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Bill enlisted Brooke and Donna's help in convincing Katie to trust him again. Zoe appealed to Ridge to help her fix things with Carter. The results of Steffy and Finn's paternity test caused Finn and Hope to question the promises they'd made to try to stay in their relationships.
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The results of Steffy and Finn's paternity test caused Finn and Hope to question their respective relationships
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The wait for the paternity test results finally ends The wait for the paternity test results finally ends
Monday, February 15, 2021

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge were in the CEO's office. It was quiet as they worked, and Brooke hoped that he wasn't upset with her for abiding by Steffy's wish to tell him about the pregnancy herself. Ridge wasn't upset about it. Brooke replied that she had the most understanding husband. He replied that he had the most beautiful wife.

Ridge received a message alert from Steffy. She wrote that she was at the hospital with Finn, and Liam and Hope were on their way. Ridge and Brooke became somber. Thomas entered and asked if something had happened. Ridge stated that they'd soon have the paternity test results.

Thomas said Steffy wanted the baby to be Finn's. Brooke thought that was the best outcome, so that they could all go on with their lives as planned. Thomas stated that it would be nice if Steffy didn't have another connection to Liam.

Ridge said the most important thing was that Steffy wanted to be with Finn, and Steffy deserved that. Brooke added that Hope deserved to be the only woman in Liam's life. Ridge was amazed that the three of them had just agreed on something.

Later, Ridge flashed back to Steffy announcing her pregnancy to him. Thomas expressed regret for the things he'd done. The mannequin incident notwithstanding, he was aware that he'd made mistakes. Brooke said she knew that it had been a result of his brain injury.

Thomas was happy to hear that Brooke understood why he'd been the way he'd been with the mannequin. He conveyed his deep respect for Hope. He wanted what was best for Hope and could see that Hope loved Liam. Thomas hoped that Hope could forgive Liam the way that Ridge had forgiven Thomas. Thomas hoped that Brooke could forgive him, too.

Brooke rendered a quiet smile. Ridge was proud of Thomas for owning up to his mistakes. It had made Thomas a better man and father. Thomas added that it had also made him a better son, which he wanted to be. Ridge claimed that Thomas had always been a great son.

Brooke admitted that she was impressed by how positive Thomas had become. Grinning, Ridge was surprised to hear it. He said Thomas might not be as irredeemable as they'd thought. Brooke smiled. Thomas didn't expect her to change her opinion overnight. He stated that his main focus was Steffy and Hope having what they needed to be happy.

Brooke replied that she was protective of Hope. Thomas said he'd given Brooke every reason to be. She conveyed that he'd kept Hope from her daughter while knowing that Beth had been alive. Thomas regretted doing that more than anything.

Ridge wondered if they could all get beyond it. "Hope has," he added. Brooke stated that she was trying. She admitted that the Thomas with them at that moment wasn't the manipulative Thomas of the past -- unless it was just another manipulation.

Ridge groaned in displeasure at Brooke's statement. Brooke asked if Thomas saw her dilemma. Thomas did, but he was trying to make up for things. He knew Ridge would see the work his son was putting in. Thomas admitted that he cared about Hope. He wanted what was best for her. Thomas thought it would be best for Hope if Steffy's baby turned out to be Finn's.

In Dr. Campbell's office, Steffy and Finn waited, and Finn expressed that he'd been surprised by Ridge's supportiveness. Steffy replied that her father was a good judge of character and liked Finn. "We have that in common," she added.

Finn replied that he liked Steffy so much that he wanted to have the baby with her. Steffy stated that it had to be his. Finn said he loved her, and they'd get through it no matter what happened.

Liam and Hope arrived, wondering if they'd missed anything. Steffy said they hadn't, and Hope coolly replied that it was finally the day they'd learn whose baby Steffy was carrying. Dr. Campbell arrived and let them know that the results were still pending.

Steffy grew frustrated. Dr. Campbell reminded the expectant mother to manage her stress. It was especially important for Steffy to do that if she didn't get the DNA test results she hoped for. Finn thanked the doctor, and she assured them that the results wouldn't take much longer.

Dr. Campbell left, and Finn reminded everyone that they were adult enough to handle things without putting stress upon Steffy, who was carrying precious cargo.

Later, Finn closed the office door, happy that Liam and Hope had given Finn and Steffy time alone. Finn had wanted a moment with Steffy. He excitedly stated that they were moments away from learning that they were having a baby together.

Steffy paced. Finn reminded her to breathe. She didn't know what she'd do without him. He was honored to stand with her and the baby who he hoped was the child they'd made. Steffy thought they'd be the world's coolest parents. Finn had been excited about being a father someday, but until Steffy had appeared in his life, he'd thought the right woman to do it with hadn't existed.

Finn thought he and Steffy had been meant to be, and he was optimistic about the life they'd have together and the sibling they'd give to Kelly. Steffy wanted the exact picture he was painting. Finn had his own intuition. He believed the doctor would say the baby was his, and they'd walk out of there and into the brightest future she could ever imagine.

In another exam room, Hope wondered if she and Liam should be in there. Liam asked if she thought the hospital would kick them out. The wait seemed endless to Hope. Liam apologized to her for having to deal with it instead of being at work or with the kids.

Hope said Steffy seemed to think it was Finn's baby. Liam replied that a mother's intuition had to count for something. He thanked Hope for being there. Hope recalled that she'd promised that she would be there -- for better or for worse.

Hope understood that Liam was sorry and regretted what he'd done. His decision to turn to Steffy had broken Hope's heart, but Hope didn't want to stay stuck in that moment. She wanted to try to move on, and that was why she was praying that the baby was Finn's. That way, Steffy could move on, and Hope and Liam could start a new chapter.

Liam smiled at the thought of that. He'd been worried that he'd screwed everything up so badly that he'd never hear words like that from Hope again. Hope said she was committed to working through the setbacks. It was worth it for their family. Liam thanked her for being the woman he didn't deserve. He planned to work hard on deserving her every day.

Back in Dr. Campbell's office, Steffy said she'd have a panic attack if the results took any longer. Finn assured her that they'd be fine either way. Steffy was grateful for his love and support. He said they'd remember that day as one of their happiest because it was the day they'd learn that they'd be parents.

Liam and Hope returned to the room. They were surprised that the test was taking so long. Hope thought Steffy should know that Hope had told Liam that Hope didn't want to be stuck in the anger and hurt of the incident. Hope wanted to forget that night and move forward with her family. She hoped it was the same for Steffy and Finn.

Steffy said she and Finn wanted it, too. She appreciated Hope's graciousness and said Hope could be handling things differently. Hope replied that Steffy was a factor in Hope's life. Hope had accepted that a long time back. "Just try not to be so present," Hope requested. Steffy replied that it was a deal.

Liam decided to apologize to everyone in the room. He said none of them would be there if Liam had just taken a moment to think that night. He didn't expect them to accept his apology; he just wanted to put it out there.

Dr. Campbell returned to the room. She had the paternity test results with her. Steffy couldn't wait another moment. She said it had to be Finn. Liam took Hope by the hand, and Steffy asked Dr. Campbell not to keep them in suspense about who the father of the baby was.

The paternity test returns with unexpected results The paternity test returns with unexpected results
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

At Forrester, Brooke, Ridge, and Thomas awaited word on the paternity test results. They all thought it would be best for Finn to be the father because it would allow everyone to move on with their lives. Thomas announced that Brooke and Ridge could move on without Thomas.

Ridge asked if Thomas was dying. Thomas said he wasn't dying, but it was time for him to move out of Brooke's house. Brooke asked if Thomas was really ready. Thomas thought so and said that it couldn't be a better time. He felt he needed to step up for his son and the family. He said Steffy might need him, and he could be there to help bring the new little Forrester into the world.

"A little Forrester...whose last name better be Finnegan," Brooke concluded. Ridge didn't even want to think about the alternative. He said no one wanted Liam to be the father. "Right, Thomas?" Ridge asked. Thomas knew it might be hard to believe, but he wanted Hope and Steffy to be happy. That meant that Finn needed to be the father of the child.

Brooke skeptically asked if Thomas would see it as an opportunity if Liam turned out to be the father. Thomas claimed that he wouldn't, and Ridge abruptly asserted his opinion that Thomas had learned from his mistakes. Letting the topic go, Brooke said Thomas' response was good news. She said she could relax if only they could get good news about the test.

Checking his phone, Ridge said he didn't have any news yet. He guessed that the doctor was running late -- or everyone was out celebrating. Brooke didn't know about that. Ridge decided that they should go home and be nearby for whatever the result might be.

As Brooke and Ridge walked out, Thomas asked them to let him know if they heard anything. Thomas told Ridge that he'd continue to make Ridge proud. Ridge said he didn't doubt it.

Just then, Vinny arrived. Ridge greeted him and continued on his way. Vinny had a white lab coat in one hand and a brown bag in the other. Vinny said he was trying to check in with Thomas whenever time permitted. Thomas asked why Vinny was so busy.

Vinny was working two jobs, and he complained that one of them made him clock in and out and told him exactly when to take breaks. Vinny noted that Thomas seemed troubled. Thomas explained that Steffy was at the hospital with Finn, Liam, and Hope, waiting for paternity test results. Vinny assumed it was a big day for Thomas' sister.

Thomas said it affected Steffy's entire future. Vinny assumed that it affected Thomas' future, too. Thomas replied that he didn't want Hope or Steffy hurt by it. Vinny figured Thomas knew what Vinny was talking about and said it could be an opening for Thomas. Thomas didn't even want Vinny to suggest it. Vinny asked why not.

Thomas replied that it would kill Hope. "Yeah, and you'll be there to pick up the pieces. Wink, wink," Vinny responded. Thomas didn't even want to discuss that. Vinny said that Thomas loved Hope. Affirming it, Thomas replied it was why he wanted the baby to be Finn's. It would give Hope everything she wanted. Thomas figured that working with Hope and co-parenting with her might be enough for him. Vinny replied that it wouldn't be. Thomas said it had to be.

Vinny asked how long they'd known each other. Thomas replied that it had been all their lives. Vinny asked how many women he'd seen enter and leave Thomas' life. Vinny noted that Thomas hadn't had feelings for any of them, and none had come close to Hope.

Vinny respected that Thomas was trying to be a new man, but in Vinny's opinion, there was only so much a person could change about themselves. Vinny wanted Thomas to know that he was there for him, and there was nothing Vinny wouldn't do for Thomas. Vinny insisted that where there was a will, there was a way.

At Brooke's house, Brooke wondered if she and Ridge should have gone to the hospital. Ridge figured that there was enough tension there already. Brooke couldn't even imagine if the child turned out to be Liam's after all Hope and Liam had already been through.

Ridge had been proud of Steffy for finally moving beyond Liam, and Ridge said that, for a while, his and Brooke's kids had had peace. Brooke said the paternity test had to turn out the way they wanted it to in order to keep that peace.

Ridge noted that the one good thing about the experience was that he and Brooke were not arguing about their kids. He figured that whatever happened, they'd get through it together. Brooke replied that she wouldn't have it any other way.

In Dr. Campbell's office, everyone was anxious for the doctor to name Finn as the father of Steffy's baby. Dr. Campbell, however, wanted to first make sure that everyone was committed to Steffy's health and the health of the child, regardless of the results. Liam and Finn affirmed it. Hope asked how accurate the test was. Dr. Campbell said it was 99% accurate.

Steffy asked Dr. Campbell if Finn was a match with the sample. "Unfortunately, no," Dr. Campbell responded. Hope released Liam's hand. Steffy and Finn looked upset. Steffy insisted that it had to be Finn's. She stammered that she'd felt it, and she'd known. Steffy insisted that the result was wrong, and she implored Dr. Campbell to run it again.

Dr. Campbell stood by the results. She wished it had turned out the way everyone had wanted, but she believed that once they each held it for the first time, the confusion and shock would easily fade away. She left to give them all time to absorb it.

Steffy sobbed. "Okay. Now we know," Finn quietly said. Sobbing, Hope added, "One night, and now this. You two...another child..." Hope sighed and rushed out. Liam ran out behind her. Continuing to cry, Steffy told Finn that she was sorry.

At the cliff house later, Steffy was in a daze. Finn asked when Kelly would be home. Steffy said it would be in a few hours. She didn't want Kelly to see her mother like that. Finn replied that he could be gone by then if Steffy wanted. Steffy said she didn't want him to leave. He gave her a look, and she added, "But if that's what you need, then..."

Finn didn't know what he needed. Steffy knew how much he'd been looking forward to the baby. Finn replied that he'd already thought of "her" as his. He'd already fallen in love. He glanced at the portrait and stated that it was Liam's. "It's Liam's," Finn repeated.

Steffy asked Finn to talk about his feelings. Finn felt love for Steffy and for the child "I almost had." Disappointed, he said he'd been so excited and ready. Kelly and Steffy's bond inspired him, and he'd wanted that kind of bond, too. He'd wanted to have his own child in his arms and to have "her" fall asleep on him. Steffy sobbed uncontrollably.

Finn stated that it wouldn't be that way because Steffy was having a baby with Liam -- again. Finn didn't know how he fit in. Steffy asserted that he was her partner and the man she loved. Finn knew how Steffy felt about him and that they could have an amazing future. She affirmed that they could have that. "Two kids, Steffy? Two of them?" he questioned.

Steffy claimed that it didn't matter, and she wanted Finn. Finn wanted her, too. All he'd wanted was a life with her, and he thought he'd finally broken her out of that awful cycle with Liam and Hope. Finn had been trying to take it to a new place. Steffy insisted that Finn had done it; Liam was her past, and Finn was her future. She asked him not to give up on her.

It was the last thing Finn wanted to do. All he'd ever thought of was a future with Steffy. There was no one like her. Steffy said that if he meant that, and if he was willing to accept the situation, they could stay together. She couldn't lose Finn. She didn't want to lose him.

At the cabin, Hope strode in, slammed her purse to the ground and sobbed by the fireplace. Liam hurried in behind her. He wanted to talk about it, but it was too much for her to discuss at that moment. It was a lot for Liam, too, but he reminded her that their family was riding on it.

"Our family?" Hope responded. Crying, she recalled what she'd said at the hospital about starting a new chapter. Liam stated that he wanted that, too, but she replied that it was impossible. Everything had changed, and their family would never be the same, since he was having another child with Steffy.

Hope didn't know how it was happening. Liam replied that he'd screwed up. She recalled the "hell" they'd gone through over losing Beth. They'd gotten their miracle and another chance when Beth had returned to them. "We had our family, and then" Hope cried.

Liam stated that he was sorry. Hope replied that she was the one who was sorry. She was sorry she'd trusted her heart to a man who'd think so lowly of her. Hope coughed and sobbed, unable to say more. Liam knew that it was absurd, but he'd seen her. "Oh, that wasn't me!" Hope replied. Liam stated that he hadn't known that.

Hope asked if Liam knew how hurtful it was to hear that he hadn't known. She said he hadn't even tried to get the answers from her, and it hurt almost as much as knowing he'd give up on her and jump into bed with Steffy. He asserted that he was a fool, but it didn't mean it was too late for them. Hope replied that Steffy was pregnant again with his child, which was probably what he really wanted.

Liam yelled that it wasn't what he wanted. He wanted Hope. He wanted their family, and he'd worked too hard for it to give it all up at that point. Hope repeated that Steffy was pregnant with his child. Liam replied that it didn't mean his marriage to Hope had to end. He loved Hope. He always had, and he always would.

The fallout from the test results continues The fallout from the test results continues
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

At the cabin, Liam conceded that the paternity test results had not come back the way that anyone had wanted. Still, he felt strongly that he and Hope could get through it in much the same way they had with Kelly. "My giving up on us -- that is the mistake. I owe it to you to correct," Liam said. Hope sat silent as Liam pleaded. When he finished, Hope leapt to her felt and firmly stated that it was too soon for her to process everything. "Your 'sorry' isn't going to fix anything," Hope snapped as Liam tried again to apologize. Hope said that she knew that Liam had never intended to hurt her, but that did not change the fact that he had hurt her.

Hope demanded to know why Liam had so recklessly thrown away everything that she and he had fought for. "One moment of insecurity, and you've just gone and thrown it all away," Hope cried. Hope blasted Liam for not honoring their marriage vows. She questioned how Liam could have turned to Steffy instead of her, his wife. "Steffy is having my husband's baby," Hope said through tears. She collapsed to the ground and cried hysterically. "I'm so tired... I don't want to do it anymore," she cried.

Liam hesitantly crouched beside Hope and put his arm around her. "Our entire history, if you think about it, has just been a series of forces trying to keep us apart," Liam said, listing, "Steffy, my dad, Thomas, and let's not forget my own diseased imagination." Liam said that he and Hope had always been able to take the hits and come back stronger. He then asked Hope to give him the chance to continue fighting for their love.

At Brooke's house, Ridge became annoyed when Brooke began bringing up the "what ifs" of the paternity test results not being what they all had hoped for. Ridge fired off a text message to Steffy to get an update.

At the cliff house, Finn grew angry as he looked at the oversized black and white photo of Liam and Steffy. Tears welling in her eyes, Steffy apologized to Finn. Finn assured Steffy that he would be okay, and they would find a way to make things work. "This baby should be yours," Steffy said softly. Steffy said that she would understand if Finn wanted to walk out and never return. Finn promised Steffy that he would never do that to her. "There's a lot we need to figure out -- a lot of complications," Finn explained. Finn was interrupted by the sound of Steffy receiving a text message. She looked down and saw her dad's message. "Not Finn's," she typed in response.

Steffy knew that Finn was holding in his emotions, and she assured him that it would be okay to vent. "I am so damn angry," Finn responded, explaining, "I was supposed to know what it feels like to be an expectant dad." Finn regretted having let himself get ahead of things -- planning a future with Steffy and the baby and picking out baby names. Steffy started to sob as she admitted to having picked "one special" name should the baby be a boy -- John Finnegan, Jr. Finn had a strong reaction to the name, put his hand up to his face, and pressed his thumb and index finger into the bridge of his nose and the corner of his eyes.

Steffy vowed that she and Finn could someday have a child of their own. Finn shared that it would be hard watching Steffy go through her pregnancy with another man's child. Steffy recounted their shared past and said that a future without Finn in her life was "unthinkable." She raced to embrace Finn and asked him not to give up on them.

Brooke asked Ridge what Steffy's message said. Ridge said nothing, and Brooke instantly knew that Finn had to have been ruled out as the baby's father. Brooke softly said Hope's name. Unexpectedly, the front door opened, and Bridget walked in. Brooke was surprised to see her daughter. Saying that her presence was the result of a long story, Bridget shared that she needed to cover for a colleague at a medical conference.

Bridget sensed that she had interrupted something. Within seconds, Bridget realized that it had to have something to do with the paternity test results. Brooke announced that she didn't know what she should do. Ridge urged Brooke to give Hope some time. Bridget called Hope "resilient" because she "puts her own heartbreak aside, and she just does what needs to be done."

At Forrester, Vinny asked Thomas if there had been any word on the paternity test results. Thomas shook his head and explained that he expected a call from Ridge as soon as there was any word. "Dude, be honest with me," Vinny said, looking at Thomas. He asked, "Between the two of, you want this to be Liam's kid, right?" Thomas did not respond to Vinny's question. That led Vinny to assume that his supposition was correct. Vinny then stated that if Liam was the father of Steffy's baby, it might clear the way for Thomas to swoop in and win over Hope.

Ridge phoned Thomas to give him the news of the test results. His back turned toward Vinny, Thomas did not know that Vinny smiled broadly when he heard Thomas repeat Ridge's news that Liam was the father. When Thomas ended the call, Vinny asked Thomas how he felt. Thomas said that his feelings were not important because he feared that Hope was devastated. "That means [Liam's] got two ankle-biters with your sister," Vinny observed. Thomas promised that he would not be interfering in Hope's marriage. Vinny accepted his friend's statement but asked that Thomas be open to the fact that fate might have stepped in to give Thomas what he had always wanted -- a life with Douglas and Hope.

Carter condemns Zende for making a play for Zoe Carter condemns Zende for making a play for Zoe
Thursday, February 18, 2021

At Spencer, Flo congratulated Bill on being a grandfather again. Bill chuckled, saying he'd thought for sure it would be the other guy's kid. Wyatt and Flo were happy for Liam, but Wyatt was sure the baby would complicate things more. Bill, who'd spoken to Liam, said Liam was determined to keep his marriage together. Bill suspected that it would be tough but believed family was worth fighting for. Wyatt guessed it made Bill think about his family with Katie.

Bill requested that they resume the conversation later because he was headed to Genoa City to hammer out the deal with Summer Newman. Wyatt was sure that business was the last thing on Bill's mind. Bill admitted that he was preoccupied with thoughts of Liam's family, and it also made Bill think of his family with Katie. Wyatt offered to put in a good word for Bill with Katie.

Bill appreciated it. He divulged that he'd reached out to Katie many times but without much response. Bill decided it was time to leave to meet his jet. On his way, he had one stop to make to talk to someone who was just as invested in his reunion with Katie as he was.

After Bill had gone, Flo said it was sweet to see Bill eager to recommit to Katie. Wyatt agreed but wondered if it was too late. Wyatt believed that Will wanted his parents back together. Flo was sure that Katie did, too, but Flo thought it was hard for one to let oneself become vulnerable to a person again after a painful betrayal. Wyatt wondered why Bill hadn't figured out how invaluable Katie had been to him before he'd gotten swept up in Brooke.

All the relationship troubles around Wyatt and Flo made them appreciate what they had. They joked that their biggest problem was who controlled their remote. She didn't envy Bill and Liam's problems at all. Wyatt said he wouldn't change their life together for anything in the world.

At Brooke's house, Donna and Brooke discussed the paternity of the baby. Brooke didn't know how much more her completely heartbroken daughter could endure. Brooke had seen Hope earlier and conveyed that Hope was still raw about her husband having another child with Steffy.

Donna wished there was something she could do to help. Brooke remarked that Ridge had been a big help to her. She was glad she and Ridge were on solid ground. She wished she could say the same for Hope and Liam, and Katie and Bill.

Later, Brooke and Donna discussed Bill and Katie's predicament. Brooke's front door opened, and Bill stepped inside the house. Bill said that, before he'd arrived, he'd made sure that Ridge wouldn't be around. Brooke was surprised to see Bill. Bill replied that he was still full of surprises.

At his mention of surprises, Bill added that Steffy's pregnancy was one, too. He was sure that it was difficult for Hope. Donna said Hope's world had been turned upside down. Bill hoped that Liam and Hope could work it out. Brooke didn't think it would be easy. Bill stated that it wouldn't be, but family had to be first. Family was the reason Bill was there. He was ready. He wanted his family back, and he wanted Katie back.

Donna noted that Bill had said that many times. Bill guessed she and Brooke wondered why they should believe him that time. Brooke asked what was different. "Me. Me. I'm different," he replied. Brooke asked how. Bill said he'd realized how lucky he was that fate had given him Katie, that she'd married him, and that she'd given him a child.

Bill's time alone had been humbling. He'd allowed himself to feel what his life was like without Katie. He'd learned what he was like without Katie. He didn't like himself that way, and he didn't want to be that guy. He didn't want his son to spend another moment without his parents. Bill desired to put his family back together, but he needed Brooke and Donna's help.

Donna said she and Brooke had been talking to Katie about it, but Bill couldn't blame Katie for being guarded. Brooke felt as if part of it was her fault. She hated the way she'd hurt her sister. Bill hated what had happened, too, but he said it was in the past. Time was too precious to spend dwelling on it. In Bill's view, it wasn't good for Will or for anyone.

Brooke said it couldn't be just about Will. Bill declared that it wasn't. He wanted and needed Katie and promised to be true to his word. Bill had everything that money could buy -- cars, yachts, and jets. He had it all, but it was garbage without his family. He figured that Katie respected her sisters. He said that if they trusted him, maybe Katie would trust him again.

Donna could tell that Bill was being sincere. Bill thanked Donna and asked if he could count on Brooke, too. Brooke agreed with Donna about his sincerity. Brooke believed that he really loved Katie and could be the man Katie needed.

Bill said it meant a lot to hear the endorsement from Donna and Brooke. He asked them to talk to Katie while he was on his business trip. He was determined to reunite his family and prove to Katie that "she was, she is, and she will always be" the one true love of his life.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie and Paris worked together on a layout. Paris was happy to work with someone who made her feel welcome. Katie suspected that there was still tension between Paris and Zoe. Paris revealed that Zoe had written a resignation letter for her.

Katie scoffed in disbelief and immediately advised Paris not to let Zoe boss Paris around. Katie had spent a lot of time in her sisters' shadows, and she'd had to stand up for herself constantly. Katie hadn't given up and insisted that Paris not give up, either.

Paris thanked Katie and agreed with her. Paris proudly revealed that she'd torn the letter up right in front of Zoe. Katie was proud of Paris for standing up for herself.

Eva, the publicist, arrived, and Katie introduced her to Paris. Eva was looking forward to working with Paris on the Forrester Foundation. Eva had seen Paris' résumé and noted that Paris had a lot of experience for someone fresh out of college. Eva thought the Foundation was lucky to have Paris, and Eva beamed about how great it was that Paris got to work with her sister. Eva figured that Zoe was proud of Paris.

Paris replied that Zoe thought it was "something else." Eva figured it had to be nice to be close to family. It made her miss hers. She guessed she had to live vicariously through Zoe and Paris. Paris doubted she and Zoe would see much of each other, and Katie added that they worked in different departments.

Eva thought it was nice for Paris to have a supportive sibling nearby. Paris figured that she and her sister would be busy with their own work and would give each other space to get their jobs done while still being there for each other as sisters. Paris said she had faith that she and Zoe could do that.

Later, Eva and Katie finished up a meeting together. As she prepared to go, Eva asked how things were with Bill. Katie said she'd have to get back to Eva on that one. Eva hoped that Katie and Bill could work it out and said they'd made a great couple. After Eva had gone, Katie flashed back to moments during her time with Bill.

In the backstage area at Forrester, Zoe was grabbing a dress off the rack when she saw Carter across the room with a laptop. He rolled his eyes when she said his name. He didn't think there was anything more to talk about. Zoe wanted him to hear her out. She began to talk about how overwhelmed she'd been. Carter cut her off, saying that she should have talked to him about it instead of sneaking around with Zende to see if he could offer something better.

Zoe informed Carter about the text message that Zende had attempted to send her the night she'd first spent with Carter. She said it hadn't gone through until "just recently," but in it, Zende had asked her to wait and give him a chance. Carter grimaced.

Zende entered, and Carter cynically said they'd just been talking about Zende. Carter let Zende know that Zoe had just filled Carter in on how deep Zende's move on Carter's fiancée had gone. Carter asked if that was how Zende really treated his friends.

Zende had been looking for Carter. He said he owed Carter an apology. Carter roared back that he'd trusted Zende. "We were friends. Then I hear about what you're doing behind my back," Carter said. Zoe tried to say it wasn't Zende's fault, but focused on Zende, Carter asked if Zende was a player, full of flash and swagger. Carter asserted that Zende had had a beautiful wife in Nicole, but he'd dumped her.

Zende claimed that it hadn't happened that way. Carter didn't know what was true with Zende anymore. Carter didn't feel he could take Zende at his word after learning about how he'd been leading Zoe on. Zende denied that it was like that. Carter asked if it wasn't true that Zende had begged Zoe not to sleep with Carter but to, instead, give Zende a chance. Carter realized that while Zende had been congratulating the engaged couple, he'd been making moves on Zoe.

"You know what? Go for it," Carter decided. He said Zoe and Zende could have at it. Zoe asked Carter to believe that she only wanted to be with him. She regretted ever going behind his back. Carter told Zende that he should have turned Zoe down the moment she'd expressed interest, and Zende should have told Carter about it.

"And what? What? Throw her under the bus? Rat her out?" Zende asked. He said that he and Carter were friends, but they weren't that close. Zende claimed he hadn't wanted to get in the middle of it or cause more problems. He said that Carter's relationship was Carter's business.

"And you got in my business!" Carter seethed. Carter stated that Zende could have shut Zoe down, but he hadn't. Carter asked why Zende had led Zoe to believe there was a future there. In the silence, Carter wondered if it was what Zoe and Zende wanted.

Zoe insisted that she wanted Carter and the life they'd been planning. Carter rendered her a look of disbelief. She said she hadn't been ready before, but she'd become devoted to being with him and being his wife. In an imploring tone, she said she knew she'd hurt Carter, but she was owning her mistakes and asking for his forgiveness. She promised to restore his faith in her and their relationship.

Behind Zoe, Paris appeared. Zoe asked Carter to trust her when she said that she was fully committed and ready to share everything with him. Looking behind Zoe, Carter said that Paris had heard it. Paris was the one person there that Carter believed. Zoe turned around and looked at Paris. Carter asked if Paris thought Zoe was being honest with him.

Zoe approaches Ridge with a big request Zoe approaches Ridge with a big request
Friday, February 19, 2021

Backstage at Forrester, Zoe told Carter that Paris had nothing to do with it, but Carter said Paris had seen Zoe with Zende. Zende interjected that Zoe had tried to explain that. "I wasn't talking to you," Carter replied. Turning back to Paris, Carter asked if he should believe Zoe.

Zoe told Carter that he didn't need Paris to tell him that. Zoe reasoned that Paris wasn't objective, anyway, because she was upset with Zoe. As Zoe spoke, Paris broke in, saying, "Yes. I do believe Zoe really loves you, Carter." However, Paris didn't think what she thought mattered. The question was whether Carter believed Zoe.

Carter wanted to trust Zoe. Zoe said he could and noted that Paris believed her sister. Paris stated that she wouldn't tell Carter what to do, and he had to decide for himself. Zende urged Carter to remember that he'd proposed to Zoe. Carter thought he might have done it too soon, but he hadn't seen a reason to wait. He'd been certain that she'd been the only woman for him.

Zoe asked Carter not to lose faith in her. Claiming that she'd been confused, Zoe said that the men in her life that she'd trusted had let her down. She'd made bad choices in love, and she hadn't been able to trust herself. She said she should have realized that Carter was different. She didn't want to take her ring off. She wanted to be his wife.

Carter replied that Zoe had broken his trust and had made him question her commitment to him. He recalled that she'd said it had been a mistake and that she'd gone to Zende because she'd wanted to be sure. "But now I'm not," Carter concluded.

Carter stated that he needed time. He thanked Paris for her honesty in a difficult situation. Before exiting, Carter decided to return the favor by warning Paris to be careful about whatever was going on between her and Zende.

Later, Zende and Paris were alone. She felt for Carter. Zende did, too. Paris gave Zende a look, but he insisted that it was true and that Carter was his friend. She quipped that Carter had just warned her about how Zende treated his friends. Zende guessed she thought he was shady. "Flirting with your friend's fiancée? I mean, if Ridge hadn't found you together..." she said.

Zende insisted that it hadn't been like that. He admitted that it had been out of hand, but he felt that Zoe had been struggling. He asked if Paris remembered what had happened the last time Zoe had rushed into an engagement. He claimed that Zoe had just wanted to be certain.

Paris asked what Zende had wanted. "Not this," Zende replied. He hated hurting Carter and blowing up Carer's future with Zoe. Zende hated feeling as if he'd lost Paris' respect. He wished he could redo things. He wanted to return to being the guy she'd been raving to Donna about, without secrets or major life decisions on the line. He asked if they could do that. He wanted the opportunity to prove to Paris that he was a nice guy.

Paris didn't know why the talented, successful Zende cared about what she thought of him. He said those things didn't matter to her as much as his character. She replied that she was weird that way, but he corrected that she was beautiful that way. He cared about what she thought because he cared about her. He wanted to be the kind of man she cared about, too.

Zende admitted that he hadn't been that kind of guy thus far. He and Zoe hadn't shown the best sides of themselves, and they could lose a lot because of it. He hoped they didn't. Zende hoped Carter would give Zoe another chance and that Paris would give Zende one, too. He asked her to let him show her that he could be good for her.

In the CEO's office, Eric was admiring one of Ridge's designs and giving out tips on how to improve it. Ridge said Eric would always be the one with the eye and the vision. Chuckling, Eric said his children and grandchildren shared his vision.

Eric wondered if he should call Steffy. Ridge thought Eric should give Steffy more time because the paternity test results had thrown her for a loop. Eric guessed it was the same for Hope and Liam, and Ridge replied that Brooke was very concerned about the marriage. Eric assumed that it was putting stress on Brooke and Ridge's relationship.

Ridge said that he and Brooke wanted what was best for the kid, and everyone would work out the rest together. He added that they wanted to set an example for their children. Eric was glad that Brooke and Ridge were working together on it. Ridge felt that they had to do it in order to protect the company. Eric said to leave the company to Carter, who was doing great.

Ridge frowned, and Eric asked if there was a problem with Carter. Ridge said it wasn't about the business. Ridge informed Eric that Carter had asked Ridge to be the best man at the wedding. Eric thought that was predictable and said Carter and Ridge were like brothers. Ridge added that it had been very difficult to decline. Eric asked why Ridge would do that.

Ridge said that Zoe's feelings for Carter weren't the same as Carter's were for her. Eric assumed Zoe was having second thoughts about the wedding. Ridge didn't think so, but he hoped Carter was. Ridge didn't want Carter to get hurt, and Ridge wanted Carter to know that Ridge had his back.

Later, Ridge was sketching alone when a somber Zoe arrived to talk. He asked if it was about work, and she said it wasn't. "Well, then, you should be talking to Carter, not me," Ridge responded. Zoe closed the door, anyway, and began to talk.

Zoe admitted that she'd disrespected Carter. It had been wrong, and he deserved better. Ridge agreed with that. Zoe said she'd messed up, but she could make it up to Carter if he'd give her the chance. She'd tried, but she thought it would mean more coming from someone like Ridge.

"Coming from me? I'm the one who told him to call off the wedding," Ridge replied. Zoe replied that Carter had followed through on that, but she wondered if Ridge could relay to Carter how much she hated what she'd done. Ridge asked why he'd do that. She claimed it was because it was true. She wanted the chance to prove herself and to at least try.

Ridge had a question for Zoe. "How do you feel about Zende?" he asked. Zoe admitted that she'd gotten swept up in Zende and had foolishly sabotaged her engagement. She said that good things and men like Carter just didn't appear in her life, and she'd been questioning everything, including her feelings. Ridge asked if Zende was some sort of stress test for her.

Zoe said that Zende had been an out. She figured that if Carter had found his senses and disappeared from her life, she could always just say she'd wanted to be with Zende, anyway. Ridge asked if Zoe had wanted to be with Zende.

Zoe claimed she'd been confused and scared. After what had happened with Thomas, the idea of marriage had thrown her. It had triggered her old fears and doubts. She said Carter was amazing. She loved him and wanted to be his wife. She knew that she had to prove herself and regain his trust, but she was asking Ridge for help. She felt that he was the only one who could help her. She asked Ridge to talk to Carter as his best friend and convince him to give the engagement another chance.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was sending a message to check in with Hope. Donna couldn't believe that Steffy and Liam were having another baby. Donna asked if Brooke was sure it wouldn't cause problems between her and Ridge. Brooke believed that they'd be fine.

The topic changed to Bill appealing to Donna and Brooke for help with Katie. Brooke said he just wanted his family back, and she believed that Katie did, too. Katie just needed to believe that it was real that time.

Just then, Katie arrived. She'd gotten Brooke's text message. Noticing that Donna was also there, Katie pressed her hand to her hip and asked what was going on with those two. Katie assumed it was about Hope and Liam, but Brooke said she was concerned about Katie.

Katie claimed that she and Will were fine, but Donna replied that something was missing. "Someone who loves you both very much," Donna added. Brooke revealed that she and Donna wanted to talk to Katie about Bill.

Katie didn't think she had to tell her sisters why she was wary of Bill. Brooke and Donna let Katie know that they supported her in that, but because Bill had begun to reach out, they were curious about what Katie thought about the relationship. Donna reminded Katie that she and Bill had once been happy together. Katie had believed that at one point, but she wasn't willing to compromise for a man who wasn't completely committed to her.

Brooke asserted that Bill had said that he was committed. "Well, excuse me if I've heard those words before," Katie replied. Brooke didn't think Bill was lying. Katie didn't, either. Katie believed that his feelings were real, but she didn't know how long they'd last. As Katie spoke, she suddenly frowned and asked why they were talking about Bill. "Oh, let me guess. He put you up to this," Katie deduced.

Donna readily admitted it, dismally saying that Bill had just shown up there. Brooke stated that she and Donna weren't trying to ambush Katie. Donna added that they just wanted Katie to know that Bill had sounded serious about Katie and reuniting the family. Brooke stated that losing Katie had changed him, and he'd realized that life didn't make sense without Katie by his side.

Katie knew that her sisters meant well, and she believed that Bill was being sincere. She said she'd learned a lot while on her own, just like Bill had. Katie had spent a lot of her life in her sisters' shadows. When Donna and Brooke had had their boyfriends and ambitions when Katie had been a kid, Katie had felt like "the odd one out."

Katie had thought she'd gotten beyond it, so it had been devastating to face it in her own relationship and to feel as if she were the person standing in the way of Bill's perennial love affair with Brooke. Brooke said Katie's name. Katie replied that she wasn't trying to hurt Brooke. Katie was just saying how she felt.

It killed Brooke to know that she'd hurt Katie and had damaged Katie's family. Brooke insisted that Bill loved Katie and was committed to her. Brooke said that the hurt would melt away if Katie opened her heart to Bill. She asked Katie to think about what it would mean to Will. Brooke knew what it would mean to herself; it meant that she and Katie could heal and move past it. They could trust and support each other and be Logans again.

Katie said she missed that. Donna did, too. They all missed each other. Katie said she needed her sisters in her life. Brooke missed Katie, too, and said Bill also missed her. Brooke urged Katie to let Bill back in and to reunite her family.

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