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Liam convinced Steffy to be honest with Hope and Finn, even without a paternity test. Hope cried, asking Liam where he'd slept the night he'd thought he'd seen her kiss Thomas. Zende refused to let Paris leave town and give up the job at the Forrester Foundation.
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Liam convinced Steffy to be honest with Hope and Finn, and Zende refused to let Paris leave town
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Thomas has an emotional reaction when he learns what Liam witnessed Thomas has an emotional reaction when he learns what Liam witnessed
Monday, January 4, 2021

At Steffy's house, Liam was in disbelief that Steffy could be pregnant. He stammered, asking how. He claimed to know how and asked if she'd really said she was pregnant. Steffy stated that she'd just taken a test, and she'd called him as soon as she'd gotten a positive.

Liam said home tests weren't reliable, but Steffy claimed she'd taken a few and knew what was going on with her body. She said she'd confirm it with her doctor. Liam wondered how far along she was and if she was saying he could be the father.

Liam stated that it had only been once. Steffy replied that once was all it took, and she and Liam had been spontaneous. Liam replied that she and Finn were serious, so the odds were greater that he was the father. He asked if Finn knew, and she said he didn't. Liam was the first person she'd told, and no one else knew about it.

"Why would I -- would I be the -- because -- because why? Because you think I'm the father?" Liam asked. Steffy replied that there was obviously a chance. Liam couldn't believe it and said it had been the stupid mannequin. He stated that he never should have gone over there.

Liam guessed that Steffy had to be under a lot of stress, which wasn't great for her as a mother. Steffy claimed that she could handle it. He asked if she knew what she meant to him as a mother and how important Kelly was to him. "But this cannot -- uh, I mean, don't get me wrong -- every baby's a miracle," he said. Steffy agreed that it was, but it was very complicated.

Liam was sorry that Steffy was going through it because of him. He said every child was a blessing, and if that one was his, he'd be there. Steffy told him to not even go there. He claimed to get it and said they were living very different lives with different people.

Steffy agreed and growled. Liam said that when he'd talked about that night, he'd been careful not to paint it as an ugly thing, but it had been based upon a mistake. He believed that if either of them could take it back, they would. "Right? It's just that we can't now because you're pregnant," Liam stated. He wondered again why she'd called him straightaway after taking the test and asked if there was something she hadn't told him yet.

Steffy said there wasn't, but she'd had to call Liam. She stated that she couldn't tell Finn, and Liam was the only person she could turn to. She'd made many changes in her life, and she'd finally thought she'd been able to build something with Finn. She couldn't lose that, and there was only one way it could turn out. She said that the baby had to be Finn's.

At Brooke's house, Thomas was concerned about his sister, but Hope said they really didn't know why Steffy had asked Liam to meet her. Hope wanted Thomas to focus on his recovery instead of worrying. They were glad Brooke had offered to let him recover at her house. Thomas didn't want to guilt Hope into sticking around if she had to go. Hope said that talking to him was actually helping to distract her.

The conversation turned back to what could be going on at Steffy's house and the problem involving Steffy that Liam had said he had to deal with. Thomas reasoned that parents sometimes turned things as small as paper cuts into tragedies. Hope agreed that Liam could be blowing things out of proportion, and she decided to hope and pray that things were okay.

Later, Hope gave Thomas some coffee. She said the good thing about him living there was that dropping Douglas off would be a lot easier. She thought she might do it that night if Liam needed her for whatever he was going through. Thomas was glad if he could help her out.

Hope replied that Thomas was the one who'd just gotten out of the hospital. She said she was just down the hill if he needed anything. Thomas assured Hope that living there didn't mean he'd interfere with her family. Hope believed it and said Brooke did, too. Hope believed that Thomas had many family members on his side.

Thomas wondered if Liam would ever be on Thomas' side. Hope didn't know if it would ever happen -- just not so soon after...Thomas wondered what she meant, and she revealed that Liam had thought he'd seen Hope and Thomas kissing.

Thomas was confused about what Liam had seen. He guessed Liam had misinterpreted an exchange with Hope at the hospital. Hope explained that it had happened at Thomas' apartment. Thomas didn't remember that, and she replied that he hadn't known Liam had been there. She explained that the shocked Liam had left after what he'd seen.

Thomas told Hope that he was sorry. Chuckling, Hope thought of how awful it had been for Liam. Thomas said Liam should know that she'd never cheat on him. Hope replied that Liam's eyes had told another story. She was happy to say that she and Liam had put the entire night far behind them.

Thomas said it was too bad Liam hadn't stayed because Thomas and Hope could have explained things. Hope figured Liam would have still been upset. Thomas didn't understand why and said Liam needed to get over things because of their work and family situation. Thomas, however, did feel bad that Liam had mistakenly thought he'd seen a kiss.

Hope explained that there had been a kiss. "What?" Thomas asked. Hope stated that it had been dark, and Liam hadn't been able to see well. Thomas was mortified as he figured out what Liam had seen. Hope stated that Liam had seen Thomas kiss the mannequin, and her poor, devoted husband had thought Thomas had been kissing her.

At Forrester, Zoe accused Paris of worming her way into a job where she didn't belong, but Paris asked what Zoe thought Paris had gone to school for. Paris had been building for a job like that for years. Zoe instructed Paris to keep on building because she wouldn't be working there. Paris asked what she'd say to Ridge, who would think her refusal of the job was weird. Zoe advised her to say, "Thanks, but no thanks," and Zoe insisted that Paris turn it down that day.

Paris understood that Zoe considered Forrester her territory. Zoe replied that she'd gotten to town first and had been hired first. Paris wasn't trying to take anything from Zoe, but Paris felt she had something to offer, too. Zoe agreed that Paris did -- as a social worker at a clinic or shelter, actually helping people, not pushing papers at a fashion house.

Paris asserted that the Forrester Foundation was about helping people. Paris implored Zoe not to make Paris turn it down. Zoe claimed to want Paris to do well in the world -- just not there. Zoe asked if Paris remembered what had happened before. Paris replied that she'd never had a job like that. Zoe was referring to the way Paris had just moved in on Zoe's life and her friends.

Paris replied that she and Zoe weren't in high school, and Paris was no longer the embarrassing little sister. Paris said she had skills and things to offer. Zoe advised Paris to use the skills elsewhere. Zoe liked having her sister around, just not all the time. She said the city was huge, and there were plenty of opportunities around for Paris.

Paris quipped that she liked the one right there. Zoe figured she knew why, and she noted that Paris was already "operating." Paris didn't know what that meant, and Zoe said Paris was flirting with Zende. Paris scoffed, but Zoe replied that it was obvious. Paris didn't know what the issue was. She'd been honest about her attraction to Zende. She asked who wouldn't be attracted to a hot, talented designer.

Zoe stated that Zende was a member of a wealthy, famous family, and she asked if Paris knew what it looked like that she'd zeroed in on him the moment she'd gotten to town. Paris replied that she liked Zende for himself, not for his pedigree. She hadn't even thought of it, but she noted that Zoe had thought of it. "So, why is that? Are you projecting?" Paris asked.

"Excuse me?" Zoe replied. Paris figured she shouldn't have said it, but she didn't get why Zoe was so territorial about the people in the company. She asked why it was so important for Zoe to keep her out of it.

Paris wasn't surprised by Zoe's attitude and said Zoe had always been controlling and jealous. "Jealous of you?" Zoe asked. Paris figured that she'd always known who she was, but Zoe had never known herself. Zoe thought Paris had to be kidding.

"Look at you," Paris cited. Paris felt that Zoe had many things going for her but lacked confidence. It made Zoe possessive. She said Zoe felt threatened by Paris, who'd only wanted the best for Zoe. It was getting old, and Paris wanted to get beyond it. She asked if they could try just being proud of each other and supporting each other. Paris thought it would be big for them: the Buckingham sisters united. She asked what Zoe thought.

Zoe felt as if she were being attacked. Paris wasn't doing that; she was trying to make her sister see the potential. "Of us working together?" Zoe asked. Paris reasoned that it was a family company. Paris confided in her sister that she'd been nervous to be in Los Angeles, leery of how Zoe would react. Paris had been relieved that Zoe had been happy to see her.

Zoe replied that she had been. She loved Paris. "Yeah, if I'm on the other side of the coast or in another country," Paris quipped. Zoe stated that she'd already said Paris could live in the city. Paris thanked Zoe for her approval but said that where Paris worked and lived wasn't up to Zoe.

Refusing to let Paris move in on her territory, Zoe said Paris would thank Ridge for the offer and turn it down. Zoe was fine with Paris thinking Zoe was bossy, but that was how it would be.

Paris bids Zende a sad goodbye Paris bids Zende a sad goodbye
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

In the Forrester design office, Zende talked to Zoe about accessories for a design, but she seemed to have something else on her mind. Zoe claimed it was nothing, but he insisted she tell him what it was. Zoe admitted that she'd been thinking about her sister. He asked if things were okay between then. Zoe replied that things would be "if..."

Zende didn't want to pry and said it wasn't his business. Zoe replied that it might not be an issue at all. He thought that was good because she had a lot going for her in her life, and she had her sister in town to share it with. Zoe was glad that she and her sister had reconnected, but she claimed to know how anxious Paris was to get back out there and do her own thing.

Zoe wanted Paris to find a place to land and make her dreams into reality. Zende asked if it would be great if that place could be Los Angeles.

In the CEO's office, Paris arrived to see Ridge but found Carter, who said Ridge had gone to a meeting downtown. Carter and Paris both seemed gloomy. He asked if Ridge had asked to meet her, and she explained that, per Carter's recommendation, Ridge had offered her a job.

Carter thought that had been fast. "About the position," Carter began to say. Before he could say more, she told him that she was going to turn it down. Noting that he didn't seem surprised, Paris assumed he knew how Zoe felt. Carter said he loved and supported his fiancée.

Carter was about to leave it at that but decided that it shouldn't end that way. He stated that there had to be a way for the sisters to work it out because Paris would be great for the job. He figured that Ridge had agreed that she was a good fit, or Ridge wouldn't have offered to hire her. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and Carter asked if Paris was really willing to walk away.

Paris didn't expect Carter to understand. Everyone had been nice to her, but it still might not be the perfect fit. He asked for whom, her or her sister. Carter asked if Paris would turn it down because of Zoe. He knew that sibling relationships could be difficult, but he advised Paris to think about it before deciding. He emphasized that it was a huge career move for her. He wasn't telling her what to do, but he didn't want her to regret her decision for the rest of her life.

Later, Carter was alone. Zoe arrived and made a joke about him giving her a salary bump for being the lead model. He said he'd do it, but at the moment, he was working on Forrester Foundation business. She didn't want to interrupt, but he called her a welcome distraction.

Carter revealed that he'd also talked to Paris, and Zoe asked if Paris had said anything about Ridge's offer. Carter replied that Zoe had gotten what she wanted, and Paris would turn it down. Carter didn't understand why Zoe didn't want Paris there, but it appeared that Zoe had gotten her way.

Back in the design office, Paris arrived, and Zende said they'd just been talking about her. Paris noted that he was alone, but he stated that she'd just arrived. He felt lucky. Paris seemed near tears. She told him that she'd arrived to say goodbye.

Puzzled, Zende asked if Paris was taking a trip. Paris didn't know where she was going or what she'd do, but she wouldn't be around Forrester. Zende said she was always welcome there, especially because she was Zoe's sister. Paris looked away.

Zende stated that he hated to hear that Paris would leave. They'd been just getting to know each other. He said he'd miss her. He'd miss talking to her and laughing with her. It wouldn't be the same without her. He asked if she was sure she wouldn't reconsider.

At the cliff house, Liam couldn't believe that he and Steffy could be raising another child together. Steffy was adamant that it couldn't be Liam's baby. He understood that she felt that way because she was with Finn. She added that Liam had a family with Hope; therefore, Steffy's unborn child had to be Finn's.

Steffy said Liam loved Hope, and Liam stated that Steffy loved Finn. Steffy said she'd always see the baby as a miracle, but they were faced with one night that could change their lives forever. Steffy conveyed that she and Liam hadn't expected things to unfold the way they had, but it had set off a chain reaction. "And now you're pregnant," Liam replied.

Steffy loved Finn. They'd been intimate for a while, so she felt it had to be Finn's baby. Liam said she had to see why they couldn't wait any longer. He had to tell Hope, and she had to know about their night together. Steffy reminded him that they'd already decided to remain quiet, and they were doing it for all the right reasons.

Liam asked if Steffy understood that he was lying to the woman that he loved. Steffy yelled that he was protecting the woman and the family he loved. She said that what had happened didn't have to destroy their relationships and his family. She was adamant that he not say anything, especially because they didn't know whose child it was.

Liam understood what was at stake, but he said it wasn't possible for Steffy to expect him to keep the secret from Hope forever. Steffy insisted that Liam control himself until they knew that Finn was the father. She asked Liam to think about his family and Finn, too. She hadn't thought she'd move on from Liam, but she had. She insisted that it had to be Finn's baby.

Steffy understood that Liam wanted to be truthful. She did, too, but she suggested it made sense to get a paternity test first. She said they didn't need to hurt the people that they loved. They needed to keep it to themselves until they got the test. She knew it would be Finn's baby, and all the uncertainty would be gone.

Liam said the test wouldn't erase what had happened and what he'd done to his marriage and his family. He asked how he could do that to his family. He asked Steffy to look him in the eye and tell him how he'd done it.

At Brooke's house, Thomas didn't get why Liam hadn't confronted Thomas and Hope if Liam had thought they'd been kissing. Hope guessed Liam had been shocked by her apparent betrayal. "But you would never betray Liam," Thomas reasoned.

Hope agreed but decided that she and Thomas didn't need to talk about it while he was recuperating. Thomas didn't want her to "stick up" for him and said he could own what he'd done. She replied that he hadn't done anything, and there had been a medical reason for his actions. Thomas didn't think that changed the reality of what he'd done, and he figured it had hurt Liam a lot to see what he'd seen.

Hope thought Thomas' empathy for Liam was something new. Shrugging, Thomas said he felt bad for the misunderstanding, and Liam had had to deal with it because of Thomas. Hope asked Thomas to repeat after her and say that what had happened hadn't been his fault. She warned that she'd make him say it until he believed it.

Thomas told Hope that he wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for her. He felt terrible that he'd caused problems in her marriage, and Liam had thought she'd been unfaithful due to what Thomas had done. Thomas promised that it would never happen again.

Hope asked Thomas to stop apologizing, and he joked that he'd needed a blow to the head to finally learn humility. Thomas was embarrassed by the way he'd behaved. Hope said he'd been messed up because he'd had a subdural hematoma that had caused delusions. In her view, they needed to forget that night because nothing would ever come of it.

Later, Hope noticed that she still hadn't heard from Liam. Thomas hoped that Liam wasn't being a waffle. "Thomas," Hope replied in a warning tone. Thomas claimed it was a force of habit, but he still thought she deserved someone who was fully committed to her. Hope believed that Liam was. Thomas hoped it was true for her sake.

Thomas stated that the old Thomas, the one who couldn't stop putting the moves on Hope, was gone. He was happy to be recovering at the house, and he was excited to return to work. He valued their work and parenting relationship. He'd already admitted that he loved her. That wouldn't change, but what would change was how he loved her.

Thomas claimed he wasn't that guy he'd been before. He'd been unhealthy and destructive, but he'd moved forward. He assured Hope that he accepted the way things were, and he accepted her marriage to Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Wednesday, January 6, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no lost episodes as a result of the programming change. The episode originally scheduled for broadcast was shown in its entirety on Thursday, January 7, 2020.

Liam prays Hope will accept what he has to tell her Liam prays Hope will accept what he has to tell her
Thursday, January 7, 2021

In the CEO's office, Carter asked if he'd screwed up. Zoe said he'd just been trying to help Paris. Carter had thought he'd been doing a good thing by getting Paris hired, and he asked Zoe to tell him why it hadn't been a good thing.

Carter didn't want to pressure Zoe into talking about something she didn't want to, but he also didn't want any bad blood between her and her sister. Zoe tried to act as if there was nothing going on, but he didn't get why she was adamant that Paris not work there.

Zoe appreciated that Carter was concerned about her relationship with her sister, but she assured him that it was typical sister stuff. She didn't want to seem selfish, but she really wanted Paris to make her life somewhere else, not there at Forrester.

In the design office, Zende tried to pry out of Paris why she wanted to leave. In her awkward silence, he wondered if he could be driving her away. "As if," Paris responded. Paris tried to change the subject, but he said he had all day to grill her about it. Remembering his persuasiveness, she said he'd gotten Charlie to wash his car. Zende divulged that it had cost him 60 dollars.

Paris wished they could be celebrating. Zende asked why, and she revealed that she'd gotten a job offer. He asked if it was in the city, and she said it was an offer from Forrester. Amazed, he asserted that she couldn't leave town and had to stick around.

Paris revealed that it was an offer with the Forrester Foundation. Zende thought that was huge. The Foundation meant a lot to the family, so Zende figured that Ridge had really liked her résumé. She stated that Carter had put in a good word for her. Zende wondered why they weren't uncorking bottles to celebrate the best news he'd heard all day.

Paris replied that it was just the thing. Zende thought it was the ideal situation. She admitted that she'd been looking for a job like that for years. He stated that Forrester would get the best social advocate in town, and she'd get paid for doing what she loved. He couldn't think of anyone better suited for it. "You're taking the position," he decided, insisting, "You're not going anywhere."

Paris said she would love to join the Foundation's team, and if it were up to her, she'd take the job in a heartbeat. Zende didn't get why it wouldn't be up to Paris, who wasn't tied to anyone. He remembered that her sister worked there and asked if Zoe had anything to do with it.

Paris' eyes darkened, and she looked away. Zende said he'd talk to Zoe, and Paris wasn't going anywhere. He wouldn't allow it.

At Brooke's house, Thomas didn't know if he deserved Brooke and Ridge's hospitality, but Hope reminded Thomas that he was recovering from brain surgery and shouldn't be living alone. She told him to rest, but he replied that the doctors had said he should be moving. When he got off the sofa, Hope was impressed with his recovery. He said he couldn't have done it without everyone's support, especially Hope's.

Thomas couldn't believe he and Hope were even having that conversation after all that had happened. Hope wanted to just keep moving forward. He believed they could actually do that, and it was because of Hope, who hadn't judged him, had let him back in at the company, and let him be around Douglas. It meant more than anything to him.

Later, Hope still hadn't heard from Liam and wondered what Steffy had wanted to see him about. Thomas asked if Hope was still wondering why Liam hadn't checked in. Claiming that they didn't have that kind of relationship, she said she and her husband trusted each other, and Liam probably hadn't had a chance to message her back yet.

Thomas noted that Hope had a lot of faith in Liam. Hope replied that he was her husband. Thomas thought it was weird that Liam had gotten so riled up about the kiss. Hope reasoned that anyone would upon seeing a spouse that way.

Thomas replied that anyone else would react and confront the situation, but Liam had just walked away. It was weird to Thomas, but then again, Thomas thought Liam was a weird dude. Thomas added that Liam spent a lot of time at Steffy's house. Hope gave Thomas a look, and he said he got that they had a child and would be bonded forever.

Hope acknowledged Steffy and Liam's bond through the life they'd created. Hope adored Kelly and said their family wouldn't be the same without her. Hope was proud of how far she and Steffy had gotten and the mutual respect they'd gained for each other.

Thomas thought it had to feel good. He said Hope deserved someone committed to her and her well-being. Hope replied that Liam was that man. Thomas hoped so. He didn't ever want to see Hope get hurt.

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy agonized over their predicament. He said Steffy wanted the baby to be Finn's, but due to the timing of things, there was a chance it could be Liam's. Liam and Steffy discussed how Liam seeing Thomas with the mannequin had led to Steffy possibly being pregnant with Liam's baby.

Liam blamed himself, not Steffy. She asked if it even mattered, but he yelled that he shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. She told him that they couldn't go back, and he said it was because she was pregnant. Steffy concluded that either Finn would be a father for the first time, or Liam's world would be upended.

Liam said he and Steffy needed to find out, and Hope and Finn deserved to know what had gone on. Liam knew that Steffy wanted to wait for a paternity test, but it didn't change what Liam and Steffy had done. Liam believed that Hope and Finn deserved to know the truth. Liam had to come clean with Hope. He knew it wasn't what Steffy wanted, but he couldn't keep lying.

Steffy didn't want it to destroy his relationship. Liam said Steffy hadn't done it; he'd done it. Steffy doubted Hope or Finn would see it that way, and Steffy didn't want to hurt anyone or the kids. Liam didn't, either, but he couldn't keep "swallowing" it. He didn't think Steffy could, either. He understood her reasons for being quiet, but he figured it had to be weighing on her, too. Steffy relented and agreed that Hope and Finn needed to know.

Steffy had wanted everyone to move on with their lives, but the child had changed everything. She didn't want the secret. Liam didn't know about Finn, but Liam was praying that Hope would eventually want to find a way to preserve their marriage and family. Steffy wanted it for him and realized that, for it to happen, things had to get out in the open.

Liam said the pregnancy had happened for a reason. He didn't want Steffy to stress out. He said they'd get a paternity test and work things out, but in the meantime, Hope and Finn needed to know what Liam and Steffy had done.

Later, Steffy barely heard the tea kettle whistle as she stared out the window. She snapped out of it and made herself some tea. Steffy flipped through photos of Finn on her phone, touched her stomach, and sighed.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam arrived at an empty, toy-laden home. He glanced at the kids' things and photos around the room. He flashed back to Steffy saying she was pregnant.

Hope arrived and said she'd been with Thomas, who seemed much better. Hope was curious about what had gone on at Steffy's and why Steffy had wanted to see him -- unless it was personal. Hope didn't want to put him in an awkward position of revealing something that Steffy wanted to be private.

Liam told Hope that he loved her. She said she loved him, too. He said she was compassionate and always thought of others. He didn't know why he'd ever thought she'd betray him with Thomas, of all people. Hope replied that it was okay, but he stated that it wasn't.

Hope asked what he was talking about. Liam replied that something had happened. He needed to tell her about it, and he was hoping she'd find a way to understand.

Hope sobs as she figures out what Liam is telling her Hope sobs as she figures out what Liam is telling her
Friday, January 8, 2021

In the design office, Paris thought of Zende's advice about the Foundation job and his refusal to let her leave town. She looked down at a picture of Zoe.

Carter arrived to see if Paris had changed her mind about the job offer. Paris said she'd thought about it, and it had been an honor to be considered for the position. She knew it shouldn't be so hard to decide with so many people rooting for her. She asked if Carter could tell Ridge and Zende that she was thankful for their faith in her, but she couldn't take the job.

In the CEO's office, Zende arrived. Zoe thought it was perfect timing. She needed him. Because of how well he knew her, she figured he could tell her which photo layout "she" liked. Zende shifted the photos on the desk and said he'd talked to Paris about the job. Zoe replied that Paris might not take it.

Zende thought Paris would be an amazing addition to Forrester and asked if Zoe thought so, too. He figured that Zoe was stoked for Paris. Zoe claimed to be happy for Paris but was pretty sure Paris would turn it down. Zende informed Zoe that he'd advised Paris against that.

Zoe told Zende that Paris could make up her own mind. Zende said Paris wanted the job, and she was going to take it. He didn't know why it bothered Zoe and asked if Zoe really didn't want Paris there. Zoe asked if Paris had said that. Paris hadn't told Zende that, and because he didn't think she would divulge anything like that, he'd decided to put the question to Zoe.

Zende was confused because Zoe always seemed supportive of Paris. Zoe claimed that she was and would never badmouth her sister. He deduced that there were problems nonetheless, and he wasn't judging because it happened sometimes with families. He was willing to help, but he wasn't willing to let Paris pass up on the opportunity. He didn't believe Zoe really wanted that, either. He said there had to be room for both sisters at Forrester.

Later, Zende went into the design room. Carter was working there alone. Zende wanted to talk about Paris' job offer. He was really happy for her, and he'd thought Carter would be, too. Carter said he had been. He stated that Paris had been passionate, and he'd believed that she could make a difference. He'd also thought it would be great to have the sisters work together.

Zende asked where Paris was. Carter stated that she'd turned down the job and left. Zende asked when that had been. "Just now. And she asked me to t -- " Carter was saying. He stopped short as he watched Zende rush out the door.

In the photo studio, Paris donned a black fedora. She sadly gazed at the Forrester logo on the wall and turned to leave. She heard Zende behind her. He rushed in, asking her not to go. She said there was no reason for her to stay if she wasn't taking the job. He thought there were reasons to stay, and he believed the job was too good to pass up.

Paris stated that she'd already declined the job to Carter. Zende advised her to reconsider and was sure Carter wanted her to do that, too. Zende revealed that he'd talked to Zoe. He didn't know what was going on between the sisters, but he was adamant that Paris not let it hold her back. He didn't think she should let anything hold her back. She was beautiful and intelligent and had a big heart. He felt they needed her there, and he refused to let her turn the job down.

Paris asked how Zende could say exactly what she'd needed to hear. She said she'd been trying to stop herself from going, but she hadn't been able to get Zoe's voice out of her head. "And then I heard you, and now, I feel there's nothing that could make me drive away from here. Thank you, Zende. Thank you," Paris said and kissed him.

At Steffy's house, Finn returned inside from a swim. Kelly had gone to spend time with her grandparents, and Finn was excited to have the evening alone with Steffy. He asked if she wanted to go out, but Steffy wanted to talk. She figured he was wiped out from his monster shift. Finn said that he loved helping people, and his life had more meaning since he got to "come home" to her.

Finn hoped the comment hadn't thrown Steffy. He knew that he didn't live there, but being with Kelly and Steffy felt like home to him. It made him think of what it might be like to have a life with them and be a family. "Maybe you think about that, too," Finn added.

Steffy asked why Finn had to be so sweet. He wondered if he'd put her on the spot. She revealed that he hadn't, and she felt the same way. He guessed it was more complicated for her because she shared a child with Liam and was creating an enlightened family with Liam. Finn figured it would get bigger and more complicated.

"And that picture on the wall, it's pretty clear that you have more commitment and emotional ties than we do," Finn stated. He wasn't threatened by it because he knew how he and Steffy felt about each other and how much they had to look forward to. What he saw in that picture was a memory, and he hoped she saw her future differently -- happy and fulfilled with him.

Steffy replied that when she and Finn were together like that, she did see a future with him. Finn admitted that he thought about it a lot. He guessed he shouldn't tell her that, but it was true. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He asked her to say that she wanted it, too -- a life and family together. Steffy replied that it was a real possibility.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope assured Liam that they'd be okay, no matter what was going on. Liam replied that he kept telling himself that. He wanted her to try to remember how much they loved each other, and if they could hold onto it, then...

Hope grew nervous and asked what was going on. Liam flashed back to Steffy telling him about the pregnancy. He explained that Steffy had told him something. He had to believe that he and Hope would be okay, but the news would affect both their families. He just needed Hope to know that she was the center of his universe, and he treasured every moment with her -- even the bad ones, which made them more resilient.

Hope wanted Liam to just tell her. He said they needed to focus on moving forward, and she asked what they would move forward from. He replied that it was a mistake that he'd made. It was something he should have told her about right away.

Liam went back to the night he'd thought he'd seen Thomas kissing Hope. Hope didn't know what it had to do with anything, but he lamented not confronting Thomas. If Liam had done that, he would have seen the mannequin. Hope felt that they'd been over it enough. She said no one would have been able to imagine what had been going on. He agreed.

Hope told Liam that she'd say the same thing to him as she'd told Thomas. She said the night was in the past. It wasn't relevant. They could put it out of their minds and forget about it. Liam said they couldn't. He'd tried to do it and had thought they could do it; however, they couldn't. He was tearful, saying he never should have doubted her commitment to him. He'd been so wrong -- so wrong to think the mannequin had been Hope.

Liam had been devastated by what he'd seen, and he told Hope that he should have run in there to confront Thomas. If he had, he would have known that it had been a "damn doll," not Hope. Liam admitted that he'd driven back to Steffy's house. Hope tensed.

Liam stated that he'd needed someone to talk to and vent to -- and even Steffy had told him that Hope would never be with Thomas like that. "Never," Hope uttered under her breath. Liam responded that he'd been certain because he'd seen it with his own eyes -- or so he'd thought.

Liam told Hope that he'd started drinking, and he'd kept drinking. Suddenly, tears rolled down Hope's face. Liam told her that he was sorry. He wished he could take it back. He wished he'd gone home to her and the kids. If he'd gone home, he would have seen Hope and known. Sobbing, he repeated that he would have known. "But I didn't come home. I didn't come home," he said.

Hope asked Liam where he'd slept that night. "Where did you sleep?" she repeated. In his silence, she cried, asking if that was what he was trying to tell her. "You and Steffy? No. No. You and Steffy. You and Steffy!" Hope screamed, sobbing.

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