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Thomas expressed anguish about his actions with the mannequin and chose to be honest with Ridge and Hope about his feelings for Hope. Liam and Steffy admitted that they didn't regret their night, but Steffy pressed Liam to keep it a secret.
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Thomas came clean about his feelings, Steffy and Liam felt no regret, and Paris made an important observation
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Steffy and Liam discuss their feelings about that night Steffy and Liam discuss their feelings about that night
Monday, December 14, 2020

At Forrester, Zoe and Carter were in the CEO's office, discussing whether she'd gone wedding gown shopping. Zoe hadn't yet, and he advised her not to be in a rush. After all, she was surrounded by designers at work, and he thought it was possible that one might volunteer to design her a dress. Zoe hadn't thought of that. Carter said that she'd be "Forrester extended family" and should get used to tiny miracles happening -- and big ones, too.

Zende rushed in, saying that Zoe and Carter wouldn't believe what had happened to Thomas. Later, Zoe stated that it was unbelievable that Thomas was recovering from brain surgery. She and Zende remarked that Thomas had been acting like himself days earlier at their meeting. Carter wondered if it had crept up on Thomas overnight.

Zende hadn't gotten that impression from Ridge, who'd indicated that it had been building. Steffy's boyfriend, Dr. Finnegan, had been the first to notice changes in Thomas' personality. Zoe asked if Douglas knew, but Zende said no one had told the child. Zoe was glad Thomas had pulled through, and she hoped he'd be okay.

Carter and Zoe figured that Thomas had been suffering for a while with his issue. Zende said Thomas had covered it up and tried to appear normal instead of getting help. Carter assumed Thomas had feared losing the trust and respect he'd worked to regain. "If that's true, that's really sad," Zoe decided, feeling terrible for Thomas.

Carter found Zoe to be amazing to forgive Thomas and express concern for him. Carter was honored that he'd call Zoe his wife. Zoe replied that she was marrying Carter because he said the best things. Carter told her to look at what he had for inspiration. Zende rolled his eyes.

In Thomas' hospital room, Thomas was upset about what he'd done with the mannequin. Hope tried to calm him down and get him to stop thinking about it. That was impossible for Thomas, who said it was seared into his brain. Hope offered to get the doctors to explain to him how his brain injury had led to his delusions about the mannequin.

Agonizing, Thomas said he didn't want to be like that, and he'd worked so hard not to be. Hope replied that he wasn't. Thomas was distraught that he'd kissed a mannequin and asked what was wrong with him. "I'm nuts. That's why I'm here," he fretted.

Thomas' eyes shut tightly as he fought against his memories. He said it had been alive; he'd thought it had been Hope. He flashed back to the "flesh" mannequin commanding him to show Hope how he felt. Upset, he concluded that he couldn't be a father to Douglas any longer.

Hope started to leave to get the doctor, but Thomas told her not to. She said that he needed to calm down. Hope assured him that he was not a danger to Douglas, himself, or her. Thomas flashed an uncertain look. She asked if she'd ever lie to him. She promised that he'd be okay.

Thomas thought Hope was just saying things, but Hope insisted that he'd had brain trauma. She said he had Finn to thank for discovering it. Thomas replied that he liked Finn.

Hope said Finn had found Thomas to be supportive usually, but when Thomas had stopped acting that way, Finn had become concerned. He'd asked her if she'd seen anything out of the ordinary about Thomas. Hope hadn't, but after Finn had seen Thomas again, Finn had become even more concerned. She'd told Finn about Thomas' head injury, and Finn had deduced that it could cause erratic behavior. That was when Hope had gone to check on Thomas.

Thomas was ashamed that Hope had seen him that way. Hope wanted Thomas to stop blaming himself for a condition that had been out of his control. His injury had caused a subdural hematoma. Thomas asked what that was. She explained that he'd had bleeding in the brain, and the pressure had caused him to have delusions. It had been a serious brain injury, and he could have died. "I'm not crazy?" Thomas asked, clarifying, "I'm not a danger to Douglas?"

Hope told Thomas that he wasn't, and everything would be fine. Thomas thanked God. He asked if Hope really wasn't afraid of him or afraid that he was still obsessed. Hope wouldn't judge him because he hadn't been responsible due to his condition. "You must have been freaked out, though," he guessed.

Chuckling, Hope said she had been until she'd figured out what had been going on. Thomas claimed that he was no longer obsessed, but he needed her to know that he did still care about her. Hope knew it and asked him to save his energy. Thomas insisted upon telling her that he accepted the decisions she was making for her life. He said he might be a one-woman guy to a fault, but he'd always love Hope.

At the cliff house, Steffy tried to get Liam to see that telling Hope their secret could blow up his marriage. She said that no one needed to know what had happened, and she reminded him that she had something at stake, too. Liam apologized, but she told him not to be sorry. She felt just as responsible as he had been. Liam wondered if she really was.

Steffy replied that she could have told Liam to leave, but she hadn't. Liam reasoned that she hadn't been exactly sober. She stated that they'd known what had been going on. "Not really. Neither of us did, really," Liam contended. He said that everything that had happened between them had been based upon a total misunderstanding. Liam felt that he should have confronted Thomas and thereby avoided the entire misunderstanding.

Steffy tried to reason with Liam about hurting Hope, and Steffy said she was in a good place with Finn. She urged him to help her protect Hope and Finn. Steffy asserted that what they'd done had been wrong. Sighing, she said, "But, in the moment, I mean, it felt right." Liam replied that it had. Steffy hadn't felt that way in a long time. It had been nice to be close to him and reminisce about the past. He replied that it had felt good.

Steffy said it had been crazy because, "for a minute, I thought that..." Liam stated that he'd thought that same thing. Gesturing to the portrait, Liam said it never felt wrong to be with Steffy. It was the most natural thing on the planet. Steffy agreed and acknowledged that they'd shared a lot in that house. They'd started a family there with Kelly.

Liam stated that he'd felt it had been happening all over again. He'd thought his marriage had been over, and he'd never go back. "And I was coming home to you. Like, we were gonna have our life and our family back," he added. It meant a lot to Steffy that he'd say that.

Liam told Steffy that he still loved her and had never stopped loving her. Steffy felt the same way. He asked why she thought that was. She doubted they'd ever understand it. She called it connection or chemistry. She said she'd never regret a moment they'd shared together, and no matter how it turned out, she'd be fine.

Liam stated that it was what he admired most about Steffy, who'd faced many obstacles over the years. She'd always come back stronger and more resilient. He stated that Kelly had a good role model. Steffy said she did everything for Kelly, the child he'd given her. Kelly was a testament to the love she and Liam shared, and whether or not they were together, Liam and Kelly would always be the greatest gifts.

Liam was grateful for the role Steffy let him play in Kelly's life. He said Steffy could have made it difficult for him to have a relationship with Kelly. It was one of the reasons he'd always love Steffy. "You're so special, Liam," Steffy replied. He was a big part of who she was and had opened her heart in ways she hadn't imagined. The problem with that was open hearts were easily wounded. Liam replied that he'd never wanted to hurt her.

Steffy claimed that she hurt herself when she let herself think about a future that wasn't her anymore. She didn't want Liam to blame himself because it took two to tango, and in the moment they'd shared, a life together had seemed possible. Liam replied that it had to him, too, and he'd wanted it. He'd wanted them together again, just like the portrait.

"Yeah, I know," Steffy agreed. It had seemed like a door had been opening, and she and Liam had taken the chance and gone through it. Liam claimed he hadn't been leading her on, and he'd felt the same things. Steffy said that the way they felt about each other didn't diminish his love for Hope or Steffy's connection with Finn. Liam added that whatever it was between them, that was just "us." Steffy chuckled, saying it was a beautiful thing.

"Ah, Steffy...I wish..." Liam started to say. Steffy replied, "I know. Same." Liam stated that for a brief, shining moment, that wish almost came true.

Thomas makes a startling admission Thomas makes a startling admission
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam told Steffy to never doubt what being with her had meant to him. He'd never thought he'd be with her or touch her again. Steffy said it probably shouldn't have happened. Liam scoffed. "Okay, it definitely shouldn't have, but I don't regret it," she replied.

Liam didn't regret the feeling. Steffy asked what feeling. He said it was the feeling that he might have a life with her and Kelly again and the feeling of what the future could hold. Steffy knew the feeling well and knew that it could never be.

Liam lamented not realizing that Thomas had been kissing the mannequin. Steffy didn't know why Liam would have realized it. Liam said it was because he'd known Thomas had had the mannequin at one point in time. Liam had been jarred by the manner in which Thomas had been talking to "her." It had been so intimate, and he asked how he could think of anything "but."

Steffy told Liam not to be hard on himself for making an understandable mistake. Liam said it had led to an even bigger -- "Not mistake. I'm not going to call it that," Liam decided, although it had been based upon a huge misunderstanding. For him, being with Steffy had been a memory, and he thought he'd keep it in his back pocket for a while.

Steffy liked knowing that their night had meant something to Liam. Liam said that, as guilty as he felt, there were moments "that were, you know." Grinning, she replied that it had been overwhelming. Liam regretted betraying his marriage, but he couldn't say that it hadn't reminded him of a life he'd once loved. It was just that their lives were going in different directions.

Steffy said the directions were with Hope and Finn, and Steffy thought they were good directions. Liam felt lucky to have ever had a relationship with Steffy, even if it hadn't been the forever that they'd wanted. There had been a lot of great memories, including the previous night, which he'd thought would never happen again.

"Oh, tell me about it," Steffy replied, chuckling and flipping back her hair. She hadn't expected the feelings that she'd thought she'd done a good job burying to come rushing back. Liam said he didn't think they had to bury them. Steffy gaped at him. Liam said they were always going to care about each other. Hope knew it, and Finn would know it if he didn't already.

Steffy explained that there was a difference between caring for someone and thinking a future was possible with them again. Liam stated that they'd gotten a little too close to that. Steffy agreed, and they smiled at each other.

It was hard for Liam not to think of what a reunion would have meant to Kelly. Steffy asked why Liam was doing "this." She wanted him to be happy with his choices, and she knew that his family with Hope brought him joy. Steffy was thankful that what he'd thought about Hope hadn't been true. "Even if it means..." he replied and waved his finger between himself and Steffy.

Steffy said his name as a warning not to go there. She stated that they had "a great life." Kelly was thriving, and Steffy wanted him to stop feeling guilty. All she wanted him to feel for her was deep, deep appreciation. She was thankful that they were raising a child together, and Kelly and she would always love him, no matter what.

Steffy already knew how Liam felt about her, but it didn't change what they knew to be true about the kiss between Thomas and the mannequin. Hope hadn't betrayed Liam and never would. "I, on the other hand..." Liam replied. Steffy told him to stop beating himself up because it had been a misunderstanding. Liam said he should have gone to Hope like an adult.

Steffy responded that Liam had gone to her because he knew that he could talk to her. Liam didn't think Hope would see it that way. Steffy insisted that he couldn't tell Hope that he had slept with Steffy. Steffy said the Logans would rally against her. Liam asked when Steffy had started caring what people thought. Steffy said she cared what Finn thought.

Liam said it was fair, and he wasn't the only one with a relationship to lose. Steffy believed that Finn was a good guy, and for the first time in a long time, she thought she could have a life with someone. She asked if Liam knew how long it had taken her to get over him, and she finally had someone in her life. She wasn't willing to lose Finn.

Liam reasoned that Finn might understand. Steffy didn't think so -- not after the warnings he'd received about Liam and Steffy. She'd constantly reassured Finn that it wouldn't happen. She didn't know if Finn was her forever or her future, but she wanted a chance to find out. She felt that Liam owed her that. She said it would also destroy Hope.

Steffy urged Liam to let go of the mistake he'd made about the mannequin. Liam wanted to stop and think for a second. Steffy felt like she was on a roller coaster. Her brother had just had brain surgery, and Finn had saved Thomas' life. She felt that should be making her and Finn closer, but Liam was threatening to take Finn away from her.

Liam claimed not to be doing that, but it was exactly what Steffy thought would happen if Liam told Hope. Steffy had had enough whiplash for a lifetime. She stated that Liam had mistaken what he'd seen, and he and Steffy had slept together. Frustrated, she didn't want to go over it again or feel the way she was feeling. She implored Liam to move on and not tell Hope.

Liam said he'd never meant to hurt Steffy like that. He recognized that he'd caused pain and confusion by mistaking what he'd seen, and Steffy deserved better from him. He assumed it made him a bad person to say it, but he didn't regret his night with Steffy. He didn't regret what he'd said. He loved Steffy and always would.

At the hospital, Thomas was surprised that Hope hadn't left yet after hearing that he loved her. He asked her to be truthful and tell him whether she was scared. He stated that it didn't feel right to lie to her about his feelings. It wasn't who he was anymore.

Ridge rushed in with good news about Thomas' surgery. His scans looked normal, according to the neurosurgeon. The doctors still had to run tests and keep an eye on Thomas, but things looked really good for him.

Ridge said he'd call Steffy about it soon. Hope was surprised to hear that Steffy and Liam had taken off. Ridge told Hope that Liam had had a conference call, and Steffy had gone to check on her daughter. Hope decided to step out to call her mom and Donna about the kids. Thomas asked her to tell Douglas that his father missed him.

After Hope had gone, Ridge wanted to ask Thomas something but wondered if it was the best time. Thomas said he wasn't doing anything at the moment but resting. Ridge said he'd noticed the way Thomas had been looking at Hope, and Ridge knew about the kiss. Thomas asked what Ridge meant, and Ridge said he knew that Hope and Thomas had kissed.

Ridge didn't want to judge Thomas, but Ridge felt that he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't ask. He also mentioned that Brooke was still a little concerned about Thomas' past feelings for Hope. Ridge said that seeing Hope's concern and attentiveness regarding Thomas had made Ridge wonder if they'd been wrong about the relationship between Hope and Thomas. After all, kissing was a big deal and very intimate.

Thomas stopped Ridge, who Thomas felt needed to know something. It was something upsetting. Ridge didn't think they needed to talk about it if that were the case, but Thomas didn't want Ridge thinking things about Thomas and Hope. Thomas revealed that he'd done something stupid; he'd taken the mannequin.

Interrupting, Ridge replied that it wasn't stupid, and he knew that Thomas had been using the mannequin for inspiration. He asked if Thomas and Hope had gotten closer while working together. Thomas revealed that he hadn't kissed Hope. Ridge seemed perplexed.

In the corridor, Hope encountered Finn, and they discussed how well Thomas was doing physically. Finn wondered how Thomas was mentally and if he'd mentioned anything to Hope. She revealed that Thomas had gotten worked up about talking to the mannequin, and he'd been really worried that he'd lost his mind.

Finn hoped that he and the neurosurgeon could talk to Thomas about that when they checked on him later. Hope thought that Finn should know something else, but she wasn't sure if she were overreacting. Finn asked if Thomas had done anything else while he'd been delusional and reminded her not to judge Thomas for what he'd done in an altered state of mind.

Hope didn't judge Thomas, but it had still been pretty creepy to her. Finn asked if it had been creepier than calling the mannequin by Hope's name. "Much creepier," Hope responded. She thought Thomas would be mortified if he knew she were telling Finn about it, but it was something that Finn needed to know. Hope revealed that during Thomas' argument with the mannequin, he'd told it that he wouldn't kiss it again.

"Wait a minute. What?" Finn asked. Hope stated that Thomas had been kissing the mannequin and thinking that it had been Hope.

Finn becomes concerned when Hope discloses new details about Thomasís illness Finn becomes concerned when Hope discloses new details about Thomasís illness
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy were still talking about their predicament brought on by Liam's misunderstanding of what he'd seen at Thomas' place. In Liam's view, the truth had changed a lot, but it hadn't changed how he and Steffy felt about each other. She agreed but said they'd also agreed that it shouldn't have happened.

Liam concurred but said it didn't make it ugly. Everything they'd shared and said that night had been true. Even though they had other loves and commitments, Liam cherished having Steffy in his life. She replied that the situation was complicated enough; they loved each other, but it had been an illusion, just like Thomas kissing the mannequin.

Liam claimed it hadn't all been an illusion, and they'd shared the same feelings. Steffy asked him to stop. She knew what he was trying to do, but she said that it hurt to know that he felt the exact same way. She figured that it would hurt Hope even more to learn the truth.

Steffy told Liam that they'd made a mistake. He claimed not to deny that it had been a mistake, but he was trying to navigate it. She said there was no way they could justify what they'd done; it had been a betrayal. Agreeing, Liam affirmed that he'd betrayed his wedding vows, and the only way he knew how to face it was to be honest. Steffy asked what it would accomplish.

Liam replied that he'd thought his marriage had been over. Steffy asserted that it would be if he told Hope. Steffy asked if he were trying to punish himself or her for being there for him even though she should have known better or for what she'd done to Finn. Liam said he couldn't live with the secret, but Steffy ordered him to forget it and treat it like it had never happened.

Liam asserted that he couldn't pretend it hadn't happened, and he didn't think Steffy could, either. He didn't want their last night together "ever" to be a shameful secret that he had to hide for the rest of his life. He said that they hadn't connected that way in a long time, but instantly, they'd been at home with each other. It had been the way they'd talked to each other and touched each other. Right or wrong, the night would stay with him forever.

Liam said he and Steffy hadn't planned for it to happen, and Hope already knew how betrayed he'd felt when he'd thought he'd seen Thomas' lips on hers. Steffy replied that it hadn't been Hope. Liam thought the point was that he'd thought it had been real, but Steffy noted that the real act was what she and Liam had done.

Steffy reasoned that she and Liam needed to figure out a way to get beyond it and move on. "Finn," Liam uttered. Nodding, Steffy said Hope, Beth, Douglas, and Kelly. Steffy stated that it wasn't just about her and Liam. It would affect everyone's lives. Liam replied that if it was out in the open, they could at least deal with it.

Steffy asked who the "they" were. Liam said it would be them and Finn and Hope. Steffy added their families to the list. Liam replied that they'd had difficult times before, but she told him that they were facing them at that moment. She reminded him that her brother had just had brain surgery, and Douglas needed Hope and Liam at that time. Liam said they'd be there for him. Steffy questioned how that would be if he told Hope the truth.

Liam felt he had to believe Hope would understand. He figured it might take a lot of time, but he had to believe she'd forgive him eventually. Steffy replied that she didn't want to lie and hated secrets, but too much was at stake. She knew Hope was forgiving, but not with something like that. There was just too much history there, and Hope would be devastated.

Liam asked if Steffy didn't think it would be worse if he tried to hide it, but somehow, Hope still found out. He understood that Steffy didn't want to risk things with Finn. Liam didn't want to risk things, either. "Then don't!" Stefy replied.

Frustrated, Liam said he loved Steffy -- but he loved Hope, too. Steffy grew tearful and swallowed. Liam stated that Hope was his wife, and he was committed to her. He hated that he'd betrayed his vows. "But...I hear you," Liam finally relented. Relieved, Steffy said they couldn't risk it, and it would never happen again. She asked him to say he wouldn't say anything. "I won't say anything," he replied.

At the hospital, Finn hadn't realized the extent of Thomas' issue with the mannequin. Hope said she'd only told Finn as Thomas' doctor. She wanted someone to reassure Thomas that he was better and that it was over. She hoped that Thomas could know that his delusions had been because of the hematoma and that he hadn't been going crazy.

Hope added that Thomas was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know. Finn asked if Thomas had told his family. She didn't know, but she hoped that Thomas would tell them.

Finn was amazed that Thomas could articulate it all so soon after surgery. Hope revealed that Thomas had talked about the kiss before he'd collapsed. Hope hadn't known if it had been another delusion, but Liam had also told her about the kiss. Liam had seen the kiss and had thought that Thomas had been kissing Hope.

Finn figured that Liam had been stunned when he'd thought he'd seen Hope kissing Thomas. Hope said she didn't know what she'd do if she'd walked in on that. She said Liam knew the truth, it was behind them, and they could all breathe a sigh of relief and move forward.

Hope admitted to Finn her belief that Thomas still cared about her. Finn recalled that it had been why she hadn't let Thomas back on her team for a while. Finn asked if she was still concerned. Hope replied that Thomas was Douglas' father and wanted to be a good example for his son. She believed Thomas was afraid to let anyone down. She wanted to support Thomas, but she needed him to know that Liam was her husband. She'd always love Liam and be committed to him.

In Thomas' hospital room, Thomas struggled to explain himself. He told Ridge that he'd kissed the mannequin. Ridge repeated that statement and assumed Thomas had thought it had been Hope. Thomas was sorry, and Ridge asked why. Thomas stated that he'd been trying to prove that he wasn't that obsessed person anymore, but he's messed up. He'd let everyone down.

Thomas stated that he'd scared Hope, and he'd felt as if he were crazy. He asked if he were crazy. Ridge said Thomas would be fine. Thomas didn't want his father to be ashamed of him. Ridge asserted that it would never happen. He didn't want Thomas to feel that way about himself, either, because it had happened due to the pressure on his brain.

Thomas uttered that it had felt very real. Ridge couldn't imagine how scary it had been, but he said the family and doctors were there. Ridge was sorry Thomas didn't feel he could talk to him, but Ridge affirmed that Thomas could talk to his father about anything. Thomas replied that he'd been trying to fight it. Ridge stated that Hope had told them about it.

Thomas explained that Hope didn't know how bad it had been or how real it had felt. Crying, Thomas said it had felt "so real," and it had been there. He'd been talking to it. He'd kept telling himself that it hadn't been there, and it hadn't been a real person. Thomas stated that Hope and Douglas could trust him, and Thomas wasn't going to hurt them.

Continuing to cry, Thomas said he could be a better person, "the kind of person that..." Ending his son's sentence for him, Ridge said, "the kind of person Hope can love. Is that it?" Ridge asked if Thomas still loved Hope and seemed deflated when Thomas affirmed it. Thomas said he wasn't obsessed. Ridge asked if Thomas were aware that Hope was married to Liam.

Thomas respected the marriage, but he didn't want to keep things inside or hold onto any more secrets. Ridge was glad about that. Ridge sighed when Thomas revealed that he had conveyed to Hope how he felt about her and would always feel about her. He added that she was an angel.

By the look on his face, Ridge seemed bothered by Thomas elevating Hope to angelic status. Ridge stated that it was gratefulness, and they were all grateful for what Hope had done. Thomas agreed, saying that Hope was amazing and had given him a chance to show her and others that he'd changed. Ridge corrected that Thomas had done it himself. Ridge wanted Thomas to concentrate on his recovery and believed that even "angel Hope" would want that.

As if Ridge hadn't spoken, Thomas continued talking about Hope, who'd saved him. He said that after everything he'd put her through, she'd supported him, encouraged him, and given him purpose. After all he'd done to her, she'd opened her heart. He asked how he could possibly not love her.

Paris accidentally interrupts a moment between Zende and Zoe Paris accidentally interrupts a moment between Zende and Zoe
Thursday, December 17, 2020

In the Forrester CEO's office, Zoe and Zende discussed Thomas' situation, and Zende wondered how long it would be before Thomas could design again. She asked if Zende feared a long-term impact upon Thomas from the brain surgery. Zende replied that Thomas should make a full recovery, according to Ridge, but no one knew how long that would take.

Zende was happy to pick up the slack in the meantime and was glad Thomas would be okay. Zoe sensed a "but." Zende stated that he'd never forgive Thomas for manipulating and hurting Zoe. She wished Zende had been there when she'd gone through all of that. He asked if she would have opened up to him. "If I had...?" she asked.

Zende asserted that he would have taken care of Thomas personally. Zende was upset by the way Thomas had used Zoe and declared that no man should treat any woman like that. "Especially considering how special you are," he added.

Just then, Paris opened the office door. She sensed something was off and assumed she was interrupting something.

Later, Zende and Zoe had told Paris about Thomas' incident. Zoe said it wouldn't be the same without Thomas around. Thomas was talented and anything but dull at work. Paris was surprised that Zoe would speak fondly of Thomas after what he'd done to her. Zoe replied that she' moved on. Paris knew it, but Paris was surprised at Zoe's level of concern for Thomas.

Zoe explained that people had forgiven her, and she'd be a hypocrite if she didn't forgive Thomas. Paris stated that Zoe had moved on and was happily engaged to Carter. Zende flashed a look at Zoe. Zoe hoped Thomas made a full recovery and had some happiness. Paris asked if her sister was amazing, and Zende agreed that it was true.

Later, Paris listened to Zende and Zoe as they worked and noticed that they practically finished each other's sentences. Zoe explained it away by saying that Zende was an intuitive designer, and she was easy to read. Paris guessed they worked well together because they got each other. She saw that Zende and Zoe had mutual respect and admiration for each other and said Forrester was lucky to have them.

At Steffy's house, Steffy continued to talk Liam into keeping the secret, even though it would be hard for him. She insisted that he couldn't tell Hope about that night. Grabbing her keys, she decided that they should go back to the hospital. She told him that when they went through the front door, there was no turning back. She didn't take pleasure in it, but too much was at stake.

Liam turned his back and seemed to be deep in thought. Steffy said that Beth's family would be ripped apart, and the secret would break Hope's heart. Steffy ordered him not to tell Hope.

At the hospital, Hope and Ridge were in the waiting area, talking about Thomas, who was hopeful that he'd leave the next day. "You know my son. When he sets his mind to something..." Ridge said. He hinted that Hope should go home after such a long day.

Ridge expressed how grateful he was for all Hope had done. He was grateful to her for being there for his son and his grandson. He felt that Douglas was lucky to have Hope, and so was Thomas, who wouldn't be around if it hadn't been for her. Ridge thought it took a special person to be there for Thomas after all he'd done, and Ridge was very grateful.

Hope told Ridge that he was a good father. He thought he was mediocre, but he communicated that she was a good mother and a good human being. "I don't think I ever saw that before," he added. He didn't have the capability to forgive like she did, and he held grudges. He stated that Hope didn't and had found a way. He thanked her for that and for what she'd done for his son and grandson.

Hope stated that little boys needed their dad, but big boys did, too, and Ridge was a good father to Thomas. Ridge confided in Hope that Thomas had opened up to him about the mannequin.

Later, Liam and Steffy arrived as Finn was talking to Hope and Ridge about how well Thomas was doing. Ridge said Thomas was pestering the nurses about going home. Steffy wanted to see Thomas, but Finn wanted Thomas to get a good rest and have visitors in the morning.

Steffy asked what was wrong with Ridge. Ridge revealed that Thomas had told him about the mannequin. Finn reminded Ridge of the brain trauma Thomas had suffered. Ridge replied that he'd told his son not to be embarrassed about it. Ridge was glad the delusion with the mannequin hadn't caused problems with "you guys." Steffy and Liam exchanged glances.

Finn advised everyone to go home to get some rest, but Ridge wanted to stay a little longer. Ridge said that Thomas would be okay because of Finn. He thanked Finn and called him a keeper. Ridge walked off to answer his buzzing phone.

Finn was off work and asked Steffy if she wanted some company. Steffy said she'd like it. Finn left to change clothes, and Liam sighed under his breath. Hope asked if Liam was okay. Liam claimed that everything was fine, and Hope left to get some coffee. Liam and Steffy exchanged tense expressions.

At Steffy's house later, Steffy cleaned up toys and talked to Ninette on the phone to see how the sleepover was going. After the call ended, Finn offered to take Kelly and her friend to the zoo to repay Ninette for helping at the last minute. Steffy said he didn't know what he'd be getting himself into.

Finn began picking up toys. Steffy asked what he was doing. He said he was helping, so that she could take a rest and process all that had happened that day.

Later, Finn sat on the couch, and Steffy sat in a chair. She'd gotten a message from Ridge that Eric and Brooke were with Thomas, who was still resting. Finn assumed that Steffy was still concerned. She said she could have lost her brother. Finn replied that she hadn't, and there was no reason to believe that Thomas' condition wouldn't continue to improve.

Steffy called Finn an amazing doctor with a great bedside manner. Finn said she'd been through a lot. She murmured that he had no idea. Finn offered to let her talk about it, but she said she was just tired. He replied that he was there to help her in any way. She told him that he already had by saving her brother. She'd had faith that Finn wouldn't let anything happen to Thomas, and Steffy would never stop thanking Finn.

Finn went to the kitchen to get Steffy a drink. Steffy stared at the portrait on the wall and gulped.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope put Beth and Douglas to bed. The kids had been with Brooke and Donna, and Hope informed Liam that Brooke had gone to the hospital to be with Ridge. Hope realized that she hadn't had a chance to ask Liam how his conference call had gone and if everything was okay. "It is...for the time being," he quietly responded.

Hope asked if Liam was okay. He wondered why she'd asked. Hope didn't know how he was feeling. She said one never knew what would happen or when one could be told something that would turn one's world upside down. Hope was grateful that Thomas would be okay. She was relieved that she hadn't had to tell Douglas that he'd also lost his father.

Liam stated that he was biased because Hope was the woman he loved, the woman he'd married, and the woman he was raising a family with; however, she was one of the most compassionate and understanding people he'd ever known. It was what he admired most about her, and he didn't know what he'd done to deserve her. He was grateful to be in her life, and he hoped she never doubted his love for her. He hoped he never disappointed her again.

Hope said she hoped she wouldn't disappoint Liam, either. She called him one of the most honorable and devoted men she knew. Liam shifted uncomfortably in his chair. She asked how she could doubt his love and commitment to her and their marriage. She stated that he showed her every day how devoted he was to their marriage. She trusted him with her heart and knew that he'd never let her down.

Finn senses that something is worrying Steffy Finn senses that something is worrying Steffy
Friday, December 18, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope had just had dinner after Liam had cooked for her. She was sure it was relaxing for him to decompress and cook without having to think about anything. She was still in disbelief about the events that day and wondered what more could go wrong.

Liam agreed with Hope that events had been overwhelming. She offered to talk about it, but he seemed reticent. She suggested that they take advantage of the kids being asleep early and watch a movie together. Her mommy senses started tingling, and she went to check on Beth.

Liam flashed back to Steffy ordering him to keep silent about the night they'd spent together.

Hope returned to the room, talking about Beth's binky, which had been across the room. They joked about the kids and how they were only a few years away from Douglas wanting to borrow the car. Hope thought it had been the right thing not to tell Douglas about his father's condition until it had improved. She still wanted to be careful about telling him because he was still scarred from losing his mother. Hope didn't want him to think about losing his father.

Liam replied that they'd do things the right way. Hope gushed that he always did things the right way. He seemed astonished by the comment. She was serious and cited that he'd stood by her when she'd needed it. He'd come through for her, as usual. Liam smiled sadly in response.

Hope wanted to thank Liam. Liam discouraged her because he didn't deserve it. She said he'd gone above and beyond. He denied it, but she insisted that he'd stood by her, despite his feelings for Thomas. Liam stammered that he'd needed to be there, and that was all that had been.

Hope replied that Liam was always there for her. The situation had been terrifying for her because Douglas' father could have died. Liam wouldn't trust Thomas again, but he didn't wish the circumstance on anyone, not even Thomas. Hope thought it spoke to Liam's character. She said some people were just talk, but it was what one did that mattered. She stated that he'd shown up for her and for Steffy, and people admired Liam because he was a man of integrity.

Liam told Hope that he was far from perfect and had made bigger mistakes than most people. Hope reasoned that he always owned up to them, and doing so took courage. She didn't fault him for his feelings. She knew that it could be hard to let go of hurtful things people had done, but she was thankful that he'd let her have time with Thomas, despite Liam's resentment of him.

Liam looked as if he might cry. Hope said he could have made it difficult, but he'd been compassionate. It proved that he was a wonderful guy. Liam said he really didn't deserve all the praise. Hope thought she had a right to compliment her husband from time to time.

Hope was grateful. She was glad they'd straightened out the misunderstanding about the mannequin, too. She started laughing. She apologized for laughing and said it had to have been hard on Liam to see that. She asked if Liam knew she'd never betray him like that. She'd never turn to Thomas, no matter what. Liam was her one and only guy, and she loved him "so much."

Hope thanked the stars that Liam was the father to her daughter. She loved their family. It was all she'd ever wanted, and she'd never betray their vows. She knew that he wouldn't, either. She knew he'd always be loyal to her and their marriage. Liam looked as if he were sick inside.

At the cliff house, Steffy was ready to take off to Ninette's house with Kelly's favorite blanket. Finn said Steffy needed a break, and Ninette would call if Kelly couldn't live without the blanket. He assured Steffy that her brother would be okay. Steffy looked down, and he asked if there was something more she wanted to talk about.

Steffy replied that there was nothing they could do about it. Agreeing, Finn said they had to let it go for the night. He assured her that Thomas was in good hands, and Kelly was having a blast at her sleepover. He stated that everything was under control. Steffy looked down again, and he asked what was really bothering her. He hoped she could be open and talk about it.

In Steffy's silence, Finn admitted that the events had even been a lot for him to process, and he prided himself on staying cool, no matter what happened. Steffy replied that he was only human. He reasoned that everyone sometimes surprised themselves with their actions. He thought she was the perfect example of that for not cracking under pressure.

"Even Liam," Finn added. Finn said Liam wasn't a fan of Thomas, but like an ideal husband, he'd stuck by Hope. Finn knew that there were a lot of gray areas, and it was complicated. He commended Steffy for handling it beautifully. Steffy wasn't so sure about it. He was. He knew who she was, and she was as loyal as they came. He urged her to give herself some credit.

Steffy replied that she didn't always handle situations the best way. Finn advised her to give herself some credit. He said that, in the end, things had worked out as they should. He didn't want to rush her into talking about something if she wasn't ready, but he knew that there was more to the story. She asked what he meant. "Well, the kiss," Finn replied.

In Steffy's silence, Finn added that Hope had told him about Thomas kissing the mannequin at the height of his delusion. Steffy stammered, acknowledging it, and Finn wondered if she thought he'd been referring to something else. She pretended that she hadn't thought that, and Finn went on to explain that the hematoma had made the delusions possible.

Finn had been concerned about Thomas but hadn't been able to pinpoint the problem. Finn had also been wary of crossing the line because Thomas hadn't been his patient, and Finn had wanted to respect the fact that Thomas was Steffy's brother. Steffy replied that her family appreciated Finn more than he'd ever know.

Finn revealed that Hope had also told him that Liam had thought Thomas had been kissing Hope. Finn had been shocked to learn about it. Steffy, who said she'd heard about it, thought it was understandable because the mannequin looked just like Hope. Finn couldn't imagine Liam's reaction and figured he'd flipped out.

Steffy said Liam had realized that it had been a misunderstanding. She tried to shift the conversation back to Thomas, but Finn was riveted by Liam's predicament and figured Liam had lost it upon believing that his wife had cheated on him with his least favorite person on the planet. Finn was surprised that Liam hadn't lashed out in some way.

Steffy replied that it hadn't been Hope, and Hope hadn't done it. Finn recalled how Liam had overreacted when Finn had started dating Steffy and that Liam had thought Finn would compromise her medical care. She replied that Liam had been wrong about that. Finn thought it was good that Liam hadn't confronted Thomas that night. "Who knows what would have happened," Finn stated.

Finn guessed that everything had turned out fine. Hope had told him that things were fine between her and Liam, and there had been no fallout from the mistaken kiss. Steffy mirthlessly turned her lips up into a smile.

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke and Ridge arrived. She was glad she'd seen Thomas before visitation had ended for the night. Ridge wanted to go back. He hated leaving Thomas alone. Brooke urged her husband to shower and get some food into him, but he claimed to be fine. She reminded him that the doctor had ordered him to rest.

Ridge still couldn't believe that he'd almost lost his son and that Thomas might be dead if he'd been alone. Brooke thought it had been fortunate that Finn had suspected a problem, and they owed him a lot of gratitude. Ridge agreed, saying Finn was a really good doctor. The whole staff had been great, in Ridge's mind.

Brooke stated that Thomas had a road ahead of him. Ridge believed that Thomas would get there, and he'd be better than before. She hoped so. Ridge knew it would take awhile. He wouldn't pressure Thomas. Brooke advised Ridge to do the same for himself, take a deep breath, and let the doctors handle it. Ridge repeated that Finn had done a really good job. Ridge felt that Finn had had a big impact on Ridge's family, especially Steffy.

Later, Ridge talked about his experience at Thomas' bedside. He'd tried to will Thomas to wake up. Brooke wished she'd been there, but Ridge replied that she'd been where she'd been needed -- with Beth and Douglas, who hadn't needed to know what had been going on. Brooke had seen no reason to worry Douglas and said he'd eventually find out about it.

Upset, Ridge said he couldn't lose another child. "Losing Phoebe..." Ridge said. He got choked up and put his hands to his face. Recovering, he said Douglas couldn't lose another parent.

As Ridge attempted to stop his tears, Brooke comforted him and tried to get him to focus on the good things, like Thomas leaving the hospital. Ridge never wanted to set foot in that hospital again. He'd just been there with Steffy and the whole motorcycle thing. Next, he'd been sitting there with Thomas, wondering about the effects of the brain trauma and if Thomas would even be able to function. Openly crying, Ridge said Thomas had finally opened his eyes, and Ridge had finally known that Thomas would live another day.

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