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Liam and Hope consummated their reunion after a romantic dinner, and Liam finally revealed the truth about Vinny to Hope. Wyatt remained puzzled by Bill's demeanor. Thomas and Bill verbally sparred about Vinny, and Thomas was disgusted by Bill's lack of empathy.
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Liam and Hope consummated their reunion, but things turned when Liam told Hope the truth about Vinny's death
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Hope and Liam spend an evening reconnecting Hope and Liam spend an evening reconnecting
Monday, May 17, 2021

In the CEO's office, Hope was packing up for the day. Brooke didn't want to delay her daughter's trip home, but she wondered how things were with Liam. Hope conveyed that Beth and Douglas were happy to have Liam home, and it was nice to feel as if they were moving forward. Reaching a place of total forgiveness would take time, but it was a process.

Brooke asked what Hope meant. Hope revealed that Liam was still struggling with what he'd done. Hope knew that he regretted it, but that night still haunted him.

Later, Ridge was there, wondering if Brooke had gotten a chance to talk to Hope. Brooke said he'd just missed her daughter, who'd been excited to go home to Liam. Brooke was relieved because she hadn't been sure Hope and Liam's love would be strong enough to get through what Liam had done. "Well, not every couple can be us," Ridge responded.

Agreeing, Brooke said she and Ridge knew how to weather a storm. Brooke felt she'd had to be there for her daughter, but it had been up to Hope to forgive on her own. Ridge asked if Hope had. Brooke knew that the couple was committed to each other and their family.

Ridge asked if everything would just go back to normal. Brooke said it was a step in the right direction, and the last mile of the marathon was always the hardest. To Ridge, it had seemed as if Liam had been running up a hill with his shoes tied together. Brooke said she'd just been reminding Hope to keep her heart open, and that night could be the night the couple reunited.

Brooke divulged that Liam had asked Donna to take Beth, and Douglas was with Thomas. Ridge replied that Thomas had mentioned it, but Ridge hadn't known that it was for the special occasion. Brooke noted that the couple hadn't had a night alone since Liam had returned. Ridge recalled that he and Brooke had offered to watch the kids. Brooke explained that the couple had wanted to reconnect as a family first and then make time to reconnect as a couple.

Brooke asked if Ridge remembered when they'd reconnected. She said they'd never wanted to get out of bed. Ridge grinned, expressing that they'd used their time wisely. Agreeing, Brooke said she wanted Hope and Liam to reconnect and find the feelings they'd had before, too. Brooke believed Liam was committed to making it work for good that time.

Ridge asked if it was a surprise evening for Hope. Brooke replied that Donna had thought so, and Brooke asked if he thought that would be an issue. Ridge didn't know because Brooke hadn't told him where the couple stood on "that part" of their relationship.

Brooke replied that Liam and Hope loved each other very much. For Ridge, it was nice to see their kids in relationships where they were appreciated. Brooke said it was the last big step in the reunion, and she wondered if Hope would be ready to take it.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam, dressed in a snug white button-up shirt and dark pants, was setting the table for a romantic dinner. Bill called, and Liam said he was busy. Bill asked if Chief Baker was there. Liam said he was planning an evening for himself and Hope at home. He'd been excited about it until Bill had brought up Baker. Bill told Liam to forget it and focus on Hope.

In Liam's silence, Bill ordered his son not to let his guilt poison all the good things unfurling. Liam felt he didn't deserve any of it, but Bill disagreed. Liam stated that Vinny was dead because of Liam, and though he could try to move on, he couldn't pretend it hadn't happened. Bill said it was exactly what Liam had to do, and Liam couldn't tell anyone. Liam stated that Hope would be there soon, and he rushed himself off the phone.

By the time Hope arrived, Liam had lit candles all around the living room. She grinned, setting down her bags and admiring the scene. Liam rounded the corner with a bottle of wine and welcomed her home. He said they'd had time to reconnect with the kids, but not so much with each other. Hope asked where the kids were.

Douglas was with his father, and Donna and Beth were having a sleepover. Hope began to talk about what she'd told her mother, but handing Hope a glass of wine, Liam said he wanted the night to be about only them. He asked if they owed themselves time alone. Clinking her glass with his, she said it sounded like a plan to her.

Liam, who'd added a tie and dinner jacket to his ensemble, danced Hope in his arms, and she asked for a hint about their dinner. When he said he'd gotten the bread from their favorite bakery -- the kind of bread that reminded them of Italy. Hope guessed they'd have Italian. Liam revealed that it was orecchiette, her favorite, and he'd cooked it himself.

"You made pasta from scratch?" Hope asked. Liam added that he'd also made an orange ricotta cake, but he wasn't sure it would turn out right. She called it the least-vegan cake on the planet, but he said it was for her, not him. She was amazed to have a whole cake to herself, but he reminded her that it had been her dream in Italy, where she'd always said it had been so good, she'd wished she could eat the whole thing.

Liam wanted the night to remind him and Hope of all their beautiful memories. He wanted to make more memories, too. He said that he'd been lost without her. He loved her and didn't know what he'd do without her.

During dinner later, Hope noted that Liam had gone all out. Liam said it had either been the dinner or the normal night of pajamas, pizza, and a movie. Hope loved their cozy nights. Liam did, too, but he'd wanted their first official date night to be special. She replied that everything was perfect. Saying, "Almost everything," Liam apologized about the cake not turning out right.

Hope responded with gratefulness because it was the thought that mattered. She said that she was thankful for his recommitment to the family. Liam wanted every moment to be that way, and he wanted to be present as if it was the only time they had. Hope didn't want him to feel like he had to constantly prove something and said they had their entire lives to love each other and share those moments. He said that he prayed she was right.

Later, Hope and Liam had wine on the couch, and he caught her listening for the kids. Hope said it was a habit, and she'd forgotten what it was like for them to be alone together. She thanked him for the incredible night. Liam wanted to spend his second chance letting her know that she was the most important thing in his life. Hope said he'd accomplished it.

Liam had enjoyed planning it and imagining how Hope would react. He didn't ever want to see her unhappy again. Hope reminded him that the night was about moving forward. He said that, going forward, he only wanted to bring good things into her life. She replied that he didn't have to put so much pressure on himself, and they were in it together.

Liam had missed Hope, feeling her breath and body close to him. Hope replied that she'd missed him, too. They kissed. He uttered that being with her felt right. Everything felt right.

In Bill's office, Wyatt walked in as Bill was bellowing at someone on the phone. After the call, Wyatt wondered if Bill needed a minute. Bill wondered why that would be and asked what Wyatt wanted. Wyatt wanted to know what was going on with Bill and his testy mood. Bill contended that he wasn't testy, but Wyatt said Bill had been testy while saying he wasn't testy. Wyatt was concerned about his father and wouldn't leave until he got answers.

Bill reminded Wyatt that he knew how his father was. Wyatt quipped that Bill was being "a little extra you" recently. Bill replied that he had things on his mind. Wyatt wanted to know what. Bill insisted that they didn't concern Wyatt, but that wasn't good enough for Wyatt.

Bill roared that he was losing his patience. Wyatt didn't care and asserted that he was concerned. Bill insisted that there was nothing to be concerned about. Wyatt reasoned that nothing stressed him and Bill out more than worrying about their family, so Wyatt wanted to know if it was Will or Katie -- "Or what?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt realized that the last time Bill had had the bad attitude, it had been when Wyatt had seen Bill with Liam. Wyatt asked if the stress had to do with Liam. Bill told Wyatt that badgering wouldn't get Wyatt anywhere. Wyatt figured that Bill might want to talk about it, but then Wyatt remembered that Dollar Bill didn't take the advice -- instead, he gave it.

"I don't need advice!" Bill screamed at the top of his voice. He began pacing, and in a softer tone, he said he knew what he was doing. He was just a little frustrated. Bill grabbed a drink off his bar. Wyatt wondered when Bill wasn't frustrated with Liam -- or Wyatt, for that matter.

Bill bellowed that he wasn't always frustrated with his sons. He said he was their father. He loved them, and they meant everything to him. Bill's father hadn't given "a damn" about him, but Bill thought of his sons all the time, their well-being and futures. Nothing in the world mattered more -- not his company or his reputation. Nothing mattered more than his boys.

Bill placates Wyatt, and Liam and Hope's date continues Bill placates Wyatt, and Liam and Hope's date continues
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

At Spencer in the evening, Wyatt said he hadn't meant to get Bill riled up. It was clear to Wyatt how much Bill cared about his sons, but that was what worried Wyatt, who sensed something weighing upon his father. Bill claimed that it was work, but Wyatt said work didn't get to Bill like that.

Wyatt was insistent that it had to do with the family because nothing else would affect Bill that way. Wyatt believed a family member was in trouble, and from Bill's stress level, Wyatt knew it was serious. Wyatt threw out scenarios of what could be wrong and eventually asked if someone was sick. Bill faked a cough, claimed to be sick, and ordered Wyatt back to work.

Noting the night sky visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows behind Bill's desk, Wyatt contended that business hours were over. Bill huffed that when there was work to do, one did it. Bill then griped about Wyatt not being at home with Flo. Ordering Bill to stop, Wyatt asked if he should be worried about his brother or not.

Wyatt thought Bill should just say what it was before Wyatt made up something a thousand times worse in his mind. Bill explained that Liam was going through a hard time, and it might cause a tense conversation or two. It wasn't anything Wyatt should read into.

Wyatt didn't know why tension would linger when Liam was back with Hope. "Because he can't forget what he did," Bill quietly replied. Wyatt reasoned that Hope hadn't refused to reconcile, and Steffy's baby wasn't Liam's; therefore, Wyatt saw no reason for Liam to still be upset.

Bill said he'd get Liam through it and get Liam to put what had happened behind him. Bill thought that Wyatt was a good brother but asked him not to worry. Bill insisted that the anxiety that Wyatt sensed would dissipate, and Liam would move on and forget what had happened.

Wyatt wondered if he should talk to his brother, but Bill didn't think it was a good idea. Bill claimed that Liam tended to get upset when talking about it. Bill suggested that Wyatt just let Bill, who was keeping a close watch on Liam, handle it. Bill said he wouldn't let Liam spiral.

Wyatt knew that and said he admired Bill. "Well, duh," Bill replied. Wyatt asked Bill not to ruin the moment. Wyatt said he'd been about to tell his father that he and his siblings were grateful that Bill always had their backs. Bill insisted that he always would. Bill would do whatever he had to do and take whatever risk he had to take to protect his sons.

Later, Bill was alone, reliving in flashbacks what had happened to Vinny, the coverup, and the many heated debates he and Liam had had about it. He recalled saying that he loved Liam and couldn't lose Liam.

At Forrester, Brooke cooed over a daytime beach picture of Beth that Donna had sent. Ridge wondered if Donna had sent it to Hope and Liam, and Brooke suspected that Donna hadn't wanted to interrupt them as they rekindled their feelings for each other.

Later, Brooke ended a call with Donna, who'd agreed to let Brooke have granddaughter time with Beth. Ridge asked if Donna really hadn't minded. Brooke said Donna had sounded disappointed, but Brooke figured that Donna would rather be at the club all night, anyway. Ridge said everyone got what they wanted; Brooke could spend time with Beth, and Donna got to dance the night away. Brooke added that Liam and Hope got much-needed time alone.

Ridge asked Brooke to try to be realistic about Liam and Hope's night together. Ridge stated that Hope might not be ready. Knowing that, Brooke said Hope would take her time and do what she felt comfortable doing. Brooke just wanted Hope to be happy, and Brooke knew how much Liam and Hope cared about each other.

Ridge had a few more things to wrap up and agreed to meet Brooke at home. He asked her not to put Beth to bed because he wanted to read her a bedtime story. Brooke called Ridge the king of bedtime stories and hoped he'd save one for her. Ridge said it wasn't usually what she asked for in the bedroom, but he'd be happy to find something to read to her.

Brooke giggled. As she went to the door, Ridge said he had a good feeling about Liam and Hope. Brooke replied that, if Liam could, he'd take back what he'd done, and Hope knew how sorry he was. Brooke believed the night would be a fresh start for the couple.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam had feared that he and Hope would never get it back, the holding, the kissing, and the talking they'd once had. Hope had feared it, too, but she'd never lost hope that they would indeed get it back and reunite their family. Liam loved the kids, but he was enjoying being alone with her. It had been a long time, and he'd needed it.

Liam hoped that Hope didn't think he was pressuring her into "that." Hope said that it was okay. He stated that it had been awhile, and he'd just wanted to reconnect in any way that they could. He just wanted to feel close to her and married to her. He desired the comfort and peace that came from being in her presence. It was healing for him, and he said he loved her.

Hope said a little romance wouldn't hurt -- especially when she and Liam were so good together. Liam never wanted to be away from her again. She uttered that she didn't want to spend another night away from him. "Are you saying..." Liam asked. Hope nodded.

A slow song played with the lyrics, "You're the one I was waiting for." Hope and Liam began kissing and undressing each other. Liam lay Hope down before the fire, and they made out beside the glowing blaze.

Later, Liam and Hope lay together in blissful exhaustion beneath blankets before the fire. Hope said they'd needed that, and she'd missed him. Liam had missed her, too. He'd missed that feeling, the feeling of knowing he was where he belonged and that the outside world was far away. He asked if they could stay in that moment forever.

Hope replied that there was nothing better than being in Liam's arms. Liam guessed that meant they were in agreement about never leaving the cabin. Hope thought they were in agreement for the night, but she said never leaving ever could be problematic. Hope was happy it was where he wanted to be and where he felt safe, in their marriage and with their family. She hadn't always been secure in that, but she really felt that way.

Liam was sorry he'd made Hope feel otherwise. Hope knew that he was sorry and regretted that night. She said it had been a terrible mistake, but the mistake wasn't the core of who he was. She told him that he was a good man.

Liam was grateful that Hope saw him that way. He'd once seen himself that way, too, but things happened. People made decisions with consequences. "My God, if you only knew," he uttered and kissed her hand. "Knew what?" she asked.

Liam claimed that it was the guilt he felt. Hope wanted him to stop beating himself up over the past. She wanted them to accept it and put it behind them, so that they could move on with their future together. Liam wanted their future and told her to never doubt his love for her -- even if there was a day that he wouldn't be by her side. She said she wouldn't.

Hope and Liam kissed, and she cuddled up on his chest. He remembered Bill saying that Vinny was dead, and Liam couldn't tell anyone -- certainly not Hope.

Liam struggles with telling Hope the truth about Vinny Liam struggles with telling Hope the truth about Vinny
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Bill looked out his office window and reflected on the night of Vinny's death. He was startled when he heard Brooke's voice from behind him. Brooke stated that she wanted to be the first to tell Bill that their children had had their "reunion" the previous night. Bill was pleased, noting that Liam had worked hard to regain Hope's trust. Brooke nodded in agreement before remarking that Hope and Liam had a "wonderful future ahead of them."

Brooke shared that Hope had been worried about "a heaviness" that seemed to be weighing on Liam. She felt it was urgent that Liam put his night with Steffy behind him if he wanted to keep things moving in the right direction with Hope. Bill said that Liam had a tendency to be his own worst enemy. "The fact that he's feeling guilty shows just what a big heart he has," Brooke replied.

On the phone in Ridge's office at Forrester, an enraged Thomas was peeved that there had been no progress in Deputy Chief Baker's investigation into Vinny's death. Ridge entered at the tail end of Thomas's call and promised his son that they would find the person who had taken Vinny's life.

The conversation turned to Thomas having spent the night with his son, Douglas. Thomas smiled and recounted that they'd had pizza and ice cream, and they'd watched all of the Sponge Bob movies. "Squidward is my favorite. Always has been," Ridge quipped. Thomas stated that he hoped Hope was truly happy since she and Liam were back together. However, Thomas was concerned that Liam could break Hope's heart again. Thomas grew agitated and told Ridge that he needed some time to himself.

Brooke returned to Forrester, and Ridge bemoaned that he'd just lost $20 to himself. "I made a bet saying that there was no way you're gonna get more beautiful, and then you walk in like this. It's not right," Ridge mused. Brooke admitted to having visited Bill to talk about Liam and Hope's reunion. Ridge was annoyed that Brooke had gone to see Bill, who he argued had not been supportive of Hope and Liam's relationship the way that Thomas had. Brooke reiterated that she was troubled by the fact that Thomas still loved Hope. Ridge replied, "That's what true love is. Putting someone else's needs above your own."

As the sun rose, Liam and Hope awoke in each other's arms. Liam confessed that he hadn't slept much because he hadn't wanted his night with Hope to have been a dream. Hope smiled and said, "I can assure you, it [was] very real." Hope shared that she has missed Liam's touch and their connection. They kissed gently as Hope declared, "This is the first night of the rest of our lives."

As much as Liam and Hope might have wanted to stay in bed all day, Hope explained that she had a Hope for the Future meeting that she had to get ready for. When Hope mentioned Bill's name, Liam flashed back to the night he had crashed into Vinny. Liam then requested that "no matter what happens, you're not gonna forget how much I love you."

After they dressed, Hope and Liam discussed their plans for the day. Thomas burst into the room unexpectedly to announced that Douglas would be spending time at a friend's house. Liam snapped that Thomas could have shared that news in a text. Hope then realized that her phone was still in silent mode. Thomas called the moments he'd been sharing with Douglas "precious" because life was too short.

Hope asked if there had been any movement in the investigation into Vinny's death. Thomas told her that there had not. Liam then told Thomas, "I feel really terrible about what happened. I'm sorry, Thomas. I'm really sorry." Thomas thanked Liam for his kindness and swore that he hadn't stopped by to kill the mood or cause trouble. When he turned to leave, Hope vowed that she and Liam were there for him in the event that he needed anything.

After Thomas left, Hope sensed that something was troubling Liam. She told him that he needed to talk to her about whatever was bothering him. Before Liam could respond, his phone started to ring. Bill was on the other end with a message that Brooke had dropped by to visit him. Bill relayed what Brooke had told him about Hope's concern for Liam. Bill became irritated when he learned that Liam was not alone and had taken his call. Bill made Liam swear that he would not say a word about Vinny's death to Hope.

When Liam hung up, Hope asked him what the call had been about. She said, "There is obviously something going on. What are you keeping from me? We promised no more secrets!" Liam explained that his troubles had nothing to do with his night with Steffy. He became flustered as he told Hope that he was scared that he could be taken away from Hope and their kids forever. When Hope again asked Liam what was wrong, Liam visibly struggled with whether or not to tell Hope the truth.

Liam makes a shocking confession to Hope Liam makes a shocking confession to Hope
Thursday, May 20, 2021

At Spencer, Bill glowered at a picture of him and Liam and then at the view from the window. In Bill's doorway, Thomas noted that it was different, and Bill almost looked upset. Entering, Thomas asked what was wrong with Bill. Bill asked "what the hell" vermin like Thomas wanted.

Thomas replied that it was what Bill had wanted from Thomas, who'd just done an interview for Bill's fashion magazine. Bill figured someone needed to get fired, and he wondered why they'd scrape the barrel to do a feature on Thomas. Thomas found Bill to be more of an "ass" than usual and wondered why that was when Liam and Hope had finally put that night behind them.

Bill replied that Hope and Liam had reconciled, which Bill knew Thomas hated. Thomas claimed to be happy about it and to want what Hope wanted. Chuckling, Bill retorted that Thomas was so full of it that he made Bill want to puke. Bill wasn't buying it and said Thomas would always see Liam as a rival for Hope's heart.

Thomas said it mattered how Hope felt about Liam, not Thomas. Thomas stated that Liam's big secret was out, and Hope seemed to have forgiven Liam. Thomas thought it would be pretty stupid of Liam to make the mistake of keeping anything from Hope again because he'd lose her.

"You know what's stupid? I'm looking at it," Bill quipped. Bill resented Thomas' comments about Liam when Thomas' life was a train wreck. Bill said Hope might not have completely forgiven Liam, but she would eventually. Bill felt that, in time, Liam would forgive himself.

Thomas replied that Liam at least had time. Thomas assumed that Bill knew about the death of Thomas' friend, Vinny, and said "some heartless bastard" had just left Vinny on the roadside to die. Bill replied that Vinny was the dirtbag who'd screwed with Steffy's paternity test. Adding that Vinny had been a drug dealer, too, Bill couldn't figure out if he should look up or down while wishing that Vinny rested in peace.

Thomas supposed Bill just wanted company for where Bill was going, but Thomas believed that Vinny had been a good person who hadn't deserved to die at the hands of a coward. Thomas stated that even a misguided soul like Bill should understand that.

Bill decided that Thomas could defend the drug-dealing, paternity-test-switching lowlife, but as far as Bill was concerned, Vinny had caused a lot of people grief. Bill would never understand why the police were spending any time on "his sorry ass." Thomas didn't think finding his best friend's killer was a waste of time -- not that they were having any luck, Thomas added.

"Oh, well. Hit-and-runs happen all the time and some never get solved," Bill apathetically concluded. Thomas said it would if he had anything to do with it. Thomas vowed to stay on Baker to make sure that Baker found the guy, tried him, and threw him in jail for life.

In the CEO's office, Ridge ended a call about Thomas, and Brooke asked what was going on. Ridge told her that Thomas was in trouble; Thomas had parked in the wrong spot. Brooke chuckled, and Ridge smiled, too, intent upon giving Thomas a stern talk about it when Thomas returned. "Does it bother anybody else that Charlie is armed? That's weird, right?" Ridge asked.

Brooke asked if Thomas had said where he'd been going. Ridge didn't know and asked if she needed his son for something. Brooke just wanted to thank Thomas for leaving Liam and Hope alone. Brooke felt that the couple needed time alone together and with their family.

Ridge agreed. Brooke added that Liam and Hope didn't need something or someone tearing them apart. Walking into the office, Flo agreed. Brooke wanted Hope's family to thrive. Ridge said they all wanted that. Flo believed it would happen. Flo could feel it. Brooke could, too.

Flo had a file for Hope. Brooke volunteered to make sure Hope got it. Flo wondered where Hope was, and Brooke guessed probably still at home after a special evening with Liam. Flo replied that Wyatt was notorious for special evenings.

Ridge asked how Wyatt was and guessed Wyatt was happy about Hope and Liam. Flo replied that Wyatt was thrilled. Stammering, Flo added that Wyatt had noticed tension between Liam and Bill. Finding it strange, Brooke said Bill had been very pleased about Hope and Liam earlier.

Flo divulged that Bill had some reservations about it, according to Wyatt. She didn't know what they were, though. Brooke recalled that she'd discussed with Bill a heaviness that Hope had sensed in Liam, and Bill had said that Liam could be his own worst enemy. Brooke began to wonder if Bill had meant something more.

Ridge remarked that Brooke had just said she'd been with that "oaf," and nothing had jumped out at her. Brooke said Wyatt had picked up on something. Flo replied that Bill hadn't been forthcoming with Wyatt. Ridge stated that Bill was always hiding something.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was puzzled about Liam's assertion that someone would take him away from her and the kids. He said he didn't want anyone to take him away. He wanted to stay with her as long as she could. Hope was desperate to understand and help him, but she said he needed to tell her what was upsetting him. Liam replied that he had everything he wanted; he was living in a fool's paradise.

Hope asked what he was talking about. Liam replied that it could all go away and go away quickly. She was determined to never let anything get between them again. Liam wished it were possible and that he could go back and change that night, but he couldn't.

Hope thought they'd agreed to move on, but Liam stated that they couldn't move on from it. She urged him to stop beating himself up over what had happened with Steffy. He explained that it wasn't about Steffy; it was different and worse. "Worse?" Hope asked.

Liam said he wasn't kidding that someone might take him away from her and the kids, and if it happened, he deserved it. Hope insisted that Liam tell her what he was talking about. Liam swore that he hadn't meant to do it. It had happened out of the blue, and he hadn't had time to stop. "Stop? Stop for what?" Hope asked.

Liam didn't want to involve Hope in it, and the thought of losing her was unbearable. Hope yelled that she'd told him that he wouldn't lose her or her love. Nothing he'd say could change it. She promised that they could get through whatever it was together.

Liam remembered the first time he'd met Hope. She'd been special to him. He could have searched the world over and never found a woman more precious to share a life with. He said that she was his whole life. Hope replied that he was hers, and nothing would change it. He replied that she wouldn't say that if she knew what he'd done.

Hope didn't care what it was. She was sure she and Liam could get through it together, but he needed to trust her and their love and to tell her what was going on. Liam asked if she remembered the night, weeks back, when she'd let him kiss her again. He began talking about how wonderful it had been, but she interrupted, asking why he was going on about it as if they didn't have the rest of their lives together.

Liam stated that it was the last night he'd been himself and that he'd actually had her. That night had been the beginning of the end for him. Hope asked how that could be when they were just getting started again. She asked him to stop beating around the bush and tell her.

Liam reminded Hope that Bill had been with him. Liam said he'd driven Bill's car because Bill had had one drink too many with Brooke. Liam said they'd been on the dark stretch of road between there and his father's place. It had happened so fast, he hadn't had time to react. But then, he'd seen "his" face. Liam had seen the blood, and he'd realized that it had been "him."

Liam told Hope that he'd been responsible. Hope seemed to know the answer when she asked what Liam was responsible for. "For Vinny," Liam replied. Liam revealed that he'd hit Vinny and was the one who'd killed him.

Liam reveals the details of Vinny's death to Hope Liam reveals the details of Vinny's death to Hope
Friday, May 21, 2021

At Spencer, Thomas told Bill that Vinny had been like a brother. Thomas hadn't had many friends at school, but Vinny had topped the list. "Well, like attracts like," Bill quipped. He said it was no wonder that Thomas couldn't do better. Thomas insisted that Vinny was a good person and hadn't deserved to get mowed down by a gutless coward.

Bill wasn't down for the pity party Thomas was throwing for his drug-dealing, test-rigging friend. Thomas guessed Bill was perfectly fine with how Vinny had died. Bill shrugged and wondered what Thomas wanted from him. Thomas called for a little humanity.

Patting himself down, Bill realized he'd left it with his other change. Bill said the killer had taken out the garbage, as far as he was concerned. It sounded to Thomas like Bill was perfectly fine with the killer getting away with it. "For now, anyway," Thomas added.

Thomas stated that someone had hit Vinny and had left him on the side of the road. Bill noted that Vinny and Thomas had unusual proclivities. Bill corrected himself, putting it in past tense for Vinny, and then Bill asked if Thomas had ever asked himself why Vinny had been walking down the street in the middle of the night.

Thomas said it didn't matter, and Vinny hadn't deserved to die. Bill figured that actions had consequences, and Thomas called Bill heartless. Bill didn't deny it, adding that it was even more so when he was pushed. "And you're pushing me," Bill seethed.

Bill accused Thomas of perpetuating the lie about his granddaughter's death, torturing Hope, Liam, Steffy, and their families. "And you want me to stand here and listen to your sob story about Vinny? Vinny, who tried to send my son down a path that wasn't his to take?" Bill asked. He said that piece of trash had tried to play God with at least four people's lives, including Thomas' own sister. Bill assumed that Thomas didn't care about that.

Thomas said he cared about it, and he'd shunned Vinny for it. Thomas said Vinny had deserved to pay for what he'd done, but not like that. Bill replied that it had been expensive, but life was rarely fair. Thomas asked if one should just accept that. Thomas reiterated that someone had murdered Vinny and had left him on the side of the road as if he were nothing. Thomas asserted that Vinny hadn't been nothing. Someone had left Vinny on the side of the road, and Thomas was going to make that person pay.

Wyatt arrived and asked what was going on in there. Thomas said he was finding out that Bill was more callous than Thomas had first thought. Thomas was starting to think that if Bill had been the one to run Vinny down, Bill would have left him for dead, too.

Bill rasped that he hadn't even known Thomas' "son of a bitch" friend until he'd screwed with Liam's life in much the same way Thomas had before. So, for many reasons, Bill had no sympathy for Thomas and wouldn't shed tears for Vinny. Bill yelled that Thomas' buddy had lost his life because he'd been walking down the street in the middle of the night like an idiot.

Thomas called Bill a piece of work, and Wyatt suggested that Thomas leave before something happened. Ignoring Wyatt, Thomas thought Bill was acting as if he'd never made a mistake. Thomas said that Vinny hadn't been perfect, but he hadn't had a mean bone in his body. It was more than Thomas could say about Bill. Bill asked if Thomas was done, but Thomas continued.

Thomas said Vinny had been sorry for switching the DNA results. Thomas asked if Bill had ever made a mistake he wished he could go back and correct. Thomas insisted that Vinny had been mowed down and murdered, and Thomas wouldn't stop until he found the person who'd done it.

Thomas stormed out of the office. Wyatt closed the door and asked Bill what that had been about. Bill replied that Wyatt had just walked in on Bill exercising restraint on Forrester's freak show of a son. Wyatt asked what Thomas had been doing "up here," anyway. Bill mentioned the interview, and Wyatt remembered the feature Flo had set up for HFTF.

Bill yelled that Thomas should have kept on moving. Bill believed he deserved a pat on the back for not ripping Thomas' throat out while listening to Thomas wax on about his loser friend. Bill had no tears to shed for the paternity-test-switching, drug-dealing piece of garbage. Wyatt agreed that Vinny had been all those things, "but -- "

"No, there's no but, Wyatt," Bill shot back. Wyatt said he was with Bill and knew that Thomas and Vinny had done things to hurt the Spencers. Wyatt added that Vinny had been Thomas' best friend, and Thomas wanted Vinny's killer to pay.

At Forrester, Flo, Brooke, and Ridge were in the CEO's office, talking about how great things were for Hope and Liam. That was why it didn't make sense to Brooke for Bill to have concerns. Brooke thought Bill should be thrilled that Liam's future was back on track.

Flo figured Brooke knew Hope better than anyone -- except for Liam, maybe. Brooke said Flo was right the first time. Flo asked if Brooke would let her know if Hope needed something Flo could help with or if Hope would be open to dinner with Flo. Flo didn't want to push, but she wanted to start forming a relationship with Hope. Brooke agreed to "keep my ears on it."

Ridge reverted the topic back to Wyatt's thoughts about Bill. Brooke was beginning to think Wyatt had misread the situation and said Bill wanted the reunion between Hope and Liam as much as Brooke did. Ridge wondered what the problem could be between Bill and Liam then, and Flo guessed that it was work-related.

Brooke asked if Wyatt had said that. Flo replied that Wyatt had no idea what it was, but he didn't think Bill and Liam were being straight with him about the tension between them. Brooke asked if Wyatt thought Bill and Liam were hiding something. Affirming it, Flo said Wyatt was alarmed by it because Bill didn't usually keep Wyatt out of the loop.

Ridge told Flo that whenever Bill opened his mouth, Bill was lying. Ridge felt sorry that Bill's sons had to navigate their lives around that. Brooke asked why Ridge was so hung up on Bill and suspicious of every move Bill made. "With good reason, I think," Ridge replied.

Brooke said that fathers and sons disagreed at times, and when Ridge and Thomas disagreed, it didn't mean the sky was falling. Ridge told "Chicken Little" that it was about Spencer. Flo concluded that Ridge didn't like Bill. Ridge didn't hide it, and he urged Flo to read between the lines when she listened to Wyatt about Bill because something wasn't right there.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam confessed to Hope that he'd killed Vinny. Liam feared that his whole life was slipping away from him, and he'd be taken from her and the kids. Hope told him to stop talking like that, but he insisted that the police were looking for him, the one who'd killed Vinny.

Hope refused to accept it or listen. Liam hated to cause her that much pain again. Crying, she insisted that it hadn't happened, but he told her that it had. Hope wouldn't believe that Liam would leave anyone for dead on the side of the road. She looked into his eyes and sobbed that it was true. She said Liam had run over Vinny and left him for dead.

Liam was sorry for laying it on Hope. He'd wanted to tell her many times, but he'd seen the trust in her eyes and felt like garbage. Hope stammered that they were really having that conversation. "I came close a couple of times, by the way, to telling you. I just don't like lying," Liam said. Hope asked, "Why didn't you?"

Liam stated that it had been dark and ugly, and he hadn't wanted to dump the toxicity onto their family or put her in a position of feeling the need to lie for him. Hope asked if it had been on purpose. She knew Liam had been angry about what Vinny had done with the test, but she begged Liam to tell her that it had been an accident.

Liam said it had been an accident. Vinny had just appeared in front of the car, but that didn't change the fact that Liam had killed someone. He said everything he loved would be taken from him, and it was what he deserved. Hope had believed he'd been talking about that night with Steffy. He said he did regret that night, too, but he'd also actually killed someone.

Hope asked what had happened. Liam said it was ironic that he'd tried to be safe and responsible by driving for Bill. Liam had been so happy that night because Hope had let him kiss her, and he'd believed he might be getting his family back. He assumed she knew how dark that road was on the way to his father's house. He said he hadn't been speeding and was always careful when he drove on Mulholland through the canyon, but out of nowhere, a figure had appeared.

Liam hadn't had time to react or swerve. He'd felt a thud, and he'd slammed on the brakes. He and Bill had jumped out of the car and run toward "what we now know was a person." Hope asked if Vinny had still been alive. "At that point, yes," Liam responded.

Hope asked if Liam had helped Vinny. "Of course. Of course, I tried to help him," Liam replied, flashing back to telling Vinny that they'd call for help. Liam didn't think much could have been done at that point. He recalled the sound of Vinny's breathing, saying it had been like a rattling in Vinny's chest. It had hurt to listen to it, and Liam could still hear it. "And then he just...died..."

Hope asked if Liam had just driven off. Liam explained that he'd passed out, and she asked how he'd gotten home. Liam said Bill had put the unconscious Liam into the car. Hope figured that meant that Bill had been the one who'd driven away and left Vinny for dead.

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