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For the Week of December 6, 2004
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It looks like Brooke's spine might return, and her Stepford daze might lift, allowing her to think for herself and vote against her precious Ridge.

Let me start by saying to all the rabid Brooke Logan-Forrester-Forrester-Forrester fans out there that I may actually eat my words a little this upcoming week. It looks as though her spine returns and the Stepford daze will lift to allow her to think for herself and vote against her precious Ridge. About time! I know I have been hard on her for many things in the past and for loads of suspect behaviors, but I will be very happy to see her take this step. She's not stupid by any means and she must finally realize that someone has to bury the hatchet or the family she has fought so hard to be a part of will resemble the Hatfields and McCoys sooner than later. Good for you and thank you writers for bringing her back into reality.

A-ha! Now for all the nasty and negative comments about everything this past week!!!! Just kidding...but there are some things that made me 'itch' a little. Ridge ALWAYS makes me itch and this week more than ever. The nerve of that man to introduce his little coup as 'in Eric's best interest'. What a load of crap, excuse the French. Best interest? What has he been smoking 'cuz I want some of that! It must completely alter reality. After Stephanie and Brooke both tried their hands at getting through his thick skull, he broke the bad news to Eric and just as I thought, Eric erupted and proclaimed #1 son the 'enemy'. Can't say that I blame him. If that were my son and I had built a company to hand over to HIM someday, I couldn't even fathom how bad it would be to have him think he could take over whenever he felt like it. Think about it, when he blew out of Forrester after the vote-heard-round-the-world, he went to play with boats at the Moron empire. Eric did not try to stop him from doing that (not hard, anyway) and did not do anything to hinder his purchase of Spectra only to morph it into Logan Designs. I seem to remember him being happy for them to be starting heir own fashion house. Ok, now I realize Thorne's situation and shady actions on his part haven't helped, but he has his own designs now and should be allowed to do his own thing and not have to look over his shoulder. Eric made the right call to let him use his name and help the family come together but some people just aren't happy, you know? What a weenie.

Now, Brooke will apparently vote 'Nay' next week and the big question becomes, what will happen to her marriage? I don't think they will fall apart, though I would be the first one dancing a jig down the street if they did. Maybe she needs to remind him that it was HIS vote that ousted her from the CEO position not so long ago. You know, come to think of it, Ridge has a long history of doing things to undermine Brooke, so this 'super devotion' everyone would like to attribute to this pair really is riddled with holes. So he'll pout and act like a petulant child for awhile and it would not surprise me at all to see him take all his toys and run screaming for Marone Industries. With his little pimp-ring love-fest last week I the hospital with Mass, you have to think there could be a move in Ridge's future. I can't imagine Eric cozying up with Ridge at the water cooler in the weeks after this attempted takeover. 'Hey Dad, how's that Alzheimer's I accused you of having?' See what I mean? He all but said that anyway. I think Stephanie used the word 'befuddled'. I don't call him 'befuddled', just trying to do the right thing and making the family take precedence over business. When did that justify being put out to pasture, huh? Weenie, weenie, mega-weenie.

However, hypocrisy has found yet another new poster child in Stephanie. Begging Brooke to help save the family? Oh geez, what next? All we have seen and heard for the last 17 years is her retching venom at Brooke and telling her to pound sand and leave her family alone. I guess Brooke also used that little speech to help her feel like she can do some good and keep Stephanie quiet for a while. After all, 'she will be indebted to her for the rest of her life'. Oh boy, now that will be interesting, won't it? Brooke will likely exploit that statement and I wouldn't blame her. I personally think she owes Thorne BIG TIME. She screwed him so bad by that farce of a marriage only to drop him for her Ridge-obsession. Thorne doesn't need payback from his parents, he needs it from her. Now that he gets it, I hope he makes Spectra a respected operation and gives Forrester a run for its money. Brooke should become the President of Forrester at this point because it seems to me that the one with the 'lack of good judgment' is Ridge, not Eric. Either way, as long as she 'cuts it off' professionally and leaves Ridge standing there holding nothing more than his Marone pimp ring and his wounded ego.

Speaking of the tacky Marone family jewelry, how about that little post-op reunion with the Pa and the boys? Nice for Ridge to remember he has another father as all his time has been spent playing backstabber. But it was a nice scene and certainly show how devoted Nick is to his father. Note to all the conspiracy theorists out there...since the top secret bone marrow treatment worked, that would help us assume that Nick is indeed Mass' son. Good for Jackie as that little wrinkle would have caused her to be fitted for some cement pumps.

Deacon better start running now because the spoiler mill is predicting a confrontation that includes a gun! I think Jackie will take a bullet but no matter that happens, she will have to decide who she wants to shack up with for the rest of her life...the super rich and powerful old guy that really does seem to love her or the resident male whore who is a deadbeat dad and looking for nothing other than a Sugar Mama? Gee, what's a girl to do? She should be feeling very guilty these days as Mass, for all she knows, could still be a vegetable and she is too busy mattress dancing with Joe Stud to know any different. Jackie should be looking for a lump of coal in her stocking, too.

And while we are on the subject of the couple with all the heat of an ice cube, I found myself tempted to turn the channel during the boutique boink. The whole storyline seems forced and unbelievable, even for a soap. But the bigger question here is why, for such a powerhouse store, there are NO dresses there? I counted 3 or 4 tops. That's it. So what's the big deal about 'JackieM' anyway? I hope Spectra brings a lot of dresses to fill that place up.

The question of the week results are in and it's overwhelming...NOBODY likes the Jackie-Deacon pairing, so I know I'm not crazy! Well, I think I had one person email that they liked it but we go with the majority here at the Scoop. I know there are characters and stories I like that the majority may not but not this time. He's been with too many different women and she has been obsessed wit Mass for too long to magically forget all about him and fall for some younger beach combing eye candy. Nope, no one's buying it.

Speaking of eye candy, Nick is single again as Felicia has announced her departure to the B&B no-man's land of Europe to peddle Spectra Couture. We all knew this was going to happen since the actress can't commute across country anymore, but I secretly was hoping that the show would at least recast the role as I think it's good to have a female Forrester hanging around. Kristen can never stay around so why not Felicia? Nick will be free now to sit around and pine for Brooke some, but I know that is wishful thinking. He is such a great character for the show...I just hope the writers have more up their collective sleeve than having him hook up with Bridget. He will have a hand in helping bring Deacon down, though, which should be great to see his bad side at work. I want to see him pound Deacon for what he has done and chase him all the way back to the Malibu Ken Beach House. Maybe then he can, I don't know, raise HIS SON OR SOMETHING. Remember him, Deacon? You fought so hard to raise him and now he's MIA with all the other kids in B&B land.

Ok, time for a little Scoops holiday preview. Next week, with the joyous Holiday season in full gear, there will be a special B&Bs Scoops Christmas Carol that is sure to please (or irritate, who knows?). And as the month and year draw to a close, I will be reflecting back on the year that was with two weeks of the best of 2004 AND worst of 2004. Soon I will invite some reader feedback as to what kinds of things should be included in my retrospective. Your emails are always funny and insightful, so start thinking and I will let you know when to send me your thoughts. And as I notice on my calendar, Hanukkah is coming up this week and my wishes for a wonderful holiday to those readers that will be celebrating the festive Jewish holiday.

Who's on the Soapbox? Cyndi writes... 'Since Taylor died, Ridge has lost his mind completely.' I agree... behavior had become a little more unstable than I ever remember it. But more than anything, he has shown just how childish and self-centered he really is. I hear that his reaction to Brooke's vote makes my 4 year old look mature and worldly.

Lib writes...i> 'My favorite character is Nick. I wish he could find a new romance.' I second that, Sister! But with whom? B&B is a little short on chicks these days. Maybe they need a smart-aleck yet highly intelligent columnist to show up on the scene for Nick. Oh, well maybe not. But I can dream, right?

Tiffani writes... 'I can't stand Jackie and Deacon! And the general consensus on the message boards that I frequent is that no one likes them.' Thank you Tiffani. I knew it. That must be why there was a Brooke/Nick board created and NO Jackie/Deacon board for all their support they DON'T have. The former had REAL chemistry and the latter is just laughable. Besides, what kind of cute shorthand could you use for them? Jeacon? Dackie?

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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