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Finn questioned Steffy's feelings for him and Liam, and Steffy had an appointment with Dr. Campbell. To Hope's surprise, Thomas urged her to forgive Liam. Flo teased Summer Newman with what Flo might know about Sally. A delayed message from Zende confused Zoe.
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Thomas urged Hope to forgive Liam, and Finn questioned Steffy's feelings for him
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Flo offers to give Summer the lowdown on Sally Flo offers to give Summer the lowdown on Sally
Monday, January 18, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn noted that Liam had had free rein there, but if Finn were the baby's father, Liam wouldn't breeze in and out of Steffy's life, causing her any further pain. Liam understood Finn's protectiveness and admitted that he'd screwed up in a major way. Liam insisted that it wasn't necessary for Finn to build a moat around Steffy. Liam wanted to work things out with his wife. He loved Hope, and it would never change.

Finn noted that Liam talked a good game, but he wondered where all that love had been when he'd been cheating on Hope with Steffy. Finn recalled that Liam had questioned Finn's morals and principles as if Liam was some paragon of virtue. "Guess not," Finn decided.

Insisting that he wasn't lying, Liam claimed to deeply regret what he and Steffy had done. He felt all they could do was wait to see who the father was. Liam loved Hope more than anything, and he'd regret what he'd done to Hope forever.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope wanted to know what Steffy's motherly intuition was telling her about the baby's father -- if it was saying the baby belonged to Finn or Liam. Steffy was hoping that it was Finn's. She loved Finn and felt things would be less complicated if he were the father. Hope replied that it was a nice try, but she didn't believe it for a second.

Hope asked Steffy to be honest about her feelings for the men. Hope noted that Steffy had loved Liam and had married him, but Finn had been around for only a matter of months. Hope believed that Steffy, who'd invested years into Liam, wanted the child to be his.

Steffy claimed that it had all been a huge misunderstanding. She was sorry for the pain it had caused. She didn't want to undermine Hope's marriage or destroy Hope's family, and she didn't want to lose a future with Finn. Steffy swore that it was the truth. Hope picked up her bags and wordlessly strode out.

Later, Finn arrived. Steffy said she'd been thinking about him and was always thinking about him. She was glad he wasn't avoiding her. He replied that it wasn't his style. He asked how she was feeling. She felt better with him there and asked how he was feeling about knowing that she might be carrying his baby.

Finn let Steffy know that he'd seen Liam and put the responsibility for all they were going through on Liam. Finn huffed about Liam's sense of entitlement with Steffy and the way he took Steffy for granted, going in and out of her house whenever he felt like it. Finn felt that Liam had taken advantage of the vulnerable place in her heart for him.

Finn wished Steffy had pushed Liam away, but the way Liam operated was reprehensible. Finn said Liam went back and forth between Steffy and Hope with no regard for anyone's feelings but his own. Finn let Steffy know that he'd told Liam that things would be very different if Finn was the baby's father, and Liam was going to stay in his lane.

Steffy got Finn's point of view, but she felt that it was on her, too. She said she could have told Liam to leave, but she hadn't. Finn replied that Liam had dangled a future raising Kelly in front of her. Steffy was sorry for what she'd done, especially because she and Finn were good together and had been building a future. She hoped that they could still do that.

Steffy wanted Finn to know that, despite her history with Liam, her feelings for Finn were stronger than ever. She loved Finn and wanted the baby to be his.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived; she called for her mother but got no response. Liam entered through the terrace, saying Donna had told him that Hope had left work. Liam wanted to talk, but Hope didn't know what there was to talk about. She felt that they were in a holding pattern until they got the paternity test results. She couldn't believe they were in that position again.

Liam could see the pain he was causing Hope. It was killing him, "if that's any consolation." Hope asked why it would be. He assumed she wanted him to suffer on some level. She didn't want that. She didn't want any of it, but there was a child involved that might be his.

Liam told Hope that he'd been at the cabin moments earlier. He loved that they lived there. He didn't know if he'd ever told her that. He loved seeing toys everywhere and her makeup all over the counter. He'd thought about all the memories they'd made, including the sad and scary ones. They were all precious to him. It was family; it was life; it was "us."

Liam said he'd thrown it away in a moment. It had taken a moment to tear down all they'd built, and he'd never been more wrong in his life than when he'd lost faith. He'd stopped believing in them when he should have known Hope would never let Thomas kiss her. He asked how he hadn't known that. Hope said she had asked herself that a million times.

Liam had thought he'd seen his and Hope's life disintegrating. Something inside of him had broken, and he'd blown their life up over a mannequin. He figured all he could do was apologize until she believed it. He hated what he'd done to her -- and Steffy. He'd put them in an impossible position. Steffy was pregnant, and he was asking Hope to make yet another adjustment.

Liam said the baby might not be his. If it was, he'd love and care for the baby, but the life he wanted was with Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Liam loved Hope more than anyone or anything in the world. He wanted her by his side for the rest of his life. He claimed it was "so unfair" because he was asking Hope to forgive something that he wouldn't. Sobbing, he said he was sorry.

In Bill's office, Bill was putting on his shirt after working out in his private gym when Wyatt entered the office. Bill blasted his son for just waltzing in there with someone without knocking. Wyatt introduced the woman he was with as Summer Newman.

Recognizing the name, Bill said Wyatt hadn't conveyed that the meeting would be at that moment, but Bill was intrigued by the collaboration between JCV and Spencer publications. Summer said that Lauren Fenmore had sent greetings. Bill asked Summer to take his well wishes back to Lauren and offer some for her parents, whom he'd met when he'd been passing through Genoa City awhile back. Summer hadn't realized that her parents knew Bill.

Bill said he'd met Summer's parents when he'd passed through Genoa City on business a few times. Wyatt divulged that he and Summer had had lunch and discussed Jabot Collective advertising with Spencer. Bill thought the deal would be good for the businesses, and he had respect for the Abbotts and Newmans, particularly Summer's grandfather, Victor.

Later, Wyatt, Summer, and Bill concluded their meeting, all believing that they had a good deal. As a formality, Summer had to run it by the "powers that be," but she liked it. As Bill wished Nick and Phyllis well, Summer wondered if Bill would be in Genoa City anytime soon. He didn't think so but said one never knew. Bill strode out of his office, saying he and Wyatt would talk later about why Wyatt was dressed like a grape.

Alone with Wyatt, Summer mentioned that she had forgotten how much she loved Los Angeles and remarked that she'd have to stay longer next time. She imagined that it had been hard for Sally to leave the city. Wyatt's nose flared and he cleared his throat, asking, "Sally?"

Summer elaborated that she meant Sally Spectra, who was pretty interesting to work with. Summer recalled that Wyatt and Sally had dated. Wyatt replied that they'd been engaged. Surprised, Summer guessed that he knew Sally pretty well. He felt that he had once. Summer didn't know what to make of Sally and asked Wyatt to shed some light on her.

Wyatt called Sally complicated. He didn't really know where Summer was going with her questions. Summer revealed that she was trying to figure out what had made Sally leave a major fashion hub and move to Genoa City. Summer asked if Wyatt had any ideas.

Outside the door, Flo walked up and listened. Wyatt figured that Sally had just wanted a change. Skeptical, Summer needled him more about how things didn't add up about Sally abruptly leaving L.A. Wyatt asked why Summer hadn't questioned Sally. Summer wasn't sure if Sally was trustworthy, and Summer had been hoping to get that answer from Wyatt.

Wyatt replied that his experience with Sally had been unique. He didn't think he should be on either side. He had to get to a meeting. Summer asked if she could stick around to make a call. He approved it and strode out.

Flo entered the office and said she'd been unable to help but overhear Summer asking about Sally. Summer asked who Flo was, and Flo introduced herself as Wyatt's girlfriend. Summer introduced herself and asked if Flo knew Sally. "Do I ever," Flo responded.

Flo offered to answer any questions about Sally, but Summer felt that she knew all she needed to know. Flo figured that it probably didn't even scratch the surface. "There's always more when it comes to Sally. A lot more," Flo hinted.

Thomas overhears Liam imploring Hope to forgive him Thomas overhears Liam imploring Hope to forgive him
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

In Bill's office, Flo figured that Summer had arrived in town to find out all she could about Sally. Summer said she had traveled there for her business deal, and while she was in town, she'd thought she'd inquire about Sally. Summer wasn't averse to hearing anything Flo had to say.

Flo figured Summer wanted the dirt but decided that she and Summer should get to know each other first. Summer guessed Flo wanted to become acquainted before she spilled the tea on Sally. Flo asked if she'd said there was tea.

Summer explained that her grandfather was Victor Newman. Flo replied that he was as legendary as the decades-long feud between the Abbotts and Newmans. Summer figured Flo wanted to know why Summer was working for the enemy. Flo bet it was a good story.

Summer preferred to talk about Sally's story. Flo became coy about the topic, and Summer realized that Flo would make Summer work for the information. Flo said she'd like nothing better than to blast the truth about Sally to the whole world. "Tell me more," Summer replied.

Flo didn't think they should talk there. Summer guessed it was because of Wyatt. Summer had an idea of where they could go to talk, but only if Flo really had information about Sally. Flo replied that Summer had traveled all that way, so Flo wouldn't let Summer leave empty-handed. Flo stated that Summer deserved the truth about Sally -- all of it.

In Steffy's office, Steffy said she wasn't merely telling Finn what he wanted to hear, and she really did want him to be the father of her baby. Finn replied that Liam was still a contender, and while they awaited a paternity test, Finn was left to wonder about her feelings for Liam. Finn didn't know how she felt about Liam in light of the pregnancy.

Steffy claimed her feelings were complicated. Finn figured that the feelings were for Liam because she hadn't known Finn long enough to have complicated feelings for him. She replied that she knew he was the best thing to happen to her "in forever."

Finn felt the same way, and he would be amazed if they shared a child together; however, the child might belong to a man whose life had been entwined with hers forever and a man who tried to reel her in whenever he chose to. Finn wanted to know how Steffy would feel if the baby were Liam's and if her feelings for Liam would prevent her from committing to a life with Finn.

Steffy didn't want to lose Finn. She loved him. Finn loved her, too, and wanted to be there for her, no matter what happened with the test; however, Finn knew that Liam would be in her life even more if he was the father. It wasn't a deal breaker for Finn as long as their commitment was Steffy's first priority. "If there's a chance that this could happen again..." Finn said.

Steffy replied that it wouldn't because Liam was in love with Hope and wanted to save his marriage. Finn knew that about Liam but added that Liam and Steffy loved each other, too. Finn didn't like it, but he accepted it. What Finn couldn't accept was Liam pulling something again in the future. Finn didn't trust Liam and didn't think Steffy should, either.

Thomas arrived. He noticed some tension and tried to figure out what was going on. Finn and Steffy pretended that nothing was wrong, but Thomas insisted that his sister talk to him. Finn said it was just a personal disagreement between him and Steffy, and there was nothing for Thomas to worry about. Thomas asked if Steffy was okay.

Steffy claimed that she had a lot going on. She felt overwhelmed at times but said Finn was understanding. Thomas changed the subject to Hope. He wanted to talk to her about Douglas' playdate. Steffy said Hope had gone home, and Thomas decided to look for Hope there.

Thomas left, and Steffy thanked Finn for not telling her brother anything. Finn replied that it wasn't really Thomas' business. She thanked Finn for wanting to be there, regardless of who the father of the baby was. She was glad to know she wouldn't be alone. Finn replied that she never would be, and he'd always be there for her.

Steffy didn't think she deserved Finn. She was amazed that he was still talking to her. He asked if she thought he'd walk away the first time their relationship had been truly tested. He felt they'd been doing great up to that point, even though there had been challenges. Steffy guessed he meant the pain pills and said he'd pulled her through.

Finn replied that Steffy had pulled herself through. It had made him admire her more. Finn wondered, after all that had happened, if she really loved him the way he loved her. Steffy didn't want him to doubt how much she cared for him. He didn't doubt that she cared, but he asked why. She didn't get what he was asking. Finn wondered if Steffy just felt gratitude toward him because he'd been there for her in trying times.

Steffy said that wasn't it. Finn asked her to think about whether she loved him for what he'd done for her or for the man that he was. Steffy professed that she loved him for himself. She loved him as a man, as a lover, and as her friend. He'd brought joy and laughter into her life.

"But you still love Liam," Finn stated. Finn figured Steffy would respond that Liam was Kelly's father, and there would always be a place for him. Finn asked if Steffy really wanted Finn to be the new baby's father. He reasoned that if Liam were the father, Kelly would have a "biological sister." He asked Steffy to be honest about whom she wanted the father to be -- him or Liam.

At Brooke's house, Liam said he wanted a life with Hope. He claimed the words were truer than they'd ever been. He loved her more than life and would fight to hold onto her and their marriage. Liam berated himself for believing she'd turn to any other man, especially Thomas. Liam felt as if he'd failed Hope and their marriage. It would haunt him for the rest of his life, and he felt that it should haunt him as a reminder of what he'd almost lost.

Looking at Hope, Liam wondered if he'd already lost it. He wanted to spend the rest of his life proving himself to her. He asked if she'd give him the chance to do it. He begged Hope more and more, promising to never take her and their family for granted again. He wanted to believe that she still loved him, even if he didn't deserve that love. Hope asked him to stop.

Liam said he couldn't stop. He needed Hope to see how regretful he was. Hope replied that she saw it. She knew that he was remorseful, and she didn't question his love for her and the children. Liam swore that his feelings were real. He wanted their home and their children for the rest of their days. He asked her to say that she still wanted it, and he hadn't destroyed them. He asked her to say that they'd be okay.

Sliding off his chair and onto his knees, Liam vowed to keep begging for her forgiveness. At the front door, Thomas almost entered. He stopped to listen in. Liam was saying that he had to know that he and Hope could come back from it. He was scared he'd thrown away the woman he loved and the family that he cherished over a stupid misunderstanding.

Liam felt that he should have known that Hope would never betray him like that and would never kiss Thomas. Liam thought of how he hadn't been able to breathe when he'd thought Thomas' arms had been around Hope. Liam had been a coward, in his own view, and he'd turned and run straight to Steffy. "Because I'm a fool. I'm an insecure fool," he concluded.

Hope stated that Liam had lost faith in her and in their marriage, and he'd turned to Steffy for comfort. "And you slept with her," Hope added. At the door, Thomas' eyes widened.

Hope continued, saying she'd been heartbroken, but she'd wanted to find a way forward for the children. "But then you told me about Steffy's pregnancy, and how she may be carrying your child," Hope stated. Liam was sorry but refused to make the same mistake twice by giving up on her again. He said he'd broken them, but he'd spend his life putting the pieces back together if he had to.

In Hope's silence, Liam decided to give her some space to think. Liam left through the terrace. Hope started sobbing. Thomas entered, and she tried to wipe away her tears. He told her that she didn't have to do that because he'd heard. "Liam and Steffy. They slept together? My sister could be pregnant with Liam's kid?" Thomas asked.

PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Due to the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and picked up where the Tuesday, January 19, 2021, episode concluded.

Thomas gives Hope some unexpected advice Thomas gives Hope some unexpected advice
Thursday, January 21, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas and Hope arrived. Hope had taken him there because, with the kids out, it was a private place to talk. Thomas claimed he hadn't been eavesdropping on purpose, and he didn't know what to say about Liam, Steffy, and the pregnancy.

Hope guessed Liam hadn't had a choice in telling her about his indiscretion. Thomas supposed that the baby could possibly be Finn's. Hope said it was possible. Thomas hated to see her that way and wished that he could take away her pain.

Conveying that Finn and Steffy had been tense at the office, Thomas deduced that the couple had been talking about the issue. Hope felt horrible for Finn. Thomas replied that Finn really loved Steffy. Thomas had tried to warn Finn about Liam but doubted that anyone would have seen "this coming." Hope said she should have paid more attention.

Thomas said it wasn't Hope's fault. Hope reasoned that she'd noticed Liam spending more time at Steffy's house. Hope had just figured that it had been for Kelly or to keep an eye on Finn. Hope was questioning everything. She asked what would make her think Liam wouldn't turn to Steffy again whenever he felt insecure.

For Hope, drinking wasn't an excuse. She said that Liam had known he was married, but he'd stayed there, anyway. Liam had known it would destroy their family, but he'd done it, anyway. With a sob, Hope stated that was what hurt the most.

Thomas surmised that the kiss Liam thought he'd witnessed had sent him running to Steffy. Hope replied that Liam had told her that much up front but had left out the fact that he'd slept with Steffy. Thomas agreed with Hope that drinking hadn't been an excuse, and he figured it felt like déjà vu for Hope, who didn't deserve it.

Hope didn't want Thomas' pity. Thomas claimed to be expressing outrage on her behalf. She didn't want to talk about how Thomas had been right and had told her that Liam would let her down and always go back to Steffy. Hope recalled that Liam had warned her about Thomas, but she'd realized that Liam was the one she should have been wary of.

Hope stated that she was well aware that she hadn't listened to Thomas' warning. Thomas told Hope that he wasn't saying that. He wished that Liam would have confronted the situation, because if he had, none of it would be happening. Thomas felt as if it were his fault, but Hope said no one was blaming him.

Thomas insisted it had started because of him. He didn't want to be righteous or say he'd told Hope so. He wasn't there to bash Liam, either. Thomas indicated that he'd done his fair share of awful things, and Hope had forgiven him. Thomas reasoned that Liam had been an idiot and had broken Hope's heart, but their family, which included Douglas, was at stake.

Hope asked what Thomas was getting at. Thomas replied that Liam loved Hope. Thomas had heard it in Liam's voice when he'd been begging for Hope's forgiveness. Thomas knew that Liam didn't want to lose Hope, their family, or their future.

Though the pregnancy could complicate things, Thomas advised Hope to take it one step at a time and cross that bridge when she got to it. "But you cross it with Liam," Thomas advised. He said that regardless of the outcome, Liam was sorry for what he'd done and loved her. "So maybe you should give him another chance," Thomas said.

In Steffy's office, Steffy told Finn that she had a doctor's appointment, and they'd soon know who the father of her baby was. She was sorry and upset with herself for being unfaithful to him. Finn said he just needed to know where he stood with her and for her to be completely honest with him about who she wanted the baby's father to be.

Steffy said she'd always been an independent woman, but when it came to Hope and Liam, Steffy had felt like a failure, constantly repeating her mother's cycle. No matter how much Taylor had wanted Ridge, she hadn't been able to have him for herself. Steffy didn't want that for herself, Kelly, or the new baby. Steffy wanted to break the cycle.

Finn asked if that meant Steffy was ready to break away from Liam. Steffy wanted to be transparent with Finn from that point forward. She said her life had been messy ever since she'd been a kid, but she felt that he got her and her baggage. Finn, who'd fallen hard for Steffy, said it had been a long time since he'd let himself trust someone.

"And I hurt you," Steffy replied. She said that Finn had given her freedom from the craziness and dysfunction with Hope and Liam. Finn indicated that he needed more than to be a distraction from Steffy's feelings for Liam. Steffy asserted that Finn was more. She claimed that he was everything to her. He'd been a blessing to her and her daughter. She wanted to stay on the adventure with him. "With you, Finn," Steffy emphasized.

Steffy claimed that she'd always care about Liam, but it was a different feeling than how she felt about Finn. Finn asked why she wanted to be with him. She could think of a million reasons, but he said it couldn't be because Liam wasn't available.

Steffy claimed that wasn't it. She liked who she was with Finn. She loved how gentle and kind he was with his patients and how he'd drop anything to help someone. She liked how he was with her daughter and how he treated them like the most important people in the world. She wanted it for the unborn child, for their child.

"If I'm even the father," Finn replied. Steffy wanted him to be. She didn't know why she'd done what she'd done, but she did know that she wanted Finn. She wanted Finn to be the father of the child. She promised to be truthful from there forward.

Finn wanted Steffy to be brutally honest and not just say what she thought he'd want to hear. Steffy replied that Liam would always be an important part of her life; he was Kelly's father. However, Steffy wanted to move on, especially with Finn and if the child was his. She appreciated Finn being willing to be there for her regardless of the paternity of the baby. She wanted to commit her life to Finn, and she hoped he did, too, deep down.

In Finn's silence, Steffy looked as if she felt like she'd played herself. She glanced away. She said she didn't want him to leave but understood if he did. Finn headed for the door, and she seemed crushed as she heard the door open and close.

By the door, Finn said he'd immersed himself in his career so deeply over the years that he hadn't allowed himself to open up to anyone until Steffy. "They say you can know in an instant. Well, I know," he added, walking away from the door. Finn believed she regretted what had happened. He felt there would always be a level of betrayal, but he believed it wouldn't happen again.

Steffy asked what Finn was saying. Finn stated that it had been a roller coaster, but he loved her. He wanted a family with her. He wanted the child to be his, and he was going to believe that it was, so that they could keep building a life and future together with their child.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Flo entered Liam's office as he roared at someone on the phone and slammed it down on its cradle. Wyatt hoped that hadn't been about their Norwegian deal. The frustrated Liam asked what would happen if it had been, and Wyatt asked what was wrong with Liam.

Flo offered to return at a better time, but Liam said it was okay. Wyatt remarked that Liam had sounded like Bill on the earlier phone call. Liam apologized. Wyatt and Flo figured Liam's mood was about Thomas, who was living at Brooke's house.

Wyatt and Flo, who knew about the kiss Liam had thought he'd seen between Hope and Thomas, began discussing how hard it had to be for Liam to be near Thomas. Wyatt figured that Wyatt would have flipped out. Liam stated that he should have known Hope wouldn't betray him that way. Wyatt figured that Liam's mistake hadn't caused that much damage.

Liam didn't want to keep talking about Thomas. Flo had errands to run and took off. Wyatt said that they were alone, so Liam could just spit it out. Wyatt reckoned it had to do with Thomas. Liam acknowledged that it was partly Thomas but said the other part was Steffy.

Liam began eating a sandwich. Horrified, Wyatt asked if it was roast beef. Liam said not to judge him, and Wyatt replied that his brother hadn't had real meat since the nineties. "And cheese?" Wyatt shrieked. "What the hell is going on? And you better save me some of those fries."

Liam revealed that he'd hurt Hope in the worst possible way. Wyatt guessed his brother had left the toilet seat up. Liam repeated "the worst possible way," and the incredulous Wyatt stated that Liam had slept with Steffy. Liam added that Steffy was pregnant.

"Uh, yeah. Of course, she is. That's -- that's how these things -- yeah, and it's yours?!" Wyatt stammered. Liam stated that it was either his or Finn's, and they'd need a paternity test. Wyatt groaned Liam's name. Liam said he knew it. Liam stated that he'd had an incredible wife and incredible life, and he'd thrown it away because that was what Liam Spencer did best.

Zoe receives a life-changing message from Zende Zoe receives a life-changing message from Zende
Friday, January 22, 2021

At Forrester, Steffy zoned out in a meeting with Ridge. Her phone chimed, signifying that it was time for an appointment with Dr. Campbell. Ridge asked his daughter what was going on with her. Steffy thought it was sweet of her father to worry, but she assured him that she was fine.

Zende arrived, saying Donna had instructed him to walk on in. He was looking for Zoe to show her sewing changes to a design. He couldn't communicate with her by phone because his device was on the fritz. He said he intended to do a full reset on it. He asked if they'd seen her. Zoe entered, saying she was right there; she was always there for Zende.

Zende, Zoe, and Ridge discussed how well things were going with HFTF and how Hope's vision had been well communicated to the team. Ridge asked for Steffy's opinion. Steffy snapped out of her thoughts and responded vaguely to what they'd said.

Zende offered to let Ridge and Steffy get back to work, but Steffy said she had to go. Ridge asked where she was going. Heading out the door, Steffy replied that she had an appointment but would go over the numbers with Ridge later.

Alone with Zende later, Zoe marveled at one of his designs. She asked if he'd been thinking of her when he'd made it. He replied that she was the lead model for the line. She told him that he could be honest about anything with her, from his creative process to his feelings for her. He said she already knew how much he admired and respected her.

Zoe quipped that she'd thought Zende would be honest. "I don't know what else to say. You're engaged to Carter," Zende responded. Before Zoe set a wedding date, she wanted to know if the sparks between her and Zende were real. He responded that sparks could be dangerous. She said sparks could be good. According to her, they worked well in the office, and she thought they could be amazing in private.

Ridge strode in and noted that Zoe and Zende were still there. He asked what was going on. Zoe claimed to be admiring Zende's sketch and remarked that he knew what women wanted. Zende told Ridge that he'd learned from the best in the world. Ridge said that the "women" wanted his amazing talent in the cutting room downstairs.

Zende promptly left, and Ridge asked Zoe if everything was okay with her. She said it was, and Ridge left for another meeting. Zoe's phone chimed. She received a message from Zende, telling her not to move too fast with Carter that night. Zende instructed her to make up an excuse and meet him at the office. Zoe looked confused.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Campbell strode in. Steffy, who'd been anxiously waiting, asked if the test results were in. The doctor said they would be soon.

More time passed, and Dr. Campbell finally informed Steffy that she was pregnant. Steffy seemed anxious, and Dr. Campbell informed Steffy that there was no reason that she couldn't have another successful pregnancy. Steffy stammered. She explained that the pregnancy was unexpected, and she needed a different test. She asked if it could be done that day. She requested a paternity test, and the doctor's eyes widened.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas knew that Hope faced a challenge, even for someone as forgiving as she was. He thought that she and Liam had survived a lot and could survive "this, too," as long as she didn't throw it all away. Thomas urged her not to make the same mistake Liam had.

Hope repeated Thomas' words about not making the same mistake as Liam had. Thomas clarified that he didn't want her to let her emotions cloud her judgment. It had happened to Thomas before, and it had caused him to make mistakes. He said she might wish later that someone had told her to stop and think about her family and future.

Hope asked if Thomas was saying that she should forgive Liam. Thomas affirmed it. She replied that Liam had given up on the marriage and had thought she'd betrayed her vows. Thomas stated that it had been because of him. She felt her husband should have known better and said Steffy had even thought it hadn't made sense.

Thomas reminded Hope that she'd taken vows for better or worse. Things would probably get worse, and he didn't think she deserved that. He stated that she'd made vows, and it wasn't who she was to walk away from them. He didn't think she'd let her husband's mistakes derail her family, and he believed that she could forgive Liam.

Hope was surprised and said Thomas had never been so forgiving of Liam. Thomas agreed. He didn't think things had changed. He didn't think Liam appreciated Hope and Steffy, and he believed that Liam had pitted them against each other. Thomas couldn't lie and say he thought things had improved. Hope didn't get that he wanted her to forgive Liam but didn't think Liam was good for her.

Thomas reasoned that his feelings didn't matter; hers did. He claimed not to be advocating for her husband, with whom he was angry; however, Hope had made a family with Liam, and Thomas wouldn't inject his own feelings when her family was at stake. Hope didn't want her family to fall apart, but when she looked at Liam, all she saw was Steffy.

Hope had thought she could get over it, but it was devastating that Liam and Steffy might have another child together. Hope said that Steffy was a great mother, and Liam was an amazing dad. Hope figured Finn would be, too. Thomas guessed that Hope felt she'd be caught in the middle again if Liam were the father. Hope asked if that made her selfish.

Thomas didn't think it was possible. Hope felt selfish for hoping that Liam wasn't the father. Thomas replied that it wasn't selfish to want quality time for her family. He said that if she could forgive him after all he'd put her through, she could forgive Liam. As much as Thomas criticized Liam, he knew that Liam loved her. Thomas believed that Liam was an idiot who needed his vision checked, but Hope had built an incredible family with him.

Thomas was grateful for that family. He urged Hope to do it for Beth and Douglas. Lastly, he told Hope to do it for herself because it was what she really wanted. He knew that if anyone could get through it with goodness and grace, it was Hope. "Forgive Liam," Thomas said.

At Spencer, Wyatt didn't think there were enough "sorries" in the world if Liam were the father of Steffy's baby. Liam gritted his teeth, saying he knew that. Wyatt asked "what the hell" Liam had been thinking. It didn't make any sense to Wyatt, who felt that Liam was a decent guy. Wyatt thought Liam had worked out his feelings already and asked how he could do it to Hope.

Wyatt asked if Hope knew. Liam replied that he'd had to tell her. Liam claimed that he would have told her eventually because it had been eating at him, but then he'd found out about the pregnancy. Liam thought it had been bad enough to tell Hope that he'd lost faith in her for a night, but he'd also had to pile on more and more bad news.

Wyatt was sure Hope had been devastated. Liam affirmed it and added that before he'd told her, she'd been trying to make him feel better about misidentifying her. Wyatt asked if Liam needed a place to stay and was surprised to hear that Hope hadn't thrown Liam out.

Liam was amazed that Hope had listened and had offered to try to forgive. That, however, had been before he'd revealed the pregnancy. He was no longer sure where he and Hope stood. He didn't know if Hope could accept what he'd done to their family, especially if he might be the father of Steffy's child.

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