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Finn confronted Liam about his treatment of Hope and Steffy. Steffy sent Liam to his wife when he showed up to take her to a routine checkup. Wyatt asked Katie to intercede with the Logans on Flo's behalf. Thomas interrogated Vinny about his role in Steffy's paternity test results.
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Thomas demanded to know if Vinny had altered the results of Steffy's paternity test
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Vinny's knowledge of paternity lingo surprises Thomas Vinny's knowledge of paternity lingo surprises Thomas
Monday, February 22, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy talked about releasing a marketing teaser about HFTF. Ridge thought Steffy needed to discuss it with Hope, but Steffy assumed that she was the last person Hope wanted to talk to. Steffy still couldn't believe the state of things. She'd been certain that Finn would be the father of her baby. Ridge asked how Finn was dealing with it.

Steffy believed that she and Finn would be fine. It was Hope and Liam that Steffy was worried about. She didn't think she and Liam could have hurt Hope more if they'd tried, and she wasn't sure that Hope would forgive Liam. Ridge asked again about Steffy and Finn, and Steffy replied that Finn kept saying that they'd be okay.

"That's because it's true," Finn said, entering with flowers. He told Steffy that he couldn't wait to walk into the future with her. Finn was amazed by how much the baby was growing. He asked how she was doing and about her energy levels. Ridge noted that Finn was good for Steffy and for Ridge's grandchild. Finn said the baby had to be first.

Ridge added that one couldn't stress over what one couldn't change. Agreeing, Finn told Steffy that Liam was the father, but the baby was a gift. Finn wanted to treat it that way. From then on, he planned to be the sleep police, the hunger police, and the well-being police. He'd make sure the baby and mother were doing as well as could be at all times.

It meant a lot to Steffy that Finn cared so much about her and her baby. Ridge stated that a lot of guys would have walked away, and as Steffy's father, Ridge was thankful that Finn hadn't. Finn was honored to be in Steffy's life. He loved her and would be by her side, no matter what happened.

Later, Steffy and Finn were alone, and he wondered if she really had to be at work. He thought she should be relaxing. Steffy said she hadn't slowed down with Kelly, and she wouldn't with the new baby, either. She didn't seem stressed to him, but he wanted her to reevaluate things if it changed. She promised to do that.

Steffy wished the child was hers and Finn's. Finn didn't want Steffy to be sad. He wished that the child had been his, too, but he figured that they could still have what they wanted. The only difference was biology. Finn said that he and Steffy were together, and that put him in the middle of the baby's life. He planned to be a presence, an influence, and a source of love.

Steffy didn't know what she'd done to deserve Finn and said she and the child were blessed to have him. Finn stated that they'd be a family, and Liam had always been an element of it as Kelly's father. It was all fine with Finn, who'd take Steffy however she was. She said he was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time, and she wished she'd remembered that instead of slipping back into old patterns and habits.

Finn didn't want Steffy to think about it and become stressed. Steffy blinked and got upset. She didn't know how she could have been so wrong. Finn hugged her.

In the backstage area, Thomas tried to get Hope's advice on a design, but her mind was elsewhere. He figured he shouldn't be asking her about work, but she said that was why she was there. He asked if she was okay and then figured he'd asked a dumb question.

Vinny strode up behind a rack as Thomas was telling Hope that he'd be there if she needed him as a friend, co-parent, or coworker. Hope replied that she appreciated it. She concluded that she hadn't been as prepared for the test result as she'd thought. She'd convinced herself that Finn would be the father, and Steffy had been very sure.

Thomas saw Vinny. Vinny greeted Hope and Thomas. Vinny said he'd heard about the paternity test. Thomas scowled. Vinny told Hope that she didn't deserve it, but he was happy that Hope wasn't alone and had "the big guy" looking out for her. Hope acknowledged that Thomas had been a good friend. Rendering Thomas an uncomfortable expression, Hope decided to take off.

Hope left, and Thomas asked Vinny "what the hell" was wrong with him. Vinny took lunch items out of a bag and set them on the table, and Thomas asked if Vinny had seen how fast Hope had gotten out of there after what Vinny had said to her.

Vinny figured that Hope had already been uncomfortable, and it had been because of Liam's cheating, not Vinny. Vinny asserted that Liam had blown up everyone's lives because he hadn't kept his hands off Steffy. Thomas claimed that it was more complicated than that.

Vinny urged Thomas to be there for Hope and not let the chance slip by. Vinny said that Steffy was pregnant with Liam's child. It was a scientific fact, and the paternity test had locked it in. Thomas asked why Vinny seemed happy about it. Vinny wasn't happy that Hope was suffering, but he stated that one couldn't deny paternity. Vinny said that it all lined up; all the markers were there, and the fetal DNA didn't match Finn's. That made it Liam's kid.

Thomas asked what Vinny had just said about fetal DNA. Guessing he'd missed something, he asked when Vinny had become an expert on paternity tests. "Dude, I told you -- I've been working at the lab for a while now," Vinny responded. Vinny knew that Thomas thought Vinny was dumb, but Vinny asserted that he wasn't that dumb. He knew how blood tests worked.

Vinny decided that the main point was that Liam would go running back to Steffy because that was what Liam always did. Vinny figured that when it happened, the tide would turn for Thomas, who'd finally have a chance with Hope. When it happened, Vinny was sure Thomas would think back to that conversation and thank his friend Vinny.

At Spencer, Liam talked to Wyatt and Flo about the upheaval the paternity test had caused. Wyatt acknowledged that Hope and Liam were going through big issues, but Wyatt didn't think Hope would bail on Liam. Liam stated that he'd broken Hope's heart and trust, and Steffy was carrying his baby.

Wyatt believed that Hope loved Liam and was extraordinarily compassionate. Though he thought it might take time, Wyatt believed Hope would open her heart to Liam, the baby, and the whole situation. Liam wasn't so sure. He wondered how many lives would be changed forever due to the stupid decisions he'd made on one night.

Liam berated himself for jumping to the wrong conclusions and not confronting Thomas. Flo told Liam to stop beating himself up. Wyatt granted it to Liam that he'd made a huge mistake, but Wyatt wanted to know how Liam would salvage it. Liam said he intended to be there for Steffy and the baby, but he'd spend the rest of his days making up for the hurt he'd caused Hope.

Later, Wyatt and Flo were alone, and Flo was admiring a sparkly bracelet on her arm. She said Wyatt shouldn't have. He replied that his valentine deserved only the best. They intended to celebrate more that night, and she teased that she had some surprises, too.

Wyatt mentioned that he'd been about to give the gift to Flo when Liam had arrived earlier. The topic turned back to Liam's problems. Wyatt wished Liam had confronted Thomas about the mannequin. Flo said Liam could have done that or gone anywhere but Steffy's house.

Wyatt figured that Liam wouldn't have slept with Steffy unless he'd thought his marriage had been over. Because of the baby, Flo didn't think Liam's marriage would be the same. Wyatt asked if Flo thought Hope would forgive Liam. Flo was sure Hope would try but said it was kind of hard to get beyond one's husband having a baby with his ex.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was gazing at pictures above the fireplace when Hope arrived. She hadn't known he'd be there and asked where the kids were. He'd asked Donna to take the kids because he knew it was hard for Hope to pretend that there wasn't a problem for the kids' sakes. He hoped she hadn't closed her heart to the possibility of them.

Liam stated that Hope was the one person in the world that he was supposed to protect from pain, but he'd caused her the most pain. He wished she knew how much he regretted it. Hope knew that, but it didn't make the pain go away. He figured that it was asking a lot, but he had to believe there was a way through it if she'd just stick with him.

Kneeling before Hope, Liam said all he'd had to do had been to ask Thomas what had been going on. Instead, Liam had blown up their life and their family. Liam said Hope deserved better from Liam, the guy who was supposed to know her better than anyone. He guessed he needed to work on knowing himself better. He loved the life they'd made. He didn't think he was ready to give it up just yet.

Liam stated that his and Hope's love had been tested many times. They'd always overcome it, and he had to believe they would again. Hope wanted to believe it. She loved their life. She loved their family. She loved Liam. She'd loved him from the moment they'd met. She said that they'd finally had it all, but he'd chosen to throw it away. He'd broken her heart, and Steffy was pregnant with his child. Liam touched Hope's hand, and she fought back tears.

Thomas becomes suspicious of Vinny's advice about Hope Thomas becomes suspicious of Vinny's advice about Hope
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Backstage at Forrester, Vinny believed it was just a matter of time. He said Steffy was pregnant by Mr. Waffle Man, and it was Thomas' chance to get Hope for himself. In Vinny's view, it was what Thomas deserved.

Thomas had heard that from Vinny before and wondered what Vinny thought Thomas deserved. Vinny replied that Thomas deserved Hope. Vinny concluded that modern medicine had given Thomas a ticket to a lifetime of happiness for himself, Hope, and Douglas.

Ridge arrived, and Vinny asked how Ridge felt about being a grandfather again. Ridge didn't have a problem with having another kid to spoil. Vinny said it had been out of the blue. "I mean, Steffy getting knocked up with Liam's kid -- " Vinny stated.

Thomas cut Vinny off, telling him to shut up because he was talking about something he knew nothing about. Vinny claimed he hadn't meant anything by it and returned to insisting that the probability that Liam and Steffy might reunite could pay off for Thomas. Ridge asked how that would be.

Vinny explained that he and Ridge knew how Thomas felt about Hope. Vinny sensed that it might work out between them the way it had always been meant to. Ridge said that he'd appreciate it if Vinny didn't put crazy thoughts into Thomas' head. In Ridge's view, Thomas had been making progress. Ridge asked if Vinny was aware that Hope and Liam were still married.

"Yeah, but for how long?" Vinny asked. He wondered how many times Liam could betray Hope before she figured out that there was another guy who'd be completely committed to her happiness. Vinny guessed they'd see how it worked out, but he said that, sometimes, one had to nudge things to make sure they worked out the way one wanted them to.

Vinny asked Ridge if that was right. Ridge just glared at Vinny. Vinny decided that he had to get back to the lab. He told Thomas to remember that his pal was pulling for him.

Vinny packed up his lunch and left. Ridge advised Thomas against listening to Vinny. Ridge said that Liam hadn't given up on his marriage, and neither had Hope. Thomas asked his father not to treat him like a kid. Ridge said he wasn't, but he also didn't want Thomas to have unrealistic expectations. Thomas didn't. Thomas knew that Hope and Liam had a marriage, but he said it didn't mean Vinny didn't have a point.

Ridge knew that Vinny had always been a loyal friend to Thomas. Thomas asked if there was a problem with that. Ridge replied that Vinny was giving out bad advice. Thomas assured Ridge that no one understood the depth of Liam and Hope's commitment better than Thomas; however, Thomas did think that Hope was more committed than Liam.

Thomas didn't understand what kind of guy didn't address a situation but would, instead, just walk out and go to Steffy's place. Ridge replied that the couples involved were trying to figure it out. As Ridge spoke, Thomas flashed back to Vinny saying that, at times, one had to nudge things to make them work out the way one wanted them to.

Ridge snapped Thomas out of his thoughts and ordered him to stay away from Vinny, who wasn't doing Thomas any favors. Ridge left, but Thomas continued to ruminate on what Vinny had said about working at a lab and about all the DNA markers lining up.

Thomas remembered every detail of his previous conversation with Vinny and that Vinny had said Thomas would wind up thanking him. He recalled Vinny saying he had to get back to the lab. "No. It can't be. He wouldn't," Thomas said.

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Finn had each thought he'd be the father. Finn said that not being the father didn't make him any less invested. He'd always care about the baby. He loved Steffy, and nothing would change it. Steffy loved Finn, too. Finn believed it, but there was another man in her life. Finn needed to know how she felt about Liam in light of the pregnancy.

Finn knew Steffy and Liam's love story. The two had had a child, and another was on the way. Steffy asserted that she wanted a life with Finn, and the baby didn't change how she and Finn felt about each other. Finn believed her, but he wanted to know her feelings for Liam. Finn asked her to be honest and tell him if she'd reunite her family with Liam if it were possible.

"I would like an answer to that, too," Hope said, standing in the doorway. In Steffy's silence, Finn said he didn't want to put Steffy on the spot if she was uncomfortable answering. "In front of me," Hope added. Hope said it involved Steffy's feelings for Hope's husband. "And before you say it's complicated -- " Hope began to say.

Interrupting Hope, Steffy affirmed that it was complicated. The one thing that wasn't complicated was how Steffy felt about Finn. Hope noted that it hadn't been the question. Finn began to speak, but Hope said he wanted to know if the paternity test results had reignited Steffy's desire to reunite her family with Liam. Hope wanted to know the same thing.

Steffy told Finn that when she'd opened her eyes and seen him at the hospital, she hadn't known that he'd make her believe in love again. He'd painted a picture of the fabulous life they could have together, and he was doing everything possible to make it happen. She said that her mistake hadn't changed his feelings for her because he believed in them.

Steffy loved Finn and wanted a life with him. She wanted to give him a child of his own one day. She insisted that she wanted Finn and only Finn. Finn smiled at her and walked out of the room.

Steffy hoped that Hope believed that Steffy wanted a life with Finn. Steffy loved him and said he was her future, not Liam. Hope wanted to believe Steffy. Steffy insisted that Hope could, but Hope thought that the unborn child made it complex. Steffy said they could make it work, just as they'd done with Kelly. "But the circumstances aren't the same," Hope replied.

"Yes, I realize that," Steffy replied. Hope said she just wanted to know where they went from there. Steffy was praying that it worked out for her and Finn. Steffy stated that the cycle with her, Hope, and Liam had to end. Steffy had thought that it had ended, but she'd realized that during her pill addiction, she'd been trying to numb the pain in her heart.

Finn had helped Steffy through it, but she and Liam had made a mistake. Steffy was sorry about that, but she wasn't sorry about her innocent child. Steffy had been positive that Finn had been the father, but they just had to live with the answer they'd gotten from the doctor about it.

At Spencer, Liam inquired about Bill's trip to Genoa City. Bill said it had been cold and productive. Bill asked what had been going on at home. Liam asked how many crises he could generate in Bill's short absence. There was at least one that Bill knew of, and it involved Steffy.

Liam acknowledged that he'd made a mess of things. He hated what he was putting Hope through. Bill asked about what Liam had done to Steffy. Liam hated what he'd done to both women. Bill reasoned that it hadn't been on purpose, and there had been extenuating circumstances. Liam didn't think it excused his behavior, and his marriage would still be intact if he'd just confronted Thomas.

Bill stated that Liam hadn't wrecked Steffy and Finn's relationship. Liam asked where Bill was going with that train of thought. Bill said that, though it might feel like it, the world hadn't crashed down on Liam. Liam had to stop beating himself up and start looking ahead to the future and the arrival of a new baby. "Well, a me, really," Bill reasoned, explaining that, as his grandchild, it was an extension of him.

Liam replied that the "new you" was a priority, for sure. Liam also needed to prove to Hope that she could trust him and that he wouldn't fail their marriage ever again. Bill was proud of Liam and wanted Liam to keep owning his mistakes and to fix the things that could be fixed.

Liam said it was like what Bill was doing with Katie. Bill guessed so. He'd been trying all he could to get through to Katie and reunite their family, but they were still apart. Bill revealed that he'd even asked Brooke and Donna to talk to Katie on his behalf. Bill believed that if Katie's sisters could trust him again, then Katie could trust him again.

Liam guessed there was a perverse logic in the theory. Liam offered to help in any way he could, but Bill said Liam had his hands full. Standing in the office doorway, Finn agreed.

Liam asked what Finn was doing there. Finn wanted to speak to Liam privately. Bill looked to Liam, who nodded his approval. Bill wordlessly walked out and closed the door behind him.

Finn asked Liam if he truly understood the mess he'd made of so many lives or if Liam was used to screwing up and letting everyone else pay the price. Liam hated the damage he'd caused. Finn asked if Liam realized that by hurting his wife and getting the woman whom Finn loved pregnant, an innocent child would be brought into the chaos and heartache Liam had caused. Liam said he'd told Finn that Liam was sorry for what he'd done.

Finn wondered if it were really true or if Liam secretly relished keeping Steffy and Hope tied to him forever. Finn recalled that everyone had said Liam was such a nice guy, but Finn didn't get why so many people were hurt by Liam's actions or why Steffy and Hope had felt played for years. Liam said Finn didn't know what he was talking about.

Finn suspected that Liam led Hope and Steffy on because Liam needed a lot of affection and adulation from women. Finn didn't care that Liam was the father of the baby. Finn wanted to put Liam on notice that he wouldn't hurt Steffy again.

Thomas confronts Vinny about the paternity test Thomas confronts Vinny about the paternity test
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

At Spencer, Liam asked Finn to back off. "You're the new man in Steffy's life, and you're marking your territory. I get it," Liam groaned. Finn informed Liam that he was instituting some boundaries to make sure that Liam did not pose any more challenges in Finn's relationship with Steffy. Liam quickly countered that he had no interest in Steffy and only wanted to move forward with his life with Hope. Finn told Liam that the time had come for Liam to stop putting himself between Steffy and Hope.

Liam told Finn that there was nothing he could tell Finn that he had not already been telling himself. "I am not in the mood to be lectured by a guy who is brand new to the scene," Liam snarled. Finn rolled his eyes slightly as he mentioned that Liam had probably apologized to Steffy and Hope over and over through the years, and he ordered Liam to apologize for what he'd done. Liam said he was sorry -- twice. "I did you wrong. I did us all wrong. All I can do now is be better," Liam added. Finn told Liam that he wasn't sure that he could ever look at Steffy's baby and not think about Steffy and Liam's affair.

At Forrester Creations, Hope was taken aback by Steffy's suggestion that she "live with" the fact that Steffy was carrying Liam's child. Steffy quickly clarified that Hope had misunderstood and went on to say that she wished she could snap her fingers and make Finn the father. Steffy apologized for the pain she'd inflicted on everyone. Hope commented that Finn seemed to have accepted Steffy's apology, and she surmised that that was all that really mattered to Steffy. Hope struggled to understand why or how Finn could stand by Steffy even though Steffy was carrying another man's baby.

Hope said that she was happy for Steffy. Steffy doubted the sincerity and asked that Hope not resent the baby. Hope assured Steffy that she could never do that. "I could never resent an innocent child," Hope said. Hope wasn't so sure that she could do the same to Liam. The baby, Hope explained, solidified Liam's infidelity, and she wasn't sure that her marriage could survive.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Thomas recounted his recent discussions with Vinny. "Why would I need to thank you?" Thomas asked as he recalled one of Vinny's more unusual statements. Thomas sat down at his computer and searched for "paternity test while pregnant." He read aloud some of the technical details of how a paternity test was conducted and told himself that he didn't understand what he was reading. He then questioned how Vinny could know all of the intricacies and jargon involved in the test. Still, Thomas wasn't able to connect the dots.

As Thomas continued to talk to himself, Hope entered the room and asked him what he thought Vinny had done. Thomas muttered that Vinny sometimes did things without thinking, but he assured Hope that it was probably nothing. Hope told Thomas about her "run-in" with Steffy, unaware that Liam was listening from nearby. "I don't think Liam understands just how difficult this is," she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Liam made his presence known, and Hope told him that he wasn't supposed to have heard what she'd said. Liam told Hope that she should not and did not have to hide her feelings from him. While both Liam and Hope expressed that they hated their situation, only Liam seemed optimistic that they could move past it. Thomas sensed that his presence wasn't needed, and he tried to usher himself out of the room. Hope told him that he did not have to leave. "So much pain could have been avoided if the test had turned out differently," Thomas said.

Finn dropped by Forrester to ask how Steffy's chat with Hope had gone. Steffy explained that Hope probably felt the same way that Finn felt. Finn told Steffy that he believed he could find a way to love Steffy's baby, not as his own, but rather because the baby was part of Steffy...someone that he loved deeply. Finn surprised Steffy when he placed all of the blame for the situation at Liam's feet. She was taken even more aback when Finn told her that he'd just come from talking to Liam. Finn blasted Liam's "narcissism."

Thomas placed a call to Vinny. Vinny suddenly darted into Thomas' office, his phone still ringing. Thomas told Vinny that he'd been trying to make sense of some things that Vinny had said. Vinny replied that he'd just been trying to be a supportive friend. When Thomas mentioned some of the things that Vinny had said coupled with the fact that Vinny worked in the lab, Vinny began to sense that Thomas was accusing him of something. "Did you do anything to mess with Steffy's paternity test?" Thomas asked. As Thomas grew angrier, Vinny stood silently before him.

Thomas tracks down an evasive Vinny Thomas tracks down an evasive Vinny
Thursday, February 25, 2021

At Spencer, Flo felt bad for Hope and said Steffy's pregnancy was a lot for Hope to deal with. Flo was glad that Wyatt could be there for his brother. She wanted to reach out to Hope. Flo was skittish about it because the Logans hadn't embraced her.

Flo had been trying to get beyond what she'd done, but she still couldn't believe she'd been a part of a scheme to let a mother think her child had died. Wyatt said everyone seemed to be moving on from it. Citing that Hope was working with Zoe, he theorized that Hope would probably cut Flo some slack, too. He was certain that the Logan crew would find forgiveness.

Flo hoped it was true but wouldn't blame the Logans if they never accepted her. Wyatt replied that she'd gotten caught up in something that had gotten out of hand. She couldn't believe she'd let it go on for as long as it had. He reasoned that being an accessory to a federal crime would have freaked anyone out. Flo insisted that it had been selfish of her to be more concerned about consequences than about Hope and Liam's feelings.

Wyatt referred to Flo's safety and reminded Flo that Thomas and Zoe's father had been threatening her. It didn't matter to Flo. She'd carry it around forever, and she didn't think she'd ever forgive herself. Wyatt was sad to hear that and thought she should give herself a break. He reminded her of the good she'd done and said the kidney for Katie had to count for something.

Flo murmured that it had been the least she could do. Wyatt believed that it should have been a sign of good faith to the Logans. Looking on the bright side, Flo said she'd at least found out about her father, aunts, and cousin.

Flo recalled that Katie and Donna had talked about forgiveness awhile back, but nothing had developed from it. Back then, Flo had been giving them space out of respect for everything that had happened, but she'd thought they'd all be closer by then. Wyatt promised that the Logans would come around. Flo wouldn't blame them if they didn't.

Wyatt stated that the Logans didn't know what they were missing out on. Flo replied that she was lucky to have Wyatt and her mother. He stated that Flo had more than that, and the Logans would warm up to her the more they got to know her.

Flo figured that she was a reminder of the brother that the Logan sisters had lost. Wyatt replied that Storm had been Flo's father, and Flo hadn't even gotten a chance to meet him. She felt that having a connection to the Logans would help her feel closer to Storm. Flo recalled being amazed to learn that she'd had real roots and real connections, and if she hadn't screwed it all up, the family would have welcomed her with open arms.

In the design office at Forrester, Katie and Paris were discussing incorporating the Foundation into the HFTF message. Katie asked Hope how it sounded, but Hope was deep in thought. Katie decided that they could talk about it later, but Hope said it was fine. Katie stated that Hope had a lot to deal with, but Katie and Paris were there for Hope.

Hope acknowledged that "it" had been hard to accept. She wished that the night had never happened, but she knew that wishing wouldn't change it. Hope had been trying to be present at work, but she couldn't shake the fact that Steffy was having Liam's baby.

Hope thanked Paris and Katie for their concern, but Hope didn't want to take up more time talking about it at the office. Katie said talking always helped her work through things. It was the same for Paris, and she added that women supporting women was a part of HFTF's message. Paris believed they could be professionals and support each other at the same time.

Hope admitted that she'd been thrown for a loop. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. Katie replied that it was unfair that Liam had put Hope in that position, but if they were determined to fight for their marriage, they'd get through the challenging times. Hope didn't want to give up, but it felt like one betrayal too many. Hope didn't know how she'd feel when Steffy gave birth to her and Liam's child.

Hope apologized to Paris for going on and on. Hope said she didn't usually do that. Paris said that, to be fair, Paris and Katie had brought it up. Paris added that she'd had moments herself lately, and Katie could attest to it. Katie conveyed that they had the rest of the day to be creative, and they could afford to spend some time helping Hope through her issue.

Hope confided in Paris and Katie that, as angry as Hope was about things, she still wanted the best for Steffy's child. Hope wanted it to have a father in its life. Katie figured that Hope simply wished the father wasn't Liam. Katie thought that was a natural reaction. Hope wished she could wave a wand and make Finn the father.

Later, Katie was alone in the office when Wyatt arrived. Katie immediately suspected that Bill had sent Wyatt. Wyatt said that no one wanted Bill and Katie reunited more than Wyatt, but it wasn't the reason that Wyatt was there. Wyatt admitted that he was there about something else family-related. It had to do with someone who loved Katie and was blood-related.

In the CEO's office, Thomas was on his cell phone, leaving a voicemail for Vinny. In it, Thomas said he'd already sent Vinny ten text messages. Thomas was sorry he'd had to run out the other day; however, he'd had to attend to a matter regarding his son, and his son was always first. Thomas wanted an answer to his question about whether Vinny had changed the paternity test to make it look as if Liam was the father. Thomas wanted the truth.

Steffy arrived and gave Thomas a puzzled look as she went to her desk. She noted that Thomas had left Vinny an intense message. Thomas replied that it was hard to reach Vinny "these days." Steffy stated that Thomas had been mad and demanding to know the truth about something. She asked what was going on and if Vinny was in trouble.

Thomas said one never knew with Vinny. Steffy wondered if there was something she should be concerned about. Thomas was sure that he was just overreacting or being overprotective. Thomas assured Steffy that he'd figure it out if Vinny was up to something.

Still puzzled, Steffy asked if Vinny owed Thomas money. Thomas said it was nothing like that. He added that Vinny had a new job. She thought that was good and wondered why Thomas was being so tough on Vinny. Thomas replied that the guys liked to rag on each other.

Steffy recalled that the men had been best friends since they'd been kids. She believed that Vinny had Thomas' back and would do anything for him. "That's sort of what I'm worried about," Thomas replied.

Hope entered the office and apologized for interrupting. Thomas claimed that it was okay and said he had somewhere to be. He left abruptly, and in the corridor, he sent Vinny a message.

Back in the office, Hope noted that Steffy was glowing. She asked how Steffy was doing. Steffy was almost through her morning sickness. Hope asked if Steffy planned to find out the gender. Steffy wasn't sure. She felt as if she were having a girl, but the feeling switched daily.

Steffy merely wanted a healthy child. Hope wanted that, too. Steffy replied that she knew it. Hope wanted the best for the child and said all of their children would be related and in each other's lives forever. Steffy asserted that Hope had been "such an important part" of Kelly's life. Steffy said that Hope had been an incredible stepmom, filling in when Steffy couldn't be there.

Hope replied that she'd do the same for the new child, too. Steffy reiterated that she'd been certain that the baby was Finn's. Steffy apologized for turning Hope's world upside down.

At the lab, Vinny's "Bad to the Bones" ringtone sounded. Vinny checked his phone and saw text messages from Thomas, asking where Vinny was. Later, Vinny received another message in which Thomas demanded that they talk right away. Vinny checked his voicemail and heard Thomas' message about Vinny possibly tampering with Steffy's paternity test.

Backstage at Forrester, Thomas called Vinny. Finally, Vinny answered. Thomas said he'd called Vinny several times. Vinny claimed that he'd been busy working. Thomas asked if Vinny was working at the lab, and Vinny affirmed it. Vinny said he'd just gotten Thomas' voicemail. Vinny didn't get great service in the lab. Thomas asked Vinny to truthfully tell Thomas if Vinny had messed with Steffy's paternity test results.

Just then, Paris wandered in, asking if Thomas had seen Zoe. He said he hadn't. Paris left, and Vinny, who'd heard her, wondered if she'd been one of the hot models. Thomas decided that he couldn't talk there. He wanted to meet Vinny at Vinny's place. Vinny said he was on the clock and couldn't just leave. Thomas became insistent, and Vinny said he'd take his break early. Thomas said Vinny had better be there, but Vinny had already clicked off the line.

Friday, February 26, 2021

In the photo studio area backstage at Forrester, Thomas got Vinny back on the phone and insisted that Vinny not hang up that time. Vinny told Thomas to let it go and take the win. It was working out for Thomas, so Vinny didn't know why Thomas was questioning it. "Because you keep saying crap like that," Thomas replied.

Vinny felt that he was just stating facts, and the fact was that Hope wouldn't stay with Liam if he was having another kid with Steffy. "But is he having another kid with Steffy? Or did you mess with the -- " Thomas said. He was interrupted when Hope walked in. Thomas ordered Vinny to meet at Vinny's place and abruptly ended the phone call.

Hope asked if everything was okay. Thomas had sounded frustrated to her. Thomas said he was getting the runaround on something and wanted an honest answer. He asked how Hope was. Hope began to respond, but she stopped, feeling as if she were becoming a broken record. She stated that all she could do was wish her husband wasn't the father of Steffy's baby.

Thomas noted that the test had turned Hope's world upside down. Hope replied that she couldn't blame the test. Thomas reasoned that things would be different if it weren't for the test. Hope replied that she and Liam still had plenty of things to work on -- his night with Steffy, his lack of trust in Hope, and his animosity toward Thomas. Thomas thought Hope wouldn't be under so much stress if Liam hadn't been named the father of Steffy's baby.

Hope asserted that there was no changing Liam being the father. Thomas recalled how sure his sister had been that the baby had been Finn's. Thomas decided that he had something to handle. Before going, he reminded Hope that he was there if she needed anything. He said she deserved to be happy, and he hoped the future would be bright for her and Steffy.

In Vinny's apartment, Vinny was at the table, putting away bottles, pills, powder, and a case he'd been using to sort medication. Thomas arrived. Vinny asked if Thomas could have given Vinny a little time to straighten up the place. Vinny hadn't been as neat with the place since Thomas had moved out. Thomas said he wanted answers, and he wouldn't be put off any longer.

Thomas noted that Vinny had been acting strange ever since Steffy had taken her test. Vinny replied that Thomas was the one sending aggressive texts demanding that Vinny confess to something he'd had nothing to do with. Thomas asked if that was true. Thomas had a bad feeling that Vinny had messed with Steffy's paternity test results.

Vinny didn't appreciate being called out as if he'd done something wrong. Picking up a vial of pills or powder from the table, Thomas asked why he'd think that. "You know my side hustle, man," Vinny replied. Thomas did and said it made sense that it would make him suspicious.

Vinny told Thomas not to judge Vinny in Vinny's own place. Thomas replied that it wasn't why he was there. Thomas questioned Vinny's familiarity with paternity testing procedures. Vinny said he worked in a lab, and it was his job to run tests. He ran every kind of test there. Thomas asked if Vinny had run Steffy's test. "I may have had a hand in it," Vinny replied.

Thomas exclaimed that he'd known it. Vinny replied that it wasn't what Thomas thought. Vinny swore that the results were accurate. He told Thomas to be with Hope. He knew it was what Thomas wanted. Thomas wasn't sure he could believe Vinny. "You want me to be lying," Vinny replied. Vinny asked what Thomas would do if Vinny said Liam wasn't the father.

Thomas replied that he'd go to Hope and Steffy with the truth. He felt that they deserved the truth. Thomas asked if Vinny had messed with the test and if Vinny had made the results indicate it was Liam's when it was really Finn's.

In Steffy's office, Steffy was telling Finn that she had a routine appointment at the doctor. She was surprised when Finn expressed an interest in being there. Liam arrived. He'd gotten Steffy's message about her appointment. She said she'd just thought he should be aware of it. Shrugging, he guessed he should be there, since he was the father.

Steffy appreciated the offer. Liam said he could go whenever because he'd cleared his schedule. "So did I," Finn responded. Steffy thanked Liam and Finn but was prepared to go on her own. She said they didn't need to make a big production out of it.

Liam replied that he'd like to be a part of it in some capacity. Steffy said that he would be. She knew that he was there for her and the baby, but she felt his focus needed to be on Hope and saving his marriage. Liam didn't want Steffy to have to worry about his marriage.

Steffy stated that Hope was really struggling. Liam replied that they all were, but he wouldn't let the situation tear his marriage apart. He was completely devoted to it. Glad to hear it, Steffy said it was where Liam should be. "With Hope," Finn clarified.

Later, Liam had gone, and Steffy ended a call. She asked where she and Finn had left off. Finn reminded her that he had offered her his support and chauffeur services. Steffy was grateful for the support. Finn assumed she was saying she didn't want the chauffeur services.

Steffy stated that if things were different, she'd want Finn there for every moment of it. She knew that it was hard. Finn agreed that it was. He said it was only because he loved her so much. He'd wanted to be the one to give Kelly a brother or sister, but he figured they could still start a family and future together. He was just disappointed and said he had planned to be so into fatherhood that he'd be annoying. Steffy replied that it wouldn't have been annoying at all.

Steffy had felt in her bones that Finn had been the father of her baby. Finn replied that the test had said otherwise. She'd known that it could have been Liam's, but she hadn't felt that way. She'd been hopeful and excited. Finn said she still could be. Steffy was excited about the baby, but she hated what she was putting Finn through.

Finn stated that he was where he wanted to be. Steffy didn't want him anywhere else. She loved him and wanted to spend her life proving it to him.

At the cabin, Hope was at home when Liam arrived and asked where Beth was. Beth was with Brooke. Hope had thought he'd be at Steffy's appointment. Liam responded that Steffy had advised him to focus on his wife. "Not that I need reminding of that these days," he added.

Liam said he belonged to Hope, Beth, and Douglas. He loved Kelly, and being her father was hugely important to him; however, his marriage to Hope was his foundation, and Hope was his center. His love for Hope held everything in his life together. That was why, when he'd thought she'd been having an affair with Thomas, Liam had lost it and done the unthinkable. It was because without Hope, nothing made sense.

Liam knew that Steffy's pregnancy would be a challenge for him and Hope. He said there would be times when he had to take care of Steffy or the baby, but Hope was his priority. He promised that she'd always come first.

Hope told Liam that they'd had that conversation before. She knew that he regretted that night with Steffy. Liam insisted that he regretted everything about that night. Hope didn't want to keep revisiting it. Doing that just caused more pain, especially because Steffy was pregnant with his child. Liam knew that was the part Hope had a hard time getting past.

Hope asked if Liam got what he was asking her to do. He did, but he said the circumstances didn't have to make their commitment less profound. He stated that every obstacle they'd overcome had drawn them closer and given them a deeper appreciation for what they had.

"How many more tests do we have to pass?" Hope yelled. She thought they'd reached the stage where it would end, where there would be no more games and jealousy. She thought she'd reached a happy and peaceful place. Liam had thought so, too, but he believed that they could get there if they just held on and wouldn't let go. He vowed to be there for her and the kids, but he felt that she had to believe in it, too.

In the design office, Katie wondered if Flo had asked Wyatt to reach out to Katie. Wyatt indicated that Flo would strangle him for being there. He said Flo wouldn't impose or intrude where she wasn't welcome, but Wyatt reasoned that Flo was still a Logan. He told Katie that Flo wanted to be accepted by Katie and the rest of the Logans.

Katie indicated that the Logans weren't being unkind to Flo. Wyatt contended that they hardly acknowledged Flo at all. He claimed not to be excusing Flo's actions with Buckingham and said Flo would always feel terrible about it. Katie replied that they weren't punishing Flo.

Wyatt noted that they weren't forgiving Flo, either. He thought that was weird because Hope had already forgiven Zoe and Thomas and was working with them. Katie refused to question Hope's feelings after what Hope had gone through. He asked if what Katie had gone through counted.

Katie said it did, and she'd always be grateful to Flo for saving Katie's life. "Exactly," Wyatt responded. Katie asserted that she'd made peace with Flo and had gotten Wyatt and Donna to forgive Flo. "If you remember," Katie added.

Wyatt questioned whether Katie had really forgiven Flo. He felt as if he were the only one who had. Wyatt stated that Flo was Storm's daughter. He asked if Storm would be happy that she'd been shut out like that. Katie asked what Wyatt wanted her to do, and she insisted that the Logans were not shunning Flo.

Wyatt asked when Katie had last reached out to Flo. Flipping the question back to him, Katie asked when Flo had reached out to Katie. He asked why Flo would do that if Flo didn't feel wanted. Katie assumed he wanted her to reach out to Flo. He did, but he also wanted Katie to talk to her sisters and explain to them how much Flo wanted to be a part of the family. He said it would be amazing if they could get Hope on board, but Brooke was a good person to start with.

Sarcastically, Katie said Wyatt just wanted such a little thing. Wyatt knew that it was a lot to ask, but he felt that Flo needed it. He knew how Flo had felt to discover that she had a family. He'd gotten his family, and he'd urged Flo to find hers through the DNA test. He said it hurt Flo that she didn't feel connected to her family, and it hurt more than if Flo had never found them at all. He figured that Brooke and Donna would listen to Katie. He asked Katie to get them to forgive Flo and welcome her into the family.

At Spencer, Flo informed her mother that Wyatt had just left. Shauna cooed about Flo hanging out there, on top of the world. She was excited that Wyatt was a Spencer heir and that Flo would one day be a Spencer, too. Shauna was surprised that Wyatt hadn't already proposed to Flo. Flo figured it would happen when the time was right.

Gauging the look on Flo's face, Shauna said Flo couldn't fool her mother. Shauna suspected that something was bothering her daughter. Flo didn't think Shauna was the best person to help Flo with the Logans. Flo stated that they were her family, and she wanted a relationship with them. Shauna said Storm had been an important part of his family, and Flo should be, too.

Flo was concerned that she'd been unable to get them to accept her. Shauna thought the kidney donation should be enough to get Flo a seat at Thanksgiving dinner. "Maybe if I had just asked..." Flo replied. Shauna asserted that they should have made Flo the guest of honor.

Shauna wasn't saying the Logans were ungrateful, but in her view, they certainly weren't being nice. Shauna thought they'd see what a wonderful person Flo was if they gave her the chance. Flo didn't think that was going to happen. Shauna urged Flo to fight for her place in her family. In Shauna's mind, it was what a Logan would do.

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