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Nick is about to find out about Mommy and Deacon...gee, that by itself should be worth the price of admission!

It was a rough week here at Scoop Central. I actually did not catch many of this week's episodes due to demands at my 'day' job and traveling throughout this weekend. I'm exhausted and ready to rest up for what is shaping up to be a saucy week in LA. Nick finds out about Mommy and Deacon...gee, that by itself is worth the price of admission! So, before I tuck my little guy in for the night and unpack, let me ask one parting question...

Who is reading the Scoop? I haven noticed a slowdown in emails as of late and though many have assured me that it's not due to my rather warped sense of humor, I am a little concerned that the 'box' has some tumbleweed blowing through it. What's up? So let's do a little roll call...who are you and where in the world are you? I love hearing from my readers and it makes the effort worth it each week.

So have a great week and look for my keen analysis and twisted take on our favorite half hour of unreal TV. And a big thanks to the readers that checked in to remind me where Megan Dennison fit into the Y&R world. I can't believe I had forgotten about that nutjob Tricia! Great story though, just a shame that it cost Scott Reeves as Ryan. See ya next weekend!!

Who's on the Soapbox?

cjhines writes...i> 'I agree with you, no one played Bridget better than J.F, but I am willing to accept a recast'. Very interesting and by the way, the first reader to say they are ok with someone playing Bridget. Most are vehemently against it. Well, there nothing we can do now as the decision has been made. Though I can't remember what Megan Dennison's role was on Y&R, so it's hard for me to place the new actress who's playing Bridget. Maybe Y&R viewers could help me with that.

Carolyn writes... 'Soaps have been on long enough, hasn't the pregnancy scare been done to death?' I agree...this Thomas-Amber bun-in-the-oven twist is old and tired. What purpose did it serve if they are still together? He could have gone running from her and her drama but instead everything is status quo. Whatever. We viewers need some fresh ideas to keep interest and this is NOT the way to do it.

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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