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Steffy showed Finn how much she appreciated him, and a guilt-ridden Liam agonized over keeping his infidelity a secret from Hope. As Carter worked behind the scenes to make Paris a permanent part of Forrester, Zoe began to resent Paris' presence in Zoe's work and personal life.
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A guilt-ridden Liam agonized over keeping his infidelity a secret, and Zoe began to resent Paris' presence
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Ridge opens up to Brooke about Thomas Ridge opens up to Brooke about Thomas
Monday, December 21, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, the pajama-clad Liam and Hope cleaned up toys and discussed how close they'd gotten to losing Thomas. Hope thought she'd just had good timing, but Liam insisted that things might be different if it hadn't been for her instincts. Hope thought Finn deserved most of the credit.

Liam and Hope were grateful that Thomas would be okay. Hope noted the way Liam felt about Thomas and said Liam's well wishes for Thomas made Liam the best man she knew. Liam also looked attractive to Hope, who said he was working his open-shirt, good dad with toys in hand routine. He joked that it was sexiness that only a mother could love.

Hope affirmed that she did love Liam, and somehow, he made it possible for her to love him more each day. She was thankful to be married to him, especially after a harrowing day like they'd had. She was grateful that he was her husband. Becoming emotional, Hope described how upsetting it had been for her to see Thomas collapse before her, and it had meant "so much" to her that, despite Liam's differences with Thomas, Liam had stood by her at the hospital.

Liam replied that it hadn't been about him, and he hadn't wanted Thomas to die. Liam noted that he and Hope had different feelings, and she put everyone to shame with her capacity for forgiveness. She stated that she was trying to complement her husband, and he countered that he was trying to complement his wife. He never wanted to take her or their family for granted.

Liam stated that each day was a reminder of how lucky he was to have Hope and be raising their wonderful kids. He said that if Hope had asked a younger Liam what his life would be like, "it wouldn't be this." Hope replied, "Me, neither." He claimed to know how blessed he was to have Hope and be married to her. "And when you're giving me this look that you're giving me right now, with love and trust in your eyes, it -- I have to know I'm earning it, Hope," he said. It was a goal he'd work on until the day he died.

Hope figured that Steffy loved Finn even more after he'd helped save Thomas' life. Liam guessed that Finn had earned his paycheck. Hope said Steffy had to be thankful. Liam didn't think it was more than he was for Hope, who was the heart and soul of the family. Liam asked Hope to promise that she'd never doubt his love for her.

Hope called Liam sentimental and made the promise. She decided to check on the kids then hinted that she and Liam should head for the bedroom. Embarrassed, Liam nonverbally figured out what she meant and said he'd be right there.

The moment Hope left, Liam flashed back to telling Steffy what he'd seen and the night it had led to. He remembered Hope revealing that Thomas had kissed the mannequin, and Steffy warning him that telling the truth would destroy his marriage.

At the cliff house, Steffy sat by the plastic baby gate in front of a lit fire. Steffy was uneasy about Kelly being away and said she never got that way when Kelly was with Hope and Liam. Finn reasoned that it was Kelly's first night away from home and being with friends, not relatives.

Steffy thought of calling the hospital, but Finn had already done it when she'd been out of the room. Thomas was resting and holding steady, and if things kept going that way, Thomas would bounce back as good as new. Steffy replied that her brother was alive because of Finn. She asked how she'd thank him. Finn said he was sure he could come up with something.

Finn became pensive. He wondered if he could have done more or figured things out sooner. Steffy thought Finn had done an amazing job. She repeated that her brother was alive because of him, and she said it made Finn her hero. She was glad he was there.

Finn replied that he was right where he wanted to be, but it still nagged him that he hadn't caught it sooner and avoided Thomas' collapse and surgery. Steffy asked if Finn realized that her brother wouldn't be alive if Finn hadn't observed it. Finn noted that he had training, but she countered that he'd cared enough to employ it.

Finn still felt guilty. Steffy responded that guilt was a waste. It made one feel terrible, but it didn't solve anything. Some things just happened that one never foresaw, and it wasn't possible to control every situation. Finn joked that doctors were all about controlling situations.

Steffy warned that dwelling on the past might make one miss the present. She told Finn that he'd saved someone's life, which was why he'd become a doctor, and the life saved had been a precious one to her. Finn reasoned that Thomas had had a neurosurgeon. She countered that it had been because Finn had ordered one for Thomas. She insisted that Thomas was alive because of Finn, and Finn couldn't have done anything else.

"Okay," Finn finally conceded. Steffy asked if he knew that she loved him. He replied that he loved her, too. She said she loved him even more. Stating that she'd already lost her sister, a tearful Steffy decided that she couldn't even go there about Thomas, and she knew that she didn't have to because of Finn. Finn was a wonderful man, and she was happy to have him in her life. Finn thought it was good because he planned to stick around.

Later, Finn was in the living room on a call about getting Thomas' scans in the morning. Steffy called his name, and as he ended the call, he strode into the bedroom. The room glowed by candlelight, and he spotted Steffy in lingerie. She asked if he wanted a night to remember. A song played over a scene of Steffy and Finn making love on the bed.

Afterward, the two lay in bed together. It felt very right to them to be together like that. Finn wanted her to know that he was there for all of it, the ups and downs, and the highs and lows. He wanted to go through life right by her side.

Steffy said Finn had shown up at a crazy time in her life and had seen her at her absolute worst. He'd been there through the most challenging time of her life, and his faith had never wavered. He'd supported her and pulled her back from the edge of disaster. He'd done the same thing for her brother. She knew she'd thanked Finn many times, but she wanted him to know how much he meant to her. She was committed to him.

In Brooke's bedroom, Ridge gave Brooke a good report on Thomas, and they praised Finn's work. Ridge added that Finn was good for Steffy and had opened new possibilities in her life.

Brooke wondered what had first alerted Finn to trouble with Thomas. Ridge wasn't sure, but he was glad Finn had talked to Hope about the fall. Brooke surmised that Finn had added up all the evidence of Thomas' headaches and had deduced that there had been a concussion. Ridge was grateful to Finn and Hope, who'd been generous to go over to "somebody like Thomas' place and check on him." Ridge didn't believe Thomas would be alive if it hadn't been for Hope.

Ridge was blown away by Hope's ability to forgive. Brooke replied that Hope always found it in her heart to reach out to a person in need, even if that person had hurt her terribly. Ridge didn't know how someone could forgive a person for keeping a child away from them. If he'd been in Hope's shoes, he would have closed the book on Thomas, but Hope had given Thomas a new lease on life and had saved his life. Ridge didn't know how to thank Hope for that.

Brooke didn't think her daughter expected gratitude. She believed that Hope was probably just grateful that Thomas had pulled through.

Later, Brooke asked if Ridge felt better. He did. Time with her in their little haven had been what he'd needed. Ridge said that looking at Thomas in the hospital bed had been like looking at Thomas as a little boy, and Ridge had wanted to take Thomas' place. Brooke understood the perpetual need to protect one's children. "And you. I always want to protect you," he added. He was glad that he was on "this" journey with her. She vowed to always be where he needed her.

Ridge replied that he'd always need Brooke. Brooke observed that things were working well. Ridge agreed, adding that Thomas would be okay, and Steffy had found someone special. Ridge began to speak about Hope and Liam, but Brooke finished for Ridge, saying that Hope and Liam were living their own happily ever after.

This episode featured the song "Reverie," which was written and performed by Marcus Eaton.

Paris' constant presence at Forrester irritates Zoe Paris' constant presence at Forrester irritates Zoe
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

At Steffy's house, Steffy awakened in bed and groaned at the time. Finn entered with coffee and apologized for not being much of an alarm clock. He said they'd needed to sleep in after the day they'd had. She wondered what good it was to be the boss if she couldn't be late. He asked how late she could be, and she kissed him.

Later, Steffy ended a call with Ninette and told Finn that the sleepover had been fun for Kelly. Finn had enjoyed the sleepover with Steffy and wished it could continue. He had checked on Thomas and had heard that Ridge had already been to the hospital. Steffy planned to visit later. She thanked Finn for taking care of her brother, and he replied that he was dedicated to taking care of all of the Forresters in his life.

Time passed, and Steffy and Finn were in the living room, where Finn was putting on his shirt. Amelia was on her way, and Steffy needed to get ready. He asked Steffy to let him know when she arrived at the hospital. He didn't want to miss her. She wondered if he hadn't seen enough of her that day, and he replied that it wasn't even close. Steffy didn't know when she'd get to the hospital, but she wouldn't leave there until she'd seen him.

Finn had told Steffy earlier that Thomas would probably ask for cheeseburgers, but Finn wanted Thomas on a strict diet. Steffy jokingly asked if she couldn't sneak anything in. Smiling, Finn asked if she'd do that. It didn't seem like the upstanding, honest woman he knew. Steffy stopped smiling, and he asked if he'd been insensitive.

Steffy said that Finn hadn't been. Finn hadn't meant to make light of her brother's condition. Steff replied that Finn had taken care of Thomas. Thomas was fine, and so was she. She felt lucky to have Finn. Steffy and Finn kissed.

In the design office at Forrester, Carter was in a pinch because Olivia, a vital member of the team at the Forrester Foundation, had retired unexpectedly. He'd called Ridge to talk about it, but before they got into it, he ascertained from Ridge that Thomas was doing well.

Carter believed that he'd need a superstar hire who could energize donors and find new projects. As Carter spoke, Ridge got distracted by his ringing phone. "Ridge!" Carter said, trying to get his attention. In a rush to answer the phone and leave at the same time, Ridge expressed faith in his COO to get the position filled. Ridge exited, and Carter sighed.

Just then, Paris arrived. Carter asked if she were looking for her sister, but Paris had actually arrived to talk to him. Paris wanted him to know that she was really glad that he and her sister were engaged, and she felt they were a real power couple.

Chuckling, Carter noted that the media looked at him and Zoe that way. Sure the wedding would garner much attention, Paris had been contemplating the type of good they could do with that kind of spotlight. Carter asked what she meant. Paris figured the couple would be interviewed a lot, and she suggested that they get a cause that they could talk about in the interviews.

Carter was intrigued and guessed she was really serious about helping people. The topic turned to her degree in social work and her interest in nonprofit administration. She also had a certificate in community organizing. Carter gathered that she had a real passion for it.

Paris had wanted to help people ever since she'd been a kid and figured Zoe had told Carter about Paris' legendary bake sales. Carter hadn't heard about them. Paris explained that she'd had a weekly cause, and as she'd focused on issues, she'd longed to get into something bigger. As Paris spoke, Carter seemed to be contemplating something. Paris thought she was just droning on, but he said she'd given him a lot to think about.

Carter inquired if Paris' work with the homeless involved fundraising. Paris, who had been helping with her friend's outreach program, said she liked to think of it as relationship building and bringing in people with different skills and assets to make a difference. Her goal was to expand her outreach with corporations to create larger, multifaceted charitable campaigns.

Carter asked if Paris had experience with that. Paris' degree program had put her in the field to gain experience at every level of nonprofit work. She'd stayed on with her nonprofit throughout school. She said she'd learned teamwork by building schools and wells in Africa during her study abroad program, where groups worked together to transform villages.

Carter said that type of collaboration could be difficult to organize. Agreeing, Paris said it was rewarding to know each asset would be efficient and productive for the cause. It sounded to Carter like his own job. He managed a lot of moving parts, and one of them was the Forrester Foundation.

Paris was surprised to hear that Forrester had a philanthropic arm, and she said it was no wonder that she got along with everyone there. Carter noted that Paris knew a lot about the field. Paris said she lived and breathed it.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Zoe, Zende, and Hope worked. Zende asked how Thomas was, and Hope said Thomas was good and wanted to be out of the hospital. Hope figured that Steffy had more information about it. Zoe recalled that Steffy was supposed to be at the meeting and offered to patch her notes to Steffy. Hope said they'd schedule a follow-up meeting with Steffy once Thomas was out of the hospital.

Zende asked when that would be, and Zoe asked if Thomas was really okay. Brain surgery sounded serious to her. Hope replied that it had been a scary situation, but Thomas had pulled through. Zende attributed it to Hope, but Hope insisted that Finn was the hero.

As the meeting continued, Charlie arrived with "Hope Logan Spencer for Hope Logan Spencer." He wheeled the mannequin, fully intact on its stand, into the room. He began to explain how he'd recovered it through undercover work, but he was interrupted by an alarm of a "1022," a racoon in the parking lot.

As Charlie left, he accidentally called the mannequin by Hope's name and then muttered that he needed to see a psychiatrist. Zende and Zoe took off for a meeting with marketing. Alone with the mannequin, Hope started tensely at it.

"Geeze," Ridge said, entering and seeing the mannequin. Hope said Charlie had just dropped it off. Ridge stated that it had been one thing for Thomas to think it had been alive, but Thomas had also thought it had been Hope. Hope asked if it was okay if she saw Thomas that evening. Ridge thought Thomas would love it, and he thanked her for being kind to his son after all that had happened. Hope replied that they were trying to move forward.

Steffy arrived and apologized for missing the meeting. Hope replied that Zoe would fill Steffy in. Ridge asked if everything was okay. Steffy claimed she'd been settling Kelly in. She'd also been on the phone with Thomas during the drive to work. Thomas had ribbed her for being late, and she said it was nice that her brother was back to his irritating self.

Steffy was startled to see the mannequin near her desk and asked why it was in the building. Ridge said he'd sent Charlie to collect it because Ridge hadn't wanted Thomas to see it at the apartment. Ridge still couldn't believe that Thomas had been kissing it.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Steffy gave the mannequin the side-eye. Hope snapped Steffy out of her thoughts, saying that she'd been telling Zoe and Zende that Finn had saved Thomas. Hope noted that Finn had made big changes in Steffy's life, too. Steffy was deeply grateful for a man like Finn. Grinning, Hope asked if that had been where Steffy had been that morning. She noted that it was unlike Steffy to miss a meeting.

Stammering, Steffy replied that she might have overslept. Hope said that there were no worries about it, and she was glad Steffy had been able to relax and take a breath, knowing that things would be okay. Glancing at the mannequin again, Steffy hoped it stayed that way.

Hope blurted out that they should probably get Charlie to take the mannequin somewhere else. Steffy had been thinking the same thing. She found the resemblance to be uncanny. Hope said that Liam had thought the same thing, and Hope felt bad that Liam had thought Thomas had been kissing her instead of "that mannequin." She thought it had to have been a shocker.

Steffy could see why Liam had thought it. Hope was grateful that Thomas would be okay and that nothing had become of the kiss that Liam had thought he'd seen between her and Thomas.

Later, Ridge returned to the design office to talk to Carter about replacing Olivia. He suggested that Carter hire a headhunter firm, but Carter was already on the case of a young up-and-comer in the nonprofit sector. Ridge was eager to set up an interview. Carter revealed that she'd just been there. He hadn't told her about the job because he'd walked to talk to Ridge first.

Ridge asked who it was. "Paris," Carter replied. Ridge asked if Carter meant the city, and Carter clarified that it was Zoe's sister.

In the photo studio, Paris had located her sister, whom she'd tried to text message earlier. Zoe replied that she'd been in a meeting. Paris stated that she'd run into Carter and had told him how happy she was about the engagement. "You ran into him?" Zoe questioned. Paris replied that she'd wanted him to know that Zoe's family supported the relationship.

Zoe told Paris that she couldn't be wandering around the building. It was an elite fashion house with tight security, and everyone was busy. Paris stated that she'd asked if Carter had had a minute. Zoe replied that he was the COO of the company. "And he wanted to talk to me," Paris countered. Zoe stated that he wouldn't be rude. Zoe didn't want to be rude, either, but Zoe preferred for Paris not to interfere in Zoe's work or personal life.

Hope gushes to Liam and Steffy about Fin Hope gushes to Liam and Steffy about Fin
Wednesday, December 23, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Steffy and Hope went over previews of Zende's designs. Steffy envisioned that the designs would be a success with Zoe posing in them. Steffy stated that Zende and Zoe worked well together, and Hope and Steffy agreed that it was good because Zende and Zoe would have to pick up the slack while Thomas was out.

Hope got a glimpse of the mannequin behind Steffy, and Steffy shuddered when she looked at it. It still creeped Hope out. Hope thought of all that Thomas had gone through -- and that Steffy had gone through. Steffy asked what that was. Hope clarified that it was worry over Thomas.

Steffy wanted Thomas to get better and hoped everyone could put everything behind them. Hope asked if there was word on when Thomas would be released. There wasn't, but Steffy doubted Thomas would be good at following bed-rest orders.

The subject turned to how miraculous Hope thought it was that Steffy's boyfriend had played a role in Thomas' recovery. Steffy asked why Hope was looking at Steffy a certain way. Hope teased Steffy about a vibe Hope had picked up on before. "You and your new doctor boyfriend," Hope cooed. She sensed that Steffy was falling for Finn. Hope was happy for Steffy and could tell that Finn cared about her just like Liam cared about Hope.

Later, Charlie was wheeling the mannequin out the door, and Steffy thanked him. He quipped that they didn't want anyone getting confused around there. He laughed, but Steffy and Hope didn't. "Clever never takes a day off, does it?" he asked as he left.

Revisiting their earlier conversation, Hope realized that she might have sounded like she was only happy about Steffy and Finn because of Steffy's past with Liam. Steffy said the thought hadn't crossed her mind. Hope replied that she wouldn't blame Steffy if she did think it. Hope admitted that there had been a time when she had been a little worried about Steffy's connection and history with Liam. "But that's all it is -- history. You've moved on, and Liam is -- " Hope said.

Hope was interrupted by Liam's arrival. His body language indicated that he was surprised to see Hope in Steffy's office. Hope greeted him and said it was a nice surprise to see him there. "Uh -- yeah -- Yeah. How did your meeting go?" he asked. Hope conveyed that it had been fine. She figured his ears had been burning because she'd just been talking about the four of them.

"Four of us?" Liam asked. Hope said she'd been remarking upon how glad she was that Steffy and Finn had gotten closer and that they were all moving on from the past. Affirming that the past was the past, Steffy said that Liam and Hope had an amazing family. Steffy had a child with Liam, but her future was with Finn.

Steffy liked that Hope was rooting for Steffy and Finn and wanted their happiness. Hope did and said Liam did, too. She asked him if he agreed. He stammered that he did.

Hope exclaimed that it was really possible for them to get along and want what was best for each other. She said they'd tried it before, but something had always interfered. She could feel that it was different that time. She believed that she and Liam were solid in their marriage, and Steffy was building her own relationship. Hope stated that it was special and would last. "Just like Liam and me. You have the man you love, and so do I," Hope concluded, grinning at Liam.

Later, Liam sat on the settee. He exchanged looks with Steffy as Hope browsed through a folder. Hope received an alert about a meeting and apologized to Liam because she had to go. Before leaving, Hope repeated that she was happy that the three of them could be together like they were without issues or hidden agendas.

Liam closed the door behind Hope, and Steffy said his name in a warning tone. He knew that Steffy was about to give him reasons not to tell Hope what he and Steffy had done. Liam got how high the stakes were, but he'd cheated on his wife. He said it didn't matter if it had been based upon a misunderstanding. It was eating him alive, and he didn't think he could keep living the lie. He couldn't do it, and he had to tell Hope.

In the photo studio, Paris asked where her sister's statement had come from. Zoe claimed not to be trying to upset Paris. Paris wasn't upset; she just wondered what would make Zoe say something like that. Paris recalled that Zoe had said Paris was invading her personal life and work life. She asked if she'd done anything wrong.

Zoe explained that she'd been on her own for a long time in Los Angeles, and Zoe stated that Paris knew that Zoe valued her privacy. Paris guessed Zoe felt that Paris was cramping Zoe's style. Paris had thought she'd been being nice to talk to Carter, but she wondered if Zoe saw it as Paris overstepping in some way.

Zoe didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Paris replied that she merely wanted to know what she'd done. For Zoe, it hadn't been any particular thing. Paris assumed Zoe was setting boundaries and expected Paris to respect them. Zoe didn't have a problem with Paris being happy for Zoe and Carter; Zoe just didn't want Paris so involved in Zoe's personal life.

Paris cut her gaze at Zoe. Zende arrived. Sensing something was off, he asked what was wrong. Paris and Zoe claimed that nothing was going on, and they were just sisters being sisters. Zoe asked where Zende had gone off to earlier. Zende explained that he'd been setting up a meeting with Eye on Fashion for their up-and-coming designers feature.

Zende was humble about it, but Paris found it exciting. Zoe told him that it was well deserved. Paris asked if he was nervous, but he said it wasn't his first interview. Zoe interjected that journalists could be brutal. He was confident that he could handle them. Coquettishly, Paris replied that she was sure he could. Zoe's expression darkened.

Later, Zende held up a design. Zoe called it gorgeous and said it was no wonder he'd be featured as an up-and-comer. He asked Paris to weigh in. Paris humbly said she wasn't in fashion, and he should defer to Zoe's opinion. He asked if she was worried she'd hurt his feelings by saying she didn't like it. He urged her to let him have it. Paris replied that it was one of the most beautiful gowns she'd ever seen.

Zende and Paris exchanged soft gazes, and Zoe abruptly asked if Paris had an appointment or something. "I do?" Paris asked. Zoe received a call to remind her of an appointment she'd forgotten. She asked Paris to walk out with her, but Zende said Paris could stay and provide him more feedback. Zoe took off, and Zende and Paris exchanged gazes again.

Later, Zende was sketching alone. He spilled coffee on himself, took off his shirt, and reached for a shirt on a nearby rack. Paris returned, saying, "I leave you alone for one minute..." Pointing to the wet spot on his chest, he said he'd had a mishap. He hoped he hadn't made her uncomfortable by seeing him half naked. "Well, if you don't tell, I won't," Paris replied.

In the design office, Carter and Ridge discussed giving Paris, Zoe's sister, the foundation position. To Ridge, it seemed as if the suggestion was out of nowhere, but Carter sold Paris as driven, dedicated, and all about helping people. Ridge was concerned about finding someone up to the challenge. Carter was confident that Paris could meet and exceed it.

Carter described Paris' experience as impeccable, and he envisioned her shining and growing with the foundation. Carter saw that there was a fire about Paris. He said she hadn't done that type of work before, but Zoe hadn't modeled before, either. "And look how that turned out for us," Carter added. Ridge rendered Carter a look. Acknowledging that it wasn't the same thing, Carter still felt that the Buckingham girls were go-getters.

Ridge merely wanted to make sure that the foundation was run successfully. Carter felt that Paris was a good resource, and she was someone he could trust. He hadn't known her long, but he saw her as a good person who cared about the people the foundation was designed to help.

Ridge guessed it didn't hurt that Paris would be Carter's sister-in-law. In a joking manner, Carter asked if Ridge were questioning Carter's objectivity. Ridge was sure Carter was acting in the best interest of the foundation. Carter touted Paris' abilities and admitted that being Zoe's sisters was a big bonus, too.

Ridge decided that he'd meet with Paris once he had time. He also wanted to talk to Eric about it. Carter wondered if there was any reason to think Eric would have reservations. Ridge replied that it wasn't that. Ridge stated that Eric didn't know Paris but loved the foundation, and Ridge wanted to include Eric in it. Smiling, Carter replied that they all loved it.

Ridge complimented Carter, who was batting a thousand with his promotion, engagement, and pink tie. Carter corrected that the color was salmon and said life couldn't be better. He also thought it would make his fiancée happy if Paris had a job to keep her in town.

Alone, Carter smiled and reminisced about his relationship with Zoe. He saw her in the corridor and beckoned her in. She'd just finished a fitting, and he wanted her to spare a minute for him. She seemed to want to go somewhere else, but reluctantly, she entered the office and asked what was up.

Carter said something cool might happen -- if things worked out. Zoe asked if that was all he'd say about it. He wanted her to trust that it would be one more incredible thing to happen to them, including having Paris there. Carter hoped Paris was there to stay.

The Forresters reminisce about Christmases past The Forresters reminisce about Christmases past
Thursday, December 24, 2020

At Eric's house, eggnog and Champagne chilled in a living room full of twinkling lights, garland, and holiday decor. Ridge told Brooke, clad in a red dress, that she was always up to something. Brooke was sure Eric would love it, but Ridge sighed in uncertainty.

Ridge greeted Eric, who was descending the stairs, and they wished each other a happy Christmas Eve. Eric wondered why Ridge was there early, and Ridge explained that someone had a surprise for him. "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Brooke exclaimed from the living room.

Eric stopped in his tracks when he saw Brooke standing by the fireplace with Stephanie's portrait on the wall above her. Brooke said that Stephanie had been a big part of their lives for "so long," and Brooke had put Stephanie back where she belonged. Brooke joked that she didn't want Quinn staring down at her all night.

Eric rendered a look, and Brooke said that if it bothered him, they'd put Quinn's portrait back up before Quinn got home. Eric supposed that it would be okay for the night only -- as a tribute to Stephanie -- but he wanted everyone to get along for the holidays. Brooke agreed to do it.

Later, Eric played the piano. Zende cooed about how wonderful it was. Earlier, he'd heard Eric stirring eggnog from across the house. Eric and Ridge went to check on things in the kitchen, and Zende told Brooke that if "she" got home earlier than expected, Brooke would be in a lot of trouble. Brooke replied that she only had two words for Quinn: "Merry Christmas!"

Brooke received a FaceTime call from Logan and Bridget and went to take it in the den. Zende spun around as the front door opened. Carter arrived with Zoe, who wore all white. Zende jokingly wondered if there would be a wedding that no one had told him about. Zoe wished him a merry Christmas. Gazing beyond Zoe to the door, Zende said it was "now that you're here."

Zoe smiled but then noticed that Paris had entered the house behind her. Zende welcomed Paris to the house. Wearing a black mini dress reminiscent of the eighties, Paris said the house was incredible, and she'd been telling her rideshare that they'd had the wrong house. Zoe asked to talk to her sister, and Zende went into the living room with Carter.

By the table near the front door, Zoe asked Paris what she was doing there. Ridge and Eric walked by the women and greeted everyone. Eric guessed who Paris was and told her that he was glad she could join them. Paris had been happy to receive the invitation and felt blessed to be in town and to be with her sister, too.

Eric thanked everyone for being there. He said it was just them for Christmas Eve, but they'd all be together with everyone else for the "big thing" on Christmas Day. Charlie and Pam were "at home," baking up a storm. Eric thought he had just enough people to sing carols. He asked everyone to join him in singing "Deck the Halls."

Later, Carter, Zende, Zoe, and Paris entered from the terrace. Paris gushed about how great the grounds were and was glad she'd had Carter as a guide because she'd get lost trying to find the front door. She loved being able to see the view of the twinkling city below and said it had to seem like Christmas every night. Smiling at Paris, Zende said it definitely did that night.

Carter and Zende went to get drinks. Zoe asked Paris what was really going on. Paris didn't know what Zoe meant. Zoe told Paris that it was a family dinner. Paris asked if Zoe thought Paris would just show up uninvited; Zende had invited her. "Why would he do that?" Zoe asked.

Paris guessed that Zende was a sweet guy. She asked what Zoe's deal was. Zoe asked why Paris hadn't bothered to tell her. Paris replied that she'd text-messaged it, but Zoe snapped that she didn't always read her texts. "Good to know. Next time, I'll send you a video," Paris quipped. Paris did a dance and sang that Zende had invited her to the party, and she'd see Zoe there.

Zoe rolled her eyes, and Paris was disappointed not to get a laugh or something. Paris offered to make up an excuse to leave. Zoe said it was okay, and Paris was already there. Paris replied that she hadn't intended to jack Zoe's night. Paris spotted some mistletoe nearby and made kissy faces at Zoe. "Come on, Sis!" Paris exclaimed, but Zoe told Paris not to push her luck.

Later, Zende spotted Ridge, Brooke, and Eric all on their phones and joked, "Boomers and their phones these days." Eric had been talking to Vivienne, who'd wanted to know what she could bring for Christmas. Zende was glad that Julius and Vivienne would be there.

Ridge had been texting Steffy, who'd shown him images of Kelly running around with a princess sword and shield. Brooke had been texting with Hope, who'd reported how excited Beth and Douglas were about Santa. Brooke thought Douglas would love the sand pit Ridge had built for him.

Carter, Zoe, and Paris returned from the kitchen and swore they hadn't been sampling the cookies. Eric stood by a gift that was at the height of his knees. Pulling the lid off it, he said kids shouldn't be the only ones opening gifts. He revealed a karaoke machine, and the adults got the hint that he wanted more songs. Zoe sang "Jingle Bells" for everyone.

Later, Zende found a moment alone with Paris in the living room. They'd just returned from looking at the view again outside. She thanked him for inviting her.

From the foyer, Zoe pouted as she watched Zende and Paris. Carter thanked Zoe for the Christmas gift, but she said she hadn't given it to him yet. To him, her agreeing to marry him was the gift. He was enjoying the party, but he couldn't wait to get home, curl up by the tree, and celebrate their first Christmas together. Zoe couldn't, either.

Looking at Zende and Paris, Carter guessed he wasn't the only one with that idea. To Carter, Paris and Zende seemed to be hitting it off.

Nearby, Zende was admiring Stephanie's portrait and telling Paris a bit about his grandmother, a true trailblazer who hadloved her family fiercely. Paris thought that Stephanie sounded like a cool lady. He informed Paris that they'd continue a tradition Stephanie started by volunteering at a homeless shelter downtown on Christmas Day. Paris was stoked about it, and Zende invited her to join them. Paris said she'd like it. He figured she would because she'd devoted her life to helping people. He told her that she was a cool lady, too.

Later, Eric got everyone's attention before dinner. He thanked them for being there. He was glad to get to know Paris. He'd heard good things about her and had found them to be true. He noted what a special time it was for the engaged Carter and Zoe. Eric was proud of the contributions Zoe and Carter had made at work and congratulated Carter on his promotion and board seat.

Eric moved on to Zende, who called Eric, "Grand Dude." Eric was happy that Zende had returned to Los Angeles. Zende's presence in the house was an energy that hadn't been there in a long while. Eric was in awe of Zende's design talent and said that Eric and Ridge needed to watch their backs. Eric couldn't find the words to say how he felt about Brooke and Ridge. Eric wished he'd been able to spare the couple the grief of the year, but he was sure their love could rise above it.

Ridge replied that he and Brooke followed Eric's example. Ridge told Paris a little about Eric, who loved his eggnog and company almost as much as he loved his family. Ridge felt that all their lives were better for Eric being in them. Eric and Ridge wished each other a merry Christmas. Eric gazed up at Stephanie's portrait, and Brooke said, "Merry Christmas."

Later, Brooke finished reading the passage of the Bible about peace on earth and good will toward men. It moved Paris to tell everyone how happy she was to be surrounded by positive people like them for the holiday. She decided to honor Eric's request by singing a carol. Paris sang, "Silent Night."

Eric said that it had been beautiful. The song reminded him that Christmas was about the birth of Jesus. Peace, love, and togetherness embodied the holiday, and he thought it would be a joyful world if they could give those things to each other every day.

Eric took to the piano, and the group sang, "Joy to the World." Eric, Ridge, and Brooke grinned at Stephanie's portrait.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The Forresters celebrate Christmas (2018) ENCORE PRESENTATION: The Forresters celebrate Christmas (2018)
Friday, December 25, 2020

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to rebroadcast a classic Christmas episode. The episode, which originally aired on December 25, 2018, focused on the Forrester family celebrating Christmas. You can read the entire recap of that episode here.

This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 28, and picked up where the Thursday, December 24, episode concluded.

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