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Brooke surprised her family by agreeing to let Thomas recover at her and Ridge's house. Zoe implored Carter to stop Paris' job offer, and when Zoe learned it was too late, she forbade Paris from taking the job. Steffy told Liam that she was pregnant.
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As Liam struggled to tell Hope about his affair, he learned that Steffy was pregnant
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After hearing Zoe ask her to leave, Zende asks Paris to stay After hearing Zoe ask her to leave, Zende asks Paris to stay
Monday, December 28, 2020

At the cabin, Hope thought it was nice that Donna had taken the kids to the park. Liam said it was nice that Thomas, who'd been in the hospital for a while, was being discharged. Hope received a phone alert. As she checked it, Liam thought of Hope saying she'd never betray him. He thought of how he'd betrayed her with Steffy.

Later, Hope and Liam felt bombarded by text messages from work. Hope wouldn't trade her job for anything in the world, but she also wouldn't mind jumping back into bed with her husband. Liam began stammering, and she warned him not to let her do it. She had too much to do, and she decided they could make up for it later. Liam said it was a deal. Hope told Liam that she'd take Douglas to see his father later, and Douglas would be happy to see his dad.

Hope couldn't wait to move on and not give that night another thought, especially the moment Liam had thought Thomas had been kissing her. Hope was glad it had been a misunderstanding that they could erase from their memories. She was sure Thomas would like it if they did that. Liam replied that they'd all done things that had been out of character.

Hope was just glad they'd figured out the truth. She received a message from Brooke to meet at the main house. Looking at Liam, Hope asked if he was okay. He said he'd been thinking about their lives and family and how lucky he was to have her. He hoped she knew how much she meant to him and how happy he was in their marriage. Hope said he showed her every day by being the best husband and father. She'd never question his devotion.

Hope left. Liam groaned and knocked himself in the head as he struggled with his guilt.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was in the middle of asking Brooke to let Thomas recuperate at the house. He didn't want Thomas at the apartment, and Steffy couldn't care for her brother and daughter at once. Brooke was leery about it. Ridge asked her to forgive and leave the past in the past because he wanted his son to have a place to land.

Ridge realized it was tough for Brooke, who still had reservations about Thomas. Brooke indicated that she wanted to believe in Ridge's son. As they spoke, Thomas arrived in a tracksuit with a headband bandage on. Steffy arrived with him, saying that the doctor had said no touching or hugging because Thomas had to take it easy.

Ridge greeted Thomas and asked how he was feeling. Thomas was sore. Brooke said they were relieved to hear that Thomas had been released. Thomas didn't know why he was there. Brooke replied that she and Ridge had decided that it was a good idea for Thomas to stay there while he healed. Ridge smiled at Brooke.

Thomas didn't know what to say. It meant a lot to him. Steffy stated that it had turned out nicely. Thomas was grateful and couldn't wait to see his son. Ridge had to go to work and asked if everything was okay. Thomas, who stretched out on the sofa, said it was good. He was just glad to put that awful night behind him. Steffy's face darkened.

Later, Thomas was nestled on the sofa, and Brooke asked if he needed anything. She offered to get Emily to fix something for him but warned him not to eat cheeseburgers yet. Thomas thanked Brooke for being understanding and inviting him to live there. He knew it had been his father's idea, but he appreciated it. He didn't want to be alone at his place. Brooke quietly replied that she understood.

Hope entered from the terrace and was happy and surprised to see Thomas there. He was glad to see her, too. She said he looked comfortable and great. She asked if he was stopping by on his way home. Thomas guessed that he was there to stay. With a tight-lipped smile, Brooke affirmed that Thomas was moving in for a while.

Thomas noted Hope's surprise, and he asked Hope to imagine how surprised he'd been when Brooke had asked him to stay. Brooke stated that there were a lot of "layers" going on there. As Hope's mother and Beth's grandmother, she was still hurt by what Thomas had done and wasn't sure if she could forgive him or feel safe around him. Brooke figured Hope felt the same way; however, Thomas had been through a horrible ordeal, they were family, and it was what Ridge wanted.

"So, yeah. I would like to move past this," Brooke said. She only needed reassurance from Thomas that he wasn't obsessed with her daughter and that he accepted Hope and Liam's marriage and commitment.

Back at the cabin, Liam tried to work, despite his nagging thoughts. Steffy arrived to check in. Liam said Hope had just left. Steffy had seen Hope after dropping Thomas off. Steffy informed Liam that Thomas would stay at the main house with Brooke and Ridge.

Liam mirthlessly chuckled and guessed it had been Ridge's idea. Steffy said Brooke couldn't refuse it. Steffy knew it was the last thing Liam wanted. "Now I have to deal with Thomas twenty-four-seven, and he's a constant reminder -- " Liam began saying.

Interrupting, Steffy said she knew that it was a reminder of the misunderstood kiss with Hope. Liam pointed out that it hadn't been Hope. Steffy replied that he'd figured it out "after we -- " Liam interjected that it had been after they'd slept together. He told her that she could say it. He didn't know why he wasn't allowed to say it.

"It's not like I regretted what we did in the moment," he reasoned. Steffy didn't, either, but she believed his marriage was still intact. Liam wasn't sure that was true. He felt like a liar for betraying his vows. Steffy said he wasn't, but he exclaimed that he was an imposter. He was walking around like it was all fine, but it wasn't fine.

Steffy yelled that it wasn't fine because Liam kept torturing himself, but he had to stick to the plan. Liam said that looking into Hope's eyes and remaining silent was lying and deceitful. He couldn't keep living that way with the secret over him. He'd wanted to blurt it out over dinner. Steffy told him that he couldn't do it, and no good would come of it. Liam felt that Hope deserved the truth and had earned it. He needed to tell her that very day.

In the photo studio, Zoe asked Paris what her plan was. Paris didn't know what Zoe meant. Zoe asked if Paris had been looking into full-time employment besides helping her friend at her organization. In Zoe's view, the West Coast had a lot to offer from San Francisco to Seattle.

Zende approached and hoped Paris wasn't thinking of leaving town. Paris said she had just gotten there and hadn't been thinking of going. Zoe claimed not to be suggesting that Paris go. Zende couldn't believe someone as bright as Paris would have a hard time finding a job. Zoe asked if Paris had had any luck. Paris had a few offers, but nothing felt right to her yet.

Zende figured that the right prospect would arrive soon. Even though Zoe enjoyed having her sister around, she didn't want Paris to put her dreams on hold, even if it meant leaving L.A. Zoe stated that Paris could be whatever she wanted and live anywhere in the world. Zende agreed that the time to explore options was during one's youth.

Paris quipped that Zende and Zoe seemed like they were advising her from their rocking chairs, but Paris wasn't much younger than they were. Zoe replied that Paris would always be her baby sister. "As if you have to remind me," Paris replied, and Zoe rolled her eyes.

Zende thought Paris had the drive and energy to affect real change. He was sure she'd kill it out there. After all, it was the City of Angels. He was positive that she would make a difference there. Paris thanked him for his confidence in her.

Carter arrived, looking for Zoe. Zoe smiled upon seeing him, and he bet he could make her smile bigger by the end of that day.

Carter took Zoe to the design office. She wondered about the extra pep in his step. Carter admitted he was waiting on a surprise to go well. He said that every move he made was for their future. Zoe didn't worry about him steering them wrong, and she loved seeing him so excited. Carter hoped Zoe would be into it because it would be wonderful for her and Paris.

Zoe asked what the surprise had to do with her little sister. Carter stated that he'd had a long talk with Paris. Apologetic, Zoe hoped Paris hadn't taken up too much of his time. He replied that it was nice to get to know his future sister-in-law, and he wanted to connect with Paris. Zoe said she knew Carter, who was too nice not to make time, even if he was busy.

Carter conveyed that the whole thing had been his idea. Zoe asked what he was referring to. He explained that he was impressed by Paris' work and passion for improving lives. He thought it could be useful at Forrester Creations.

In the CEO's office, Ridge worked on a catering surprise for New Year's Eve for him and Brooke. Starr, the caterer, left, and Paris arrived at his behest. She called him Mr. Forrester, but he told her that his name was Ridge. Paris asked how Thomas was, and Ridge was glad to report that Thomas was at home, resting. Paris asked why Ridge had wanted to meet her. Ridge said he wanted to know more about Paris and her community work.

Zoe objects to Carter offering Paris a job Zoe objects to Carter offering Paris a job
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

At Brooke's house, Hope and Thomas were alone, talking about how happy Douglas would be to know Thomas was there. Thomas knew that Brooke had only allowed it for Ridge's sake, but Thomas was happy to be recovering there. Hope figured that Ridge had influenced Brooke, but Brooke wouldn't have offered it to Thomas if she hadn't believed in his commitment to change. Thomas hoped that Hope believed in it, too.

Hope retrieved some water for Thomas. He'd thought his release from the hospital would energize him, but he was tired. She made him promise to take it easy. Thomas knew how lucky he was, and he was thankful to be in the house; however, he needed to know he hadn't messed things up. He said that the changes he'd made before the incident had been real, and what had happened afterward hadn't been him. He needed Hope to know that and believe him.

Hope said she wouldn't have offered Thomas the design job if she hadn't seen the changes in him. Thomas replied that it had been before. She assumed he meant before he'd hit his head. She said he'd been delirious and hadn't known what he'd been doing. Thomas didn't want her to worry about the feelings he'd said he had about her.

Hope was only worried about Thomas' health. She wanted him to focus on being a good dad and member of her team. She said he'd worked hard to prove himself and had gone as far as to hide his symptoms so he wouldn't let anyone down. She didn't think he had let anyone down or ever would. She believed that once he was well, he could be a bigger part of his son's life.

In Brooke's cabin, Steffy and Liam were arguing about keeping their secret. He didn't think they should even be talking about it in the cabin. Steffy said the kids and Hope weren't there. He replied that Hope was at the main house with Thomas. Liam didn't know what Ridge and Brooke had been thinking to let Thomas stay there.

Steffy said that Thomas needed help and couldn't recover on his own. Liam knew that; however, the arrangement meant that Liam would have to see or hear about Thomas on a daily basis. Thomas was a walking reminder of the enormous mistake Liam had made in thinking Hope had betrayed him; however, Liam had been the one to betray her.

"Thomas is still the reason we're in this mess, really," Liam reasoned. Steffy said there was no mess unless Liam made one. Liam had thought it would get easier. All he'd had to do was focus on his family, be a good husband and father, and refrain from certain thoughts. She agreed that he should do those things.

Liam felt guilty each time Hope looked him in the eyes and expressed love for him. He roared with frustration, wondering how he'd been so stupid. Liam figured that Steffy felt just as guilty for lying to Finn. Steffy replied that she wasn't lying to Finn, and Liam wasn't lying to Hope. In Steffy's mind, her and Liam's feelings for Finn and Hope hadn't changed.

Liam replied that they were keeping a huge secret from Hope and Finn. Steffy said it was necessary to spare Hope and Finn unbearable pain. Steffy stated that what had happened between her and Liam had been wonderful and great; however, it had been based upon a misunderstanding, and nothing could come of it. They needed to move on.

Liam asked how he and Steffy could do that. It was torture, and his life had turned into a nightmare. He'd cheated on his wife because he'd thought she'd been cheating on him, and he had to live with a giant, inescapable lie. It was tearing him apart. He was certain the truth would get out, and they'd lose Hope and Finn.

Steffy was adamant that no one would lose anyone, and Liam was putting too much pressure on himself. Liam raged that he and Steffy were living a lie. She tried to get him to calm down, but he ordered her not to tell him that when his life was about to explode.

Steffy hated secrets, but she was certain that Hope and Finn wouldn't understand or forgive it. Steffy was sure that, given the history between them all, Hope would hate Liam for destroying their marriage and his relationship with Beth. Steffy reasoned that Thomas wouldn't be at the main house forever, and Liam didn't always have to see Thomas.

Liam yelled that he couldn't stop seeing Thomas or the moment he'd thought Thomas had kissed Hope. Liam couldn't eat or sleep. He asked if Steffy knew how stupid he felt. "Then again, who kisses a mannequin?" Liam asked. Steffy said her brother had had a "brain tumor."

Flashing back to the mistaken kiss, Liam said they'd thought Thomas had lost it, but Liam was the one who'd lost it. Liam couldn't go on that way, and he thought Hope might understand it if she heard it from Liam.

Liam seemed to be about to head toward the door, but Steffy ordered him to stop right there. She stated that Hope was happy. Steffy was happy with Finn. Steffy believed that the truth would kill Hope and Finn, and Steffy asked Liam to think about the children and not himself. She demanded that he not tell Hope. "Don't you dare tell Hope!" Steffy yelled.

Closing the front door behind herself, Hope asked what she wasn't supposed to know. In Liam and Steffy's silence, Hope asked what was going on and what they were talking about.

At Forrester, Ridge wanted to know more about Paris. All he knew was that she was Zoe's sister. He didn't even know if Paris would be staying in town or if she liked it there. Paris didn't know what there was to dislike. Ridge reasoned that Paris' sister was there, and Carter thought highly of Paris. Paris was surprised to hear that Carter had been talking about her.

Ridge explained that Carter was impressed by the charitable work Paris did, and Carter had said she was passionate about it. Paris figured that she could get carried away. She hadn't meant to go on and on to Carter. Stating that Carter had filled him in on it, Ridge read aloud the notes he had about her degree and certificate. He gathered that she liked to help people, and he wanted to hear more about it.

Paris spoke to Ridge about her desire to help others. She always wanted to do more, which was why she'd been thinking about consulting with corporations. Ridge replied that corporate philanthropy wasn't hands-on like she was used to. Paris felt that she needed to think big and take it on. She was ready for the challenge.

Ridge noted that Paris was fresh out of college and very young. Paris replied that young people could change the world; they just needed the tools to make it happen. Young leaders with innovative thoughts and technology could accomplish a lot, according to Paris.

Ridge moved to the topic of the Forrester Foundation. He notified Paris that a member of the foundation had retired, and they were looking for someone with the same passion and energy to take that person's place. Ridge said that the more he talked to Paris, the more impressed he was. He thought his father would agree with him. Paris asked what Eric would agree with.

Ridge elaborated that he thought Paris would give a fresh perspective on what the foundation was trying to do. He asked if it was something Paris would be interested in. "Of course!" the shocked Paris replied. Ridge said that Carter had been right about her, and Carter would help her learn the job. Paris asked if it was for real.

Ridge assumed that Paris didn't know she was in a job interview. Paris hadn't known it. He indicated that she'd done well. Paris didn't know what to say. He told her not to say anything. He wanted her to think it over and maybe talk to Zoe about it.

In the design office, Carter told Zoe about his idea to have Paris work at Forrester. Zoe asked if he was talking about a job. He said he wanted to use Paris' talent and experience to help shape the future. "You can't be serious," Zoe replied, adding that Paris didn't even have an interest in working in the fashion industry.

Carter reasoned that Paris had other qualifications that could be assets to Forrester. Although he couldn't promise anything, he said that if things worked out, they could have two Buckingham sisters working at Forrester Creations. Zoe asked if Paris had asked Carter for a job.

Carter asked if Zoe doubted Paris wanted to work there. Zoe stated that Paris was a social worker. He added that Paris was also ambitious and intelligent. Like Zoe, Paris could do anything she set her mind to. He said that after his talk with Paris, he'd begun to think she'd be an excellent addition to the Forrester family.

Later, Zoe asked if Paris was even qualified for it. Zoe remarked that the foundation was important to the Forresters, and Zoe knew that because she'd worked on it with Hope. Carter said Zoe could work on it with Paris if things worked out. Carter didn't know if Ridge would offer Paris the job, but Ridge trusted Carter's judgment. Carter thought Paris was a good fit.

"I don't," Zoe replied. Carter's smile faded. She explained that Paris was fresh out of college, and Paris' charity work merely made her a good person, not fit for a position at a major corporate foundation. Zoe said Carter was sweet to think of Paris, but he'd find someone else better for the job -- anyone but her sister.

"I'm asking you not to do this," Zoe said. Carter didn't get it and said Paris was Zoe's sister. Zoe felt very strongly that Forrester choose anyone but her sister. Carter insisted that Paris' passion could benefit the company. Zoe tried to say it wasn't about that. He asked what he was missing and why Zoe didn't want to work with Paris.

Zoe yelled that she just didn't. She wished her sister a world of success -- just not at Forrester Creations.

Hope demands to know what Steffy and Liam are hiding Hope demands to know what Steffy and Liam are hiding
Wednesday, December 30, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Hope noted that things were pretty intense there. Steffy murmured that they were fine. Liam seconded it, but Hope noticed that he couldn't look at her. She asked what it was that she wasn't supposed to know.

Liam stammered. Steffy lied that Liam had been planning a romantic dinner and claimed she'd been insisting that it be a surprise for Hope. Hope asked Liam if he'd been planning something special for the two of them. He smiled. Steffy said he'd wanted to make sure that they were more than parents and that they remembered the spark that had gotten them there.

Hope said Liam was thoughtful. She felt bad for ruining the surprise. Steffy decided to leave. She told Hope and Liam to enjoy each other and their life together as a family. She stressed that nothing was more important and hoped that they'd all learned that.

After Steffy had gone, Hope noted that something had seemed off with Steffy and hoped it had nothing to do with Steffy and Finn. In Liam's silence, Hope noticed that he seemed off, too. She asked if everything was okay. Liam said he had stuff on his mind.

Hope offered to listen when Liam was ready to talk. Hope guessed that the problem was Thomas, who'd be staying at the main house. She figured that Steffy had told Liam about it. Liam affirmed that Steffy had told him, and Hope asked if that was what was bothering him.

Liam admitted that he wasn't thrilled about the living arrangement. Hope said it was just until Thomas got back on his feet. Liam concluded that it really wasn't his call to make. Hope thanked God that Finn had figured out the brain injury, and she didn't want to think of how it could have turned out.

Liam flashed back to kissing Steffy on her sofa. Liam told Hope that he'd really thought that the mannequin had been her that night. Hope didn't want to rehash the mistake. He replied that it had been a big mistake, and it was crazy that one misunderstanding could set off a chain of events that affected everything. Hope asked what he was talking about.

Liam said that he loved Hope "so damn much." He needed her to know that he wouldn't lose sight of it, no matter what. Hope told Liam to be honest with her and tell her what was going on there. He stated that there was something that she needed to know.

At the cliff house, Finn entered from the beach after a swim. He heard people talking near the front door and saw a man holding an enormous bear. It was Wyatt. Finn asked who he was, and as Flo entered, the couple figured out that Finn had to be the doctor. Flo said they'd heard "so much" about him. Finn replied that he was at a disadvantage.

Wyatt and Flo introduced themselves. Finn said that Steffy wasn't home, and Kelly was with her sitter. Flo was intrigued by the idea that Finn had a key. Wyatt thought it was a good time to get to know the man in Steffy's life.

Wyatt's bear took up almost the whole sofa, but Finn said it wasn't possible to go overboard with Kelly. Flo asked if he liked kids. Finn did and hoped to have a few of his own. Until then, he had Kelly to put him through the paces. Flo gathered that he wasn't afraid of commitment.

Stammering as she looked at Finn in his swim trunks, Flo surmised that he worked out a lot. "What? What!" Wyatt scoffed. Flo replied that she was just saying -- it was no wonder Steffy had been keeping Finn under wraps. Finn said he and Steffy didn't get out much. There was Kelly to watch, and he and Steffy had all they needed right there.

Finn put on a shirt but didn't button it up. Flo and Wyatt talked about Finn and Steffy meeting after the motorcycle accident, and Finn remarked that he and Steffy had ended their professional relationship with each other. Wyatt thought it showed the couple's commitment. Finn replied that it wasn't a fling. He and Steffy had a real commitment.

Flo said she and Wyatt were happy for the couple. Wyatt stated that it was nice to see Steffy with a guy who knew how special she was. "Every day," Finn replied. Flo and Wyatt figured that Steffy was in good hands with Finn.

As Flo and Wyatt decided to leave, Steffy arrived home. Wyatt and Flo told her about their idea to drop off the bear for Kelly. As they left, Flo told Steffy that Finn was a nice catch.

After Flo and Wyatt had gone, Finn hoped Steffy hadn't minded that he'd let himself in. She hadn't at all. He thought that was good because he figured there would be more times when he couldn't wait to see her. Claiming that he was asking for a friend, Finn wondered if Wyatt and Flo always just showed up like that. Steffy said it wasn't usual, but they lived close enough for an occasional visit.

The topic turned to Thomas, who'd be staying with Ridge and Brooke. Steffy said it hadn't been an easy choice for Brooke, but Steffy was grateful that Brooke had made it. Steffy said she'd never forget what Finn had done for her brother. Finn replied that he'd done it for Steffy. Finn would put himself between Steffy and anything that could cause her pain.

Steffy loved that Finn wanted to do that, but she said he couldn't protect her from everything. Finn asked what she meant, and she said he couldn't protect her from herself. She stated that she was impulsive, and it got her into trouble. Finn replied that they'd see troubles through together. He said that she wasn't alone anymore, and he had her. Steffy hoped so.

At Forrester, Paris hadn't expected to get a job offer that day. Ridge was impressed with her and wanted her to be a part of the foundation. He said Carter had highly recommended her. Ridge decided that it might be a lot because she hadn't even said if she wanted to remain in town. He definitely wanted her to think about it. He hoped her answer would be in the affirmative.

In the design office, Carter was perplexed by Zoe's reaction to Paris' job offer. Deciding to be very clear, Zoe asserted her opposition to Paris working at Forrester in any capacity. Carter said it was just a job opportunity, but Ridge might decide not to offer it. Carter had assumed that Zoe would be thrilled about it. He recalled that she'd been thrilled about her sister's arrival, and he wondered what had changed.

Zoe replied that she just didn't want Paris working there. It didn't make sense to Carter. He figured that he needed to know if there were any issues between the sisters. Zoe asked Carter to stop it before it went any further, but Carter replied that Ridge was already planning an informal meeting with Paris. Zoe didn't know why Ridge had to meet with her sister. Paris had nothing to do with Forrester, and Zoe wanted it to stay that way.

Carter asked where Zoe's feelings were coming from. Zoe asked him to trust her to have an accurate read on the fallout if Paris worked there. He replied that Paris was intelligent and experienced. Carter had been impressed with Paris. Zoe agreed that Paris was impressive, but she asked if they could stop Ridge before it was too late.

Carter hadn't realized that there were problems between Zoe and Paris. Zoe didn't want to seem like she was the person who craved all the attention in the room. He replied that he hadn't thought that. Zoe listed many good qualities about Paris, and Carter said he didn't see the problem. Zoe reminded him that Paris was young. Zoe asked what would happen if Paris landed a big project and screwed it up. Zoe asked how it would reflect on Carter.

Carter asked if it was about him. Zoe said she didn't want him to look bad in the Forresters' eyes. She asked him not to let them hire Paris because it could ruin everything.

Zoe said it seemed like she was sabotaging Paris, but she didn't want an act of kindness to backfire on Carter. Zoe thought million-dollar projects were too much to put on someone barely out of college. Carter said Zoe might be right, and he'd track down Ridge. Carter trusted Zoe, and if Paris working there didn't feel right to Zoe, he'd do his best to intercede. He was sorry he hadn't talked to Zoe about it first. Zoe told Carter to just hurry.

Carter left, and moments later, Zoe heard Paris say, "Oh, my God, Sis. you won't believe what just happened."

Steffy drops a bombshell on Liam Steffy drops a bombshell on Liam
Thursday, December 31, 2020

At the cliff house, Finn admitted to Steffy that he was nervous about the things he was saying to her. He wasn't used to "feelings and what have you." Steffy didn't believe he'd never been in love before. He revealed that he'd said it, and he'd thought he'd meant it in the past; however, with Steffy, he was thinking of a future. That was new for him. He'd never met a woman like her, and he figured that he never would.

Steffy said that Finn expressed himself well. Finn offered to let her slap him if he got too sappy. She replied that the more sappy, the better. He joked that she watched sappy movies, but he still wanted a future with her.

Steffy's gaze fell upon a small, plain brown bag she'd brought into the house and set on the coffee table. Finn asked what was wrong, and she smiled, saying she was thinking of the next sappy movie she'd make him watch. He told her that it would always be anything she wanted.

Finn received an alert from work. He groaned that duty called, and Steffy said he could make it up to her. He hoped he wouldn't be pulling an all-nighter. Finn went to change clothes, and Steffy's gaze focused on the bag on the table.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope became distraught by Liam's demeanor. She asked what he had to tell her, and she began wondering if she'd done something wrong. Liam assured her that he wasn't upset with her, and it was nothing she'd done. Hope asked him to say what was going on so that she could at least help him.

Liam wished Hope could help him, but it couldn't be fixed. The problem called for a lot of patience and understanding. Hope said he'd come to the right person because she was his wife and biggest supporter. He warned that it would be hard to hear, and he didn't like having to say it. She wanted him to just say it. She hated seeing him tense and stressed out.

Liam replied that it was his own downfall. Hope assumed it had to do with Thomas living on the property. She figured Liam didn't want to say anything about it because he didn't want to upset her. She promised that she wouldn't let Thomas' presence upset things, and she wouldn't let anything get between her and Liam ever.

Liam tried to explain that it wasn't about Thomas, but Hope thought Liam was freaking out because a man he didn't trust was on the property. She was sure Liam hadn't wanted to tell her because of her forgiving nature with Thomas. She figured Liam was just being protective.

Liam attempted to get Hope to stop talking. Hope persisted, and he told her that she had to stop saying that stuff. He stated that it wasn't about Thomas; it was about Steffy. Liam's phone began ringing with Steffy's ringtone. Hope urged him to answer it. He said he would later, but Hope became worried that it was something to do with Kelly.

Liam answered it and told Steffy that he was in the middle of something with Hope. Steffy wanted Liam to meet her at her house and said it was important. He agreed to do it, and after the call had ended, Hope asked if there was a problem with Kelly.

Liam tried to explain something to Hope, but she urged him not to waste a moment if it had to do with Kelly. He told Hope that it was important, but she was also important -- she was important, and their marriage was important. He needed her to really know that. Reluctantly, he walked out of the cabin.

Later, Hope was at the main house, looking for Brooke, who wasn't there. Thomas was still on the sofa and offered to listen if Hope needed to talk. Hope didn't want to stress Thomas out or worry him, but he prodded her to say what was going on.

Hope revealed that she was worried that something might be wrong at Steffy's house after Steffy had called Liam over there urgently. Hope told Thomas how worried Liam had been, and it had been obvious to her that he'd needed to get something off his chest. Liam hadn't even wanted to answer Steffy's call, but Hope was glad he had because it was probably urgent.

Thomas assumed it was about Kelly, and Hope hoped it wasn't an emergency. Hope continued to worry about it but hoped that, whatever it was, Liam and Steffy could handle it as parents.

Back at the cliff house, Liam arrived and noted that Steffy had sounded intense on the phone. Steffy hadn't meant to upset him, but there was something he needed to know. Liam asked what it was. In her silence, he repeated the question.

Liam asked if it had to do with Kelly, but Steffy said Kelly was fine and out with Amelia. Steffy asked if Liam had been about to tell Hope. He admitted that he'd been about to, but he hadn't. Steffy yelled that he couldn't, but he said it was driving him crazy. Steffy was glad she'd called him away from there and insisted that it would ruin his marriage.

Liam and Steffy debated the effect the truth would have on Finn and Hope. Liam insisted that Hope had a big heart, and he had to believe she'd find a way to forgive him. He said it had just been that one night, a night they were all dying to leave behind and move on from. Steffy told him that it wasn't just one night, and they couldn't just move on. The night might change their lives forever, and he couldn't tell Hope until they knew for sure.

Liam asked what he and Steffy needed to know for sure. He explained that they'd had a wonderful night, but he'd cheated. Steffy told him that she'd thought it could be a secret and a beautiful moment that they could share, but it was no longer the case. She'd called Liam there because she was pregnant.

In the design office at Forrester, Paris was exploding with excitement about what had just happened to her. Zoe asked what had happened, and Paris beamed that Ridge had offered her a job at Forrester. Paris asked how awesome that was.

"Not awesome, Paris. Not awesome at all," Zoe responded. Paris assumed that Zoe was acting "all weird" because it was ludicrous that a social worker could get a job at a fashion house. Paris said she wouldn't take a job in fashion; that was Zoe's thing. Paris explained that she'd be working for the Forrester Foundation. It was the opportunity Paris had been looking for.

Zoe asked if Paris had accepted. Paris wanted to accept it, but Ridge had advised her to talk it over with Zoe. Paris asked what Zoe thought. Zoe asked if Paris really wanted to know. Paris did want Zoe's advice, but Paris thought it was a no-brainer that she should take the job. "No. N-O. Absolutely not," Zoe replied.

Paris was confused, but Zoe didn't know what was confusing about her advice. Paris got that it was unexpected, but it wasn't as if she'd be strutting down a runway. It wasn't about high fashion or glam, which was Zoe's world. Zoe heartily agreed that it was her world -- Forrester Creations, Carter, Zende -- everyone there, including the Forresters. "It is all mine, Paris, not yours," Zoe replied.

Paris said she wasn't trying to take anything from Zoe, but Zoe thought Paris was trying to copy Zoe's every move. It was just like when they'd been kids, and Paris had been Zoe's little shadow. Zoe asked if Paris could for once have her own path. Zoe didn't think Paris should live there just because Zoe did. Paris' visit had been fine, but suddenly, Paris wanted to live there and work there. Zoe drew the line at that and forbade Paris from working there.

"Okay, Mom," Paris quipped, but Zoe claimed she was being serious. Paris didn't know what Zoe's problem was. She would have thought Zoe would want her success. Zoe did -- just not at Forrester. Paris asked Zoe to think of what fun it could be to work and live in the same city again. She asked why Zoe wasn't proud of her or seeing it as the Buckingham sisters succeeding. Paris didn't know why Zoe felt threatened.

Zoe claimed not to feel that way, but Paris was sure she'd pinpointed it. After all, they were talking about very different departments, and Paris might not even see Zoe that much. Paris said she wouldn't be in fittings or design meetings, and she'd never step foot on a runway.

Zoe replied that she wouldn't see Paris because Paris wouldn't step foot in Forrester again. Zoe said that Paris could work anywhere, but not Forrester Creations.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Bill Spencer and Katie Logan wed (2009) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Bill Spencer and Katie Logan wed (2009)
Friday, January 1, 2021

Due to the New Year holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to rebroadcast a classic episode. The episode, which originally aired on November 13, 2009, focused on Bill Spencer and Katie Logan's wedding. You can read the entire recap of that episode here.

This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, December 31, 2020, episode concluded.

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