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Brooke and Ridge are a boring, been-there-done-that couple. They are older now, and Ridge isn't going to make any viewers hot enough to exclusively tune in just to watch him.

It was strange...I kept nodding in and out and then it was over. Friday's episode was a blur. Let's see, what can I remember from that gripping 30 minutes? Scenes with Brooke and Ridge that were so sweet I thought I would go into diabetic shock. And Jackie being left behind by her disgusted son after Mojo kicked her to the curb...she's small enough, maybe the crib can be her next address! Anyway, the week was pretty dull for the most part but there still are some choice items to comment on. Oops! That dirty word 'comment'. Better make sure it's the 'right' comment, huh?

Well, it's finally happened. Brooke and Rigid have produced offspring. Oh, I guess that's a little sterile...I mean, a BEAUTIFUL BRIDGE BABY! Haha. Cute kid and even warmed the heart of stone that Stephanie possesses. The proud parents cooed all week about their son and even had the part-time Dr. Mark to magically show up and give them the drive-thru test results. I'm still not sure why he's not a regular, but that's preaching to the choir, right readers? Poor Nick had to give them the bad, I mean, good news and then sulked away to try to save what little pride he had left. You really would have to have a heart made of granite NOT to feel for his character. He never knew about the 'glitch' and really fell in love with Brooke, only to have that smug, pompous egomaniac stand there and patronize him with the 'I'm sorry' speech. Maybe it was sincere, but he's such a bad actor that it's hard to figure out what angle he's coming from with his lines. Even during the birthing scenes, it just seemed like the actors were 'phoning it in', didn't it? Maybe because they have done this 'oh no...can't get to the hospital' delivery before, that even they can't salvage the emotional shortfall of it all. Oh well, the Bridge fans got their wish and I truly hope that it makes them happier people. This story polarized the fanbase too much and made everyone lose perspective. Hopefully, Bell knows this and remembers to be careful in playing around with characters like this again as I think a large portion of the fans are not watching anymore. Not hard to understand when you feel like Sybil is writing the scripts.

Last week's burning question actually had to with the ratings and where they are likely to go now that Brooke and Ridge are together (again). The vast majority responded that the ratings would probably nosedive soon as the boredom of this couple begins to wear on younger viewers in particular. Teens are home for the summer and watch soaps...I did. That's how I got hooked on GL and Y&R. How are younger viewers supposed to really get into Brooke/Rigid? I tend to agree, though, and I think that because all we have seen are Xerox copies of storylines from years past, fans will opt for different programming. Brooke and Ridge are boring and it's become a kind of 'been there, done that' coupling. They are older now and let's be honest here, Ridge isn't going to make any viewers hot enough to exclusively tune in to watch him. One viewer suggested they change the name to The Old and The Forgettable. It's really time to put other characters or some good new characters to the forefront of this show before it goes down. Hate to see it go the way of 'Capitol'. I know...not likely but time will tell.

Jackie gets my 'What Did You Expect Award' after hearing her sorry excuses for not coming clean months ago. Massimo looked like he was going to pop her right in the kisser and honestly, all this "I did it for Nickeeee' crap is just that...a big steaming pile of dung. Get real! I suppose by her reaction that nobody should really be that mad at her and this misguided maternal nonsense justifies it all. SORRY! Try again. I would have reacted the same way if I were Nick and told her to go jump off a pier (you like the sea reference? As if there hasn't been enough). Jack Wagner certainly earned his paycheck and then some with the acting performance this week. Outstanding. A believable portrayal of a man experiencing real loss and the deceit of his mother, without some silly scene of him writhing around on the floor moaning 'Broooooke, Brooooooke'. JW's got my vote for the Emmy next year. Let's hope the producers don't mess around too much and lose him, too. His character and his ability seem to have brought a whole new audience to the show, an audience that I hope Bell listens to as much as he listened to the Brooke/Ridge fans this last go-round. They are a bigger group than I ever realized.

Speaking of actors leaving, now they lost Brian Gaskill who plays Oscar. I know, I have been pretty hard on his contrived Vegas-Meets the Sopranos voice, but I thought his character would be another good asset to the cast. Alas, the B&B Revolving Door of Evil has claimed yet another victim. He arrived last year with much fanfare from PC (I think) and was to pair up with Bridget. Lack of quality story for him was the most cited reason. No wonder! With the Brooke & Ridge show monopolizing the TV screen, it's a wonder he even made the opening sequence. Well, when they lost the incredibly talented Jennifer Finnigan, that went down the toilet, too. Who's next? Mass? Jackie? All the Marone's? I know the direction seems to be pointing to a Forrester lovefest in front of the camera, but there should still be a rival family to spice things up. All good soaps have a few families that drive the show, not just one. Y&R has the Abbott's and the Newman's, ATWT have the Hughes' and the Montgomery's, etc. Come on, we need some quality Springer-esque mudslinging around here. At least throw a life-preserver out to the Spectra's, for pete's sake.

I understand that Ridge Jr is the new official name of the baby. No, no, no, I have some great ideas from a longtime reader in Australia for a much better and fitting baby name...Canyon, Rock, River, Meadow, or Cliff. After all, it is in keeping with the nature-inspired names everyone already has! Now if we could get Storm Logan back, we'd really have some inspiration! However, Junior will be called RJ. Ugh. How original. My dog's name is TJ and he's pretty cute, so I guess it will do. And there is already a 'CJ'. No more cool 'combo' names like Bridget, though. Oh yeah, that's right, it was in the OTHER Who's The Daddy story. But they could have tried 'Rook'. Not a bad combo. Oh well.

Thorne took time off from his honeymoon to complain about Ridge to Daddy. Ok, I agree he should have said something but he needs to confront Ridge directly. Be a man!! Apparently spoilers for next week say this happens. GOOD! He's the president and needs to act like one. Ridge is NOT the end-all-be-all at Forrester. Yeah, he's a good designer and that's fine. Stick to the dresses, Tonto. Everyone needs to remember that the company did not go under after he left to go play Bill Gates at Marone Industries. Thorne will do fine but unless Daddy backs him up, it could be a long road for the former basement dweller. Tell him to stick it, Thorne!

No rants this week, other than Ridge needing to button that shirt already! How old does he have to be before he realizes he's not 24 anymore? Ewwww. Poor Brooke will be playing Stepford Wife now that she has 5 kids in the happy home. The war between her and Stephanie will rage on but even that is getting old. We need some spark, some intrigue, some hot and steamy goings-on! By the way, many viewers checked in last week to say that very thing, so know I'm not crazy. Speaking of wild and crazy, I was thinking those on the Pro-Nick boards should pool together some money and send a condolence gift to the fictitious character of Nick Marone. An anchor or periscope or something. After all, since people are sending baby/wedding gifts to the fictitious characters of Brooke, Ridge and baby RJ, why leave Nick out of the loop? He lost a lot this week. Even though these people don't exist in real life and they are only actors, I'm sure that Jack Wagner wouldn't mind a gift from complete strangers expressing our heartfelt concern and sadness for what happened to his character Nick, right? We wouldn't be viewed as stalkers or anything, right? Nah! He'd love it! I'll get right on it!

This week's burning philosophical query is this...with the Revolving Door working overtime and contracts coming up soon for renewal, whom do you think will be the next actor to leave the show? As you ponder this question, I will be enjoying my annual vacation in the Outer Banks of NC. No email, no cell, no work...just the gentle hum of the blender and the cool ocean breeze as my daily soundtrack. I look forward to an overflowing Inbox, though, when I get back...all those that checked in last week really put a smile on my face...thank you! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth! Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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