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The Logan sisters agreed to open their family up to Flo, and they convinced Ridge to hire her at Forrester. Bill finagled a date with Katie and Will. Zoe begged Carter to forgive her and give their love another chance. Zende set up a romantic surprise for Paris.
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Zoe begged Carter to forgive her, and the Logan sisters agreed to open their family up to Flo
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Finn is surprised to learn who works in the hospital lab Finn is surprised to learn who works in the hospital lab
Monday, March 1, 2021

At Vinny's place, Vinny was starting to get insulted by Thomas' accusations. Thomas demanded that Vinny say if he'd robbed Steffy and Finn of their child. Thomas said that if Vinny had done it but didn't come clean, Thomas would never forgive Vinny.

Scowling, Vinny stated that Steffy's doctor boyfriend was a jerk and full of himself. Everyone at the hospital called Finn "Dr. Hunky." They swooned over him, but Vinny, who'd run into Finn a few times at Steffy's, said Finn was so uppity that he didn't even see Vinny down there. Vinny didn't think Liam was any kind of catch, but in Vinny's view, Steffy had dodged a bullet.

Thomas asked again if Vinny had changed the results. Vinny replied that he'd run the "damn test." The results were what they were, and Liam was the kid's father. Thomas didn't think that was an answer. Vinny asserted that Liam hadn't been able to keep his hands off Steffy again, and there were consequences.

Thomas agreed that there were consequences for everyone involved -- Steffy, Liam, Hope, and Finn. Vinny replied that there were some for Thomas, too -- but good ones. Vinny was sure Hope would get fed up and go to the only guy who put her first, and that was Thomas. Vinny insisted that he'd run the test, and science and DNA had given the answer. Thomas said that Vinny had better not be lying to him, and Thomas walked out.

In Dr. Campbell's office, Steffy told Finn that even the nurse had said the appointment was routine, and he hadn't had to accompany her. Finn insisted that they were having the experience together. His focus was on her and the baby.

Steffy and Finn made plans to have dinner out that night. Dr. Campbell arrived. She was glad to see that Finn was there and being an active participant in Steffy's pregnancy. Finn said he loved Steffy and the baby, so the doctor should get used to seeing him.

During an ultrasound, Steffy and Finn were amazed by how much the baby had grown. Finn told the baby that he couldn't wait to meet it. He felt they'd all have a blast. Steffy stated that the baby was lucky to have him. Only one thing could make her more excited for the future, and it was if they'd made the baby together.

Later, Steffy gazed at her sonogram photo. Finn decided to check on some test results of a patient while he was at the hospital. She was glad he'd accompanied her to the appointment. She could have done it alone, but his presence had made it better.

Finn asked to see the picture and said it was the most beautiful fetus he'd ever seen. He believed the kid would bring a lot of joy and happiness, and he asked her not to let anyone or anything get in the way of her enjoyment of the experience. Steffy wasn't worried about anything. Finn made her feel cherished, and she was grateful to have him in her life.

At the lab later, Finn entered and asked the lab technician about some test results. Vinny turned around. Finn smiled, recognizing Vinny as Thomas' friend and said they'd met at Steffy's house. Finn hadn't realized that Vinny worked at the hospital.

"Why would you?" Vinny asked. He said it was a big place, and one couldn't keep track of everybody. Finn had had no idea that Vinny was a lab tech. Vinny replied that Finn was a doctor, and doctors didn't notice workers like Vinny. Vinny said he was a little busy.

Finn didn't mean to keep Vinny and just needed some blood test results. Finn gave Vinny the name of the patient, Adam Kelly, but Vinny didn't have anything yet and advised Finn to check back later. Finn said it was nice seeing Vinny. As Vinny continued to work, Finn stood at the exit with a strange look on his face as he watched Vinny.

At Forrester, Thomas had trouble working in the design office as he thought of his conversation with Vinny. Steffy arrived and showed Thomas her sonogram. Thomas joked that it looked like a space alien in the womb. Steffy replied that it was his niece or nephew he was talking about.

Steffy told Thomas that Finn had gone with her to the appointment. Thomas replied that Finn was a good guy. She said Finn supported her and her baby. She added that Finn was really emotionally involved, almost as if the child was his.

At Spencer, Flo didn't want Shauna to think Flo was trying to abandon Shauna or "trade up or something" by getting to know the Logans. Shauna thought it was natural that Flo would want to get to know the Logans, and it could enrich Flo's life. Flo considered the Logan women to be amazing and felt that she could learn a lot from them if they'd accept her.

Wyatt entered. He'd been listening at the door. He told Flo that she never knew what might get into people's heads to change their minds about something. He wasn't sure Flo should count upon acceptance by the Logans, but he said she shouldn't rule it out, either.

Flo expressed that she wasn't looking to fill any holes in her life. She had her mom and the man she loved. She was living a perfect beach life with him in Los Angeles. She felt greedy thinking she was missing something when she already had so much. It hurt her to know that her father's family was right there, but she shouldn't be close with them. She admitted it was all her fault.

Shauna had thought things had gotten better after the kidney donation. Flo said the Logans were keeping her at a pleasant but firm distance. She doubted she'd get more after what she'd done to Hope. Wyatt advised Flo to never underestimate the power of forgiveness when it came to blood. He believed the Logans might just surprise her.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Donna and Brooke arrived at Katie's behest. Katie's text message had sounded important, and Brooke guessed it was a family matter.

Later, Donna was surprised to hear that it was about Flo. Brooke wondered what Flo had done that time, and Katie asked why Brooke had to take that attitude. Brooke asked if Katie really had to ask. Katie told Brooke that Flo was their family, whether they liked it or not, and Storm would want them to welcome Flo into the fold.

Brooke asked if the Logans were supposed to just open their arms and let Flo in. Donna recalled that she and Katie had already forgiven Flo after the kidney transplant. Katie asked if they really had and reasoned that Flo hadn't become a part of the family. Brooke didn't know where it was all coming from, but she didn't think she could forgive Flo for the part she'd played in keeping Beth from Hope and Liam.

Brooke wished she could be more like Katie, but Brooke had real reservations about Flo and her mother. Brooke felt she had good reason, too. Donna said Katie had to admit that the Fultons were pretty shady. Katie wasn't there to defend Shauna, but Katie felt that Storm would want Flo in their lives and their family. Donna agreed.

Brooke said it wasn't that easy for her, not when she thought of all the pain her daughter had gone through. Katie asked if saving Katie's life counted for something. Donna said it had been a loving and selfless thing to do. Katie recalled that Flo had even done it anonymously. Katie reminded her sisters that they'd made mistakes and gotten second and third chances. "And that's just between you and me," Katie told Brooke.

Brooke felt that Katie had a point there. Katie wanted to let go of the past and forgive Flo. Katie said if they couldn't do it for Flo, they should do it for Storm. Katie didn't want Brooke to forget what Flo had done, but Katie said Flo was remorseful and eager to make things right. Katie just wanted Brooke and Donna to be open to forgiveness.

Donna was willing to give it a shot and said Storm would want it. Scoffing, Brooke said she could try, and it was the best she could do. Katie called Flo and asked her to meet at Forrester to discuss something. Flo said she'd be on her way.

Back at Spencer, Wyatt grinned excitedly about Katie's call, but Shauna thought it was random and asked why Katie wanted to see Flo. Flo didn't know. Wyatt said Flo didn't want to keep them waiting, and Flo hurried out of the office. Shauna flashed Wyatt a knowing gaze.

Wyatt said Shauna was looking at him as if she knew something that he didn't. Shauna believed that it was the other way around. She noted that he hadn't seemed surprised that Katie had called Flo. Shauna asked if Wyatt had spoken to Katie on Flo's behalf.

Back at Forrester, Brooke wanted to leave for her meeting, but Katie reminded Brooke that her meeting had been with Katie about PR. Flo arrived. Seeing Donna and Brooke, Flo immediately guessed what it was about. She began apologizing for what she'd done and said she'd forever be ashamed of what had happened with Beth. It killed Flo to know she'd brought shame upon her father's legacy.

Flo felt she had no right to ask, but she vowed to prove herself to them and earn their acceptance if they gave her a second chance. She wanted to be the daughter her father could be proud of.

Katie and Donna said that they believed Flo. Flo became emotional and thanked them. Flo knew that Brooke would do anything to protect Hope from harm, and Flo regretted that she'd harmed Hope. Flo asked if it were possible for Brooke to believe Flo, too.

Bill capitalizes on Katie's forgiving mood Bill capitalizes on Katie's forgiving mood
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

At Spencer, Shauna pressed Wyatt about whether he'd gotten Katie to reach out to Flo. Wyatt was coy about answering. Bill entered, wondering what was going on. Shauna said Bill's son had done something truly spectacular. "Wyatt?" Bill asked.

Wyatt claimed that it wasn't that big of a deal. Bill guessed that Wyatt had proposed to Flo. Wyatt admitted that he'd talked to Katie about helping the Logans find forgiveness for Flo. Shauna hoped it could be a new beginning. Wyatt said Flo hated being estranged from her family. Bill reasoned that Flo had no one to blame but herself for that. "Well, whatever," Wyatt replied. He hoped the Logans were talking and hearing Flo out.

Bill believed that Flo had turned her life around, and Wyatt had had a lot to do with it. Wyatt thanked Bill for saying that, and Bill said Wyatt deserved it. Bill didn't see the point in the Logans keeping Flo at arm's length. He wouldn't forget the "hell" Flo had put them all through; however, he said Beth was with her parents, and Flo had done her penance. He felt that family was too important to let it go on indefinitely.

Shauna stood, figuring she should be there to back up Flo. Wyatt stopped Shauna, saying that it needed to be resolved between them.

At Forrester, Flo knew that it was tough for Brooke, who'd suffered along with Hope while Flo had let the baby-napping scandal go on. Flo figured that her apologies didn't matter, but it meant a lot to her that Katie and Donna were willing to forgive her. Katie stated that she and Donna did forgive Flo. Donna added that it was what families did.

Flo told Brooke that Flo had felt like an outsider. She'd stayed away, hoping that someday, something would change how the Logans felt. Flo didn't know if it was possible for Brooke to forgive her, but Flo asked what Brooke thought about it.

Katie and Donna knew that it was hard for Brooke because Flo had been a part of something that had caused Hope unspeakable heartache. Brooke replied that it had been more than that. Hope hadn't been able to bond with Beth, who'd been ripped away from Hope at birth. Brooke understood that Flo hadn't taken the baby, but it didn't excuse Flo for not saying anything when she’d figured out that Steffy's adopted baby had been Beth.

Flo replied that she'd beaten herself up about it over and over again. Flo said she'd understand if Brooke couldn't accept her, but Flo vowed to never make any of them sorry that she was in that family ever again if Brooke would give Flo a chance to prove that she was worthy of being a Logan woman and Storm's daughter.

Katie informed Flo that Wyatt had helped the meeting happen by advocating for Flo earlier. Katie felt that Wyatt had made a good point in saying that Flo didn't feel connected to her family because they hadn't let her in. Donna said it really came down to what Flo had done to Hope.

Brooke didn't think going over the pain of it would change anything. She'd wanted to help Hope take the pain away, but the only thing that could have helped had been the knowledge that Beth had been alive. Brooke asserted that Flo had kept that information from Hope for too long.

Brooke wanted to put it in the past and move forward. She said she knew that Storm would have loved Flo. Flo was a living and breathing extension of him, and the Logans all missed him. Brooke was sure Storm would urge them to embrace Flo as a part of the family. Brooke stated that Flo was a part of the family, and acceptance was the key.

Brooke wasn't sure she'd be able to forgive Flo anytime soon. "But I could try," Brooke reasoned. She said she'd do it for her sisters and for Storm's memory.

Flo thanked Brooke. It was more than Flo could have hoped for. Flo had tried to make it okay to be without her father when she'd been growing up, but it really hadn't been okay, even though she'd had her mom and had been loved and cared for. Flo had never stopped wondering about her father. She'd never get to hear his voice or feel his arms around her, but he had left her with an amazing gift -- his family. It had never felt like hers until that day.

Flo said she'd make sure the Logans never regretted it, and she'd honor her father by being the best Logan she could be. "Okay," Brooke quietly replied, and the tearful women smiled at each other.

Later, Brooke hoped she and her sisters had made the right decision. She wanted it to work out -- just like she wanted Katie and Bill to work out. Katie didn't feel like having her sisters ambush her that day about Bill. Katie still didn't know if she could trust him or not. Donna believed that Katie already knew the answer to that, or else she would have moved on already. Brooke said Bill would always be the love of Katie's life.

"And you'll always be the love of mine, Katie," Bill said, entering the office. He wished Katie would believe that and believe in him again. He knew he'd given her reasons not to, but that was in the past. He said he'd never do anything to jeopardize their relationship and make her doubt him again.

Later, Bill and Katie were alone. Bill conveyed that Wyatt had said he'd asked Katie to give Flo a second chance. Bill was hoping there was a third or fourth chance for him and Katie. He missed Katie very much. He missed her smile and intellect. He even missed the way that she kept him in his place daily. He missed seeing her with their son, and he missed holding her close and making love to her. He missed who he was when he was with her.

Bill asked if he, Katie, and Will could go downtown and have lunch. Bill suggested they take their son to see money at the banks. Katie laughed. Bill said they didn't have to do that. They could do anything, as long as they were a family.

Katie missed Bill, too. She missed being with the man she'd made her child with. She missed their family very much. Katie thought that spending an afternoon or evening together sounded like a great idea. She believed Will would love it. She stated that Will loved Bill very much. "And so do I," she tearfully added.

Back at Spencer, Flo arrived and listened outside the door. Inside, Shauna was grateful to Wyatt, who'd defended Flo to the Logans and given her a chance to prove that she was the woman he'd always loved. Shauna couldn't wait for Flo and Wyatt to create the future they'd talked about and make Shauna a grandmother.

Flo entered, saying her mother was freaking Wyatt out. Wyatt asked what Katie had wanted. "Like you don't already know," Flo replied. Wyatt asked to hear something he didn't know. Flo revealed that the Logans were giving her a second chance, and it was all because of him.

Later, Flo and Wyatt were alone, and she was sorry that her mother had come on so strong. Wyatt was happy for Flo. She said it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for him, and it meant a lot to her that he'd gone to Katie. Wyatt hoped that Flo could finally forgive herself.

Flo replied that a lot had happened since she'd arrived in Los Angeles. Getting caught up with Reese had been the lowest point of her life. She'd had highs, too, like rediscovering Wyatt and finding out that she was a Logan. Flo was gleeful to have the Logans, her mom, and the man she loved. She loved Wyatt, who'd given her back her family.

Zoe puts it all on the line in a heart-to-heart with Carter Zoe puts it all on the line in a heart-to-heart with Carter
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Carter and Ridge reviewed some contracts. Ridge sensed Carter's gruff attitude and asked how he was doing. "Honestly, Ridge, I don't know how to get past Zoe throwing herself at Zende," Carter replied. Ridge asked if Carter had spoken to Zoe. Carter said that he had, but he told Ridge that he was not yet ready to tell Zoe everything that she wanted to hear. "That all is forgiven," Ridge said finishing Carter's thought. When Ridge commented that the ball was in Carter's court, Carter countered that he'd ended things with Zoe -- so there was no ball and no court. Ridge questioned if Carter had really ended things.

Carter didn't argue with Ridge's point, instead sharing that he still did care for Zoe. Moreover, Carter was touched that Zoe felt bad about messing everything up. He told Ridge that Zoe had panicked because she had felt things had been moving too fast. Ridge asked why Zoe had accepted Carter's proposal if she had not been ready. "Because I'm hard to resist," Carter replied with a wry smile.

Brooke peered at Hope on the cover of on old edition of Eye on Fashion. Katie sensed that Brooke wasn't okay, and Donna interjected that she hoped Brooke hadn't felt too pressured by them to forgive Flo. Brooke admitted that it was hard to forget about everything, but she agreed that it was time to move on because "Flo is Storm's daughter -- and he would insist." Katie smiled broadly and offered up an idea of how they all could welcome Flo into the family.

Flo told Wyatt that she had been smiling so much lately that her cheeks hurt. She thanked him for going to bat for her with her Logan family. "I felt like the rejection had gone on long enough," Wyatt replied. The "special moment" was interrupted when Shauna opened the door to Bill's office and poked her head in. Shauna felt that Flo and the rest of the Logan women bonding would be a great way to honor Flo's father, especially since Flo had never gotten to know him.

Before Flo had a chance to respond, she received a text message from Katie asking to meet her at Forrester. Flo worried that Katie and Brooke might have changed their minds about burying the hatchet. Both Wyatt and Shauna assured her that that was not the case.

Back at Forrester, Brooke seemed worried when she learned that Katie had invited Flo over. Donna wondered what Katie had up her sleeve. Saying that he'd gotten Katie's message, Ridge scurried into the office. Ridge wondered if he was in some sort of trouble. The three women took turns filling Ridge in on the discussion they'd had with Flo.

Once everyone was up to date, Katie revealed her plan: she wanted to offer Flo a job at Forrester. Brooke's jaw dropped, and she craned her neck to look at Ridge. "She is a Logan, and we take care of our own," Katie stated. Ridge countered that Flo was also the woman who had upended his daughter's life.

Donna and Katie assured Ridge that they had not forgotten what Flo had done. Brooke didn't seem entirely opposed to the idea, but she questioned how Hope and Steffy would feel working with Flo and seeing her every day. "Who benefits by shutting Flo out?" Katie asked, nothing that Hope had already been working with Zoe and Thomas, two other people that had wronged her.

Before they could reach a consensus, Flo arrived at Forrester. Everyone looked at each other with furtive glances. Finally, Brooke spoke up, reiterating that she had meant what she'd told Flo the day before. Noting that actions spoke louder than words, Brooke told Flo that Katie had come up with an idea. Ridge added that Forrester Creations was a family company, a family that the Logans had been a part of for many years. Katie thought it might be nice for Flo to work with her in the PR department.

Flo was stunned. She let it all soak in and proudly announced that she accepted their offer. "Thank you for believing in me -- and I promise that I will make you all and my father very proud," Flo replied. Katie, Brooke, and Ridge smiled as Donna began to cry.

Paris chirped happily about her new project, but she quickly noticed that Zoe was not paying attention. Zoe apologized but admitted that she was thinking about how she'd messed things up with Carter. As Paris questioned why her sister had thrown everything away by flirting with Zende, a silent Zende strolled into the room. Zoe agreed that she had "self-sabotaged" her relationship.

Zende broke his silence, offering an apology to Zoe. Zoe quickly noted that it was "not completely" Zende's fault. Paris urged Zoe not to give up on Carter. Zoe assured Paris that she had not. In fact, Zoe expressed that she was more determined than ever to win Carter back. Paris felt confident that everything would work out -- and possibly for the better. She explained that Zoe had earlier expressed reservations about marrying Carter. It seemed that Zoe no longer had any of those doubts. "The guy is completely in love with you," Zende added.

After Zoe left the room, Paris told Zende that she'd seen Zoe's questionable behavior in the past. Zende was surprised by how supportive Paris was being, considering that Zoe had not been thrilled with Paris working at Forrester. Paris explained that Zoe was her only sibling, and she would always want the best for her. "If one of us is down, we're all down," Paris said as she smiled. Zende was still stunned that Paris could feel that way about Zoe. Paris likened it to the reason she had gone into social work -- to do good, not for thanks and praise.

Zoe dropped by Carter's office to talk to him. When he first saw her, Carter seemed pleasantly surprised. After a moment or two, he shook the expression off of his face and took on a more distant demeanor. Zoe closed the door behind her and told Carter that she knew he was avoiding her. Zoe seized the moment to once again offer an apology. "I wish that you weren't so disappointed in me," she said softly.

Zoe promised that she would never hurt Carter again and swore that her feelings for Carter were even stronger than before because she knew what it was like to lose him. "I broke your heart, and I'm sorry," Zoe said, fighting back tears. "But I am also standing here and I'm asking...I'm begging for your forgiveness."

Zoe makes a romantic appeal to Carter Zoe makes a romantic appeal to Carter
Thursday, March 4, 2021

In Ridge's office, Flo was grateful to have a job at Forrester. She thanked the Logans and Ridge, who said he was happy to help in any way that he could. Carter entered and figured he was interrupting. Asking Carter to stay, Ridge introduced him to the newest Forrester hire. Brooke added that Flo was also the newest full member of the Logan family.

Ridge told Carter that it was okay to look surprised. Flo said the job offer had surprised her, too. Carter asked what Flo would be doing there. Katie wanted Flo to help with the PR for the Foundation. Donna felt that Paris and Flo would work well together. Carter didn't think Paris would mind a hand. Flo felt honored to work on the Foundation.

The Logans decided to take Flo around and introduce her to people. Carter closed the door after they'd gone. Ridge asked if Carter had talked to Zoe. Carter had, but first he wanted to know how "that" had happened. Carter pointed his thumb in the direction of the door, indicating the thing with Flo. Ridge said he'd say in a minute, and he asked if Carter had made a decision.

Carter didn't know what to tell Ridge. Ridge asked what Carter wanted. Carter said he'd wanted Zoe to be his wife. He'd been thrilled that she'd agreed to marry him, but he no longer knew how to feel. He assumed it wasn't what Ridge wanted to hear. Ridge said he wasn't looking for anything; he was just trying to help Carter.

Carter conveyed that he'd been fine until Zoe had appealed to him to not end their future. Ridge said Carter had known she'd do that. Carter knew that Zoe was sorry, and he stated that she wanted him to give her another chance. Ridge already knew what Zoe wanted, but he asked what Carter wanted. Ridge asked if Carter wanted to give the engagement another shot.

Conflicted, Carter partly wanted to just move on. He was upset that the woman he loved had feelings for someone else and had been willing to risk their future. Carter had heard Zoe's excuses, but he said she could have talked to him about it. Carter hadn't been playing games with Zoe. He'd been convinced that she'd been the one. He'd wanted a life with her, but Zoe had wanted to see if she could have a future with Zende.

In the backstage area at Forrester, Paris tapped away on her phone and apologized when she saw Zende waiting. He didn't mind. He was impressed with the way she worked and thought that her passion was beautiful.

"Well, this is just great. Yeah. It's exactly what I need to be seeing right now," Zoe griped upon arrival. Guessing that her sister was upset, Paris asked what was going on.

Zoe had talked to Carter, and she was worried that their future was over. She was desperate to convince him to not end their engagement. Paris urged Zoe to show Carter how much he meant to her. Zoe said the issue was that Carter didn't trust her.

Katie arrived with Flo, and Zoe curtly greeted Flo. Katie introduced Flo to Paris, and Flo noted that Paris and Zoe were sisters. Katie introduced Flo to Zende. Katie explained that Flo was Katie's niece, and the Logans were showing Flo around. Katie added that she'd thought Flo could work with the PR for the Foundation. Paris welcomed Flo aboard.

Brooke messaged Katie that human resources was ready for Flo. Flo said it was good to meet Paris and Zende and good to see Zoe. Zoe agreed, and Flo and Katie exited.

Paris asked if that had been Flo, "as in the one who..." Zoe affirmed it. Zende said it proved how forgiving the people around there could be. Citing that Flo had gotten a second chance, he reasoned that Zoe could get Carter to give her one, too. Zoe didn't think Carter had given up on them, and she figured that she had to show him that she hadn't, either.

Later, Paris wished Zoe had told Paris and Zende what her plan was. Zende didn't want Paris worrying about that or anything else for the rest of the day. He had a surprise for her. "Come on. Let's go," he said, leading her out.

Zende and Paris arrived at Eric's mansion sometime later. Zende assured Paris that they had the place all to themselves, and he wanted her to consider it as her oasis. He'd checked with Donna and had learned that Paris had nothing on her calendar.

Zende wanted Paris to focus on herself that day. She thanked him for thinking of her. Zende admitted that he'd also wanted to spend time with her. She thought it was a nice surprise, and he said there were more surprises on the way.

At Carter's loft, Zoe let herself in. Later, Carter arrived and noticed that something was different. From the stairs, Zoe, in a green goddess-style dress, welcomed him home. She guessed he was surprised to see her, but she reminded him that he'd given her a key and had asked her to live with him. She said he'd proposed to her right there, and she'd accepted.

Zoe asked if Carter remembered. He asked how he could forget. She smiled, recalling that there had been smoke alarms and everything. "Maybe that was a sign," Carter replied. She called it an untimely interruption, just like their time apart had been. She said it didn't have to be the end. She loved Carter and never would have accepted his proposal if she didn't.

Zoe was sorry that she hadn't trusted herself to be certain and embrace their future the way that he had. She'd never doubted his love for her. She said they could still have the future they'd been planning, and it could all begin right then.

In a conference room at Spencer, Shauna felt bad about keeping Wyatt from working, but she wanted to be there when Flo returned. Wyatt figured he probably wouldn't be getting much work done, anyway. Bill entered and was irritated to see that Wyatt was in there, just hanging out. Bill said it wasn't the beach, and "moon doggy" wasn't there to wax his surfboard.

Wyatt replied that they were waiting for Flo. Bill quipped that they should just fill the place with Fultons. "It's not like you have anything better to do, like, I don't know, your job, for instance," Bill said. Wyatt explained that Katie had called Flo back to Forrester, but he didn't know why.

Bill figured the Logans had changed their minds. Shauna and Wyatt didn't know why Bill would say that after Wyatt had been instrumental in getting the Logans to accept Flo. "Bold move, telling the Logans what to do," Bill replied. Shauna said it was what a man in love would do. Wyatt added that he'd known what it would mean for Flo to be fully accepted by her family.

Bill felt that Katie could be persuasive. Wyatt said Katie could only convince Brooke to listen. Flo had had to make the rest of the case for herself. Shauna said Flo could make it to Bill, too, if she needed to. Bill didn't want any lip service; he preferred action. Shauna thought it was good because it was only a matter of time before Wyatt proposed to Flo, making them family.

Wyatt said a lot of great things were happening for Flo and the Logans, and Flo would probably want them to just focus on that. He said it was what Flo had wanted more than anything else.

Later, no one had heard from Flo. Shauna was worried because her daughter hadn't texted her back. She began to think that Bill was right, and the Logans had changed their minds. Shauna noted that people assumed that Hope would be accepting of it the way she had been with Thomas and Zoe, but Shauna was worried that Hope wouldn't be.

Wyatt stated that Hope had other pressing things on her mind. Shauna wondered if Brooke had had second thoughts.

Just then, Flo arrived. Shauna was upset that Flo hadn't returned any of Shauna's texts. Flo said she'd wanted to tell everyone in person. She announced that she was the newest employee at Forrester Creations. Wyatt thought it was incredible.

Agreeing, Bill said that Flo was a "Flogan" and had a job at Forrester. He wanted to be the first to congratulate her. "So I can get back to work, and so can he!" he rasped. Bill warned Wyatt not to turn it into a party and to save that for the house.

Bill exited, and Shauna said not to mind him. Flo replied that not even Bill could get her down. Shauna fully supported the move and said Flo deserved all the joy she was feeling.

Alone with Wyatt, Flo still needed to let it sink in how much her life had improved. It had already been great because the man she loved had gone to bat for her and her family. She still couldn't believe he'd done it. Wyatt figured she wouldn't forgive herself until she'd tried.

Flo said Wyatt was an optimist who believed in second chances. She noted that their relationship was that way, too. They'd found each other again and were back in love. She'd always believed that they'd have a big future together. She wanted kids, dogs, and a minivan. It sounded perfect to her.

Zende surprises Paris with a "getaway" Zende surprises Paris with a "getaway"
Friday, March 5, 2021

In Ridge's office, Brooke was impressed with Zende's sketches. Ridge felt that Zende had a lot of talent and a lot to learn. Ridge said that Brooke looked beautiful, as always. Brooke thought it had something to do with the beholder.

Brooke noticed that Ridge seemed distracted. Worried about Carter, Ridge stated that he didn't know what Carter would do about Zoe. In Brooke's opinion, Carter needed to proceed with caution. Ridge wondered if Brooke knew something he didn't.

Brooke was puzzled by Zoe and didn't really trust her. The Beth situation lived on in Brooke's mind, and Brooke also wanted to know what the Zende thing was all about. Ridge didn't know, but it had put a dent in Carter's trust in Zoe. Brooke figured any woman "would know" how lucky she was to have Carter. She didn't know why Zoe had sabotaged the relationship.

Brooke wondered if Ridge thought Zoe would turn to Zende if it didn't work out with Carter. Ridge said that, according to Zoe, Carter was the "end-all, be-all," and Ridge was confused about why she'd risked her relationship for a flirtation. Brooke theorized that either Zoe had been afraid of a forever commitment, or Zoe might not feel as if she was good enough for Carter.

"Maybe she isn't," Ridge responded. He revealed that Zoe had asked him to talk to Carter on her behalf. Brooke asked if Ridge thought Zoe really loved Carter. Ridge said it was about what Carter thought, and Ridge didn't think Carter believed a word Zoe had to say.

Brooke recalled that Carter hadn't been interested in a woman since Maya. Brooke hoped that what had happened with Zoe wouldn't make Carter take himself out of the running for love. Ridge didn't think that would happen. Brooke thought Carter was lucky to have Ridge as a friend. Ridge replied that Carter deserved a woman who only had eyes for him.

Brooke wondered if Ridge had talked to Carter on Zoe's behalf. Ridge said he and Carter had discussed Zoe, and Ridge didn't think Carter was going to forgive and forget. Ridge had told Carter to slow down. He wanted Carter to figure out what he wanted and if Zoe would provide it.

Later, Ridge made a call and found out that Carter wasn't in the building. Brooke noted that Zoe wasn't there, either, and figured that Zoe was probably pleading her case to Carter. Ridge didn't envy Carter and said it was tough to be strong in front of the woman one loved.

At Carter's apartment, Carter wasn't up for whatever Zoe had in mind, but she refused to give up on them that easily. He felt she already had. Zoe implored him to give her just one chance to reconnect them and get their future back on track. Carter stated that they were broken. Zoe was determined to put them back together. She said she couldn't do it alone, though. She needed him to let her in and believe her when she said that he was the only man she wanted.

Carter recalled that Zoe had said that before, but she'd been flirting with Zende the whole time. Carter had thought he and Zoe had been good together. Zoe affirmed that they were. Not believing it, he asked why she'd taken his commitment and thrown it back in his face.

Carter didn't get it and wondered if he'd made the relationship up in his head. Zoe claimed that their relationship had been all she'd ever dreamed of. Other women hadn't even registered to Carter, and he said he'd never consider flirting with anyone, especially not someone whom Zoe considered a friend. Zoe admitted that she'd been wrong on many levels.

In the past, Carter had tried to convince himself that he'd be fine if he never married. He said some people weren't cut out for it, and it had taken him a long time to recover from his first engagement. He'd never wanted to be that vulnerable again; however, he'd thrown caution to the wind when he'd fallen in love with Zoe. He'd wanted a family with her and to spend the rest of his life making her happy. He said she'd thrown it away as if it had been nothing.

Zoe told Carter that he couldn't give up on them over one mistake. Carter replied that she'd given up on them when she'd thrown herself at Zende. Carter asked if she'd thought of how disrespectful it had been to flirt with Zende at Carter's workplace.

Carter guessed Zoe hadn't. He thought she'd been too busy thinking of Zende Forrester, the rock star designer. Carter said he was just a corporate attorney and businessman who bored her. Zoe exclaimed that it wasn't true; however, Carter reasoned that a big-time model like her probably thought a hot designer was a better look.

Zoe asked Carter to stop. Carter figured that she'd thought he was attention starved, so she could treat him any kind of way. She asked him to believe her. He was the most amazing man she'd ever met, and she'd do anything to make things the way they'd once been. She admitted that she'd disrespected him and their love, but she swore that she hadn't been playing him.

Carter wished that he could believe Zoe, but from where he was standing, it looked as if she'd been trying to trade up with Zende. Zoe admitted her mistake of being distracted by Zende. "'Distracted?'" Carter repeated.

Zoe claimed that Zende had been a shiny object distracting her from how terrified she'd been. She was sorry she hadn't trusted their relationship or Carter, but Carter was the only man who deserved her trust. She claimed the other men in her life had made it hard for her.

Zoe mentioned Reese and wondered what kind of father manipulated his daughter to cover up a kidnapping. She claimed she'd been in love with Xander and had believed in a future with him. "And he just left. He decided he didn't want it anymore," she claimed. She added Thomas to the mix, saying he'd tricked her into a "so-called marriage" that he hadn't intended to go through with.

Carter replied that he wasn't those men. Zoe knew it, and that was what made it so bad. She said Carter was better than any of those men, but she'd gotten scared of the commitment and of things falling it apart. That day, though, she was way more scared of losing him.

"I don't -- I don't know, Zoe," Carter replied. Zoe continued to plead with Carter. She claimed that she wasn't afraid anymore. She wanted to marry him and have his children. She wanted to stand before God and those they loved and pledge their lives to each other. Zoe believed that Carter was her "person," and she said she'd never give him a reason to doubt it.

Zoe asked Carter to forgive her. She believed that he had a lot of compassion in his heart, and she asked him to make a little room for her. She promised that he wouldn't be sorry. She'd make sure of it for the rest of their lives. She asked him to give them a chance.

At Eric's house, Paris wandered around the living room, recalling that, when she'd been in college, Zoe had talked about her glamorous life in Los Angeles and that beautiful house. Zende said the house could be intimidating, but for him, it was home. Paris imagined that if she lived there, she'd stare at the view from the balcony every day of her life.

Checking out Paris, Zende said he liked the view from the living room. She wondered if he was always a flirt. He replied that she inspired him. She was exciting and beautiful, and he couldn't stop thinking about her.

Zende put on some soft jazz and hoped that Paris was hungry. Paris guessed that he was a good cook, too. Zende claimed he had skills, but that time, he'd ordered a caterer. He'd customized the menu with a variety of things to make sure there were items she liked. She replied that it was thoughtful. He said he wanted her to have fun.

Chuckling, Paris said she already was. Zende gushed about how pretty she was and the way she lit up a room. It was inspiring to him. He said that she had her own unique style, but he'd designed a dress for her. Paris was floored that he'd made a dress just for her. He told her that it was hanging upstairs, and he asked if she wanted to try it on.

Later, Zende yelled up the stairs to Paris to see if she was okay or if she needed help putting on the dress. She said she didn't get asked that question very often. Moments later, Paris descended the stairs in a royal blue goddess-style gown. He said that she was his muse. Paris had never been called that before. He replied that it was long overdue.

Paris thought the gown was beautiful. Zende said it was because she was. He let her know that the caterers were almost ready. Paris wanted to help out, but he said that she was the lady of the manor. He told her that she'd be waited upon, and she'd like it. Paris agreed to it and replied that he knew how to make her feel special.

Later, Zende poured Champagne at a table that had been set up on the open terrace. Zende toasted to Paris, a girl unlike any he'd ever known. He was glad she'd followed her impulse to move to Los Angeles. She'd walked into his life, and he hoped that they could walk whatever road the future took together.

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