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Zoe tried to run Paris out of town, but Paris refused to let go of her new job or her new romance with Zende. Zoe made a play for Zende, but he immediately shut her down. Hope and Finn had their say about Liam and Steffy's infidelity, and Finn warned Liam that things would change.
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Hope and Finn had their say about Liam and Steffy's infidelity
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Finn finds out what transpired between Liam and Steffy Finn finds out what transpired between Liam and Steffy
Monday, January 11, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam knew that apologizing didn't cut it. Hope couldn't believe Liam would do it to them again. She demanded that he tell her that she was wrong and that he hadn't slept with Steffy. Liam said he was "so sorry." Hope asked how he could do it. She yelled that they had kids, and the man she'd married had been loyal and faithful to her and their life together.

Liam replied that he'd been that man. "Yeah, while you were in bed with Steffy," Hope retorted. Liam began wishing he could take it back and that he'd confronted Thomas. Hope screamed that she never would have kissed Thomas. Liam knew that. Hope cried that Liam hadn't believed it, so he'd turned to Steffy and had betrayed their marriage.

Liam wanted to try to explain. Hope scoffed and said he'd slept with Steffy. He figured that if Hope understood his reasons for it, then he and Hope would have a shot at getting past it. Hope asked if he wanted her to move past it again. He replied that he'd betrayed them all. He began sobbing about how sorry he was and how much he regretted "everything" about that night, starting with thinking that she'd ever kiss Thomas.

Hope yelled that she wouldn't have kissed any other man. Liam replied that he knew it, and he should have known it then; however, he'd believed his own eyes, and he'd been devastated, thinking that she'd betrayed their marriage with the worst possible person. "And then, I learned that I did that. And I'm begging you -- I'm begging you -- please, please -- do not let me have destroyed our life together," Liam said.

Liam couldn't justify what he'd done. He was just trying to explain how it had happened. He'd thought it had been the end of his marriage and that everything he'd ever believed about Hope and her love had been a lie. Liam claimed he'd been spiraling, and he'd started questioning how long Hope had been having an affair and laughing at him behind his back. He'd been losing it. He'd needed an anchor, a constant, something familiar.

"And you went to Steffy," Hope quietly stated. Agreeing, Liam said he'd wanted his life to make sense again, so, yeah, he'd gone to Steffy. He figured it should have told him something that Steffy hadn't believed it, but she'd taken his word for what he'd said he'd seen. Liam claimed that when he'd started drinking, Steffy had, too -- for him.

Liam claimed that he loved Hope "so much," and he'd spend the rest of his life making it up to her. He would never betray their vows again. He said he needed her and their family. He needed their life together. He cried, asking her to say he hadn't completely screwed it up, and there was a small chance that she could forgive him. Hope tearfully looked away.

At the cliff house, Finn talked to Steffy about his feelings. He'd known from the start that the relationship could have real depth and that they could have a life together. He had never thought past the first day with any other woman, but he could see a future for himself and Steffy, a family even. Steffy replied that she could definitely see it happening.

Finn didn't want to get ahead of himself, but he could imagine being a family with Steffy and Kelly and maybe even having another child of his and Steffy's own. He wondered how many more siblings Kelly would want. Steffy's face darkened, and he wondered if he should be concerned. Steffy said he could always get a smile out of her, and she loved him.

Steffy loved how accepting Finn was of her, and she hoped it never stopped. He'd arrived in her life right when she'd needed him. He replied that timing was everything. Steffy looked away, and he asked if she was okay. The expression on her face had changed, and he guessed there was something. Affirming it, Steffy said there was, and it was important.

Steffy explained that it had all started when Liam had thought he'd seen Hope and Thomas kissing, but it hadn't been Hope at all. Finn started talking about Thomas' brain injury. Steffy replied that no one had known about it at the time. She said something had happened, and as hard as it was for her to tell him, he deserved to know the truth.

Finn asked Steffy to just tell him. Steffy told him how she felt about him and how he made her body smile inside and out. She really loved him. He said it went both ways.

Pacing and talking fast, Steffy began rambling about Liam's feelings for Thomas, who Liam had thought had kissed his wife. Steffy didn't know why she was rambling. Back on focus, she explained that she and Liam had been drinking. One thing had led to another. They'd been talking about Kelly and memories. Steffy confessed that she and Liam had kissed.

Finn repeated what Steffy had said. He seemed a little rattled by it. He asked if that was it and mumbled that she'd had him a little scared for a second. He didn't like that it had happened, and he thought Liam needed to stop putting her in his personal life. Finn found it to be disrespectful of his relationship with Steffy. Finn decided that he could live with a kiss.

Steffy sighed anxiously. "It's all that happened, right?" Finn asked. Steffy revealed that Liam had spent the night, and she and Liam had slept together.

In the Forrester studio, Paris thanked Zende for talking her into sticking around. "Were we talking? Cause all I'm remembering right now is that kiss," Zende replied. Zende didn't want to lose Paris again and decided he'd make her sign an airtight contract to work at Forrester.

Zende tried to sell Paris on working there by saying they'd work together. She didn't see how she'd be working with him, but he informed her that Forrester's lines often benefited charities -- and then there was HFTF's mission. He said the Foundation even threw events during Forrester's international shows. Paris got excited about that.

Zende said Paris' life would change in ways she couldn't imagine, and she'd get to hang out with him. Paris replied that she wouldn't be mad at that. Zende told her to repeat after him. As if it were a swearing-in, he had her raise her hand and promise that she'd accept the Foundation position. Paris complied, and Zende said there was no backing out of it.

Zende asked why Paris was frowning. Paris was thinking of how Zoe would react to the news about the job. He guessed Zoe would be annoyed, but he vowed to help Paris handle that. He wanted Paris to concentrate on what she was on the brink of.

Paris was glad she had and agreed that there was so much possibility. Zende replied that she should be glad she'd listened to him, and she should always listen to him. Paris couldn't wait to be a part of the company. "I can't wait to see you every day," Zende replied.

In the design office, Zoe and Carter were in the middle of discussing Zende rushing out of the office after hearing about Paris leaving. "He ran, actually," Carter stated. He didn't think Zende would take Paris' refusal for an answer.

Worried, Zoe wondered what was going on between Paris and Zende. Carter was confident that the affable but determined Zende wouldn't stop until Paris accepted the job. Carter suggested that they talk about something else. Zoe asked what he wanted to talk about.

Carter was ready to set a wedding date and said the sooner the better. He had a meeting to get to, but he wanted her to think about it and tell him the earliest she thought it could happen.

Hope forgives Liam but soon discovers that there's more to the story Hope forgives Liam but soon discovers that there's more to the story
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

In the photo studio, Paris was waving and thanking Ridge, who apparently had just left. She and Donna giggled and beamed with excitement about Paris' new position. Paris hoped she could live up to everyone's expectations. Donna said everyone was rooting for Paris already, especially Paris' sister.

Paris said she hadn't told Zoe yet. Donna found that surprising and thought Zoe would have been the first person to hear the news. Zoe appeared and asked what she should have heard, and Donna announced that Paris was Forrester's newest hire. Donna beamed about how much fun it was to work with her sisters, and she was sure it would be the same for Zoe and Paris.

Donna left to get the employee paperwork started as Ridge had just asked her to do. Alone with Paris, Zoe asked what had happened to Paris turning down the job. "Or do I already know?" she asked. Paris didn't want to argue, but Zoe insisted upon knowing what had made Paris deliberately go against Zoe. Paris offered to steer clear of Zoe, who'd be working in a completely different division, and Paris asked if Zoe could just meet her halfway.

Zoe believed that Paris had misled Zoe about her decision, but Paris insisted that it hadn't been like that. Zoe figured someone had talked Paris out of it. By process of elimination, Zoe deduced that it had been Zende. Admitting it, Paris said he'd been thinking of her future. She was grateful to him and didn't know why Zoe was acting that way about it.

Zoe felt like Paris was disrespecting her. Paris said that she'd merely changed her mind. Zoe snapped that Zende had changed it for Paris. Paris replied that she'd intended to leave, but Zende had been persuasive. He'd rushed after her, saying he hadn't wanted her to go and that he wouldn't let her pass up the opportunity. She had never had a man say those things to her. Paris wanted the chance at Forrester, and she wanted the chance with Zende, too.

Zoe exclaimed that she'd warned Paris not to get involved with Zende, who was coming off a recent divorce. Aware of that, Paris wouldn't deny her feelings for Zende and announced that she'd even kissed him. She said the best part had been that he'd kissed her back. Zoe scoffed in disbelief.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam continued to plead with the tearful Hope for forgiveness. Liam acknowledged what a terrible thing he'd done. He stated that he had no right to ask, but he was still on the ground, begging her to find it in her heart to forgive him. He hated that he was the cause of her pain. He said he'd made vows to honor her, to cherish her, and to love her.

Liam asserted that he did love Hope. Nothing would change that. He wanted their future, and he believed they could have it if she could find a way to move past it. He didn't want to lose the most precious things in his life, her and the family. He hoped she didn't want to lose any of it, either. Hope uttered that she didn't want to. She didn't want to lose any of it, but she didn't know how she was supposed to forgive that. She asked how she'd ever forgive it.

Hope said that given the history between her, Liam, and Steffy, the pain of what they'd done was like a knife. Liam hated himself for the pain he'd caused her. He knew he had no right to ask for her forgiveness, but he knew how big her heart was. He said their love had always carried them through, and he had to believe it would happen again that time. He asked her to say she'd let him try to fix it.

Hope believed that Liam loved her and that he was sorry for what had happened. She asked him to be honest with himself. "You love Steffy, too," Hope stated. To Hope, it was even worse that Liam had slept with Steffy because he'd assumed that Hope had been cheating on him.

Beginning to cry, Hope said drinking wasn't an excuse because he knew the issues that she and Steffy had, but "you just ran right to her without even giving me a chance." Hope understood that he'd felt betrayed, but he hadn't even taken a second to find out that it had been a misunderstanding that could have been solved that night. He'd wound up in Steffy's arms instead. Hope asked if he wanted his family with Steffy.

Liam claimed that he wanted only Hope. Hope asked why it was that he always turned to Steffy. She said one didn't make love to his ex-wife unless one missed her and wanted to be with her.

Liam said that Hope was his wife, and they could come back from it. He asked her to give him a chance. Hope said she'd give him credit that he'd been honest instead of keeping it to himself. She sobbed that she did love him. She figured it would take time to get past it, and things wouldn't be the same; however, she loved their family. She said they'd finally gotten their kids, who meant everything to her.

"So, I will try. For our children, for their future, I will try," Hope decided. She asserted that it could never happen again. Quickly, Liam swore that it wouldn't, and he stated that it was all he asked. He swore that he'd repair the damage he'd done.

Hope had one question. She asked why he'd decided to tell her everything at that point. Liam replied that there was one other thing she needed to know. It was big. He wished he could never think about that night again, but it might not be possible. Hope asked what he was talking about.

At the cliff house, Finn stated that Steffy had slept with Liam. Steffy began going on about Liam's mistake with the mannequin but stopped mid-sentence when she saw Finn staring at the portrait behind her. She called his name.

Finn wasn't sure what Steffy wanted him to say. "You just told me you and Liam had sex. What am I supposed to do with that? Especially with that picture of you and Liam always staring down at me," Finn said. Claiming it had been a huge misunderstanding, she said she and Liam had also been drinking. In her view, it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Finn asked if Steffy were sure about that. He asked if that picture wasn't about more than showing Kelly that her parents "are" happy. In her silence, he said he was just asking a question. He stated that he loved her, and she knew it. Steffy affirmed it. He knew that she loved him, too. "Yet here we are," he concluded.

Finn stated that Steffy had just told him that she'd slept with her ex-husband because Liam had needed her. Steffy replied that Liam had been gut-punched. Finn felt he'd been gut-punched. He was trying to think of what he'd do if Hope had been his wife, and he had witnessed what Liam had witnessed. Finn guessed it would have hurt, but he wouldn't have bolted.

Finn said he would have stormed in and told Thomas to get his "hands off my wife." Finn would have demanded to know what had been going on. Liam, however, hadn't done that. Liam hadn't done the very thing that would have cleared it up and prevented him from being with Steffy. Finn said they weren't married or engaged, so the question was where they went from there.

Finn was distraught because he and Steffy had been talking about having a family. Pointing to the portrait on the wall, he guessed a picture was worth a thousand words, and it was telling him all he needed to know -- that and the fact that she'd just slept with Liam. Finn asked if she still loved Liam and still wanted to be with him.

Steffy asserted that she didn't. She claimed she'd always care about Liam. They had a child and beautiful memories, but they had painful ones, too. She didn't know what her future held, but she wanted Finn in it. He'd brought something special to her and her daughter's lives. She couldn't lose him, and she asked if he'd forgive her.

Finn suggests that Steffy take a paternity test Finn suggests that Steffy take a paternity test
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

At Forrester, Paris couldn't understand why Zoe was so upset about Paris' choices. Zoe said that Paris had defied Zoe's wishes by taking the job. To make it worse, Paris had celebrated by kissing Zende. Paris asked how a positive step forward in her love life made things worse for Zoe.

Paris could see how Zoe might think her little sister was stepping on her toes at work. Paris hoped Zoe would figure out that it wasn't really the case; however, Paris didn't think she was stepping in Zoe's territory with Zende. To Paris, it almost seemed as if Zoe was jealous. "Hardly," Zoe quipped. Paris asked if Zoe was sure.

Zoe scoffed at the idea of her being jealous of Zende kissing Paris. Zoe flaunted her fortune. She had her dream job and was engaged to her dream guy, the COO of Forrester. Paris asked why Zoe was always bringing up Carter's title. "Oh, come on, Paris. You know that I was just trying to make a point," Zoe replied. Paris quipped that Zoe made plenty of points by how often she brought it up. Zoe asked Paris to just say what she was insinuating.

"All I'm saying is I thought you changed," Paris replied. Zoe asked what that meant. Paris asked if Zoe saw Carter and the Forresters for who they were and not their titles. Paris told her sister that those people were more than their money and celebrity status. "Of course, I know that, Paris!" Zoe exclaimed.

Paris began to question whether status was all Zoe was thinking about, but Zoe cut Paris off, accusing Paris of parading herself around until Ridge offered her a job. "Now you're flirting with Zende, trying to land him," Zoe added. Paris said it wasn't like that. Zoe asked Paris to prove it by turning down the job, saying goodbye to Zende -- and leaving town.

Paris refused to do it. The job was an opportunity that she'd been wanting, and she was taking it. She asked why she'd leave town if she was so excited to see where it would go with Zende. "I won't," Paris asserted. Paris was staying. She hoped Zoe learned to accept it and to someday be excited for Paris, too.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was grateful and hopeful because Hope was willing to move past his betrayal. Hope replied that she'd said she'd try for the sake of the kids to put Liam's night with Steffy behind them. Liam replied that it might not be possible.

Agreeing, Hope didn't know if it could work; however, she wanted to hear what else he had to say, so they could heal and move on. Liam wanted that, too. He said Hope had always put the kids first, and he, Hope, and Steffy had worked hard to create a family for all the kids, even if it was in separate homes. To him, it felt like they were family, and he stated that the family might be growing. He thought the question was just "whether or not I'm the..."

Hope asked if Liam was saying what she thought he was. Liam announced that Steffy was pregnant. Hope's face contorted into a sobbing scowl, and she pressed her fist to her forehead, unable to sob or breathe. Finally, she drew in a breath and gazed at him with red, teary eyes.

Liam explained that it had been what Steffy had wanted to tell him earlier. He asked Hope to say something. "What do you want me to say?" Hope screamed. It had been difficult enough for her to hear that he'd slept with Steffy, let alone that Steffy was pregnant.

Hope guessed that safety hadn't been a concern that night. She figured out that "this" was what the entire confession had been about and why Liam had really disclosed the truth about the affair. She stated that Steffy might be carrying his child, and he affirmed it, adding that they couldn't put that night behind them until they knew if he was the father.

Hope figured that Steffy needed a paternity test, and there was a chance the baby could be Finn's. Hope yelled that it was all because Liam had thought she'd kissed Thomas, something she'd never do, but Liam hadn't even stopped to think. Liam had made a choice to run to Steffy, and with one moment of weakness, everything had changed. He'd thrown their future into question.

Liam asked Hope not to give up on them. Hope replied that he'd given up on them. He'd betrayed their vows. Hope thought it would have been hard, but she might have been able to find forgiveness. "But now, with Steffy carrying a child that could be Kelly's little brother or sister..." Hope said. Sobbing, she asked how they'd move on from that.

"We were so close!" Hope whimpered and sobbed. She cried that he'd known how much she loved him and how much their family had meant to her, but he'd gone and thrown it all away because he'd forgotten who she was. He'd lost faith in her and their relationship, and he'd turned to Steffy. Hope had thought he'd known who she was. She asked what they'd do and how they'd move past it if he was the baby's father.

At Steffy's house, Finn didn't know what to say about forgiving Steffy. Steffy knew that it was a lot to process. Finn said she'd slept with her ex. She'd let her ex into the house and into her bed, and she'd slept with him. Even if it had been a misunderstanding, it had still happened.

The upset Finn didn't know what to do with that -- especially knowing how Steffy felt about Liam. Finn guessed she'd been honest about how she felt about Liam and that she'd wanted him in her life. "I just didn't think you meant like that," Finn stated.

Steffy stammered that she hadn't. She said she'd understand if Finn wanted to walk out, but she was hoping that it was possible that he'd give her another chance. Finn asked if he looked like the type to walk away when things got difficult. He was confused, hurt, upset, and a little "pissed off." Forgiveness wasn't a stage that he was ready for, but it was the goal because "you and I" were the goal. He believed that what they had was worth fighting for.

Steffy was grateful. Finn said they were still in a committed relationship, as far as he was concerned. She replied that it was a commitment that she'd betrayed. He reasoned that she'd been honest instead of keeping secrets. It was important to him that she would choose to do the right thing in tough times. He said it was a foundation they'd need moving forward.

Steffy conveyed that if she were to really show Finn how much she believed in honesty, she'd tell him one more thing. She revealed that she'd found out something that had happened that night with Liam that had made it impossible to keep from Finn. Steffy had found out about it that day, but she still needed to confirm it. She didn't know if it had happened that night or another night and said it might be Finn. Finn asked what, and Steffy blurted out that she was pregnant.

Finn became happy and emotional. Stammering, he asked how long Steffy had known. "You could be -- and I could be -- " Finn said. Nodding, Steffy said they could be having a child. She knew he'd looked forward to being a father. Grinning, he affirmed that he wanted a child of his own. His smile fading, he asked, "But it could be Liam's, huh?"

Steffy agreed that it could be. Finn asked if Liam knew, and she said he'd been there earlier. Finn decided that they needed a paternity test to remove any of the doubt. Steffy asked if he knew how lucky the child would be to have a kind, caring father like him. Steffy said that if it was Finn's, she'd do everything within her power to prove that he could trust her again.

Steffy acknowledged that she and Finn had been on an emotional roller coaster, but she asked him to think about what it could mean for them. She told him to think about their future, especially since they could be having a baby together.

Finn confronts Liam about his affair with Steffy Finn confronts Liam about his affair with Steffy
Thursday, January 14, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy had just walked away from the front door after seeing Amelia and Kelly off for their trip to the aquarium when she heard Liam outside, telling Kelly to brief him on her trip when she returned. He entered the house, and she said she hadn't realized he'd be there. Liam had decided that they should talk in person. He revealed that, the previous night, he'd told Hope everything.

Steffy conveyed that she'd told Finn, too. Liam briefly explained what he'd told Hope about spending the night at the cliff house after seeing the misunderstood kiss. He'd also told Hope about the pregnancy. Liam asked if Finn was aware that it was probably his baby. Steffy replied that it was Finn's or Liam's. She hoped Finn could forgive her.

Liam suggested that Steffy give Finn time, but she said it was a lot to deal with. If the baby was Finn's, she'd robbed him of the joyful moment of learning he would be a father, and she wouldn't blame him for walking out on her. She was certain he'd be there for her if the paternity test indicated that he was the father. Liam hoped it worked out for Steffy. He didn't want to mess up her life any more than he had.

Steffy assumed that Hope hadn't been very forgiving. Liam said that telling Hope had been the hardest thing he'd ever had to do. Steffy asked where the couple stood and guessed that Hope had been heartbroken. He replied that Hope had been shattered. Steffy was sorry that it had been so hard on him, but he replied that it hadn't been just him.

Liam hadn't thought that he and Hope would make it after he'd broken their vows, but Hope had decided to try for the sake of the kids. Steffy thought it was incredible and that Hope, who loved him, didn't want to lose him. "And then I had to tell her you were pregnant," Liam stated.

Liam said it had rocked Hope, and he wasn't sure they'd make it if he was the father. He thought there was only so much a person could take. Steffy replied that they'd owed Finn and Hope the truth, and they deserved to know whose baby it was. Liam and Steffy agreed that she should get a paternity test. Liam asked if there was anything else he could do to help.

Steffy said there wasn't. Liam guessed that she'd have a son or daughter, either way, and it also could be his. Steffy stated that the child would have a great dad in either man.

Steffy decided to go to work. Liam lagged behind to leave a heart-shaped rock in Kelly's room to add to the child's collection. When Liam emerged from Kelly's room later, he gazed at the portrait on the wall. Behind him, the patio door opened. Finn entered and squared off with Liam, asking "what the hell" Liam was doing there.

Liam guessed he owed Finn the same explanation that Liam had given Hope. Finn replied that he was pretty clear about what had happened. In a deriding tone, Finn said, "What? You thought you saw Thomas kissing Hope?" Finn wanted to know why Liam hadn't confronted them right then and there and demanded that Thomas take his hands off Liam's wife.

"Because if you had, you would have realized that it was a mannequin!" Finn yelled, adding that they wouldn't be in that mess. Finn said he and Steffy would be happy and growing closer, and Liam wouldn't have dishonored his marriage. Instead, Liam had overreacted and driven directly to his ex-wife's house. Liam couldn't blame Finn for what he was implying but said it wasn't true.

"What am I implying, Liam?" Finn snarked. Liam claimed he hadn't been looking for a reason to sleep with Steffy, and none of it had been calculated. Finn wasn't so sure and said that, even if Liam hadn't been conscious of it, he'd gone there because he'd wanted Steffy. Finn accused Liam of not being over her and said Liam had probably been looking for an excuse to "come over here for years." Liam said Finn didn't have to think "this" to be angry with Liam.

Finn replied that Liam had only cared about himself and hadn't thought about Hope or Steffy -- or that Steffy had been in a committed relationship. "And you sure as hell didn't give a damn about your vows to your wife!" Finn rasped.

At Brooke's house, Hope sat down in the living room, and Brooke noted that her daughter had a big cup of coffee. Brooke began to talk about all the things Hope had going on in her life and drifted to the topic of how gracefully Liam and Hope had welcomed another child into their home and given Douglas a safe and loving life.

Brooke heaped praise on Hope for the way she was conducting her life, but Hope asked Brooke to stop acting as if Hope were perfect. Brooke insisted that Hope should be proud of herself and what she'd built with Liam. Brooke believed that it should be a peaceful time for Hope and Liam with Thomas working on himself and Steffy interested in another man.

Hope didn't want to talk about it. Brooke could see that Hope had a lot on her mind and asked if everything was okay. Hope had been thinking about parenting and how becoming a parent could change the course of one's life. Brooke thought Hope finally had everything she'd wanted with Liam and said they'd overcome many obstacles.

Hope admitted that she'd been afraid to become comfortable, but she'd finally let all her nagging thoughts go. Brooke thought that was a sign of a healthy relationship. "But then you get thrown a curveball," Hope replied. Assuming Hope was worried because Douglas had almost lost his father, Brooke assured Hope that Thomas was fine, and no one was going anywhere.

In the CEO's office, Thomas sketched and was surprised and happy when Vinny arrived. Vinny had been worried about Thomas and had asked if Thomas had gotten Vinny's messages. Vinny claimed that he would have arrived sooner, but his work had been crazy. He'd been worried that Thomas would be a goner, but Thomas looked brand new.

Thomas felt he owed it all to Hope, because he wouldn't be there if not for Hope. Vinny didn't think Liam would be thrilled about that. Thomas didn't care what Liam thought, but Thomas was trying to be more accepting. Vinny figured that Thomas had to for Douglas' sake.

Vinny's phone chimed, and as he retrieved it, pills in an orange bottle fell out of his pocket. Thomas was reading a file and didn't see what had gone on. Vinny scooped the pills up, and the conversation continued. Thomas said he wouldn't interfere in Hope's marriage, but it didn't mean that he didn't wonder if Liam was incapable of committing to Hope. He felt Hope deserved someone committed to only her.

Outside the door to the office, Hope stopped by the door that was slightly ajar and heard the last part of what Thomas had said. She entered and offered to go somewhere else, but Thomas replied that Vinny was just there for a quick visit, and Vinny echoed the sentiment.

Vinny called Hope an angel for being there in time to save Thomas' life. Hope downplayed the praise, but Vinny said he and all of Thomas' friends would have missed giving him a hard time on poker night.

Vinny decided to take off, but he asked Thomas to call if he needed anything. After Vinny had left, Thomas noted that he and Vinny were very different, but Vinny had always been a loyal friend. Thomas stated that Vinny was right about Thomas owing his life to Hope. She replied that he didn't have to keep thanking her.

Thomas guessed that it was annoying at that point, but it was huge to him that she'd even been there after all he'd done in the past. He'd never take it for granted. She said Thomas was already doing "so much," and she was surprised that he was back at work.

Thomas was anxious to get his designs onto paper. He was interested in a capsule collection and working with a department store. He noticed that Hope had spaced out and said she could talk to him if something was wrong.

Just then, Steffy entered, surprised to see Thomas at work. Hope asked for a moment alone with Steffy, and Steffy agreed that they needed to talk. Thomas left, and Steffy immediately apologized to Hope and couldn't imagine what Hope was thinking about things. Insisting that it was a huge misunderstanding, Steffy said, "If he could go back..."

Hope questioned whether Liam would change anything. Hope felt that she'd been naive, but it had all started to make sense, even the giant portrait. Hope figured that Liam had never once asked Steffy to take it down, and Steffy had never had the decency to take it down herself. "Pretending that it was up there for Kelly when it's not even hanging in her room. You put that up there for you and your sick little fantasy," Hope concluded.

Hope congratulated Steffy on being pregnant from a night Hope was sure Steffy would love to do over again -- because Hope's family and marriage might be destroyed. Hope told Steffy to admit that she'd finally gotten another chance with Liam, another chance with Hope's husband.

Zoe makes a play for Zende Zoe makes a play for Zende
Friday, January 15, 2021

At Forrester, Steffy was willing to have the conversation with Hope. "But if you're just going to go off on me -- " Steffy started to say. Hope interrupted, stating that Steffy would take it; Steffy would stand there and admit what she'd done because Steffy owed Hope at least that much.

Steffy claimed she hadn't been trying to take Hope's husband, but Hope asked what Steffy called it when she'd had sex with him and might be carrying his child. Steffy insisted that it had to be Finn's because they'd been together for a while. Hope didn't think that changed anything, but she invited Steffy to tell her side of the story.

Steffy asked if Hope would listen. For Hope, it depended upon whether Steffy told the truth about that night. Steffy said Liam had already told Hope. Hope wanted to hear it from Steffy and asked how Steffy had wound up in bed with Hope's husband.

Steffy didn't know how much more Hope wanted to hear that Liam had thought Hope had been cheating on him with the one guy he couldn't stand. Hope questioned Steffy's judgment to let Liam drink in his heartbroken state. Figuring that Steffy knew all about enabling, Hope asked how many times Steffy had refilled Liam's drink.

Hope doubted that Liam had walked in the door and fallen into Steffy's arms. Steffy said she'd urged him to go home and get the truth. It didn't absolve Steffy in Hope's eyes. Hope said Steffy had known what Liam had seen had been impossible, but Steffy had had sex with him, anyway.

Steffy looked away, but Hope told her not to act like Hope was being unfair and being wrong to call Steffy out. Hope could see what Steffy was doing there and stated that she'd sabotaged Hope's marriage to Liam again. Hope was sad. She'd really believed in her and Steffy and that they'd outgrown their toxic rivalry.

Steffy said she hadn't been trying to sabotage Hope's marriage. Hope stated that Steffy's decision that night spoke to who she was -- a homewrecker. Steffy scoffed and said Hope's home hadn't been wrecked. Although Steffy and Liam had spent a night together, he wanted a life with Hope. Steffy wanted to have a life with Finn, whom she loved.

Hope asked if Steffy had thought Finn had been cheating on her. Steffy looked away. Hope asked if Steffy had been under the imaginary impression that Finn had betrayed her, causing her to run to Liam. Steffy replied that it hadn't been like that. Hope agreed, saying Steffy had just wanted to be with Liam. Hope asked how Steffy could do that to Finn after he'd stood by her.

Steffy yelled that she didn't know, but she couldn't lose Finn, especially if it could be his child. Steffy didn't think that making accusations solved anything. Hope quipped that they should just put it all aside to ease Steffy's guilt. "Yeah, I'm not going to fall for that again," Hope decided.

Steffy asked Hope not to do "this." Steffy claimed that Liam didn't want what had happened to get between his daughters. Hope noted that Liam might be having another child with Steffy -- or maybe it was Finn's, like Steffy "claimed" to want. Hope asked what kind of woman got herself into situations like that. Hope thought of a word Taylor used to call Brooke but decided not to stoop low enough to say it.

Hope told Steffy that she was a liar, she was selfish, and she was desperate. Steffy replied that Hope could say it, but it wasn't true. Hope theorized that Liam had been drinking, but Steffy had had a clear head and could have prevented it all from happening. Instead, Steffy had confirmed Hope's fears that Steffy had been waiting and dreaming for a night like that with Hope's husband ever since Steffy's marriage with Liam had ended.

Hope imagined that Liam had shown up all hurt and had needed Steffy. Hope stated that it had been staring them all in the face with that portrait on the wall. Hope had one question for Steffy as a mother. She asked if Steffy thought the baby was Finn's or Liam's.

At the cliff house, Finn didn't want to hear Liam's excuses about what had gone on. In Finn's mind, Liam hadn't been looking for a place to vent or a shoulder to cry on; he'd been looking for Steffy, and the truth was that Liam wanted Steffy.

Liam didn't blame Finn for being upset and guessed that Finn probably wanted to swing at Liam. Finn didn't think Liam had any idea of Finn's feelings. Finn said that if he and Liam had similar feelings about things, Liam would have confronted Thomas and defended Liam's marriage and wife. Instead, Liam had run back to Steffy as quickly as he could.

Liam tried to claim that hadn't been it. Finn figured Liam might have been confused by the mannequin, but Liam's reaction hadn't been a mistake. In Finn's view, Liam was a man of no integrity or principles, who cheated on his wife when his ego got wounded, and it was pathetic.

Liam insisted that it had been one night due to an error in judgment, and he and Steffy hadn't had an ongoing affair. Finn stated that Liam could have gone anywhere that night -- he even could have gone home. If Liam had done that, he would have known that Hope hadn't kissed Thomas. Instead, she'd been at home, waiting for Liam, while he'd been cheating on her.

"I wasn't chea -- " Liam started to say. He claimed that it hadn't been deliberate. He'd made a mistake and had thought Hope had betrayed him. Finn replied that Liam had broken his wedding vows and caused Steffy to break her commitment to Finn. "That's why you did it. Right there. That damn picture," Finn added, pointing to the wall.

Finn believed that Liam knew Steffy was vulnerable to the fantasy of Liam and her raising Kelly together, and Liam had disregarded all the work Steffy had done to break that cycle and move on. Finn insisted that Liam knew exactly what he'd done that night because he'd done it to Hope and Steffy for years.

Finn ranted that Steffy had been there for Liam and had tried to help him, but he'd turned her life upside down, as usual. Liam knew it, but all he could say was that his commitment was to Hope and his family with her. "You think it makes you sound noble? It's sick, this constant back and forth!" Finn declared.

Liam yelled that he wasn't defending himself, and he'd admitted that it was his fault. It would affect their lives forever, and he felt horrible about it. Liam hoped that Finn was the baby's father. Finn replied that Thomas had warned Finn about Liam circling back to Steffy. "It stops now. You hear me? If I'm the father of this child, you are gonna have a very different relationship with Steffy in the future," Finn concluded.

Liam asserted that he and Steffy had Kelly, and that wouldn't change. Finn insisted that Liam wrap his head around the idea that things would change if Finn was the baby's father, and Steffy would no longer be Liam's fallback. Liam would stop disrespecting her and disrupting her life. "It's not your call," Liam replied.

Finn stated that he'd put up with Liam going in and out of there for Kelly's sake, making himself at home in the home he'd abandoned. Finn recalled that Liam had questioned Finn and Steffy's relationship and feelings for each other. Finn said Liam was threatening what Finn and Steffy were building, and Finn was done playing games.

Finn wouldn't keep Liam from Kelly; however, if the baby was Finn's, "Your days with Steffy, those days," Finn said, pointing to the portrait, "are over."

In the photo studio backstage, Zende sketched. Zoe was glad they were working there more. It was one of her favorite places in the building. She noted that the area buzzed during showings but was otherwise quiet, making it the perfect place to sneak away. She wondered what the walls would say if they could talk.

Zende reminded Zoe that he'd grown up in the building and knew all of its secrets. She asked if he'd share them with her. He thought that was funny, and she asked if it wasn't tempting. He replied that it might be. "Except you're engaged. Are you flirting with me, Zoe?" he asked.

In Zoe's silence, Zende claimed to be joking. Zoe wasn't so sure because of how he'd been looking at her. He acknowledged that she was a beautiful woman and bashfully added that he pretended not to notice. Something seemed off to him, and he asked what was going on.

Zoe revealed that Carter had asked her to set a wedding date. She confessed that she hadn't been thinking about her wedding. She'd been thinking about Zende. She asked if he remembered when they'd met. She had never felt an immediate spark before. Zende stammered. She asked if she was the only one who felt it or if he did, too.

Zoe felt bad asking Zende after she'd already asked him many things, like if she should move in with Carter or get engaged. Zende told her that he'd affirmed that she should. She replied that he'd also told her to follow her heart. He asserted that she had; she'd deliberated it, and she'd accepted Carter's proposal.

Zoe asked if Zende had contemplated what would have happened if he'd said something else. "Like what?" Zende asked. She wondered if he'd ever thought about the two of them and what they could be like together. Zende told her that she'd been with Carter already when Zende had arrived, and Carter was his friend.

Zoe stated that neither of them wanted to hurt Carter, but she wondered if the connection between her and Zende was worth exploring. In his silence, she wondered if she'd misunderstood the looks and exchanges between them. Zende stated that he hadn't said that. She contended that he couldn't because it hadn't been all business between them.

Zoe felt that the electricity and chemistry between herself and Zende made them a good team, but they could be more than that. Zende contended that Carter was his friend, and even though Zende hadn't wanted to bring it up, he added that Paris had kissed him. Zoe knew it and didn't care. Talking over her, Zende refused to disrupt things between Zoe and Carter just because Zoe was nervous about setting a wedding date. He cared about her too much to do that.

Zoe replied that she cared about Zende, too, and that was what she needed him to know. She claimed that she and Carter had just started dating when Zende had arrived in town. She'd been a fan of Zende's, and they'd interacted over social media. She'd never expected to feel the way she had when they'd met. She'd never felt that way for anyone else. She asked if it was just bad timing. "What if we're meant to be together?" she wondered.

Zende admitted that he and Zoe had something special. He said they could use it to fuel their work. Zoe replied that Carter wanted to set a wedding date, but she didn't know what to do with her feelings for Zende. Zende didn't know what to tell her. It was a line he couldn't cross. Zende didn't think Carter deserved it or that she did, either.

Zende described Carter as a solid and stable guy that Zoe could build a life with. "," Zende decided. He said they couldn't talk about them or what they could be to each other. It just wasn't going to happen.

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