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January 6 to 10, 2020
Liam told Steffy and Hope about Thomas' threats, but Thomas claimed that Liam was exaggerating. Thomas planted insecurities about Steffy and Liam into Hope's head. Liam proposed marriage to Hope but said she had to leave HFTF and Douglas for it to work. When Hope couldn't agree to those terms, Liam spent the night on Steffy's couch. Thomas convinced Steffy to help him push Hope and Liam over the edge. Steffy and Thomas set Hope up to witness a kiss between Steffy and Liam, and Hope walked out on her relationship with Liam. Brooke and Ridge discussed what it would take for him to return home.
January 13 to 17, 2020
Hope packed Liam's bags after seeing him kiss Steffy. Guilt-ridden, Steffy attempted to tell the truth about the kiss, but Thomas talked her out of it. Anxiety struck Sally upon learning that her designs were unusable and that Ridge and Steffy might cancel the showdown. Flo received forgiveness from the Spencers and reunited with Wyatt. Wyatt decided to tell Sally, but Sally surprised him by appearing in lingerie. Brooke ordered Eric to get rid of Quinn and Shauna, leading to a smackdown between Quinn, Brooke, and Shauna.
January 20 to 24, 2020
Eric refused to divorce Quinn. Though he tried to mediate between Brooke and Quinn, the women privately declared war upon each other. Wyatt conveyed to Sally that he wanted to try again with Flo. The incensed Sally ordered him to take time to get his head on straight because she wouldn't let him leave her again for Flo. This week had preemptions due to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Hope opened up to Thomas about her breakup with Liam and allowed Thomas to hug her as she sobbed. Steffy almost told Liam the story behind the kiss, but Thomas convinced her to keep the truth about the staged kiss a secret. Eric sided with Brooke about Shauna's stay at the mansion, and a livid Quinn warned Ridge to get his wife in check. When Brooke refused to back down from her vendetta against Quinn, Quinn spiked Brooke's juice with liquor. An overwhelmed Sally sought a doctor's advice about her symptoms.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Quinn let Brooke drink from the spiked juice bottle, and Brooke later found herself gazing at liquor bottles in the office. Thomas attempted to team up with Quinn against Brooke but warned that making Brooke fall off the wagon would cause Ridge to ride to Brooke's rescue. Wyatt tried to get Sally to open up to him, to no avail. Katie talked Sally into letting her help Sally through the medical issue, and Katie accompanied Sally to an appointment to learn Sally's test results. After spending a family day with Kelly and Steffy, Liam kissed Steffy.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Sally's test results revealed that she was dying and only had one month to live. Sally swore Katie to secrecy about it, but Katie told Bill and Wyatt about the prognosis. As Katie urged Sally to fight her illness, Wyatt struggled to figure out how to support Sally. Thomas set Douglas up to witness his father and Zoe kissing. Douglas feared that Zoe would replace Hope. Hope berated Thomas for his carelessness with Douglas. Thomas decided that, before he got further involved with Zoe, he needed to know if he and Hope could give Douglas the family Douglas wanted. Brooke urged Hope to see that Thomas was up to his old tricks.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Douglas' anxiety about Zoe replacing Hope in his life grew. He implored his father to tell Hope that he loved her, but Thomas convinced Douglas that he was the best messenger for the job. Thomas invited his family to a special dinner for Zoe, and they were stunned when he asked Zoe to marry him. Eric and Ridge suspected that the engagement was a ploy to sway Hope's feelings about Thomas. Fearing that he'd lose Hope, Douglas implored Hope to marry Thomas instead. Flo assured Wyatt that she'd support him spending time with Sally and making her final days easier.
February 24 to 28
Ridge and Steffy made the tough decision to fire Sally. To save Sally's job, Katie revealed Sally's medical secret to Ridge and Steffy. Ridge reworked Sally's design and told Sally that her work would be in the couture line. Wyatt asked Sally to live with him again, and Sally confronted Katie with Sally's suspicion that Katie had betrayed Sally's confidence. When Hope heard Thomas and Zoe's sexy play through Douglas' bedroom walls, Hope denounced Zoe and Thomas for their boisterous behavior in the boudoir.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Thomas set his wedding date to happen within a day and ramped up the pressure on Douglas to talk Hope into marrying Thomas. Steffy confronted Thomas about manipulating Zoe and Douglas to get to Hope. Thomas tried to talk Steffy into going along with him for her family's own good, but Steffy confessed to Hope and Liam that Thomas had talked her into staging the kiss that had precipitated their breakup. Katie convinced Sally to move in with Wyatt.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Bill visited Brooke while she babysat Beth. Moved by Brooke's predicament with Ridge and Thomas, Bill kissed Brooke. Brooke told him that it could never happen again, but unbeknownst to them, someone watched them through the windows. Steffy admitted to Hope that Steffy and Thomas had set up the kiss Hope had seen. Liam asked Hope to make a family with him, Beth, and Douglas. With Zoe's help, Hope exposed the truth behind Thomas' bid to marry Zoe. Zoe refused to be a consolation prize for Thomas. Hope declared that Thomas could never have her and that she and Liam would raise Douglas in their home.
March 16 to 20, 2020
Douglas made bride and groom shirts for Liam and Hope, and together, Liam and Douglas convinced Hope to have a symbolic ceremony at home. Shauna sought advice from Quinn about what to do about a kiss between Bill and Brooke that Shauna had captured on video. Shauna decided to delete it but not before Quinn sneaked into Shauna's phone and sent it to herself. Quinn uploaded the video onto a digital photo frame in Brooke's living room. Dr. Escobar pressed Sally to tell Wyatt the truth, and Sally revealed that she was dying. Escobar became frustrated, and Sally asked if Escobar wanted Sally to admit to Wyatt that it was all a scam.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Penny Escobar was fraught with guilt for her part in faking Sally's diagnosis, but Sally dangled the hope of a job at Forrester in front of Penny to keep her silent. Sally continued her ruse with Wyatt and Flo, hoping to buy herself time to win Wyatt back. Shauna showed Quinn the video Shauna had taken of Bill and Brooke in the cabin. Shauna deleted the footage but not before Quinn pilfered it from Shauna's phone and uploaded it to Brooke's new digital photo frame. As Shauna packed to leave town, the video played at Brooke and Ridge's reunion party, and Ridge and Katie lambasted Bill and Brooke for their infidelity.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Brooke and Bill implored Katie and Ridge to forgive and get beyond the meaningless kiss. Ridge walked out on Brooke. As Katie packed her bags at home, Bill pleaded with her to salvage their relationship. Quinn urged Ridge to go to Shauna before she left town. Ridge found Shauna and decided that if she insisted upon going to Vegas, he would go, too. Sally sent flowers to Flo, hoping that playing to Flo's ego would curb Flo's suspicions. The gesture served to make Flo want to help Sally more by talking to Dr. Escobar about finding treatment options for Sally.
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APRIL 2020
April 6 to 10, 2020
Sally tried to stir up old feelings in Wyatt, but he dodged her kiss and reminded her that they'd only be friends. Flo tried to get answers from Dr. Escobar about Sally's strange refusal of treatment, but the doctor hid behind her shield of patient confidentiality. Flo's interest was piqued when she incidentally learned that the doctor sketched in her spare time. As Brooke tried to find Ridge, Quinn reveled in Brooke's dismay. Bill insisted upon being a friend to Brooke, and Katie wondered if Brooke and Bill had pushed her too far. Ridge and Shauna grew closer in Las Vegas.
April 13 to 17, 2020
Ridge and Shauna grew closer while in Las Vegas. During a drunken night on the town, they wound up kissing in front of a neon-lit chapel. Brooke persuaded the Forrester pilot to locate Ridge and bring him home. Waking up at Eric's, Ridge barely remembered the previous night. Flo convinced Wyatt to ask Sally to move out. When Wyatt presented the idea to Sally, she figured Flo had put him up to it. Flo persisted in trying to get answers from Penny. Alone in Penny's office, Flo pulled up Sally's files and gasped, unable to believe what she was reading.
April 20 to 24, 2020
Katie told Donna that Katie and Brooke would eventually work things out as sisters, but Katie wasn't so sure the same would happen between her and Bill. Bill refused to lose Katie and asked her to at least keep the door open to communication. After reading Sally's medical file, Flo tossed a fake snake in front of Sally, and Sally jumped all over the room in terror. Sally confessed that she was faking her illness, but before Flo could contact Wyatt about it, Penny knocked Flo out, and Penny and Sally scrambled to dispose of the unconscious Flo.
April 27 to May 1, 2020
A week of The Bold and the Beautiful episodes that were filmed on location in Monte Carlo. The week also offered a special two-part behind-the-scenes documentary about how B&B films on location.
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MAY 2020
May 4 to 8, 2020
A week of The Bold and the Beautiful episodes that featured epic weddings filmed around the world. The episodes included Brooke and Ridge's first wedding in 1994, Brooke and Eric's 1991 Palm Springs wedding, and Steffy and Liam's 2017 wedding in Australia.
May 11 to 15, 2020
A week of classic The Bold and the Beautiful episodes focusing on the soap's most memorable fashion shows including location shoots in Aspen and Australia, as well as a classic 1991 fashion show that featured the elder Sally Spectra and Lauren Fenmore.
May 18 to 22, 2020
A week celebrating the one and the only Brooke Logan, played by original B&B cast member Katherine Kelly Lang. The week featured two of Brooke's weddings, and a fashion show surprise, as well as a special episode in which Eric, Stephanie, Brooke, and Ridge reflected on their lives together.
May 25 to 29, 2020
A week of episodes featuring some very famous faces who have appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful. Celebrities featured included Bob Barker, Kiké Hernandez, Gina Rodriguez, Usher, and Betty White.
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JUNE 2020
June 1 to 5, 2020
A week of classic The Bold and the Beautiful episodes featuring memorable clashes and fights. The week included the February 19, 1992 episode when Sally Spectra fell into the Forrester pool; June 7, 1995 drama when Sheila Carter held a room full of people at gunpoint; a Brooke Logan versus Taylor Hayes versus a wedding cake episode from August 22, 2018; the epic Big Bear cabin showdown between Stephanie Forrester and Brooke from August 3, 1999; and the August 5, 2019 rooftop smackdown between Liam Spencer and Thomas Forrester.
June 8 to 12, 2020
A week of The Bold and the Beautiful episodes selected as the ones fans most wanted to see. The week included the very first episode of The Bold and the Beautiful; the January 6, 2003, "Portofino Challenge" between Eric and Ridge; Stephanie receiving a "haircut" from Sally Spectra on September 16, 2003; a June 4, 2010, episode with some mistaken identity sex at a Daddy Yankee mini-concert; and Wyatt finding out on April 8, 2016, that Quinn had kidnapped Liam.
June 15 to 19, 2020
A week of The Bold and the Beautiful featuring special appearances by characters from The Young and the Restless. The week included Lauren Fenmore's trip to Santa Catalina on November 3, 1993, to confront Sheila Carter; a January 28, 1999, visit in which Brooke enlisted Victor Newman's help to make Ridge jealous; Katherine Chancellor revealing on November 1, 2005, that Stephanie owned all of Forrester Creations; Jack Abbott's December 24, 1998, meeting with the Forrester team; and Ridge's September 26, 2007, proposal to Ashley Abbott.
June 22 to 26, 2020
A week of episodes that earned The Bold and the Beautiful performers Daytime Emmys. The episodes included the September 1, 2010, episode where Scott Clifton's Liam learned that Bill was his father; a June 2017 episode that saw Rome Flynn's Zende confronting Julius about his bigotry; a heated May 2002 confrontation between Brooke Logan and Susan Flannery's Stephanie; August 5, 2011's episode in which Katie (played by Heather Tom) slipped out of ICU to confront Steffy; and the emotional January 2, 2018, episode when Liam learned that Steffy had had an affair with Bill -- an episode that earned Jacqueline MacInnes Wood her first Daytime Emmy.
June 29 to July 3, 2020
A week of episodes that proved the old adage "love conquers all." The episodes included an August 13, 2014, episode that saw Hope and Wyatt taking a leap of faith; the groundbreaking wedding between Maya and Rick from June 2017; Ridge and Caroline's September 14, 2015, decision to move up their wedding date; Eric and Quinn's September 26, 2016, wedding ceremony where only Ivy showed up to witness the vows; and Steffy'sJuly 4, 2018, realization that she was ready to marry Liam.
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JULY 2020
July 6 to 10, 2020
A week of episodes chosen by fans as having had their favorite showdowns in The Bold and the Beautiful history. The episodes included Ridge and Eric squaring off in the Portofino design contest on January 6, 2003; the June 14, 2002, shocker in which Bridget overheard her husband Deacon tell Brooke that he loved her and the ensuing confrontation between Brooke and Bridget on June 28, 2002; as well as the March 2020 episodes where Zoe and Hope set Thomas up for a fall on his wedding day.
July 13 to 17, 2020
A week of episodes reliving some of The Bold and the Beautiful's summer escapes. The episodes included Liam and Steffy's belated January 3, 2012, honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas; Steffy's August 15, 2012, "kidnapping" of Liam and their trip to Venice Beach; a double dose of jealousy from July 5, 2013; Hope and Wyatt taking things to the next level on a secluded beach on January 24, 2014; and Brooke catching Ridge and Quinn kissing Down Under on March 24, 2017.
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