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Carter announced that the wedding was off after Ridge filled Carter in on Zende and Zoe's conversation. Retaliating against her sister, Zoe attempted to oust Paris from Forrester. Steffy and Finn submitted to a paternity test as more people reacted to Steffy's pregnancy.
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Carter called off his marriage to Zoe, and Steffy told Ridge about her affair with Liam
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Zoe and Zende mistakenly conclude that Ridge backed down Zoe and Zende mistakenly conclude that Ridge backed down
Monday, February 1, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy was worried about whether Kelly had had her hat when she'd left with Amelia. Finn was certain that the child had it but said Steffy could call and check. Steffy trusted Finn's response. He noticed that she was out of sorts and said everything would be okay.

Liam entered the house and guessed he should have knocked. Steffy said it was okay because they'd been expecting him. She stated that she'd wanted to talk to Finn and Liam before her appointment with the doctor.

Liam asked if it was actually happening that day and noted that she'd asked to take a test before. Steffy replied that it was the earliest Dr. Campbell felt that she could offer the test, but because it was so early, the results would take longer. Steffy intended to see if she could speed up the results because she couldn't take it any longer. She needed to confirm what she already knew -- that Finn was the father.

Guessing that Steffy was going that day, Liam said, "If you need somebody to go with you..." Finn asserted that he was the one going with Steffy. "I was just saying...Relax!" Liam responded as Finn scowled. Steffy told them to stop. She refused to put up with animosity between the men. She said they couldn't control the results, but they could control how they responded to the results. Steffy didn't want the pregnancy to disrupt their lives or Liam's marriage.

In Dr. Campbell's office later, Steffy thanked the doctor for squeezing her and Finn in. Steffy had been calling every day to take advantage of any possible cancellation. Dr. Campbell guessed Finn's name, and he said it was nice to meet her. Steffy noted that the doctor had said that day was the earliest they could test, and she wanted a test right then.

Dr. Campbell discussed the next steps with Finn and Steffy. The doctor needed a blood sample from Steffy and a cheek swab from Finn. Steffy asked how accurate the test would be if they did it that day versus in a week. Dr. Campbell thought it would be the same and said the test was 99 percent accurate. She added that it was a sophisticated test that would provide a simple affirmative or negative response.

Dr. Campbell left to get things ready. Finn said it was a simple affirmative or negative. Steffy hoped it would be affirmative. She wanted Finn to be the father and had been thinking of their future. She was praying for a healthy baby that belonged to Finn.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke visited as Hope cleaned up toys. Brooke, who'd noticed that Hope had a lot going on, offered to watch the kids. Hope shrugged it off, nonchalantly saying she had a lot going on with work and the kids. "And Liam?" Brooke asked and inquired about whether Hope and Liam were having problems.

Hope said nothing, but Brooke knew the look on her daughter's face. Hope admitted that she and Liam were going through something. Brooke guessed that it was Thomas.

Hope stammered, trying to explain how a misunderstanding had occurred, but she couldn't figure out how she and Liam had gotten to that place when things had been going so well for them. Brooke asked if something had happened. Nodding, Hope said it had been between Liam and Steffy.

Later, Hope was in the middle of telling Brooke about Liam's mistake in identifying the mannequin. Hope stated that it hadn't been the only mistake he'd made that night. Brooke chuckled nervously and said, "I'm sure that Steffy and Liam didn't -- "

Hope flashed her mother a knowing look, and Brooke hopped from her seat, unable to believe it. Hope stated that Liam had begged for forgiveness; he had said he hadn't meant to hurt her, but he had. Brooke was sorry to hear that. Hope wasn't confiding in Brooke for sympathy or to get Brooke to defend her. Brooke replied that she'd just listen if that was what Hope needed.

Hope understood why Liam would be devastated if he'd thought she'd turned to Thomas. Brooke replied that there was a lot at stake, and Hope had to think about the children. Hope admitted that she was struggling to decide what was best for her and her family. She said she really couldn't even do that until they knew.

Brooke asked what Hope needed to know. Hope revealed that Steffy was pregnant, and Liam could be the father. Brooke couldn't believe it. She said Ridge hadn't even told her. Hope replied that Ridge didn't know. Hope hadn't known long herself. Brooke asked if it was Liam's.

Hope stated that it could be Finn's, but until they had paternity test results, Hope didn't know how high the hurdle would be for her and Liam to get over. Hope asked Brooke not to tell Ridge about it. Brooke was sorry about the predicament. Hope said she didn't know what to do, and she was praying that Liam wasn't the father.

Later, Hope was alone when Liam arrived. The two spoke to each other in a disjointed manner at first, as if they weren't comfortable being around each other. Hope knew that Steffy had asked to see him. He conveyed that Finn had been there. Hope asked about the paternity test, and Liam replied that Steffy could be taking it at that very moment.

Hope asked how Steffy was. Liam stammered a bit and concluded that once they had answers from the paternity test, they could all move on. He loved Hope and had never meant for any of it to happen. He claimed he'd been focused on their life, their kids, and their future, but the "whole stupid night" had thrown it all into question for her.

Liam was sorry for that, but he was still dedicated to Hope. He wanted to be with Hope, and all he could do was pray that she felt the same way. He wanted her to believe that there was a way through it for them.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Zoe showed Carter some floral photos and asked what he thought. Carter was impressed that she'd gotten right to work on their wedding. Zoe had been galvanized by picking a wedding date the previous night and hoped that she'd shown him how excited she'd been later that evening. He assured her that she had, and she giggled.

Zoe claimed that she couldn't wait to be Carter's wife. She admitted that she'd been slow to start planning. She'd been too focused on the "what ifs" when she should have been focused on their future. Zoe was anxious for their future to start right away. Carter was, too.

Zoe got called away to do something downstairs, but she said she'd need Carter's opinion on the floral arrangements when she returned. After she'd gone, he smiled, picking up the photos. Ridge entered and assumed that he'd just missed Zoe.

Carter was happy about the big night he and Zoe had had. He said they'd opened up the bottle Ridge had given Carter for his promotion, and they'd picked a wedding date. Carter hoped that Ridge was ready to be Carter's best man.

Ridge asked if Zoe had mentioned seeing him the previous day. Carter replied that he hadn't known about it and wondered why Ridge was asking. Ridge liked seeing Carter happy, and that was what made what Ridge had to say even more difficult.

Carter wasn't falling for it. Carter recalled that before he'd become COO, Ridge had punked Carter into thinking he'd been getting fired. Carter said that the wedding date had been set, and they were full steam ahead. Ridge stated that Zoe had been reluctant to set the date.

Carter explained that after an honest conversation with him, Zoe was ready to get married that day if it were possible. Ridge was sure she was. By Ridge's expression, Carter sensed something was going on. Ridge replied that Carter didn't know Zoe as well as he thought.

Carter felt that he knew all he needed to know about Zoe, but Ridge replied that he didn't. Carter believed that he knew what he was doing, and he just needed his best friend to stand up for him. Ridge wasn't sure that he could. Carter asked why that was.

Ridge repeated that he didn't believe Carter knew Zoe. Carter questioned if it was because Zoe hadn't jumped to set a date. He said that it was new for her, and her last wedding hadn't gone well. "I walked in on her. I -- I saw her and Zende," Ridge finally spat out.

Carter replied that Zende and Zoe worked together. "At the house," Ridge clarified. Ridge explained that it had seemed like Zoe had been making a move on Zende.

In the backstage area, Donna and Zende talked about sustainable fabric orders. He remarked that he usually went over it with Zoe, but she was busy. Donna couldn't blame Zoe and Carter for hiding out in his office after their big night. Donna asked if Zende had heard that the couple might have picked a wedding date.

Zende seemed visibly upset as Donna went on about the impending wedding and hoped that Zoe would be a beautiful bride. Donna called Zende's name, and he claimed he just had a lot on his mind. Zende asked if Donna had seen Ridge that day.

Zoe arrived, and Donna said they'd just been talking about Zoe. Donna asked if the wedding date had been set and became enthusiastic when Zoe affirmed that it had been. Donna offered to be of help with the event if Zoe needed it.

Donna left. Zende asked if things were okay. Affirming it, Zoe said she'd told Carter that she wanted to marry him right away. She said there was no question that her future was with Carter.

Later, Zende was relieved that Ridge hadn't said anything to Carter about seeing Zende and Zoe together. Zende didn't want to mess things up for Zoe and Carter. She replied that she shouldn't have flirted with Zende. She believed she'd been reacting to the stress of the date. She was completely committed to getting married and declared that the wedding would happen.

Zoe hoped she hadn't made things awkward between her and Zende. Zende assured her that she hadn't and said things would be fine between her and Carter, too. She knew that she'd dodged a bullet, but as long as Ridge didn't say anything, Carter wouldn't know about it.

Carter seeks to get to the heart of the matter with Zoe Carter seeks to get to the heart of the matter with Zoe
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope watched Liam's gaze fall onto his phone. She told him that it was okay to check it. He scanned the phone but found no word from Steffy about the paternity test. Liam doubted that they'd get results that day, but he knew that if anyone could push it through, it would be Steffy. Hope said she had to keep reminding herself that it could be Finn's child.

Liam hated what he was putting Hope through, that he'd let her down and had caused her pain. He only wanted to make her happy. Hope replied that he had in the past, and at times, no one had made her happier. It was why she wanted to try to figure out a way to get through it with their marriage and family intact.

Liam wanted to try, no matter how hard it would be. He needed to know it hadn't ruined them. Hope felt that he'd put his family in a bad position. She said that night never should have happened. Liam replied that he'd robbed her of her joy. "I made such a mistake," he uttered. Hope said the baby wasn't a mistake; it was a miracle, however it came to be.

Hope asked how Liam was. She didn't want to be so wrapped up in her own feelings that she didn't recognize his. The guilty Liam replied that she was "such a good person." He stated that stress was the least he deserved. She replied that they'd know the paternity soon, and they'd be able to figure out where to go from there.

Liam asked if he should text Steffy to find out what was going on. Hope flatly responded that Steffy would reach out when she had news. He figured that they should be playing with the kids or having a date night instead of what they were doing. He was sorry about it.

Hope knew that Liam was sorry. He replied that she might forgive him someday, even though he didn't deserve it. Hope said he'd hurt her a lot. She was in pain and didn't know if or when it would go away. She didn't know how it would affect them. She knew that actions had consequences, and they had to face them. He hoped they'd do it together. She hoped so, too.

In the doctor's office, Steffy was tense and hoped to get the paternity test results that day. She noticed that Finn seemed calm, and he said it was due to his experience in awaiting lab results. Steffy just wanted to get on with it and get confirmation that the baby was Finn's.

Dr. Campbell returned to the room and asked if Finn and Steffy were ready. As the doctor prepared to take the samples, Finn reassured Steffy and said they'd soon know what they were dealing with. Steffy claimed to already know that Finn was the father of the baby.

Dr. Campbell explained that she merely needed a cheek swab from Finn and a blood sample from Steffy. During pregnancy, free-floating fetal DNA combined with the mother's in the bloodstream. The test would isolate that DNA and compare it to the potential father's. Sometimes, there might not be enough DNA in the bloodstream. In that case, they'd have to retest, but Steffy was far enough along that Dr. Campbell didn't see that as an issue.

Later, Dr. Campbell said she'd get the samples to the lab and put a rush on them. Steffy asked how long it would take. The doctor was sure it would be longer than Steffy would like. Steffy asked if it was possible to get the results that day, but Dr. Campbell thought it was unlikely. She advised Steffy not to let it stress her or the baby.

The doctor left, and Steffy couldn't believe she couldn't get the results that day. She needed to know that the baby was Finn's so that they could get on with their lives. She said the baby had to be Finn's. "I know it. It has to be," she stated.

In the CEO's office, Ridge informed Carter that Zoe had been coming on to another guy. Carter deemed it impossible, but Ridge said he'd seen it with his own eyes. "So, Zoe and Zende?" Carter replied. Smirking, he guessed Ridge was playing a "best man joke" on him.

Ridge said he cared about Carter and wouldn't let him go into marriage with someone who was untrustworthy. Carter figured that Ridge had misunderstood. Ridge wished that he had. Ridge knew how much Carter loved Zoe, but Ridge wasn't sure Zoe felt the same way about Carter.

Carter began rationalizing that the accusation had to do with Ridge's mistrust after the kidnapping. Ridge denied it, but Carter insisted that the incident had devastated Ridge's daughter, and as a result, Ridge didn't trust Zoe. Ridge asserted that he didn't, and Carter shouldn't, either.

Carter asked that the conversation not turn ugly. Ridge didn't care if Carter became "mad" at him. Ridge loved Carter and couldn't let him go into a marriage with someone who was playing him. Carter thought those were strong words. Ridge wished he didn't have to say them, but he knew what he'd seen and heard.

Carter asked if Ridge was saying that something was going on between Zoe and Zende. Shrugging, Ridge conveyed that Zende had said it had never crossed a line, but Ridge sensed that Zoe had wanted it to. Carter asked to hear what had gone on.

Ridge explained that he'd gone to Eric's and had listened in upon hearing Zoe and Zende talking. Zoe had spoken about the heat between them, and she'd wondered what could happen between them. "Zende at least had the decency to bring up your name," Ridge added. He said Zoe wouldn't let it go and had stated that she and Zende should have a future together.

Ridge emphasized that it wasn't something he'd been told or read. He'd been there. He'd seen it and heard it himself. He concluded that Zoe had committed to Carter once she'd realized that Zende had no longer been an option. Carter thought it was a ridiculous notion that Zoe was hedging her bets between him and Zende.

Ridge promised that he'd never lie to Carter. Ridge had noticed something between Zende and Zoe even before that. Carter stated that the two worked together and were friends. Ridge replied that it was more than that, and he'd even asked Paris about it. Carter assumed Paris had dismissed it. Ridge said Paris had skirted around it. He hadn't believed her, and after the previous night, he understood why he hadn't.

Shaking his head, Carter wouldn't accept it. He said that, on the night Ridge had heard the conversation, Zoe had been more committed to him than ever and had wanted to set a date. Ridge said it was because he'd scared her, and she'd rushed to get to Carter before Ridge could. Ridge guessed she'd wanted to do damage control.

Carter responded that Zoe wasn't calculating. "She wouldn't..." Carter quietly and stubbornly uttered. Ridge asked if Carter thought Ridge liked to see Carter that way. Ridge suggested that Carter have a nice conversation with his very eager fiancée. Ridge walked out of the office. Tears welled in Carter's eyes, and he hit the desk with his fist.

Backstage at Forrester, Zoe hoped things were okay with her and Zende. She didn't want their almost-indiscretion to ruin their working relationship. He claimed it hadn't. She was glad and guessed that, the previous night, she'd just wanted to be sure there would be no possibility for her and Zende before she married Carter.

Zoe recalled panicking when Ridge had caught them together, and for the first time, she'd realized what she had to lose. She'd realized that she did want to marry Carter, and she wanted the life that he was ready to give her. She asked if Zende thought she'd convinced Ridge.

Zende said Zoe had put in the effort, but Ridge was protective and loyal. Ridge had heard it all, and he'd seen her try to kiss Zende; therefore, Zende had a tough time believing that Ridge would let Carter go forward without telling him. Zoe stated that she couldn't wait to marry Carter. The skeptical Zende hoped she got to do it.

Zoe figured that Ridge wanted his best friend to be happy. She really wanted to marry Carter, and she said Ridge wouldn't get in the middle of it. Zende hoped that she was right. She received a message that Carter wanted to see her right away. Zende urged her to get going. She sensed that Zende was concerned, but she was confident that she'd fixed it. She said it would soon be behind them, and she'd be Mrs. Carter Walton.

Back in the CEO's office, Carter braced himself as the chipper Zoe entered. She'd been thinking about their wedding nonstop. She was contemplating going big. After all, they would be a power couple. She felt they might as well own it. Carter asked if that was what Zoe wanted -- to be a power couple. Zoe asked if he was upset about something.

Carter asked if he should be upset. Zoe didn't think he should be upset with her -- unless he thought a flashy wedding was undignified. Carter was trying to understand why she'd turned around so fast about the wedding. Before, he hadn't been able to pin her down with so much as a date, but suddenly, she was all-in. He thought it had been quite a big shift.

Zoe guessed it had been. She conveyed that she'd been getting used to the idea of getting married. She'd wanted to be sure. "And are you sure?" he pointedly asked, demanding to know, "Am I really the man you want to marry, Zoe?"

Zoe tries to salvage her relationship with Carter Zoe tries to salvage her relationship with Carter
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Hope tried to calm Liam as he nervously checked his phone for a message from Steffy. Eventually, Steffy called Liam to tell him that the paternity test was done and that Dr. Campbell had ordered a rush on the results. The results, however, would not be available until at least the following day.

"If you believe in mother's intuition, then you and Hope have nothing to worry about," Steffy said reassuringly. Liam told Steffy to call him when she had any more information then hung up the phone. As he did, Thomas popped his head in the door and expressed his surprise that Steffy had already gotten a paternity test. Thomas apologized for barging in. Hope explained that the sooner everyone knew the truth, the sooner everyone could move on. Thomas assured Liam that he was not getting any pleasure from Liam's predicament. Thomas then turned to Hope and praised her strength, telling her that she and Liam could get through whatever the paternity test showed.

Later, Hope and Liam discussed Thomas. With the conversation edging toward the possibility of an argument, Liam pivoted. He told Hope that the only thing he wanted to focus on was earning Hope's forgiveness. Hope didn't immediately respond to Liam's claim that she was his top priority. Hope responded that she needed to wait until the test results came back. Liam promised to spend the rest of his life proving how much he loved Hope.

Thomas met up with Vinny. Vinny apologized for not being around for Thomas in his time of need. Vinny then reached into his pocket and removed a bottle of "prescription-grade, straight from the source" pills and offered them to Thomas as a makegood. Thomas said that he wanted no part of the pills because of what he'd seen Steffy go through.

Vinny sensed something was bothering Thomas. Thomas shared that Steffy was pregnant and unsure of the father of the child. Thomas brought Vinny up to speed. Vinny mentioned that depending on how the paternity test results played out, Thomas could have an open field to pursue Hope.

At the cliff house, Brooke let herself in, telling Steffy that she had knocked but not gotten a response. "I know what you did to my daughter," Brooke said icily. She then demanded to know why Steffy had slept with Liam. Steffy denied wanting to destroy Hope's marriage, but Brooke insinuated that that was exactly what Steffy wanted. Brooke rattled off numerous other ways that Steffy could have helped other than being "a friend with benefits."

Steffy informed Brooke of the paternity test and her instinct that the baby was Finn's. Once she learned that Ridge didn't know what was going on, Steffy asked Brooke not to say anything. Brooke agreed, but instructed Steffy to tell Ridge the whole story -- even if the paternity test showed that Finn was the father.

Brooke sensed that Steffy was struggling with the situation. Brooke assured Steffy that she didn't want to stress Steffy out. Steffy countered that Brooke choosing a surprise confrontation wasn't exactly soothing. Brooke fired back that she could not have sat idly by after Steffy had slept with Liam. "I expected a little understanding coming from a woman who..." Steffy halted when Brooke groaned loudly. Before leaving, Brooke said that Steffy "better be right" that Finn was the baby's father.

At Forrester Creations, Paris watched quietly as Zende looked over some dresses on a rack. Paris sensed that something was on Zende's mind. "Not something. Someone," Zende replied. Paris questioned if Zende hadn't been truthful when he'd said that his "flirty little games" with Zoe were over. Zende assured her that whatever had been going on between him and Zoe was finished.

Zende worried that whatever Carter and Zoe had might be over, too. Zende then remarked that it was "such a waste" for Carter to break up with Zoe, since the flirting with Zoe was over. Zende then turned the conversation by stating that he wanted to try to be a better man for Paris.

"I need to know," Carter said, asking, "Am I the man you want to marry?" Zoe immediately replied that he was. Carter followed up his question with another: why? Zoe seemed taken aback by the question. Rather than answer directly, Zoe said that there were many reasons. Pressed for at least one reason, Zoe responded that Carter was kind. Zoe continued to struggle with her response.

Carter then asked if Zoe wanted to marry him because he was gullible. Carter told Zoe what Ridge had told him. Zoe said she could explain everything. Zoe swore that nothing was happening between her and Zende. "Make me understand why you're throwing yourself at Zende while you're engaged to me!" Carter roared. Admitting that it had been inappropriate, Zoe claimed that she had been trying to gauge what Zende had been thinking.

Zoe told Carter that she was in love with Carter and how proud she was of everything that he had accomplished. "You're only with me because I am Forrester adjacent," Carter snapped, adding that Zoe would drop him in a minute if she could have "the real thing." He then recalled how quick Zoe had been to agree to marry Thomas. Zoe denied Carter's accusation, but Carter's rage continued to grow. He blasted himself for not realizing that Zoe had never had any interest in him. "If you want him, you can have him," Carter snarled, declaring, "The engagement is off. We're done."

Zoe begged Carter to reconsider. Carter told Zoe she could take off her ring, and they could pretend their engagement had never happened. "I loved you. I wanted to start a life with you, Zoe. I don't fall in love easily," Carter said with tears in his eyes. Zoe vowed to make Carter see that she loved him. "Maybe it was just because I felt like me and you were moving so fast," Zoe explained. Zoe told Carter that she'd gotten over that fear and wanted nothing more than to be his wife. Carter stood before her, silent and motionless.

Steffy comes clean to Ridge about her night with Liam Steffy comes clean to Ridge about her night with Liam
Thursday, February 4, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke arrived as Hope was searching for a doll. Brooke had passed Liam on the grounds, and he'd been on the way to search for the doll at the main house. Brooke wanted to see her grandchild, but Douglas and Beth were on an outing with Aunt Donna.

Brooke asked how Hope was doing. Hope was still disillusioned about all that had happened. Brooke still couldn't believe what had gone on with Steffy and Liam. Hope couldn't, either.

Brooke stated that Steffy should have sent Liam home, but she hadn't. Brooke wasn't trying to justify Liam's actions, but she did take into account that Liam had thought he'd seen Hope kissing a man he despised more than anyone. Brooke believed that Steffy had seen an opportunity and had taken advantage of it. As far as Brooke was concerned, Steffy was to blame for everything that had happened.

Hope couldn't believe that one night had changed everything. Brooke noted that Liam and Hope were still living together. Hope explained that it wasn't the same, and all they were doing was waiting around to see if Liam had fathered another baby with Steffy.

Brooke replied that a baby was a gift, and Hope would love it. Brooke said it was the kind of person Hope was, and her capacity to love and forgive would hold her and Liam together -- even if Steffy's baby was Liam's.

Hope said she prayed that Brooke was right about that. Hope felt as if time had stopped. It wouldn't begin again until the results were in. Hope decided to go and help Liam find the doll.

At Brooke's house, Thomas encountered Liam, who was searching for Beth's doll. "Blonde hair, blue dress?" Thomas asked. He'd just seen it in the kitchen, and he assumed that Beth had left it the previous day when she'd had a tea party with Donna. Liam asked how Thomas had known about the party. Thomas reminded Liam that Thomas lived there.

Liam said Thomas had been recuperating, and Liam had thought that once Thomas had recovered, he'd move back to his own place. "And away from Hope," Thomas replied. Thomas asked if even a small part of Liam could try to believe that Thomas had changed.

Liam claimed that the last time they'd had the conversation, Thomas had been lying to him. Thomas assumed Liam thought that Thomas was as obsessed as ever with Hope. Liam replied that Thomas had a motive to convince others that he wasn't.

Thomas concluded that Liam wasn't buying the façade Thomas was supposedly putting on. Liam affirmed it. Sighing, Thomas asked why, if he were pretending, he would tell Hope to forgive Liam. "Because it makes you look good," Liam replied. Thomas covered his face with his hands.

Liam stated that he couldn't do it with Thomas, and Liam asked if Thomas understood that Liam had to focus on Hope. Thomas replied that Liam wanted to focus on his wife even though Steffy might be pregnant with his child.

Liam replied that Thomas couldn't make Liam feel any worse about what he'd done. Thomas claimed to be trying to get Liam to grasp the amount of heartache he'd created. "Because you want me to feel worse," Liam intuited. He accepted responsibility for what he'd done but claimed that Thomas wasn't helping. Liam told Thomas to prove he'd changed by staying out of it.

Thomas told Liam that it did help for a person to recognize the things he'd done wrong in order to fix them. Impatiently, Liam agreed. Thomas said Liam could have walked into the apartment and seen that Thomas hadn't been with Hope. Better yet, Liam could have been a husband, gone home, and seen Hope there waiting for him. Instead, Liam had rushed straight to Steffy, knowing that she was vulnerable to him, and had wound up in her bed.

Thomas told Liam that he was a married man. Liam had taken vows with Hope, but Steffy was pregnant with Liam's child -- possibly. Thomas asked how Liam thought Hope felt about it.

Hope heard the men talking as she arrived through the terrace. Thomas apologized. He hadn't wanted to upset Hope. Agreeing, Liam asked if she wanted them to leave. Thomas decided he'd leave and give them space.

Hope stopped Thomas. She recalled that he'd asked how she felt about what had happened between Steffy and Liam. She stated that she didn't know how she felt. She'd been trying to keep her mind occupied and away from the thoughts of Liam, Steffy, and the pregnancy. She figured they'd soon know who the father was. She prayed that it was Finn's. If it wasn't, Hope wasn't sure what her future would look like.

Liam became visibly upset. Hope said she'd always love Liam, but she wasn't sure she could get beyond the pain. She didn't know if she could be that forgiving. Regardless of the outcome of the tests, Hope just wasn't there, and she wasn't sure she ever would be. That was as honest as Hope could be about it.

Liam thought it was time to be honest, too, with himself. He felt that he had to do it, even with Thomas standing there. Liam said he'd been asking for her forgiveness and apologizing, but he had to know that there was no speech he could give or declaration of love or remorse that would prove they wouldn't be back there again.

Laim said Hope needed to know that the Liam who thought it had been possible to find her in Thomas' arms didn't exist anymore. The Liam who'd run to Steffy in a moment of insecurity didn't exist anymore. He believed it was something he had to earn, and he had to do with his actions -- a lifetime of them. He decided he'd no longer ask for forgiveness. Instead, he'd ask for the chance to prove that he was worth forgiving, and it would make him the happiest man in the world.

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy worked in their office. She lost her train of thought, and he asked if she needed a break. Pausing, she said she had to tell him something, and she hoped that he wouldn't be disappointed in her. Ridge asked what it was about.

Steffy started out talking about the night Thomas had kissed the mannequin. Ridge said he knew all about it, but she replied that Ridge didn't know that Liam had spent the night with her that night. Ridge stated that he already knew about that night, and it wasn't news to him.

Steffy added that Liam hadn't just spent the night -- they'd slept together. Ridge smiled mirthlessly and threw his hands up. Steffy said she knew. She explained that she and Liam had been drinking, and it had been stupid. Ridge asked if Hope knew, and Steffy replied that Hope knew everything. Ridge asked about Finn.

Steffy affirmed that Finn knew and added that Brooke did, too. Ridge's expression elongated in surprise. Steffy added that Brooke had confronted her the previous day, just as Steffy had known would happen. Ridge replied that Brooke hadn't said anything to him. Steffy explained that she'd asked Brooke not to. Steffy had wanted Ridge to hear it from her.

Ridge growled and expressed frustration. He decided that they were all adults there. He was sure Finn would forgive Steffy, and Hope would work through it with Liam. Steffy wished it were that simple. Ridge began talking about how everyone had to find a way, but Steffy said it was more than the one night. She said it could complicate things.

Ridge asked what it was. "I'm pregnant, Dad," she replied. Ridge clenched his jaw and nodded. He assumed she thought the baby could be Liam's.

In the design office, Paris was on a call with a donor when Zoe barged in. "Hang up," Zoe ordered. Paris said she was on an important call, but Zoe didn't care and insisted they have it out right then. Paris ended the call and asked what Zoe was talking about. Zoe replied that Carter was "thisclose" to writing her off forever.

Paris asked what had happened, but Zoe told Paris not to act like she didn't know. Paris asked again, and in a snide tone, Zoe explained that Ridge had gone to Carter after seeing Zoe and Zende at the mansion together. Paris asked what Ridge had seen and heard.

"That is so beside the point," Zoe replied. She said the point was that Carter wanted to end their future together. Zoe couldn't believe that she'd screwed it up. Paris said she was sorry, but Zoe replied that Paris wasn't. Zoe accused Paris of sending Ridge to the mansion to catch Zoe and Zende. "You set this whole thing in motion, didn't you?" Zoe asked.

Saying that Zoe had gotten it all wrong, Paris stated that Ridge had followed his own intuition. Zoe insisted that Paris had wanted Ridge to "catch" Zoe and Zende. Raging that Paris had gotten her wish, Zoe said Carter was heartbroken, and Zoe would be persona non grata around Forrester. It was back to how it had been after the baby scandal. Zoe hoped Paris was happy.

Paris said they were family. Although she didn't want to see her sister hurt, she felt she had to point out that Zoe's behavior with Carter had been awful. Zoe ordered Paris to stop it. Zoe didn't need Paris to judge her. Paris started to say it wasn't her intention but cut herself off to say she was sorry that it had happened to Zoe.

Zoe replied that Paris might not believe it, but Zoe cared about Carter and wanted a life with him. Paris was sure Zoe had felt that way once she'd found out a life with Zende hadn't been an option.

Zoe vowed not to forget what Paris had done to her. She felt that all Paris had had to do was to send an alert that Ridge had been on the way. Paris claimed that she'd text-messaged Zoe. "Yeah, well, obviously, you didn't try hard enough," Zoe complained. She said her sister could have called or kept texting -- anything to stop what had happened. "But you didn't, Paris, and that hurts. That hurts a lot," Zoe stated.

Zoe attempts to rid herself of Paris Zoe attempts to rid herself of Paris
Friday, February 5, 2021

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy let Ridge know that he'd be a grandfather again. She said it was still early, but she'd heard the baby's heartbeat. She hadn't told Kelly about the baby yet because things were complicated. Ridge replied that it was because Liam could be the father. Steffy said she'd already gotten a paternity test, and she was praying that Finn was the father.

Finn arrived, and Steffy said she'd been filling her father in on things. Finn assumed Ridge knew they were waiting on paternity test results. Sure that Finn hadn't thought he'd be in that situation, Ridge noted that Steffy and Liam had a complicated relationship, and they'd screwed up.

Finn replied that he and Steffy had discussed it. He and Steffy were still trying to work it out, but he loved Steffy. What had happened that night wouldn't change that. Ridge said it was good to hear because Steffy and Finn might be having a baby together.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Finn and Steffy talked about how supportive Ridge was. Steffy said her father might be biased at times, but he was her biggest advocate. Finn said he'd be that way with his daughter, and it was comforting to him that Ridge was rooting for them.

Steffy told Finn that, no matter what the test results said, she wanted to be with him. She didn't want to pressure him. Finn wasn't feeling pressured. He was there because he wanted to be. He wanted a life with Steffy. No matter how unpredictable and crazy it would be, he'd roll with it because that was what people did when they loved each other. They stuck together, and Finn intended to stick with her.

In the design office, Zoe swore she'd never forgive Paris. Paris insisted she'd had nothing to do with Ridge deciding to go to the mansion the previous day. Zoe reasoned that Paris could have talked Ridge down and gotten him to do something different. Zoe said it was exactly the reason she'd never wanted Paris there.

Paris swore she'd never meant to cause any problems. She'd arrived in town because she'd missed her sister. She said they were family and needed to make it work between them. In Paris' view, the sisters worked in the same place but had different goals and dreams. Zoe yelled that her dream had been to marry Carter, but Paris had taken it from Zoe.

Paris believed that Zoe could fix things with Carter, but Paris wanted to also repair the relationship between the sisters before it was too late. Still upset about Carter, Zoe said she'd be shocked if he ever forgave her. Paris asked what Carter had said.

"Oh, really, Paris? Really? You expect me to confide in you after all this destruction that you've caused?" Zoe asked. Paris requested that Zoe let Paris be there for her, but Zoe felt that she wouldn't be in the mess at all if Paris had listened to Zoe and not accepted the job.

Zoe decided to take responsibility for going to see Zende. "But I never wanted to lose Carter," Zoe added. Paris believed Zoe and Carter could still figure it out. Zoe began explaining how fast things had moved with Carter and how soon they'd become engaged to be married. " -- Which -- Wow, I can't even say that anymore because of you!" Zoe yelled.

Paris began to reason with Zoe, but Zoe cut in, complaining about how hard it would be to do her job after what had happened. Crossing her fingers, Zoe said Carter and Ridge were "like this" with each other. Zoe asked if Paris knew how hard it had been for Zoe to regain the Forresters' trust after the baby scandal. Zoe couldn't imagine how much Ridge had to hate her.

"It was all because of your actions. You did that," Paris replied. Zoe spoke as if she might cry, saying Paris didn't understand what Zoe was going through. Zoe claimed she was trying to figure it out. Paris didn't get what the relationship with Carter had to do with Paris or why it bothered Zoe so much that Paris was there.

Zoe asserted that Forrester was her place and her business, not Paris'. There wasn't enough room for both of them, which meant that Paris had to leave that day. Paris replied that their father was in prison, and Paris had moved there in part to be closer to Zoe. Zoe said Paris shouldn't have done it, and Zoe didn't like being responsible for Paris.

Paris replied that Zoe didn't have to be. Paris had found a potential home and didn't want her sister to be against her. Zoe asked why Paris wanted to be there. Paris began to talk about the Forrester Foundation. Cutting Paris off, Zoe figured that Paris wanted to be close to Zende.

Paris denied that was the reason. She was there for her relationship with her sister. She felt that they needed to love and respect each other. Paris stated that she shouldn't be a threat to Zoe. Zoe replied that Paris wasn't a threat, but she'd up-ended Zoe's life since her arrival.

Paris didn't know how Zoe could say that. Paris liked being around her sister, and she had a great opportunity at Forrester. She didn't want to leave. She offered to put in a good word for Zoe with Carter, but she admonished Zoe, because sometimes, Zoe went too far and wound up getting herself in trouble. Paris knew Zoe was a decent person and promised to get Carter to see it. Paris implored Zoe to say why they couldn't be close and share their lives.

Zoe, more determined than ever to get Paris out of Forrester, opened a drawer to retrieve something she'd had written up on Paris' behalf. "A resignation letter?" Paris asked, reading over it. Zoe said that day would be Paris' last day working there. Zoe ordered Paris to pack up and then thank Zende, Carter, and Ridge, and tell them that she was leaving.

Paris didn't think Zoe could be serious and said everyone knew how much Paris liked it there. "Get creative. Make something up," Zoe said and added that she wanted Paris gone that day. Paris felt very sad that it had gotten to that point. Paris had thought things would be different between them that time. Zoe quipped that some things never changed.

Paris cited one thing that had changed. She'd grown up and was no longer a kid. She wasn't just a little sister. Paris had gone to school, gotten degrees, and achieved things she was proud of. Getting a job offer from Ridge Forrester had topped that list. "So, no, I won't be leaving today or ever. I'm not signing this, and I'm not allowing you to boss me around ever again," Paris stated and ripped up the resignation letter.

At Brooke's house, Thomas asked if Hope and Liam would prefer that he go. Liam said Thomas didn't have to leave, but he didn't have to add his two cents, either.

Hope told Liam that she didn't have the answers yet. Liam replied that no matter what happened, nothing about what he wanted would change. The only question for him was if he'd be able to earn her forgiveness. Liam stated that he was desperately sorry for what he'd done. She knew how he felt. She was trying to see her way through it but needed more time.

Liam understood, but he didn't want Hope to see her future without him in it. She said she'd never do that, and he'd always be a part of her life in some way, no matter what happened. "Scares me when you say that," he replied.

Hope was scared, too. She was scared to look like a fool for forgiving Liam. She was scared it wouldn't be the last time it happened. She feared she wouldn't get the image of him and Steffy out of her head. She was scared that their love would turn into resentment and pain.

The topic turned to the paternity test, and Liam and Hope assumed they'd have results in a few days. Thomas asked what Steffy's intuition was about the baby. Liam said Steffy believed the baby was Finn's. Hope stated that they wouldn't know until they got the results.

Liam said that Steffy could count upon him if the baby was his, but nothing had to change between Hope and Liam. "We'll see," Hope replied. Liam reminded himself he had to be patient, and he had no right to look for reassurance from Hope in that moment.

Hope hated that Liam had doubted her enough to go to Steffy. Hope stated that Liam had been so sure of her infidelity. She reasoned that Liam could have gone to Wyatt or to a friend -- or gone home to her. Liam wished he had. Hope replied that he hadn't, so they had to wait to see if he was the father of Steffy's baby.

Liam told Thomas that it was a lot to share in front of him. Thomas reminded Liam that Thomas had offered to go. Hope stated that Thomas already knew everything and was Steffy's brother. Liam thought that was true, and he reluctantly added that, on some level, Thomas was protective of Hope.

Thomas admitted that he was worried about his sister, who'd finally gotten into a good place about Liam and had moved on a bit with her life. It was what everyone wanted, and Thomas could see that Liam regretted what he'd done. Thomas hoped that Hope could see it, too.

Thomas thought there had been too much pain in Hope and Steffy's lives. Thomas wanted Steffy to be happy, and she was with Finn. Thomas hoped Steffy would hold onto it because it wasn't easy to find. He guessed that Liam and Hope knew that. He told Hope that, despite the betrayal, she was happiest with Liam and the kids. He asked her not to lose sight of that.

Thomas went upstairs, and Hope told Liam that Thomas wasn't wrong. She was filled with joy while surrounded by the children and when she was with Liam. Liam just wanted her to be happy again. He was sorry he'd taken it away from her. He believed that they could have it back, and he'd do everything he could to hold them together.

Liam had no excuse for betraying Hope, but all he could do was show her with his actions that it wouldn't happen again. He believed that he could still be the husband she deserved. He just needed her to give him the chance to prove it.

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