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Carter broke up with Zoe, and Zoe took her pain out on Paris. A lab room brawl exposed the truth about Steffy's paternity test. Steffy prepared to leave for Paris, but Finn stopped her with a marriage proposal. Thomas told Hope that Liam was not the father of Steffy's baby.
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Vinny admitted that he'd altered Steffy's paternity test results
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Zoe and Paris clash after Carter renders his decision Zoe and Paris clash after Carter renders his decision
Monday, March 8, 2021

At Carter's loft, Carter said he didn't trust Zoe anymore. He didn't know how to put things back together without trust. Zoe insisted that she'd earn his trust back, and she implored him not to give up. He said Zoe had been saying and doing the right things. He just wished he could believe her.

Zoe insisted that Carter could believe her. She begged for the chance to be the woman he deserved. She wanted to get married as soon as possible. She wanted to be Carter's wife and stand beside him, hand in hand, forever. Sobbing, she said she knew he loved her.

Carter didn't deny loving Zoe, but he couldn't get over what she'd done. Carter got emotional, but composing himself, he decided that, as much as he hated to say it, he and Zoe had had their chance. Zoe began to say something more, but Carter yelled that it was over.

Carter asked how he could ever trust Zoe the way a man should trust a wife or how he could forget what had happened with Zende. Zoe tried to speak again, but Carter was adamant that he couldn't live with the games she'd been playing or the doubt. He said she could keep the ring, but she should take it off so that there was no confusion.

Zoe took off the ring and placed it on the coffee table. Crying, she said she might not deserve it, but someday, she'd earn his trust back. She exited the loft, and Carter fought back tears.

In Steffy's office, Thomas sketched, and Steffy figured that Hope had to be thrilled that the fashion show was shaping up. Thomas was glad he only had two things on his plate: his son and work. Steffy was proud of Thomas and the choices he'd been making.

Thomas asked how Steffy was. Steffy was taking care of herself for the baby. It and Kelly were top priorities for Steffy. Steffy was trying not to feel guilty about having another child with Liam, but it became overwhelming at times. She concluded that she had to accept it because there was no disputing the test results.

Thomas flashed back to warning Vinny to be honest about Steffy's paternity test results. Thomas asked if Steffy had considered getting a second test. Steffy hadn't. She didn't think it was open to interpretation. Finn wasn't a match, so Liam had to be the father. Steffy was trying to make peace with it and find the positives in it.

Ridge arrived. He wondered if Thomas or Steffy knew where Carter or Zoe had gone. Neither knew where Carter or Zoe was. Ridge stated that if they were together, it was probably for the last time. Ridge wanted everything to work out for Carter and hoped Carter was taking his time.

Ridge asked how his kids were and how the baby was. Steffy said things were going fine. Thomas suddenly decided that he needed to talk to someone. He hated to run, but it was important. Ridge and Steffy looked puzzled as Thomas exited the office.

Later, Ridge was alone when a sullen Zoe arrived to see him. He'd thought she'd be with Carter. Zoe said she had been. Ridge assumed that Carter had called off the engagement. She thought Ridge was probably happy about it. Ridge asked if she really thought he'd be happy about something like that or that his friend's pain made him happy.

Zoe stated that Carter didn't have to be in pain. She asked again if Ridge would put in a good word for her to help Carter change his mind. She didn't want to lose Carter. "Zoe, you messed up. Deal with the consequences," Ridge replied.

Later, Ridge returned to the office. Steffy was there. Ridge thought pregnancy looked good on her. He said he had a beautiful daughter, who'd have a beautiful kid. Steffy's face grew long, and Ridge asked what was wrong. Claiming it was nothing, she uttered that it was another baby with Liam.

At Eric's house, Paris and Zende returned inside after their meal on the terrace. She said it was the best meal she'd ever eaten. She cooed about the dress and the privately catered meal and said a girl could get used to it. Zende guessed that his evil plan to lure her was working. She asked what he was luring her into. "Many more moments like this, I hope," he replied with an evil laugh.

Zende figured that if the dress looked half as good on the runway as it did on Paris, it would be a huge hit. Paris had never thought "her" dress would be on the runway. She thought the dress was beautiful, but he believed the beauty was inside the dress.

Paris guessed that Zende needed to get back to work. She didn't know how to thank him for the wonderful time she'd had. Zende replied that he knew exactly what she could do. First, he wanted her to teach him about her work. He wanted to go with her the next time she visited one of the charities that the Foundation supported. Second, he wanted her to sing for him.

"Seriously?" Paris replied. Zende said she'd burned the house down at Christmas. He loved her voice, and that time, he wanted her to sing just for him. Paris smiled away her embarrassment as she guessed a song was the least she could do. She asked if he had a song in mind, but he decided to let her choose.

A cappella, Paris sang a few verses of Diamond White's song, "Pretty Brown Skin." Zende was blown away. He asked if she'd written it. Paris had indeed written it, and she was flattered that he'd liked it. She felt pretty and special after the afternoon he'd set up for her, but she knew he had to get back because Hope was counting on him. Zende said Hope would be happy, because he felt as if he were on fire. Thanks to Paris, he had a big smile on his face and a sweet song in his head.

Later, Paris was in the design office, gazing at one of Zende's sketches. Zoe strode in and slammed the door. Paris asked if her sister was okay. "Do I look okay?" Zoe grumbled. Zoe exclaimed that Carter had called off the engagement, and it was all because of Paris.

Zoe asserted that she'd begged Carter for a second chance, but he didn't trust her. "And you're blaming me?" Paris asked. Zoe claimed that Carter never would have called off the engagement if it hadn't been for Paris. Zoe yelled that her little sister was always screwing things up.

Paris asked Zoe to stop it. Paris felt that she'd been focusing on herself and trying her hardest to steer clear of Zoe. Paris noted that Zoe always thought everything was about her, but Paris had been living her own life. Zoe accused Paris of trying to live Zoe's life and of following Zoe around like a needy puppy. Paris didn't know how Zoe could conclude that.

Zoe cited that Paris was working at Forrester. Zoe added that Paris had gotten in close with the Forresters, pushing her way in any way that she could. Zoe decided that they'd done the visit and the sisterly bonding, but they were talking about Zoe's life and future. Zoe wanted Paris gone that very day.

At the lab, Thomas arrived during Vinny's shift. Thomas greeted his friend and asked what was new and exciting in the lab. Vinny said Thomas wasn't really supposed to be down there. Thomas picked up a beaker, and Vinny asked him not to touch anything. Thomas put it down.

Vinny decided that he'd wrap up quickly and leave with Thomas. Thomas was impressed that Vinny was working a "nine to five" in a lab and figured it had to be intense, even life or death. Vinny guessed it was when Thomas put it like that, but Vinny did like it.

Thomas said he'd seen Steffy, who was excited about the baby. Vinny bet she was. Thomas said she'd been sure the baby had been Finn's, but "you proved her wrong, didn't you?"

Vinny said it hadn't been him; it had been science. Vinny stated that paternity tests didn't lie. Thomas contended that the person processing it could. Vinny stated that he and Thomas had gone over it, and Vinny had already told Thomas. Thomas really wanted to believe his friend, the one who'd always had his back. Vinny agreed that he did.

Thomas said it had been like when Vinny had stolen the answer sheet off their teacher's desk. Laughing, Vinny recalled that they'd aced that test. "And a few weeks ago, when you changed Steffy's test results in a misguided attempt to get me Hope," Thomas stated.

Vinny told Thomas to let it go. Thomas assumed all the results were on the computer. He wanted Vinny to log in and prove that he hadn't messed with the results.

Vinny couldn't do that. He asked if Thomas had ever heard of doctor-patient confidentiality. Vinny asserted that he'd get fired. Thomas asked what confidentiality and noted that Steffy had already told everyone who the father was. Vinny stated that Thomas wasn't even allowed in the lab, let alone to be asking for results.

Thomas asked why Vinny was being defensive. Vinny said it was because Thomas was jeopardizing Vinny's job. Thomas demanded that Vinny show Thomas proof that Vinny hadn't tampered with Steffy's paternity test results.

Finn walks in as Vinny and Thomas argue about test results Finn walks in as Vinny and Thomas argue about test results
Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In the design office, Zoe ordered Paris to email Ridge her resignation. Paris was sorry for what had happened between Zoe and Carter. Zoe didn't want apologies or anything else from Paris after what she'd done, and Zoe ordered Paris to leave immediately.

Paris thought Zoe was lashing out because she was hurting. They were sisters, and Paris loved Zoe. Paris offered to talk to Carter, but Zoe doubted he'd change his mind. Paris guessed he'd taken the ring back. Zoe said he'd offered to let her keep it, "but what's the point?" It wasn't as if they'd be a couple, and in Zoe's mind, it was all because of Paris, who couldn't mind her own business. Zoe asked why Paris couldn't stay away and let Zoe be happy for once.

Zoe recalled that she'd begged Carter not to let it be the end. She knew that Carter loved her, but he couldn't stop thinking about her and Zende, even though nothing had happened. Paris wanted to help, but Zoe just wanted Paris to stay out of Zoe's life.

Paris didn't think Zoe meant that. Zoe hissed that sisters didn't backstab and betray each other the way Paris had done to Zoe. Zoe told Paris to leave and find a life away from Zoe. Paris noted that Zoe acted as if Paris had purposely wrecked things.

Zoe said that Paris was always in Zoe's business, and that was one of the reasons Zoe had left home and gone to Los Angeles. Zoe had wanted to get away from all that and start fresh. She'd had a few bumps along the way, but she'd landed on her feet and made a name for herself. She'd gotten engaged to Carter. She admitted that she'd wanted to see where things could go with Zende, but to her, that didn't mean her feelings for Carter weren't real.

Zoe said it didn't even matter because Carter was gone, and Paris had done nothing to stop it from happening. Zoe figured that Paris was happy about it and that Paris hadn't tried to stop Ridge from finding Zoe with Zende because Paris had known it would be the beginning of the end of Zoe's relationship with Carter. Zoe had lost an amazing man, and she didn't want to wait around to see how else Paris would mess up Zoe's future.

Zoe again ordered Paris to pack up and go. Zoe held the door open for Paris, but Paris refused to leave. Paris was tired of Zoe pushing Paris around. It had gone on Paris' entire life, and Paris wasn't having it anymore. Paris prepared Zoe to ingest a few truths she didn't want to hear.

Paris believed that Zoe's suffering was Zoe reaping the consequences of her own actions. Zoe had lost Carter because of the way she'd treated him and disrespected his love and commitment. Paris advised Zoe to stop blaming Paris and take responsibility. Paris hoped it would teach Zoe to make better choices and stop being self-centered.

"Did you really just say that?" Zoe asked. Paris had wanted a sisterly relationship with Zoe, but Paris refused to throw away her life because Zoe was upset with her. Paris wouldn't give up Zende, either, not when she had the chance for a meaningful relationship. Paris asserted that she was a grown woman, and she'd make the decisions for her life and future, not Zoe.

In their office, Steffy and Ridge reviewed some designs and discussed which should be the showstopper. Ridge said he preferred one, but Hope had preferred the other. Steffy didn't think she should be the tiebreaker after she'd already upset Hope enough as it was.

Steffy felt a flutter from the baby. She said it seemed a little early for it. Finn entered, and Steffy let him know that she'd felt a little flutter. Finn replied that it sounded like the first time he'd seen her. Finn began lavishing Steffy with hokey compliments. "Really? If this is what you do in front of me, I can just imagine..." Ridge said. Embarrassed, Steffy told her dad to stop being weird.

Later, Ridge and Steffy waited as Finn reviewed the two designs Steffy and Ridge had been discussing earlier. Both were beautiful, but Finn saw something special about one of them. Ridge grinned, and Steffy revealed that it was Thomas' design. Finn replied that Thomas was talented, "but, I mean, then again, there's Zende's."

Ridge tried to get Finn to choose one, but Finn said he was a doctor, not a designer. Steffy figured that Finn knew what he liked. Affirming it, he grinned at Steffy and said, "I'm looking at her." Ridge quipped that Finn wasn't a designer or a poet. Finn laughed, embarrassed. Ridge said Finn was getting a little cheesy. "Just say you appreciate her. That's okay," Ridge advised.

Finn replied that he did appreciate Steffy. He appreciated her beauty and strength. He also appreciated what a great mother she was. Steffy said she'd love her baby no matter what. She just wished the circumstances were different.

Finn tried to reassure Steffy about her instincts being off about the baby. Steffy couldn't put into words how sure she'd been, and hearing the results had seemed wrong and surreal. The baby still felt like Finn's, and she didn't think it would change, despite the results.

Ridge reminded Steffy that the baby needed her to be strong and focused. He said she might not have gotten "the father you wanted," but Finn was still there. Finn added that he might not have fathered the child, but he'd be there to raise it and love it as if he had. Finn added that the results weren't wrong, and DNA tests were almost one-hundred percent accurate.

Later, Finn had taken off to the hospital, and Ridge noted how much Steffy liked being with Finn. Steffy said that Finn had changed her life in amazing ways. She'd thought she'd do the same by giving him a child, but it hadn't been meant to be.

At the lab, Thomas refused to let it go until he got the answer. Vinny said that Thomas finally had a good chance with Hope, but he seemed to want to blow it. Vinny urged his friend to just leave it alone. Thomas said Vinny would be off the hook if he just showed Thomas some proof. "Or maybe not, depending on how that turns out. But either way, I'm getting to the bottom of this right here and right now," Thomas asserted.

Vinny wanted to get back to work. He told Thomas that Steffy's test was confidential, and the doctor had already reviewed and confirmed to Steffy that Liam was the father. Vinny doubted Thomas would even know what he was looking at if Vinny did pull up the results. Thomas assumed that Vinny did know what he'd be looking at. Vinny affirmed it and reminded Thomas that Vinny worked there.

Thomas said it was true, and it gave Vinny the access and the knowledge. Thomas demanded to know if Vinny had done it. Vinny declared that paternity tests didn't lie, and it was science. Thomas referred to Steffy's gut feeling that the baby was Finn's, but Vinny said it wasn't how it had turned out. Thomas wanted to believe Vinny hadn't done something so extreme, and he asked Vinny to see how many lives were affected by it.

Vinny advised Thomas to chill out and put the crazy questions aside. Vinny repeated that Liam was the father. It was what the test said, and it was how it was. Vinny said that Thomas getting worked up wouldn't change it. Vinny promised that everything was cool.

Thomas stated that Vinny was very convincing and recalled that Vinny had been talking his way out of things since they'd been kids. Vinny remembered that Thomas had been just as good at it. He hoped that they'd drop it, because the whole "Vinny changed the lab test results" thing was a dead end in Vinny's book.

Opening the door to the lab, Vinny hoped that he and Thomas were ready to get beyond it. In fact, Vinny claimed he'd forgotten about it already. He offered to get beers later, but he didn't want any more to do with the family stuff. Thomas became quizzical about what Vinny meant by that, and Vinny pushed the door almost closed.

Vinny figured that the "Steffy having Liam's baby thing" would gnaw at Thomas all night. Vinny didn't want Thomas to feel guilty if Hope did wind up leaving Liam when the baby was born. Vinny said it was Thomas' time, and he'd waited for Hope long enough.

Thomas wanted to believe Vinny, but each time Vinny brought up Hope and what Thomas deserved, Thomas became worried that Vinny wasn't being straight with Thomas. Vinny asked if Thomas would deny what they both knew was true about Thomas and Douglas' feelings for Hope. Thomas wouldn't deny it, but he insisted that Hope was with Liam.

Outside the door, Finn was about to enter, but he stopped when he heard Vinny say that Hope wouldn't be with Liam once Steffy popped out another one of Waffle Man's kids. Vinny instructed Thomas to be with Hope. Thomas said Vinny had justified peddling drugs and a lot of other things, and Thomas suspected that Vinny was justifying changing Steffy's paternity results.

Thomas wanted to know if Vinny was robbing Finn of his child. Vinny asked what kind of way that was to talk to a best friend. Supposing that he had changed the results, Vinny asked if Thomas would really tell Steffy and Hope and blow the best chance he'd ever had of being with Hope.

Thomas asserted that he wasn't that guy anymore, and he didn't want to get Hope that way. Thomas said Vinny had always said he'd do anything for Thomas, and Thomas wanted to know if Vinny had made it look like the baby was Liam's when it was really Finn's.

Finn strode into the room. He wanted to know the answer to that question, too. He said that he was a doctor at the hospital, and he'd find out if Vinny had interfered with the test. Finn wanted to know if Thomas was right and if Finn could be the father of Steffy's baby.

Vinny makes a stunning admission Vinny makes a stunning admission
Wednesday, March 10, 2021

At Forrester, Steffy blamed spicy tacos for the "flutters" she felt. Ridge told Steffy that he was excited for Steffy having another baby. Steffy sighed deeply and shared that she really wanted the baby to be Finn's. Ridge said that he knew that and referred to Finn as "dreamy" and "tall, dark, and handsome." Steffy mourned the dream she'd had of having a life and child with Finn.

Steffy recalled waking up in the hospital and seeing Finn standing over her. She then reflected on how he'd helped her heal and later battle an addiction to painkillers. To go through all of that and not have the baby be Finn's seemed unfair to Steffy. Steffy told her father that she'd been thinking a lot about her life, and she'd decided that she needed to put the baby first. Ridge worried that something was wrong and stated that he'd do anything he could to help, including giving Steffy time off from work.

"I don't want this pregnancy affecting everybody else," she said. Ridge argued that Steffy shouldn't be concerned about "everybody else." Steffy continued, saying that it was unfair for her to expect Finn to be okay with Liam being the father of her child. She then announced that she'd decided to let Finn go.

Ridge was puzzled by Steffy's decision. Finn, he noted, had just been by to tell Steffy that he'd be there for her. Steffy countered that Finn did not want to be involved with a woman who had two children by her ex-husband. Finn, she said, would "always be haunted" by what had happened. Ridge continued to fight for Steffy and Finn's relationship, but Steffy refused to change her mind. She announced that she was taking Kelly and going to Paris, France.

At the cabin, Hope told Brooke that she needed a break from all the thoughts that were swirling in her mind. "I can sense that you're trying to be strong for everybody," Brooke replied. Sensing her daughter's struggle, Brooke told Hope that there was "no playbook saying how to deal with a husband who's having a child with another woman." She urged Hope to keep the lines of communication with Liam open. Hope stated that she and Liam talked all the time, but she felt that he didn't "really get" what it was like to be in her shoes.

"Part of me feels like I am grieving," Hope continued. Asked if Hope and Liam's marriage was over, Hope told her mom that she and Liam had not discussed divorce. Still, Hope wondered if she and Liam could ever get back to a happy place. "I have a lot to be grateful for," Hope commented. She added that Liam was the only man that she truly wanted to be with. Hope snarled that it didn't make sense for Liam to stray -- even though she knew all of the mitigating factors. Hope reiterated that she didn't know what the future held for her and Liam.

At the hospital lab, Finn demanded to know what Thomas was talking about and if Vinny had "interfered" in the paternity test. Vinny insisted that "paternity tests don't lie," but Thomas was quick not note that "people do." Finn became increasingly angry as he talked about the life that he'd wanted to have -- and how the lab results "proved conclusively" that he was not the father of Steffy's child. Vinny again repeated that the test results spoke for themselves. Thomas again asked his friend if he'd manipulated the results.

"Give it a rest," Vinny snapped. Thomas thought back to Vinny's unusual behavior over the previous few weeks. Vinny turned to Finn and told the doctor that Thomas was simply being paranoid. Vinny insisted that he'd never put his job on the line by rigging test results. Finn was not so sure. A seemingly panicked Vinny looked back and forth from Finn to Thomas.

Thomas understood that Vinny might have been trying to make things better for Thomas. Thomas, however, informed Vinny that Steffy wanted nothing more than to be carrying Finn's child -- and that Finn wanted to be the child's father. "Now you've got doctor hotshot all fired up," Vinny said to Thomas. Finn announced that he was going to order another paternity test if he felt that Vinny was not being truthful. Thomas pleaded with Vinny to be honest.

Vinny's voice grew softer as he told Thomas that he'd always looked up to him. "I only want the best for you," Vinny said. Thomas walked toward Vinny, convinced that Vinny had altered the results. Without warning, Vinny slugged Thomas. As Vinny turned, he was on the receiving end of a punch of his own.

After Finn's fist connected with Vinny's jaw, Vinny fell to the ground. Finn looked down at Vinny and announced that it was over. "Tell us the damn truth," Finn yelled. In that moment, Vinny cracked. "Okay, yes -- I did it. Thomas, I did it for you," Vinny snapped. "This is my life," Finn screamed, demanding to know the truth: "Is Steffy carrying my baby?"

Finn rushes to stop Steffy from leaving the country Finn rushes to stop Steffy from leaving the country
Thursday, March 11, 2021

In the lab, Vinny rose to his feet after Finn had punched him. "The truth, or I'll put you down again," Finn ordered. Thomas demanded that Vinny say it. Vinny asked why Thomas was going after Vinny, who'd been trying to help Thomas. Finn advised Vinny to help himself by telling the truth. Vinny yelled that the baby was Finn's, not Liam's.

Vinny said he'd been trying to do Thomas a solid, and he didn't know why Thomas hadn't just let it go. Thomas roared that he didn't want to get Hope that way. Finn continued to grapple with the news. Vinny said he'd figured that if Finn had never known, it wouldn't matter.

Vinny asked Thomas to help him, saying that if Finn told the hospital, Vinny could get fired or go to jail. "I'm not going to jail for this!" Vinny exclaimed and dashed out of the lab. The door closed behind him, and Finn said he had to see Steffy and tell her that they were having a baby.

Finn was euphoric about the knowledge that he and Steffy were having a baby. Thomas said Steffy had known it. Finn replied that he and Steffy had been convinced, and the paternity test results had been shocking. They hadn't questioned it, but Finn figured that Thomas had.

Thomas said he hadn't been able to shake the feeling that Vinny had somehow interfered. Thomas hadn't told anyone because he hadn't been able to prove it. Finn replied that it changed everything, and he couldn't wait to tell Steffy and Hope. Thomas said to tell Steffy first.

Finn was certain that Steffy would be thrilled, and he'd be sure to tell Steffy what Thomas had done for them. Thomas just wanted Finn to focus on his baby, but Finn insisted that if it hadn't been for Thomas, no one would have known. Finn couldn't thank Thomas enough.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke and Hope continued their talk. Brooke didn't doubt Hope and Liam's love for each other. Brooke had always supported the relationship. Hope said they needed the support. What was happening didn't seem fair after all they'd been through. She wondered when she and Liam could be happy without constant obstacles to overcome.

Outside the door, Liam listened in. Brooke validated Hope's feelings and said it wasn't fair after all the challenges Hope and Liam had faced. Entering the room, Liam said it broke his heart, too. He promised that he and Hope could make it through together if she'd just stay with him.

Hope told Liam that he didn't have to make more promises. Liam replied that he intended to keep them nonetheless. She replied that they didn't know what it would be like when the baby arrived. Liam realized that he was interrupting Brooke and Hope's mother/daughter time, but Hope decided that he should probably hear what she was saying to Brooke.

Brooke stood and decided she'd give the couple some privacy. Before going, she advised them to keep the lines of communication open and speak from a place of love. Brooke said that if there was a way back from it, love was where they'd find it. Lastly, she asked them not to forget that they had a beautiful family.

After Brooke had gone, Liam stated that he and Hope didn't have to "do this now." Hope wished she had an answer for him. She was waiting for herself to know what she'd do, too. She hated worrying about their family and being distant from him, but it didn't change the fact that he'd lost faith in her, them, and their marriage -- or that he was having another child with Steffy.

Hope had no doubt that Liam would be a loving father to Steffy's baby. Liam didn't think that was a bad thing. Hope adored that Liam would be there for his child, but it hurt her because it wasn't theirs to share. Liam agreed, but he felt that she'd been an amazing stepmother to Kelly.

Hope replied that the circumstances weren't the same. Full of uncertainty, Hope expressed that she at least knew that she loved him and wanted to keep their family together. Liam said that if it was all she could give him, then it was enough. He didn't think they needed to have all the answers, just the will to find them. Having the will meant that they were still invested in it. Liam was willing to be patient and said he'd never give up on her again.

Later, Hope was alone. She flashed back to Liam telling her about Steffy's baby. Thomas burst into the cabin. He'd been looking all over for Hope. She assumed something was happening with Douglas, but Thomas said it wasn't that. Something amazing had happened, and Thomas didn't think Hope was going to believe it.

At Forrester, Ridge was disillusioned by Steffy's plan and further shocked when she said how soon she'd implement it. "Today? You're doing this today? I'm glad we talked about it," he quipped. Steffy knew that the timing was terrible, but she felt she had to do it. She couldn't stay there and watch Finn twist himself in knots to make her happy. Finn loved her enough to love the child, but she'd realized that she loved him too much to ask him to do that.

"You can't do that. You can't just take your ball and daughter and go to Paris," Ridge said. He asked if she'd even talked to Finn. Steffy got a message on her phone from Amelia. Amelia planned to take Kelly to the airport. After reading it, Steffy told Ridge that she just needed to go home and grab her passport. In the middle of Steffy's sentence, Ridge exclaimed that it was outrageous that Steffy was leaving the country, but only her nanny knew about it.

Steffy figured that Finn would be hurt and disappointed, but it would be even more so when she gave birth to Liam's child. Ridge told her that she couldn't leave without telling anyone, but she asked Ridge not to tell Finn. Ridge questioned if she'd really just take Liam's daughter halfway around the world.

Steffy intended to explain it to everyone once she got to Paris. She figured Finn would understand and probably be relieved. Ridge doubted that anyone would be relieved by it. Steffy reasoned that Finn and Hope needed a break, but Ridge decided that Steffy was just trying to justify her actions. He said she was running away, and it wasn't like her.

Steffy explained that it wasn't about her. It was about Finn. She felt that he'd want to be there for her. She figured he'd resent the baby and then resent himself for feeling that way. She wanted to remove the burden from him. Ridge asked if that was what she really wanted. Steffy said that if things were different, she'd want to be there with Finn.

Ridge asked how long Steffy would be gone. She didn't know, and he assumed it could be for a while. She reasoned that they'd talk all the time and joked that it was Paris, not the moon. She reminded him that she was still his co-CEO. Ridge didn't like it and didn't agree with it, but he supported his daughter no matter what. Ridge and Steffy said that they loved each other, and she walked out of the office.

Later, Ridge was staring at a picture of Steffy and him when Finn arrived, anxiously looking for Steffy. Ridge replied that Steffy wasn't there, and she intended to head to Paris with Kelly. Finn asked if it was for business. Figuring that Steffy would kill him for revealing it, Ridge stated that she was leaving and never coming back. Finn replied that she wouldn't do that to him.

Ridge conveyed that Steffy was trying to do what was best for everyone. Finn sensed that it was because the baby wasn't his, and that was exactly why he needed to talk to her. He asked where Steffy was and when she was leaving. Ridge assumed she was at home, packing, or at the airport. Rushing out, Finn asserted that he loved Steffy and wouldn't let her get on the plane.

At the cliff house, Steffy ended a call with Amelia and flashed back to memories of her relationship with Finn. Steffy went outside on the deck. She heard Finn calling her name. Finn ran along the sandy pathway between the house and the cliffside to where she was standing.

Finn said Ridge had told him about Paris. Steffy replied that she wouldn't stay there, and it wasn't fair. Finn asserted that she wasn't leaving, not when he had the most incredible news. He said it would be amazing, and they'd have everything that they wanted. He couldn't wait for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Finn stuns Steffy with a life-altering proposition Finn stuns Steffy with a life-altering proposition
Friday, March 12, 2021

At Forrester, Brooke was thinking of having her sisters over for dinner one night. She wanted to know when was good for Ridge. "I'm pretty flexible, but you already know that, don't you?" Brooke naughtily added. She noticed that her husband wasn't listening to her, and she snapped him out of his deep muse. He pretended to be listening, but she asked if he was really okay.

Ridge quietly revealed that Steffy was leaving Los Angeles. Brooke was taken aback by the news. Ridge said Steffy would go to Paris unless Finn could stop her. Ridge was unsure if he should have told Finn about the trip, but Finn had said he had some good news. Brooke asked what that was, but Ridge didn't know. He felt that he'd had to tell Finn about the trip because Finn and Steffy were in a relationship. "Right?" Ridge asked.

Agreeing, Brooke noted that Finn had a right to weigh in on their future and have a chance to stop Steffy. Brooke asked if Finn knew that Steffy was leaving to spare him pain. Ridge believed that Finn understood that. Ridge said that Finn was a smart guy, and he paid attention to Steffy. Finn knew what he and Steffy needed, and Ridge wanted Finn to stick around.

Brooke wondered if Finn could get through to Steffy, who could be stubborn at times. Brooke thought it was admirable of Steffy to be selfless and try to protect the man she loved. Brooke just wished that the night between Liam and Steffy had never happened. The subsequent pregnancy was affecting many lives, and Brooke didn't know if Hope's marriage would survive.

Brooke conveyed that she was hesitant to say much about Steffy or the pregnancy. "You hesitate? Really? Where did Brooke go?" Ridge asked. He knew her to be a woman who spoke her mind, and he felt she should because it involved her daughter. Brooke added that Steffy was his daughter, but Ridge didn't think that should stop them from talking.

Brooke rocked nervously on her heels. Ridge said the problem they'd had before was that he hadn't known what she'd been thinking, and he'd guessed wrong. Giving in, Brooke made two fists and exclaimed that she wished she could strangle the "two of them." She asked what they had been thinking.

"Liam has been bouncing back and forth between Hope and Steffy for years now!" Brooke said. She'd believed that things had finally settled down, but then that stupid night had happened. Steffy was pregnant because of it, and Hope's life was turned upside down.

Ridge asked how Hope was holding up. Brooke said her daughter was struggling with it and was only human. Brooke added that the baby was a gift, and Ridge got to be a grandfather again. He guessed it wasn't all bad then, and he couldn't wait to meet the little boy or girl. Brooke couldn't, either, but she was worried that, for Hope's marriage to survive, Hope had to watch Liam raise another child with Steffy. Brooke didn't think Hope would be able to do it.

Ridge reminded Brooke that her daughter had an extraordinary capacity for forgiveness. Brooke asked how many times Hope should be expected to forgive Liam for the same mistake. Brooke didn't believe that Hope's marriage would survive the birth of Steffy and Liam's second child.

Outside at the cliff house, Steffy wished Ridge hadn't told Finn about her trip to Paris. Finn replied that it had saved him a plane ticket, because he would have gone after her and brought her right back there. There was no way he'd let her walk out of his life. She insisted that she was doing it for them, so that he wouldn't hate her one day.

Finn believed that when he'd met Steffy, the woman he was meant to spend his life with had finally shown up. It had taken time, but there she was. There was no way he'd let her go. He asked if she knew how much he loved her. She insisted that leaving was for the best, and she said that he couldn't change her mind. She was adamant that she'd leave with Kelly for Paris.

Finn told Steffy that she wasn't going, but Steffy responded that she couldn't burden Finn and make him watch her raise a second child with another man. It was selfish and cruel, and she believed she had to set him free. She was sure he'd be glad someday that she had. Finn grinned, and Steffy looked confused.

Steffy figured that she should have told Finn, but she hadn't wanted him to stop her from going. She believed that her leaving his life was the best thing for him. Finn replied that her statement couldn't be further from the truth. He wanted her to listen to him, but she refused because he'd just make it harder. She loved him too much to burden him with the child.

Finn affirmed that Steffy and the baby could never be a burden to him, and they had his love and commitment forever. Steffy grimaced as if he didn't get it. He said she wasn't going to Paris, and he wouldn't be apart from her or the baby. Finn loved Steffy, and from the moment he'd learned about the baby, he'd wanted nothing more than a family with her.

Steffy loved Finn, too. That was why she had to leave. Finn insisted that there was no reason for her to go anywhere. Steffy felt blessed for the time she'd had with Finn, and she'd always be grateful that he'd loved her. Grabbing her hand, he placed it over his heart and said his love wasn't past tense. He asked if she could feel it.

Sobbing, Steffy asked Finn to promise that he'd be happy. "Not without you," he insisted. Steffy asserted that he had to accept what she was doing, but he told her that he didn't. He said she'd stay there, and they'd make all the things they'd dreamed of become true. He stated that things had a way of working out the way they were meant to.

Steffy replied that it hadn't worked out. She stated that they'd wanted a child more than anything, but it hadn't happened. She didn't want Finn to resent her or the baby. She felt he deserved a woman without baggage. She said he'd find the woman once she was gone. Finn replied that Steffy was the only one he wanted. "You and that precious cargo in there," he said.

Steffy loved that Finn was such a romantic. He made her want to believe that anything was possible. Finn insisted that he knew for a fact that anything was possible. "Not this, Finn," she responded. She hadn't made her choice lightly, and it would be easy to stay with him; however, she'd foolishly let her guard down that night. She believed he'd be an incredible father, and her biggest regret was that she wouldn't be a part of it.

"Are you done? 'Cause I need you to stop talking now," Finn replied. Finn repeated that he wasn't letting Steffy go. He pulled a ring box from his pocket and revealed the square halo diamond ring inside. Steffy asked what he was doing.

The ring had belonged to Finn's mother, and he'd had it for years. He wanted it to be Steffy's. Kneeling down, Finn said he'd always had an idea of the ideal woman for him. She wouldn't be a perfect woman, but she'd be perfect for him. She was funny, warm, smart, and loving, and she wouldn't mind his schedule because she'd have a full life of her own. She'd challenge him to be worthy of a woman so remarkable.

"And here you are," Finn said. Steffy was everything he could ever dream of. She had astonishing beauty on the inside and loved openly and honestly. He said he was there for the rest of their lives. He asked her to agree to the proposal, wear the ring, and make him the happiest and proudest man in the world. "Steffy Forrester, will you be my wife?" Finn asked.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas was anxious to tell Hope what he'd just found out. Hope recalled that he'd said it wasn't about their son. Thomas replied that Douglas was great, and it was because he had Hope for a mother. Thomas hinted that what he knew would make her happy, and he couldn't wait another moment to tell her.

Hope noticed a red mark on Thomas' face and asked if someone had hit him. Thomas replied that it had been Vinny, but it was nothing to worry about. "He got the worst of it, believe me," Thomas concluded. She asked why they'd been fighting. Thomas stated that Vinny had been more secretive than Thomas could imagine, and Vinny had been keeping a secret that could change all of their lives, especially Hope's. Hope figured that Thomas needed to tell her then.

Thomas stammered as he explained that he'd begun to have suspicions about Vinny. Hope didn't get it. She said she barely knew Thomas' friend Vinny. She asked if Vinny was in trouble or had done something wrong. Thomas stated that what Vinny had done affected Hope big time, but it affected Steffy the most.

Hope asked again what was going on. Thomas explained that he and Vinny had been tight since grade school. He'd thought it had been cool to have someone who'd always have his back, but he was beginning to think it was a problem. He said people could lose perspective.

"I still have no idea what you're talking about," Hope replied. Thomas said he'd found out that Vinny had been working in a lab, and it was the hospital lab that had performed Steffy's paternity test.

Hope thought it was odd that Thomas hadn't known about Vinny's job. Thomas explained that Vinny hadn't mentioned it until Thomas had told Vinny that Steffy's paternity results had deemed Liam the father. In Thomas' view, Vinny had exhibited an unusual knowledge of paternity tests, and Vinny had revealed that it was due to his work at the lab. Thomas had started to put the pieces together and had begun to pay more attention to what Vinny had been saying.

Hope assumed that Thomas suspected that Vinny had had a hand in Steffy's DNA test results. "He ran the test, and he altered the results," Thomas replied. Hope gasped. Thomas told her that Steffy wasn't having Liam's baby; the child was Finn's.

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