knew what had happened. Ridge told Thomas that he hadn't been himself. She revealed that Finn suspected it had stemmed from a fall Thomas had taken. Ridge explained that Finn had alerted Hope, and if it hadn't been for her, Ridge didn't know what would have happened.

In the waiting area, Hope was relieved about Thomas. She noted that Liam seemed off and asked if he was still upset with her. Liam said that he wasn't upset with her, and she didn't have to explain anything to him anymore. Liam would never fully trust Thomas, but Liam would never again question the nature of Hope's relationship with Thomas.

Glad, Hope said she'd never betray Liam. Liam wanted to talk about it, but Hope didn't. She got that Liam had been upset by what he'd thought he'd seen and said she would have been, too. In her view, it was okay because Liam had gone straight to her to talk it out before anything had gotten out of control. Liam said it hadn't been okay, and he still needed to talk to Hope.

Just then, Steffy and Ridge exited Thomas' room. Ridge left to call Taylor, and Steffy flashed a knowing look at Liam. Hope went into Thomas' room to check on him.

Steffy shook her head disapprovingly at Liam. Ridge returned, behaving as if a great weight had been lifted from him. He wanted to focus on his son getting better. Steffy wondered if Thomas would remember his delusions. Ridge replied that it didn't matter, and it was in the past. Liam agreed.

Steffy decided to go home to relieve Amelia. Once Steffy had gone, Liam decided to leave, too. He had a conference call that he'd postponed three times already. Ridge thanked Liam for being there and said he'd tell Hope that Liam had had things to take care of. Ridge stared at Liam as Liam left.

In Thomas' room, Hope told the groggy Thomas that she was happy that he was okay. She informed him that his scans looked fine, and there were no more signs of seizures. Thomas asked about Douglas. Hope said he was at home with Beth, doing craft projects. She hadn't told Douglas anything about what had gone on.

Thomas said that Hope had been with him when he'd collapsed. Hope explained that she'd checked on Thomas after Finn had said something had been off with Thomas. Thomas thanked her. She said he'd be okay, but he wondered if he'd ever be okay again.

Unsure where his worry stemmed from, Hope reassured Thomas that he'd make a full recovery. Thomas said he could have died, but Hope had been there. Hope was always there for him and Douglas, like a guardian angel. Hope replied that she'd merely been in the right place at the right time, and anyone would have done what she'd done in that situation.

Thomas said he hadn't been himself. Hope didn't want him to think about that. It was behind him, and he needed to focus on healing. "Behind me? I thought it was you. I thought it came alive. I kissed a mannequin. I lost my mind," he said, grimacing in pain.

At Steffy's house, Steffy, who'd changed clothes, ended a phone call with Amelia. Amelia had just dropped Kelly off to stay the night with her friend April. Liam, who'd also changed clothes, thought it was nice of Ninette to let Kelly spend the night.

Steffy suspected that Liam had been about to tell Hope. He replied that he'd broken his vows, and he couldn't keep it from Hope. Steffy said that hadn't been the time or place, but Liam didn't think it would be any less devastating at any other time or place. Steffy said he'd thought his marriage had been over when he'd seen Hope and Thomas kissing.

Liam replied that he'd been sure of it and had heard Thomas say Hope's name. It had killed Liam to see Hope with Thomas, but it hadn't occurred to Liam that Thomas had been kissing a mannequin. Steffy stated that Liam had no idea what her brother had been through. Liam said he'd seen Hope with a man who'd caused them to suffer for months, and he'd taken off. He hadn't even remembered the drive back to Steffy's house because he'd been in such a haze.

Liam recalled that he'd been so wrapped up in what he'd thought he'd seen, and he'd just assumed that his marriage had been over. "I know, I know," Steffy replied, groaning. She said one thing had led to another after they'd been drinking. Liam wanted her to know that what had happened hadn't been just a reflex or reaction. "You and me -- we know. We're always gonna care about each other," he said.

Steffy replied that she knew that, and Liam had thought his marriage had been over; however, it was still intact. Liam acknowledged that they'd slept together. Steffy said it had been a mistake, and no one could know about it. He told her that it didn't work like that. Steffy yelled that it had been a complete mistake. She said they'd made a mistake, and she hoped he realized that revealing it would mean the end of things with Hope.

Shaking his head, Liam was sorry he'd put Steffy in the middle of it. Steffy felt that she could handle it, but it could be the end of their relationships with Finn and Hope. Liam replied that secrets didn't work in a marriage, and he couldn't live with it. Steffy urged him not to do it; however, Liam said Hope deserved to know, and he couldn't wait any longer.

At Eric's mansion, Quinn was alone when Shauna arrived at Quinn's behest. Quinn said she'd been looking at her portrait and felt lucky that Eric had chosen her as his wife. Quinn believed that she might have taken it all for granted by the time Shauna had arrived in town. However, Shauna was Quinn's best friend, and Quinn would do anything to make Shauna happy.

Shauna was happy to see Quinn in her home, and Shauna apologized because she should never have accepted Eric's invitation to stay at the guesthouse after Quinn had instructed her to leave. Shauna insisted that nothing had happened between her and Eric.

Quinn replied that she knew exactly what Shauna had said to Eric. Quinn admitted that she talked a good game, but even Shauna knew how insecure Quinn could be. Quinn had thought Shauna had been making moves on Eric. Shauna said she'd never do that to Quinn. Shauna wasn't sure what Quinn had overheard, but Shauna insisted that she'd gone to bat for Quinn, who'd been a good friend.

Quinn apologized for eavesdropping but said she'd really needed to hear what she'd heard. She recalled that Shauna had defended Quinn and had urged Eric to give his marriage another chance. She thanked Shauna for fighting for her and defending her. Quinn didn't know what she'd do without Shauna.

Later, Quinn handed Shauna a glass of Champagne, and Shauna wondered if it meant what she thought it did. Quinn affirmed that she and Eric had reconciled. Shauna cooed with delight and said she'd been praying for it to happen. Quinn didn't know if she deserved Shauna to stand by her the way Shauna had.

Shauna said Quinn was like family to her. Quinn felt bad for accusing Shauna of going after Eric and for calling Shauna a homewrecker. Shauna joked that Quinn had needed someone to be upset with. Quinn felt that whether they lived under the same roof or miles apart, they could always depend upon each other. Shauna added that friendships like theirs were once in a lifetime. They toasted to being best friends forever.

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