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For the Week of July 26, 2004
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Maybe Amber will take a page out of Brooke's book and accidentally run into Rick in the company steam room!

Didn't it seem like just yesterday when Darla Einstein was just a fun-loving and slightly flighty secretary to the equally flighty Sally Spectra? Now, thanks to the spare time she spends with hubby in the office, she will quickly become the new target for Ridge's (and the Forresters) anger. This dominated the week's goings-on and let us all come up for air from the daily Brooke-Ridge Show. Kinda nice, wasn't it?

Actually, I'm wrong. We did have a Taylor-esque sex-on-the-desk scene. Wow, what a surprise! Ridge and Brooke having sex in the office! Like we haven't seen that 1456 times already! Our dear departed Taylor also paid nooner visits to Ridge when she walked among the living and while I liked Taylor, those scenes I could have done without. I don't know, it's not that I don't like a good soap roll in the hay, it's just that the writers never seem to vary the 'where' very often. How about the kitchen at home? The bathroom or maybe the limo? Not to mention, as they are just married, I thought we would have some variety where Brooke and Ridge are concerned. With a house full of kids at home, you would assume they would have some actual CONVERSATIONS about daily life, not just mess around on top of the latest prospectus. If I have to stomach this marriage, please make them more realistic in their scenes. Plenty of other soap couples their age on other shows deal with real life throughout their scenes. By the way, I would love to know how she has gotten away with having so much sex to begin with seeing as she just had the baby a week or so ago. Geez, sign me up for that medical miracle the next time I have a child!

Caitlin's 'Dental Floss' collection wasn't a hit with Thorne and Stephanie, leading to the left hook heard 'round the world. Good for Thorne!! I am of the opinion that given the hateful rhetoric coming from Ridge, he really deserved it. I know, Darla is coming on pretty strong, but it still doesn't excuse the comment about why Thorne was promoted to President. Ridge seems to have selective memory...wasn't HE the one who left Forrester in a childlike tantrum? And wasn't it HE who decided to be Mojo's right hand man and play with boats all day? Yeah, I thought so. It's not like he left to work at McDonald's...he left to work for his Father who Eric despised. Funny, in all these years I don't remember Thorne doing anything quite like that. But because it's the great and powerful Ridge, all that doesn't matter. The Ingénue designs really should be shown to old guys in strip clubs with fists full of one dollar bills. Maybe Amber was right when she said Caitlin is 'living her life'. She certainly is designing the same type of clothes.

Speaking of Amber, her and Oscar had a good time at the tiki bar, didn't they? Hmmm...that Oz is looking hot these days (I love the beard!). I still say it will be a HUGE waste to have him exit the show. Even if Bridget is MIA, the writers could have given him a juicy story somehow. Anyway, I digress. Amber whined and complained about Caitlin having all that she had last year and trying to weasel her way back into the Forrester fold. She knows about Rick's infatuation with her and will obviously not go down without a fight. Maybe Amber will take a page out of Brooke's book and accidentally run into Rick in the company steam room! One thing is for sure, Amber is more cutthroat than Caitlin is. Forrester's virginal teen queen better watch her back.

In what I think is the hottest new romance on this show in years, Rick treated Caitlin to a trip to the all-purpose Forrester Copulation Cabin at Big Bear. They kissed, they swam, and then they kissed some more but not before we all got treated to a walk down Rick's memory lane. We got the Reader's Digest condensed version that focused on his teenage cradle-robbing entanglement with Amber the babysitter. I liked Caitlin's reaction to all that. She seemed shocked and even a little turned on by the whole thing. When Hector finds out, though, I doubt he will find anything good about his daughter hooking up with young Rick. Sam caught them kissing and after a well placed guilt trip from Caitlin, agreed not to be the one to tell him. But he will find out soon and when he does, Rick better make sure he's on the company jet going SOMEWHERE. I still say it's not such a bad story and we are only talking about one year before she's legal...plenty of soaps have had couples with an age difference similar to this.

Back to Darla...after dealing with Ridge with all the subtlety of a pitbull, she ends up accidentally giving the Ingénue design proof pictures to Sally instead of the pics from the birthday. Megan switched them on the desk and both were in the same type of envelope (of course). Keep in mind Ridge fans, I said ACCIDENTALLY. Many that like Ridge feel that Darla is the enemy here and think she will get what she deserves. Maybe she will get in trouble, but when she explains what really happened and that it was an honest mistake, I think Ridge's reaction could backfire on him. She told Clarke to kiss off (in not so many words) all week showing her loyalty the Forresters and Thorne. Who knows...but it would be a shame to see the Almighty Ridge win yet another round at someone else's expense.

Last week's question garnered responses that I thought it would...almost exactly 50/50. The Brooke/Nick fans think the marriage between Ridge and Brooke is doomed and they have their voodoo dolls working overtime. The Brooke/Ridge fans think that the heavens have aligned and their destiny has been fulfilled. Surprise, surprise.

This week's question is a simple one...should Oscar have stayed? We all know he asked to be released from his contract due to no substantial storyline for him, but should the writers have done more with his character to make him stay? I say they should have, but please weigh in with your thoughts.

No rants this week, just sad that there were no Nick Marone scenes. Spoilers have him back on he map next week getting cozy with Felicia. Apparently she is caught with pills of some sort. It's either a scandalous drug addiction or some sad disease she is treating that no one knows about a la 'Love Story' or more recently, CJ and Becky. The jury is STILL out on this story and if it did not involve the best actor on the show (JW), I might not watch at all.

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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