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Some men just get hotter with age, and Jack Wagner could be the poster child for aging gracefully. Are there some well-worn lines here and there? Yes, but that adds to the rugged façade.

Ah, Thanksgiving week is upon us! Twenty pound turkeys that produce hundreds of left-over meals for a week, falling asleep in front of the tube watching football, and so much pumpkin pie hanging around that you are happy only to see it once a year...what a grand holiday! Here at the Scoop Think-tank, I have decided to examine what fills my heart with thanks this year in the B&B world. Come on, readers, there is SO much, right? So grab a turkey sandwich and hang on!

I am thankful for Captain Nick and all the eye candy he supplies on a daily basis on B&B. Some men just get hotter with age and Jack Wagner would be the poster child for aging gracefully. Are there some well-worn lines here and there? Yes, but that adds to the rugged façade. He also has turned in some of the best acting performances of the year juggling the ill-fated WTD storyline that I thought would drag on until I got my first Social Security check AND the latest health crisis with Mojo. Kudos Jack! You make the 'other' Alpha Male on the show look as amateur as we all know him to be.

I am thankful for the writers finally seeing what a cool character Thorne can be if he was just given half a chance. I never agreed with how he hooked up with Darla but even her character got a much needed overhaul to help balance the cast a bit. Brooke and Ridge cannot be the only 'power couple' on the canvas year after year as they have proven too fickle to remain together anyway. Thorne and Darla could be around for the long haul in my opinion and give Barbie and Ken a run for their money. I would love nothing better than to see them build Spectra Couture into a fashion dynasty. Mark my words, in ten years we could see little Alexandria running the show and battling RJ at Forrester for shelf space.

I am thankful Massimo is due to come back into the light soon and join us in the land of the coherent. I was growing tired of the first person camera angles and tortured cries from within. Geez, enough already! I like his character and it's time he come back and kick some you-know-what! I see him forgiving Jackie and changing his behavior with her but her choice will be more difficult. Mass needs to put Deacon in his place and make him pay for the Stepdaddy comment and for flaunting the Marone Pimp Ring in front of him. Sorry, but you can't convince me Deacon is IN LOVE...it's about payback, sex, and money. Time for Deacon to pay the piper.

I am thankful for Ridge's current attitude towards Thorne and Spectra. Yes, you read that right. I am thankful BECAUSE it illustrates the point I made last week so brilliantly...Ridge cares for little other than himself and his own zip-code sized ego. Ridge's true personality is rearing its ugly head and even his beloved glassy-eyed Stepford wife Brooke has realized the same thing. He is making it all personal and there was no better piece of dialogue that showed that better than 'You and I have the majority of the stock, Logan', implying that he and Brooke can vote anything in over he rest of the Board, including his own parents. You know them...the same people that placated his ego and gave him the Presidency again? Yeah, those fools. Now the 'Genie' is out of the bottle and they can't put him back in. Shame on them for thinking he was a 'stand-up guy'. It's only a matter of time before Eric is voted out as CEO and Ridge and Brooke will run the company...right into the ground.

I am VERY thankful that a 'triangle' is forming around Thomas-Amber-Caitlin. I HATE the pairing between Thomas and Amber and think it's logical end would be for Caitlin to swoop in and remind him what he is missing by dating a much older woman at his age. Now before I am tarred and feathered, hear me out. It's different than, say, Demi and Ashton. He's 26 and she's 41. Both are adults and are engaged in adult lifestyles. Thomas is 18 and still I high school (or so we are led to believe). He has Prom and graduation coming up, hasn't even gotten into college yet or gotten a real job and lived on his own. All those first adult experiences haven't even happened to him yet and here come Amber with her overflowing luggage cart of crap she brings with her and it's a match made in Hell.

I am thankful that Bridget has been recast. I am really going to be open and reserve all judgment on the new actress filling JF's shoes. It's a tough position to be in due to the originating actress' great acting and interesting stories built around her. Her Emmy's were well deserved and I think there has been enough time that has elapsed since the kiss heard 'round the world with Ridge that we are ready for her to come back and have a juicy story to be a part of. I would NOT be thankful, however, if it's the Springer-like intent of the writers to have Bridget hook-up with Nick. Good Lord...can't we have Bridget date someone else? I know I sound like a broken record but our part-time Dr. Mark would be perfect! Maybe there could be a triangle between them involving Deacon (after he is dumped by Jackie). I don't know, but t have her interested in Bridget is just another cheap ploy to bring Brooke into a jealousy situation with Nick. I would LOVE to see Brooke and Nick together legitimately, but not through this avenue. Thumbs down on that one.

I am thankful we actually saw the Christ-child RJ. I was beginning to wonder if Katherine the Nanny was off raising him somewhere. Like the other children on this show (Hope, Little Alphabet Kid Eric Forrester III, Stepford Twins, Alexandria), he has been MIA for a while. Now I realize as a newborn he can't possibly have much in the way of screen-melting dialogue, but let's seen a bad diaper or two. Some spit-up, something! Why make these kids and their paternity such a big plot device and then never show them again? Have we all become so accustomed to the evils of SORAS that we just take it all for granted? Let's see Little D/E hit on Phoebe! Steffy tried drugs for the first time! Hope comes down with an exotic disease that requires a blood transfusion that finally puts to rest the question of who's her Daddy, Deacon or Thorne! Give these kids some screen time!!!

I am thankful Brooke has rediscovered that little thing she was born with...a backbone. I know, she will likely bend and give in to her precious Widgey, BUT for one brief shining moment we saw the intelligent and fairly level-headed Brooke her diehard fans have missed. She knows that he is wrong in this witch-hunt and she knows no one gunned for her when she was trying to start up Logan Designs. Competition was ok then but not now. Well, Brooke, stay strong and don't let your husband's super-sized ego suffocate you too much. I, for one, enjoyed watching you this week. Yes, you can quote me. I liked Brooke Logan this week.

Lastly, I am thankful for the opportunity to write this column each week for the die-hard B&B fans that understand my warped take on things. I am rapidly approaching my second anniversary writing the Scoop and I have to say, I have had some good days checking the Inbox and some very bad days, but I have always respected the effort my readers have made to contact me. I have developed a thicker skin and better appreciation for 'real' columnists I have read over the years in print publications. Closer to home, I am thankful for my husband and kids who provide more smiles than I thought imaginable and more happiness than anyone could ask for. And to all the Scoops faithful that have been with me these last couple of years, have a Happy Thanksgiving and have a turkey leg for me!

Who's on the Soapbox? Kimmie writes...'Popular opinion is in agreement that Jackie and Deacon are oozing with chemistry...you are so wounded...I see why nobody likes you very much." Ouch! Such hostility. Well, I won't write what the title of the email was as it's a G-rated column, but you get the idea, right? There is never a reason to get profane and it's important to remember that opinions are like certain body parts...everyone has one. Hugs and Kisses to you!

Fran writes...i> 'Find someone really great for Nick and let Spectra soar to success.' I agree...I would like to see Nick with someone else. I've never been sold on Felicia for him but even LESS sold if they intend to have Bridget be with him. No way.

Cheryl writes... ' This Ridge bashing has got to stop...he has had a rough time...lost his wife...he is not a bad guy and deserves a break. I'm just tired of Thorne whining every week and complaining...enough already!' Ok, I will admit the Thorne soapbox is getting quite a workout and though I love seeing him assert himself, we need to have some resolution and move on. That's why this JackieM thing needs to get resolved. I say let Thorne have the shelf space and see what happens. Either he will succeed and the dialogue will finally tone down or he will fail and Ridge will have been proven right. My problem is that Ridge should not obstruct it...give him his chance and then no one can say he is sabotaging anything, right?

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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