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For the Week of June 7, 2004
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This past week, Ridge interrupted Brooke and Nick's wedding with a whirlwind of accusations, criminal intrigue, and a disgusting display of misguided white knighthood.

That title best suits the show AND Ridge/Brooke these days. Old, tired, redundant, overdone, nauseating, and just plain boring. The writers have had their way and had Ridge break up the wedding in a whirlwind of accusation, criminal intrigue, and a disgusting display of misguided 'white knighthood'. It pains me to continue, but I will.

The ill-fated wedding took up most of the screen time this week. The house was decorated well, all the guests looked great, and everyone was happy. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Ridge was busy manhandling Maya the Asian operative trying to force her to come to the wedding to expose the 'truth'. He pushed her around, tried to run her off the road, and eventually kidnapped her. I just love how he can get away with hacking into a computer, breaking and entering, assault and battery, reckless driving, and kidnapping and NOT be held accountable! Mass and Nick 'grease the wheels' a bit and it's a crime of the highest, but Ridge walks without a second thought. Everyone was aghast at his accusations and it became clear that the way Mojo was speaking about her that it was clearly not an affair. See, I happen to believe that, unlike Ridge, Nick would never cheat on Brooke. I knew the whole thing smelled from the start.

The rest of the scene played out like a second-rate James Bond movie as the guests are escorted out the back after Maya made her escape and the Feds were barking at the front door. Ridge, being the coward he is, did not even stick around to help find out what was going on with his father and slithered out the back with Brooke in tow. Gee, what a man. At least own up to your part in exposing whatever it was you exposed. The real men were left behind to defend themselves (even Deacon stayed...curious) and in the end, the Feds took Nick and Mass away in cuffs. In a moment that I felt was strangely ironic, Jackie is left alone in the mansion surrounded by nothing but wedding decorations and her crocodile tears to comfort her. Maybe Karma is working it's magic and you know she is thinking the same thing.

The interrogation was hilarious and it seems that they have broken some law having to do with bribing HIGH-level officials. Well, gee, then half the country could be brought up on the same charges, right? The most infuriating thing, though, was watching Ridge take such a moral high ground and talk about how terrible Nick is for doing something illegal when he himself could have been put away several times himself for unsavory business practices. He has quite a laundry list of awful things he has done, both business and personal. You diehard viewers already know the list, so I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say, Ridge's face is in the dictionary next to the word 'Hypocrite'. Bottom line, Nick is human like the rest of the cast.

Now, Brooke's behavior is another story. I liked the way she wanted to stay and be there for Nick while the Feds were charging in. And I liked the way she defended him during Ridge's hypocritical tirade, but then there was the kiss. Yes, I said 'kiss'. She seemed awfully INTO that kiss and I have to say that made me sick. How weak can you be?? I know, the next episode she pulled away and kept defending her position to stay engaged to Nick but I have a hard time believing she is sincere when she allows Ridge to start petting and stroking her like a dog. Be strong! Tell him to leave! For once in your life, tell him to stay away! But alas, her backbone was left at the altar, too. Jackie even tried throwing him out but that won't work either. His smug and egotistical presence couldn't be removed if an army was sent in after him. He got what he wanted and as he admitted, he did not care who he hurt to get it. Gee, what a man you are. I truly hope the summer's alleged murder victim is Ridge. I'll be happy to pull the trigger and they wouldn't even have to pay me!

The thing that makes me want to scream is that Ridge has always had Brooke running after him trying to get him back and using whatever means necessary. Now, the first time Ridge doesn't have another woman as a safety net, he goes nuts and does worse. It was ok throughout all those years that Brooke go from bad relationship to bad relationship all the while scheming to get Ridge back and he could be as aloof as he wanted and string her along. But now that she has a real man to be with that she is starting to love, well Hell NO, that can't happen!! Ridge, be alone?? No, that can't be! The writers are showing a soft spot for these two that is bordering on toxic and is clearly evidenced by the sagging ratings. Just this last week alone, not to mention WEEKS before, my Inbox has been filled with viewers that are making it clear they can't watch anymore. Even Brooke fans have said they just can't watch another reunion with the one man who has treated her so badly over the years and would rather not watch now. What does that say about the direction the show is going? Does this mean a possible cancellation if the ratings don't recover? Brad Bell, listen to your viewers for might be surprised at what you hear.

Well, Rick got another couple of days worth of screen time, just enough to tell Ridge to stick it! I love that he is the ONLY man on the show that has no problem telling the Almighty where he can go. Think about it...who else has ever really stood up to Ridge during his many episodes of poor behavior? Eric? Thorne? Clarke? Mass? None of them REALLY let him have it like Rick has. Like him or not, he has to get points for that! Speaking of Rick, last week's burning question results are in and...the majority are NOT happy with him. I was surprised that so many view him as a whiny little kid and that he's only palatable when paired with Amber. Most are not too interested in a Caitlin hook-up either. Hmmm...I disagree. I think it might be a nice change of pace from what we have been watching lately at Dysfunction Junction between Nick/Ridge/Brooke. My guess is that Rick and Caitlin's 'relations' will somehow mirror the conflict between a 20-Something Hector and a much younger Sam.

With this week's deep query, we will go to a little lighter subject...of all the regular cast members, who do you find is the HOTTEST and why? Male readers, weigh in with your votes, too! Here, I'll get the ball vote is for Thorne. Great bod, good hair, and the best smile on the show.

My rants for the week: Stephanie and her overconfidence at getting rid of Brooke. You would think that after all these years, she would know that Brooke has more lives than an average cat. She can't be that lost, can she? Besides, it's her war with Brooke that gives her purpose in life. And what was the purpose of having Kristen come back only to sit around and reminisce about Brooke? She never liked Brooke and yet she was coming to her defense every time Stephanie brought up another sordid chapter in their history. When did Kristen become Brooke's champion? If I looked back on all that, I would NOT be very complimentary that this woman ran through my dad and brother's, took the company from my family, etc. Kristen's return should be for a better reason than this. I miss her character and think it would be a waste for her to be so underused. But then again, they under-use MOST of the regular cast these days, right? Oh well, I'm still watching my mailbox for my plane ticket to Hollywood to help with the writing... Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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