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The writers should not frighten us with the nightmarish vision of another Amber pregnancy. And if she isn't pregnant, then why have that be part of the storyline at all?

I liked Thomas' comparison of him to the stupid kid in the sex-ed video that knocks up the girlfriend...I laughed out loud! Here's my question for the week (a little early)...hasn't anyone in this show EVER used birth control????? Geez!

Think about it...Brooke can't even spell the word 'contraception', Amber has never heard of it, and now there is a new generation of irresponsible characters that wouldn't know a condom if it came up and bit them on the you-know-what. The writers should not frighten us so with the nightmarish vision of another Amber pregnancy. And if she is NOT pregnant, then why have that be part of the storyline at all? Was it just the proverbial 'wake-up call' for them or is it foreshadowing another plot twist in the future? I don't know but it all seemed like a worthless scare to me.

It's obvious that forces are already lining up against our rebellious May-December romance though. Stephanie is busy playing the Jedi mind trick on Amber and convincing her to live on the estate in the currently underused guesthouse where she can keeps tabs on them. I'm quite sure Ridge won't be the first one at the door with a 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' gift as he's not happy that they had their little 'scare'. Amber will say yes to the proposition because she will say yes to ANYTHING Stephanie says these days. Her maternal hero worship of her is touching but is a little naïve at this point. The Queen Bee won't condone this unholy union and will work her magic to break them up. What should happen? Thomas and Amber have the same age-related problems as Rick and Caitlin are about to have according to the spoilers. Come on, who amongst the Scoops faithful really believe they will last? I don't see them becoming some old venerable and beloved couple hat anchors the show well into the millennium. Not in a million.

It's not that I don't love a good old-fashioned romance or have a soft spot in my heart for the desperate 'Us against the world' attitude that accompanies their type of relationship. It's all very dramatic and the stuff that great movies' of the week are made of. However, I think viewers would rather see him doing the horizontal mambo with Caitlin instead. They should hook up soon with a new sense of maturity from their botched couplings with Rick and Amber. We could see them going to the Prom and graduating, etc. And maybe they could have some friends (their own age) and more stories could grow from there. One thing is for sure...with an aging original cast/characters, the writers will have to introduce strong new characters soon to carry forward the show for the next ten years. ATWT has done that with the Allison/Aaron/Lucy triangle quite successfully. Y&R has JT/Brittany/Mac/Kevin etc they are cultivating into watchable characters. So somebody better do something fast or AARP cards will be showing up on the set before there is any new blood on this show.

Meanwhile, at Moron Manor, Deacon is busy making sure that no one has any idea that Mojo MAY be aware of what's going on around him. Visits from both Stephanie and Ridge sparked a reaction from the internally chatty Massimo and I have to say if they don't start pushing this story along a little, it's going to put me to sleep in a hurry. I know there should be an appropriate buildup but enough already. The furry camera angles and the single tear are a little overused now. Here's how we fix it...he goes to some witch doctor in the rainforest that Nick knows and he is cured. He can speak, move and function normally. He tells Nick all about the affair Jackie had with Deacon but makes him understand that though he forgives her, Deacon is now the bigger problem. Nick puts together a plan to go back home and make it seems that Massimo is still incapacitated, all the while videotaping Deacon's shenanigans with the pills. At just the perfect time, Nick and Mojo will bust in on Deacon about to rape a drugged Jackie and beat the crap out of him. Beyond all that I'm not sure but at least the story would be moving towards a resolution, right? But something got to give...

Another banner week for Thorne! I swear if I wasn't madly in love with my husband in real life, I'd jump into the make-believe world of B&B and steal Thorne away from Darla in a hot minute! I think this is the best character transformation these writers have come up with in years. There is definitely something coming down the pike in regards to his ability or inability to actually design something. Maybe he can design circles around the Anointed One and we just didn't know it. Meanwhile, back at the office, Clark and Sally made the expected fools out of themselves when President Gilligan stopped by. The good news is that Nick's is a character that is impressed more with the unconventional than the pretentious and he will likely feature Spectra Couture prominently in his boutiques. It will set up a great showdown between Thorne and Rigid, that's for sure. And if Eric doesn't watch his back, Number One Son and Bedroom Brooke will wield their combined stock with all the subtlety of a Mack truck and take over the company. Ridge apparently takes a 'big risk' that Eric doesn't agree with and there is a power struggle that could easily set that situation up. Good, serves him right. I'm no Ridge fan but I am starting to believe that if he hadn't gone out of his way to placate Ridge at every turn, this wouldn't be happening. After his petulant exit and exodus to Marone, Eric should have not let him back in the door. You leave and curse me and the company, then you pay the piper. But a jellyfish like Eric can stand up to anyone, so....

Ok, here is the real question of the week...with the hot news off the presses is that Bridget is being recast with an actress who was most recently on Y&R, what kind of story should be written for her now? Oz is gone and Deacon is busy playing Lord of the Manor with someone's drugged wife, so where do we fit her in now? Maybe she could get involved with Dr. Mark? Or maybe her help could be enlisted to help stop him from obsessing over Jackie. My fear is that the actress, good as she may be, will STILL not fill Jennifer Finnigan's large shoes. By the way, isn't she great on 'Crossing Jordan'? What a real talent and shame on B&B not to try their best to keep her.

Who's on the Soapbox?

Kathy writes... "So is somebody at the network infatuated with the Seattle teacher that has sex and babies with a how WRONG this is! Don't be guilty of showing other kids that it is acceptable behavior!" Well Kathy, obviously someone agrees with you which is why Thomas' character was SORAS'd to 18. Apparently there was some fan outrage at the age difference. No? Really? You think?

Jodi writes... "The hottest story belongs to Amber/Thomas! ...seeing Thomas stand up and do what every girl wishes their boyfriend would do is amazing!" Yes, it is a good thing that he has conviction, even if it does emanate from his shorts. I guess I just don't see them making it for the long haul, not with Caitlin coming back on the market. He'll be looking to deflower our young 'ingénue' with all the experience he has gained from his mattress time with Scamber.

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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