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Deacon will likely get booted from his daughter's life now that Ridge is with Brooke. That's a shame, because it seemed like he was really ready to be a father to Hope.

Welcome to the Two Scoops Column. In this last week it became evident that many were confused as to what the intent of this column really is. As the fine print at the bottom states, it's just my opinion and no one is expected to share it. Unfortunately, amongst all the hoopla around my comments last week and the Brooke/Ridge tearful reunion, it became evident that I am not allowed to have an opinion for some reason. I suspect due to the fact that I was rooting for Nick and Brooke. I take it all in stride, though, and try to understand that some may take this show a little TOO seriously. As a matter of fact, amidst all the nasty emails I received this week, the best one was from a reader that IS a Brooke/Ridge fan and remarked that though she may not share my opinion, she respects me for speaking my mind. Bravo!

Apparently, I also missed the rule about never registering on a message board that wasn't pro-Ridge/Brooke. Hmmm. Well, I'll just file that under 'my prerogative'. I lurk around the boards from time to time and when directly invited to enter the one that was pro-Nick/Brooke, it seemed that I offended those that post on a rival board. Really, is all this necessary? Does it really matter to anyone where one person communicates about the show? I'm not a frequent poster anyway but should be able to so if the mood strikes me. I even got an email from a frequent poster on a Brooke/Ridge board (lambypie) and it was very nice and again, tolerant of another viewpoint and my right to have it. Thank you! So what's the bottom line? It's a soap, it's TV, and it's entertainment. I love writing this each gives my brain a little workout. But beyond that, people just need to relax. Last's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!

On a much lighter note, there was the official reunion of Ridge/Brooke Redux. They are happy and recommitted to each other. Blah, blah, blah. I know everyone says 'They are finally together!!' I just can't stomach it and when I think of how many times Ridge told Caroline and Taylor how much he loved them AND ONLY THEM, I cringe. The writers must think we all have short-term memory loss. But, too late now...they are getting ready to have their baby and will have Nick there to deliver the good news that it is indeed theirs. I certainly hope that Brooke is done having kids...the baby assembly line is getting old. Now Bell Jr. was quoted recently as saying that he's not 'done' with Brooke and Nick yet. Hasn't he stirred the pot enough as it is? Well, at this point, I say let's not go back there if Ridge is still walking the planet because that would just be too much. This relationship see-saw makes me reach for the Pepto Bismol too much.

Nick is rumored to have an encounter with Felicia who is breezing back into town soon and will be quite smitten with her. I find that very hard to believe. Yeah, maybe she has a sailor's mouth but she is still a Forrester and to Brooke's credit, not as attractive. Seems like another forced pairing but the question is why would they rush him into another relationship now, if not to make Brooke jealous. In which case, unless Ridge is the alleged summer murder victim, I don't see her going back to Nick. Sorry to be a 'Bricky' wet blanket, but Bell hasn't been very sympathetic to this pair or he would not have done a 180-degree shift like he did these last few weeks. Maybe Secret Agent Maya should stay in town for awhile and keep his toes warm? Or maybe Kristen could get a divorce and date Nick? Nah...

I almost fell out of my chair watching a Forrester wedding go off without a hitch! No one breaking in at the last minute with an illegitimate love child or random strangers that could be having an affair with Darla. I loved the wedding and thought that everyone looked great. I sometimes still miss the sniping between Sally and Stephanie, but even that was ok. What was NOT ok, however, was Ridge acting like God again giving out job offers to anyone and everyone who would listen. Sam, Caitlin, and Rick all got propositioned with Thorne in the same room. He IS the president after all and any offers could have been given AFTER the wedding. Tacky and rude. But then again, that's Ridge. Thorne needs to put him in his place next week and tell him to go draw some dresses or something. I'm smelling a nasty family battle, though, and I'm sure that's why you will see the Forrester sisters come back now, too. Poor Thorne will get the short end of the stick as he always does, though, and his parents will be the first to chop his 'you-know-what's' off. Shame, shame.

Because of the Brooke & Ridge show, there was little else this week to talk about. WAIT! Deacon and Jackie. Deacon, as we all suspected, burned the test results to hide the fact that Ridge is really the daddy. They are even going to do another test in the hospital and that confirms it too. Yay. Anyway, Jackie is soon to become the subject of everyone's scorn and hatred, from Nickeeeee all the way to Mojo. My money's on the old lady to be shown the curb rather quickly when Massimo finds out what happened. Maybe it will leak that Deacon actually ran the test and thus exposing their hot night of bone-dancing. Either way, she's done. The sad thing here, to me, is that Deacon will likely get booted from his daughter's life now that Ridge is with Brooke. She has NO backbone when it comes to him and will probably tell Deacon he can't play daddy. That's a shame, because it seems like he was really ready and that Hope was responding to him well. But all it takes is one good 'I AM GOD' Ridge tantrum and all bets are off.

Speaking of Jackie and Deacon, the deep burning question had few responses since some were too upset over the N/B/R resolution and commented more on that. Those that did, though, seem to feel that Jackie won't be around much longer due to what she has done, but also that coming on as a character's mother makes her more expendable than Deacon. He has more ties to other characters. I agree. I say her and Jack Daniels go out in a wild, drunken blaze of glory and kill someone. Hmmm...wonder who?

My rants for the week...well, the first has to be this impending musical love interest story coming up between Amber-Thomas-Rick-Caitlin. Why? Is this really necessary to repeat the jail-bait story we had years ago between Rick and Amber? And with SORAS at work, wouldn't they be WAY too old to be playing footsy with these 17 years old kids?? I think the pairing that is the most illegal is Amber and Thomas. She is OLDER than Rick for God's sake!! Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson! Will she be his first? Will Dad walk in on them hitting it? Will Thomas have a visit from Ghost Mom telling him she's a skank and not to do it? Will Thomas ask Dad for a condom? Is Amber destined to become this generation's Brooke and sleep with several Forrester men? Don't touch that dial...could be an interesting summer!

Time for this week's profound intellectual query...with the ratings dip as of late, do you see things rebounding or will the ratings get worse? Since everyone has gotten a taste of things to come through the summer spoilers out there, tell me what you think based on that. Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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