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After months of Nick being crafted as a sincere man with integrity and a few expected human flaws that we all have at some time or another, the writers are flushing it all down the toilet.

Ok, well not really, but you all know what I mean. I theory. Just frustration, that's all. For weeks, I have been sneaking around on spoiler sites all over the net wondering what may be down the road for our favorite half-hour soap and I kept telling myself that they HAD to be wrong about Nick having some secret past that Brooke can't deal with. Now after months of this character being crafted as a sincere man with integrity and a few expected human flaws that we all have at some time or another, we are flushing that down the toilet by having idiot Ridge storm the nuptials with Maya the Mystery Woman. Gilligan is really Satan in disguise and has fooled everyone all this time to advance his evil plot against Ridge and Brooke. I'm waiting for Scooby and Shaggy to come in and pull off the mask he's been wearing all this time! Come to think of it, this plot IS better suited for Cartoon Network.

I am all for new and different things to spice up the writing but to have this character do a 180 degree turnaround in the blink of an eye looks more like either desperation on the part of the sagging ratings or just a way to placate the Ridge/Brooke fans out there who want them back together (like they ever were anyway). Neither makes any sense to me and it's been a big waste of time to put us all through another WTD story. I've got a little newsflash for the writers and the Brooke/Ridge fans...there are just as many that have come to really like the Nick/Brooke pairing, too, and think it's her shot at a REAL relationship without the constant codependent behavior. She is happy with Nick. But I guess that's not good enough. Guess there is not enough crying, pawing, and steam room sex these days.

If all that wasn't enough to ruffle our collective feathers, now Mojo is a bad guy in the eyes of the law, too. When it rains, it pours over there at Moron Manor. He must have been in cahoots with Nick on some shady Asian business deal and now both of them end up in the pokey. Don't drop the soap, boys! I figured he had enough to worry about with his cheatin' wife but now this? I am supposing there won't be any Father's Day cards sent to jail from Ridge, huh? Mass will have a hard time forgiving him for sticking his nose in where it did not belong just to stop the wedding. Ridge is such an ass (pardon my French)and he won't care as long as he can have Brooke to pet like a poodle all day and growl "Logan" in her ear some more just so we can have the hair on the back of our neck stand on end a little more. Fingernails on a chalkboard sounds magical compared to his dialogue with her. I wonder if KKL ever gets tired of it?

It was a nice week, though, as we were treated to the quick visit from Katie Logan who only shows up when Brooke gets married. She got to see firsthand how romantic Nick can be with his impromptu serenade (which was a little cheesy for my taste but whatever). Mass is the best man and Ridge played computer hacker to get the scoop on Maya. I don't know about you, but if I knew I had super secret stuff on my hard drive, I would use a better password than my husband's name. It would be something really cryptic like 'supergeniusofalltime' or 'ilovegeorgebush' know, things no one would attribute to me in any way.

YAY FOR SALLY!!!!! I love the return of Spectra Fashions, the great knock-off designers of the ages! Back in the day, it was the feud between Forrester and Spectra that provided the framework for the tensions in the show and made us watch everyday. Sally is a true her or hate her, she bookends the show nicely against Stephanie. Darla better watch out for a conflict of interest, though, as she will have to be more loyal to President Hot Hubby and less to Sally. I like Thorne a lot, too, and look forward to some spirited competition and intrigue. Hopefully that will be what brings Kristen and Felicia back into the fold.

A great week for Hector and Sam as they finally got to revisit their 'horizontal hold' from years past. You have to love how everyone has a caterer at the ready and a bag of teddies from the Stephanie Forrester House of Hot Sex. Isn't this the second or third time she has provided zesty fashions for female cast members (twice now for Sam)? Meanwhile, Caitlin can't wait to have everybody living together and asked Sam to move in with them. But I still smell something rotten in the wind as there are also rumors circulating that Rick will turn cradle-robber and make a move on the virginal Caitlin. If true, it would be another weird and severe twist for a character but one that I am curious about nonetheless. Or, it could be a 'red herring' as was the case with the Eric/Caitlin sex story they had toyed with months ago but was scrapped at the last minute. I never know what to believe on certain sites and sometimes I think the studios have people on the payroll to deliberately 'leak' tainted scoop. Evil forces at work for sure...

Thank you to all that responding to last week's deep intellectual query about KKL's lack o' Emmy and why. The majority felt that she did not deserve an Emmy but NOT for the reason Brooke-Lovers may think. There was consensus agreement that she may have a great shot at one if it weren't for the poor writing and constant crying scenes she is handed every week during this obsession with Ridge over the years. I believe the same thing...she is a good actress but has no real substantial stories to help her have something strong to submit for voting. It's a shame when you consider that she's one of only four original cast members left and another, Susan Flannery, has won a few times over the years.

This week's burning question right from the Two Scoops Think Tank...does anyone miss Rick? I know he is on recurring status but with this latest rumor, it begs the question a little. Do we need him anymore? Would that story with him and Caitlin be good or bad? Weigh in with your thoughts readers...I love your responses!

No rants for the week that I haven't already mentioned. I didn't feel like bringing up the Jackie-Deacon shenanigans as it's really putting my feet to sleep. Hopefully that situation will be spiced up a little with Mass in the clink. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and paused to give a little thanks for all those that have fought for our country throughout our short history in this world. Brave people, indeed. Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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