Short-term memory loss?

For the Week of May 24, 2004
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Short-term memory loss?
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Do the writers think that every viewer has been afflicted with amnesia? If they're going to give Deacon a story, they should at least make it somewhat realistic.

My goodness, where do I start with this week's pointed rantings? I will say this at the outset, the writing staff must not think that anyone watching the show has ever watched in the past or they would not have crafted such a weak and obvious twist as they did this week with Deacon/Hope/Brooke/Nick. This drove me crazy all week and from the emails I received, I wasn't the only one.

Let me say I have not JUST started watching yesterday and have been a viewer since the beginning when B&B replaced 'Capitol'. I have seen it all. I also remember, quite vividly, many scenes between Brooke and Deacon where he was told he would have nothing to do with Hope and that he would be a constant reminder to her of her betrayal of Bridget. I don't remember him signing anything per se, but I do remember his lawyer telling him he would not have a good shot at visitation, etc., since he NEVER had any contact with the child at all. I cannot remember ANY scenes between Deacon and Hope and certainly nothing that illustrated any relationship or even any acknowledgement on the child's part as to who he is. Now, having said that, why would the writers have Hope rushing into his arms calling him 'Daddy'? What the hell is that all about? When did this happen? Do we all have amnesia? Or do the writers think no one will notice and they can just make it all up as they go along? Please give us more credit than that!

But wait! It gets worse! Now Nick wants to adopt her to give her a better life (thought Brooke was doing that) and to have a permanent relationship with Deacon? What? How is adopting a child away from the natural parent going to cement a relationship with that parent? It would do the opposite. Deacon will have no say in anything legally. But, whatever floats you boat, right? He bought it and feels like he has a better shot to be a part of her life with Nick around than Ridge. He's right on that one. However, who noticed that during the adoption signing gala at the Marone's that Bridget was there in the same room? HELLO??!! We are supposed to believe that now she can stomach being there to watch his love child born with her Mother and her ex-husband bond over the paperwork and everyone lives happily ever after? I couldn't believe my eyes. Now all of the sudden Brooke is ok with Deacon being around for parent-teacher conferences, soccer games, and dance recitals? When did this change of heart happen? Have we all been living on a different planet for the last 2 years? Why this twist in the story? If you are going to give Deacon a story, make it one that is at least HALF based in some loose reality, not like this.

Now, we all saw him burn the test results, which he claims showed Popeye as the daddy, but why burn them if they don't have something incriminating in them? I think it said Ridge is the dad but he told Jackie it was Nick hoping he would get more time with Hope if she's with Nick than with Ridge. Deacon may have changed some, but he is still an opportunist and is not above using this info for his own gain. He will be in deep you-know-what when Mojo finds out he slept with Jackie. I am not buying all this 'I want you to spy on my wife' garbage as will be revealed on Monday. Remember, before Mass asked Deacon to come into the study, he got a call from somebody that gave him an answer. I'll bet that answer was 'Deacon Sharpe' and the question was 'Who has my wife been calling on her cell for the last 24 hours?' Deacon is being set-up and I still say he will be the mystery murder victim. Who would want him dead? Mass, Jackie, maybe Ridge, or even Nick if he finds out he slept with his precious mommy.

More tears and melodrama out of Brooke and Ridge this week, ending in another kiss between them. Oh Lord, please let it all stop! I don't care who Brooke ends up with at this point, the story just needs to find it conclusion soon before more fans jump ship. Now I hear that Ridge will be looking to dig up some dirt on Nick to try to stop the wedding. Some woman named Maya will appear and have some ties with him. I wonder if this is the writer's way of making Nick look bad to justify Brooke saying no to marrying him. Why do that? God forbid we have a good, strong, and popular male character to counter Redwood Ridge. No, we can't have that. We have to make Nick be just as much of a bastard as Ridge has been through the years. Too bad, really. I don't care what anyone says, I like Nick's character a lot and see him as ten times the man Ridge has ever been. Just look at this past week...whether the story is weak or not, Nick seemed genuine with Deacon and steadfast in his belief that Hope should know her father. Ridge, on the other hand, would have been just as comfortable to erase Nick out of Little Nemo's life and have Nick sign away the child, sailing off into the sunset. Some have said Nick should not have Deacon sign over Hope, and I do find that a tad hypocritical, but it just seems very different to me given how he treated Deacon in front of Hope.

We had a few folks dusted off for some scenes this week...Sally, Oz, and Bridget all made appearances. Of course Bridget did not even get a chance to speak during her scene...OUCH! Oh well, did anyone noticed who won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress?? Yes, our dear departed Jennifer Finnigan, the ONLY Bridget in my mind. Congrats to her and to Susan Flannery for her Emmy as well. I'm sure all the die-hard Brooke fans are cursing the Emmy's as we speak, but really, you have to ask yourself after so many years, why hasn't KKL gotten an Emmy? Is it her acting ability? Her storylines? Seriously, why does she get snubbed each year? I have no idea how they are picked or who nominates them, so I am curious to know...this will be this week's burning question!!!! Should Katherine Kelly Lang get an Emmy and why do you think she has never gotten one?

Not too much else to comment on this past week. I do, however, have the results from last week's burning question 'Should JW stop singing' etc. Well, much to my surprise, 11 readers said they did not mind his Brooke-inspired crooning, while 9 others said 'STOP THE MUSIC'. Those that did not like it seemed to feel as though it was a cheap way to plug his musical talent and that if he wants to be singing so bad, he should quit the show and do a CD already.

My rant for the week: what is the fixation the producers have with bringing on old TV actors to fill slots in the cast or as cameos? Linda Gray (Dallas), Lorenzo Lamas (Falcon Crest), Hudson (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and now JM J Bullock from 'Too Close For Comfort'. He was annoying as the flamboyantly gay neighbor Monroe and now he turns up as the flamboyantly gay wedding planner for Brooke and Nick? Oh come on! If this is supposed to be comic relief, it didn't work. My fast-forward button just got hit more than usual.

Well, I had a couple of good readers remind me that in last week's column I referred to Thorne as Eric's only son and that Rick is also his son as well. True, but what I was trying to reference was that Thorne would be the only male heir to Forrester as Eric and Stephanie are his parents and they started the company. Rick will likely never get the company as he would have to wait it out through Thorne, Kristen or possibly Felicia to get his shot. But it's the soaps, so you never know right? Thanks for the emails on that! And everyone have a safe and Happy Memorial Day...put a weiner on the grill for me! Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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