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Thorne has a whole new look in his eyes. He is determined to ruin the Forrester House of Teddies, and he looks confident and focused now that he has real support for a change.

Now I was thinking for most of the week 'Where is Rick's mom while he lay in the hospital?'. But never fear, the cavalry came just in time to defend her son and tell Hector to chill out. I don't think he likes her very much, do you? So between that exchange and Thorne's new position as president of Spectra Fashions, it was a pretty entertaining week. Plus, I am trying out a new feature in the column this week in the spirit of livening things up a little bit and throwing a spotlight on reader views (ALL readers) no matter what the opinion. I think everyone will enjoy it, maybe even my detractors!

Ok, back to Hector and Brooke. After nearly making roadkill of Prince Rick, Hector decided that one warning wasn't enough and had to sneak in after Caitlin left the room to threaten him some more. Not like that was a cowardly move, huh? Someone should have gotten Rick an extra bedpan...he looked like he was going to have an 'accident' right there in the bed! Hector told him to let Caitlin go and break it off or suffer the consequences. This whole storyline is starting to make me NOT like Hector very much and he is going about this all wrong anyway. Giving them ultimatums is only going to make the relationship more appealing and keep up the Romeo/Juliet quality of it. I say, tell them they can date but not do the deed, and the pressure of it all may make them rethink the relationship due to crippling sexual tension. If Rick is too frustrated after each date, he may call it off on his own. But Hector is making it worse and now that Momma Logan has made her presence known, he will have a tougher time I think. I loved the verbal sparring between them about what each is made of and their backgrounds. I have to say I was proud of Brooke for standing her ground, even when he mentioned the WTD scenario she just went through. Low blow on his part but he obviously hates the family so much that he doesn't care what he says. Hector the Hypocrite really should look in the mirror once in a while. Being a good Dad is important but you might get further with the girl if you talk with her, not just bark orders. He'll learn the hard way, though.

It was nice to have Brooke back. Yes, I said it. I was falling asleep watching her float around in a post-nuptial Stepford haze and while I am unapologetically against the marriage to Ridge, I do like seeing her interact well with other characters. She didn't deny her flaws (very good) and took everything he dished out. Will she hook up with Hector, though? I'm not seeing it. She has what she wants but I think there may be some sort of 'tension'. Maybe he will hate her so much that he gets the hots for her. Sam better get a flea collar as I am sure she won't like the many conversations he will have with her about the kids' romance.

I knew the phrase 'statutory rape' would be thrown around. Caitlin didn't exactly help her cause by flaunting their near-miss horizontal hold and while her rebelliousness may be looked at as 'ballsy', I thought she pushed a little too hard. Rick was pancaked unfairly, and Hector should be careful that he doesn't tell Mommy about being denied oxygen until he passed the sex quiz. She may file charges of her own or worse, give his squeaky-clean fireman image a little tarnish.

We actually were treated to a break from the insane Thomas/Amber movie of the week storyline. I just can't behind it and find myself taking a bathroom break when they are onscreen. Ick. Not much of Nick and Felicia, either. We only saw enough of them to know that her cancer is in remission and a little mattress derby is in the making. She is aggressive, isn't she? I guess I did not remember that from her tenure in the early years. Glad she's not all the writers have to do is add some life to their onscreen chemistry and we'll be all set.

Thorne has a whole new look in his eyes. He is determined to ruin the Forrester House of Teddies and I couldn't be happier! I was chanting along with the employees, too! THORNE THORNE THORNE!!! He looks confident and focused now that he has real support for a change. How wonderful for that jellyfish of a father to have to get the news third hand through the trade rags!! I love it! Thorne was right, his pleas for him to come back were too little too late. 'Oh, I want to give him more refilling the toilet paper in the bathroom and changing the light bulbs in Ridge's office'. Whatever. In my opinion, Eric and all the Forresters deserve whatever comes their way. Ridge's playground 'You'll be sorry' speech was disingenuous as usual. Why was he there anyway? He could care less about Thorne. Thorne should have had a security guard throw his butt out of the building! Now that would have been Must See TV!!!

Ol' Jackie must be popping female Viagra like M&M's these days..oh my! Her and Deacon spent this last week in bed celebrating her divorce from Mass, complete with a sample of English cooking and some snazzy henna tattoos. Yeah, ok. Is it just me or is this coupling just weird? Deacon has slept with half the female characters and never any closer to a healthy relationship. Becky, Carmen, lusting after Amber, Macy, Brooke, Bridget, and now a woman that HAS to be in her late 50's or early 60's? I mean, who's next? Stephanie? Megan the secretary? That's all that's left! I know LAD looks great for her age but come on! Now that Mass wants her back and Nickeeee will forgive her, she can't be with Deacon. How will she explain that to Captain Nemo that she is boinking a man near his age and a known bottom feeder at that? Everyone hates him and Massimo will likely kill him when he finds out. If this is the best they can do with Deacon's character, the writers are in trouble. I just don't get the feeling that many fans are into this couple.

Ok, for the moment you have all been waiting for...the new On The Soapbox feature! I have had many readers email that I should include their comments each week while making sure I give equal time to those that have a differing opinion from my own. I heard this most during the WTD storyline and caused quite a ruckus when I made a post on a pro-Brooke/Nick site. Ok, I'm listened. So starting this week, I will invite all readers to 'shout out' your feelings on a storyline or even ask me a question directly. Don't be shy...I will feature a couple of reader comments each week and offer some feedback from time to time. So jump into the spotlight and make your feelings heard!!!!!

Who's on the Soapbox?----

Carolyn from MS writes...'If Rick and Caitlin are so in love then why keep it a secret from Hector? Rick's sneaking around shows how immature he is...not to mention that, just recently, was all ready to take an under aged girl to bed'. I hear from Carolyn every week without fail and this is a rare time that we disagree on a point. Her point is valid and I, too, think he should have told her to take a cold shower than risk breaking the law.

Liz writes....'What's up with Felicia's helmet hair cut? Go back short girl!' -Right on, sister! The Darth Vader look doesn't become her.

So let me have it everyone! Bridge fans, Brick fans, Flick fans, and everyone in between! Your emails are great fun every week and now you all have a chance to be a part of the weekly rant here at 'Scoop' Central. Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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