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For the Week of January 10, 2005
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Spectra certainly is taking off, isn't it? Good for Thorne, but Sally needs to stick to the morning announcements and stop making life difficult for him.

Well folks, there isn't much to comment on this week. Everything on B&B lately seems to be moving in slow motion and honestly, there is rarely a good Friday cliffhangar anymore. I have been staring at my computer screen for over 25 minutes wondering what to highlight and what to say. Hmmm...well, here's what I cam e up with.

If nothing else in life, it is ALWAYS a good thing to see Captain Eye Candy on the good ship Tequila! I have nearly gotten to the point that if he were not on the show and in such a high profile role in the cast, I may not be watching right now. Isn't that sad? I loved the sloppy eating scene at Chuck's and laughed out loud at his smart aleck responses to Bridget. He really gives the show some much-needed comic relief. How I wish he could have a stable and fun relationship sometime soon. You have to wonder if JW is growing tired of the lukewarm stories since the end to him and Brooke. Nick is such a believable character and is played so well by a great actor that I hope they don't lose him in the near future. No, there is no rumor about it...I was just talking out loud.

As for Nick's time spent with Bridget, well let's just say that any relationship between them would not appeal to me at all. She's pretty young for him and it would have too high an 'ick' factor since he clearly still loves Brooke. I'm glad that little revelation came out, by the way. I knew it all along as this is the standard way the writers play with the viewers when a couple that the majority like are introduced only to be written off abruptly. There was supposed to be a sweet kind of innocence with Bridget's character that I don't believe would mesh well with Nick. Nick should be with Brooke, period. And I still say Ridge won't be as faithful as Brooke would want him to be when it comes to Bridget. Maybe he has more feelings for her than we all think?

We got to see Deacon 'wrestling' with his demons this week as his evil new assistant Heather was busy spiking his...protein shakes? Oh geez, that's original. She has him thinking about booze all the time and now Jackie is starting to look a little nervous about the prospect of meeting Demon Deacon. Massimo also did a little window-shopping at JackieM and got an eyeful of Jackie and Deacon pawing at each other. OK, correct me if I'm wrong but did it seem like it mattered to Jackie at little TOO much that Mojo came by at all? Maybe she still loves him, maybe not, but her reaction was pretty animated for a woman all in love with another. Maybe having the bottle come between them will help put his storyline out if it's misery.

Spectra certainly is taking off, isn't it? Good for Thorne but Sally needs to stick to the morning announcements and stop making life difficult for Thorne. He has to have this success legitimately and her antics are making it seem that it's only because his last name is on the ads. But the true irony here is that AFTER Forrester's sales tank, NOW everybody wants Thorne back, even Ridge! I hope Thorne tells him to hit the road...they don't deserve him back! Ridge is never there himself between all his leaves of absence to go pout and Eric should have had more backbone long before now. Oh well...I say SUFFER and to the victor go the spoils, right?

My trashcan was close at hand during the Thomas-Caitlin 'swing kids' scenes. Yuck. Double yuck. Amber caught them cutting a rug together in preparation for their big high school formal and let it be known to Caitlin that she thought it was sad for her to go with someone who already has a girlfriend. Ok, if I HAVE to say anything about all of this it would be that Scamber is only throwing fuel on the fire by squaring off with the Virgin Ramirez. Now she will REALLY go after Horntoad Tommy and probably bag him before the night is over. Amber stands no real chance here and we can all only hope for a quick and painless resolution to this story as well. Maybe they can 'swing' themselves to college or something.

There you have it, readers...someone pass me a No-Doze! Maybe the coming week will bring a little spark and a reason for us to hit the 'record' button once more! Take care everyone!

Who's on the Soapbox? Gail writes...i> '...with Clark and Megan on the sidelines all these years, why not pair the two of them together...Thomas and Caitlin need to be together...and Amber and Deacon can sail off into the sunset.'

Talia writes... '...I love this show and have watched it from day one but I have to admit I am bored and have been using the fast forward button.'

Keep the emails coming...I'd love to put you on the soapbox!

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