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Amber has made deflowering the young horndog, Thomas, her mission in life, and she's destined to become the bain of Ridge's existence in the process.

It's been a tough week here at Scoop Headquarters. Due to pressing engagements at my real job, I missed three episodes this week due to meetings. To add to that, my favorite writing companion, my 12-year-old Dalmatian Sparky, moved on to the Great Beyond on Thursday. He always loved the column...or moreover, my finishing it so he could get a scratch on the head and a milk bone. Farewell friend.

But I will persevere this week and try to add what I can to the madness that ensued this week. Though I missed some shows, I did check the spoilers on both Brick/Bridge boards to see what was happening. I have to pat myself on the back just a little bit as it seemed that a few of my predictions may be coming true. Let's examine, shall we?

First, I have to say that I hope my husband has a better excuse for the scratch marks on his back than Thomas did for Caitlin! Geez! How lame is '..a backpacking fall'? I was thinking that Rick would recognize the marks right away after so many years with Amber. The restraining order seems worthless and will only serve to increase the tension with Daddy and the scratch marks! Amber has made deflowering the young horndog her mission in life and thereby will become the bain of Ridge's existence in the process. Now that aspect, I love! To watch Ridge get so irritated is worth the price of admission. Don't be surprised to see Thomas bolt the Forrester mansion and head over to hang with Gramps at Marone. Maybe he will want to get to know his biological grandfather and just maybe he will get more support for his 'I want to be treated like a grown-up' attitude.

Rick and Caitlin seem to be 'cooling' off this last week. Yes, they still are all gooey-eyed over each other, but the mention of a homecoming dance made Rick back off in a puff of white smoke, huh? I have said this before...give it some time without any mattress dancing and the novelty will wear off. Couple that with Caitlin most certainly finding out what a sex stud Thomas had become and you have all the makings of a strange triangle between Caitlin/Thomas/Amber. Rick could be the odd guy out very soon. Amber won't give up that easily of course and will probably go back to her old tricks from the days of chasing Kimberly away. Thomas and Caitlin may soon figure out that a relationship together is easier than one with other considerably OLDER people.

Ok, I am LOVING the new Thorne! So he stole the designs away from the Great One, so what? I take that as less of a lowering of his standards and more of a message that they have dismissed him as the lesser of the two sons for the last time. I don't blame him at all under the circumstances. There is a reason for the saying 'Nice guys finish last'. To his detractors, exactly how long is his character supposed to be in the basement and choking on the shovelfuls of crap Ridge has fed him? This shift in his character is actually a welcome departure for Thorne. Some characters take a severe shift or a shift that is just plain stupid, but this adds something to the show. It adds a great tension between brothers and will cause a shake up in all sides of the stories. There's no question that the writing has become stale as of late but this element could help a lot.

I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts last week on the overall State of the Union for B&B. The consensus seems to be that things really have been awful for too long now. Many said the teen story is worthless and that there have been too many stop-start storylines that get us all excited only to have the rug brought out from under us. There were also a group of readers that feel bad that Brooke has been reduced to 'window-dressing' for Ridge and not involved in any story of her own. I like to think that through readers emails I have my finger on the pulse of the show (most of the time) and it seems to be barely hanging on. More passion (and not from tired Brooke-Ridge), more intrigue (need a good murder mystery), and less teen-centered stories. They rarely work on most soaps and even harder when it's getting started at the end of the summer teen viewing season. I look to the ATWT or Y&R teens stories as the more successful ones (and featuring hot teens as well which certainly helps the ratings!).

I'm going to shift right to the soapbox as the emails were fantastic and truly insightful. Besides, I missed so many shows this week that I don't have as much to comment on as usual. So without further ado...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Amy in Australia writes..."I think everyone is far too prudish about the whole thing...after all it is the Bold and the Beautiful, do you expect more?" This comment dealt with the Teen to Twenty stories as of late and the viewers hot and cold response to it. I agree that as a society here, we tend to be more prudish on a range of issues than other countries. I think I look at the Amber-Thomas pairing as just ridiculous from a realism standpoint. I mean, just a year ago he was 12 and now a nearly thirty year old woman wants to have sex with him? Just crazy.

Brandy writes..."I was hoping Ridge would get bumped off and we would get treated to a good old fashioned murder mystery. There are plenty of people willing to do him in." Very good point but I don't see the writers axing him now. For better or worse, Rigid seems entrenched in the show and actually I could see it being more of a Victor Newman murder ATTEMPT instead. Ridge is working late one night and someone opens the door and shoots him. His last words are 'Not you!!' We are left wondering who it could be...Thorne, Darla, Amber, Clarke, Sally, and Deacon. Ok, maybe not Deacon as he may be pushing up daisies soon himself after Mass finds out about the affair.

Jerilyn writes..."I think Thorne should hire Amber and let her styles put Miss Big Teeth's straight to the dumper where they belong." Hmm...many have speculated they might hire Amber as it became know that the show wasn't looking to cast another designer. It does beg the question that if Caitlin is so great, why is Ridge so worried about losing some designs to Thorne. She should be able to whip up some new designs in no time and save the day, right? Thorne and Amber always got along ok, so why not? She needs a real job anyway, not sleazing around the coffee house looking to score with Thomas in the back room.

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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