Maybe Nick and Bridget aren't that bad

For the Week of February 21, 2005
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Maybe Brooke and Bridget ARE different enough that a romance with Nick could be a healthy thing, and a nice change of pace for the show.

Ok, maybe I'm not that old (yet) but I think I may be getting a little more flexible when it comes to Nick's romantic leanings. I have been unabashedly pro-Nick/Brooke for a long time supported by sound reasoning and while I wasn't very into the Felicia pit-stop, I saw it as necessary so his character would have something to do (or in this case, someone). It's a crazy thing, I know, but here is my rationale...

It seems obvious that the writers have no intention of having Brooke and Nick couple up again as evidenced by our current 'Ridge is my world and can do NO wrong' theme they have been running with for months. He's Teflon coated and little seems to rattle her perfect marriage to Ridge. With Bridget and Nick, I felt we were just getting a cheap Brooke substitute that would do little other than perpetuate his longing for someone he couldn't have. A knockoff, if you will. However, I am willing to 'drink the KoolAid' so to speak and believe that maybe Brooke and Bridget ARE different enough that maybe a romance with Nick could be a healthy thing and a nice change of pace for the show. Let's be honest, that kiss he planted on her at the hospital was HOT...hotter than anything else I have seen on this show in months. It was spontaneous and desperate and everything that Brooke and Ridge's scenes are NOT. I thought it was great.

Could I be wrong? Sure. But Bridget is a little more grounded than Brooke and though her 'thing' or whatever you call it with Ridge was very dysfunctional and an obvious dig at Brooke after the whole Deacon mess, I see her being able to have a normal relationship. She could have had one with Oz but the nasty Ridge-baggage was in the way and unresolved. Age is irrelevant here between Bridget and Nick, and so to is the disapproving attitude that Brooke has been so showing lately. Exactly what is the problem here? If she is so happy with Ridge and is OVER Nick, why care? Is our ego isn't bruised, is it? Is Nick supposed to pine for you forever? Nah...I say to Brooke, GET OVER IT and to Nick, if you could really love her, GO FOR IT!!

Do I HAVE to talk about Amber now? Ugh...ok, I guess I have no choice. She has been frantically running around LA toting her sick photo album of Forrester pictures hoping someone will give her a free pass back into the family. What is it about the Forrester that people will stoop to such lengths to be a part of them? What am I missing here? They are flawed more than most families and not all that in the warm and fuzzy department, so what's up? Now she is supposed to show Ridge the photo and apparently Ridge tries to beat her to the punch and get to Brooke before Psycho Amber can. I would be very disappointed if Brooke actually blames Ridge and throws him out for THIS. Oh my God! Did I just defend Ridge? I must be losing all touch with reality! But hear me out....

Honestly, for Brooke to think that kiss is actually sexual in nature given what the facts are would be just plain dumb. Anyone can see that Bridget was not acting sexy at all during the kiss (unless you call laying around frozen like a Popsicle 'hot') and given all the circumstances, I would hope that Brooke has enough intelligence to see that the ONLY way she could have gotten that picture would have been to STAGE the whole thing. That means conspiracy to commit murder and not reporting an accident to the authorities. Crimes, all crimes. That is the point, not whether or not Ridge kissed her as he thought she lay dying. Be real, Brooke. You have bigger fish to fry than this. But we have to keep a firm and unshakeable spotlight on her and Ridge ALL THE TIME, so there will be enough strife between them to keep them front and center. Great. I never see them having sex enough.

What a nasty situation our dress shop owner is in, huh? Jackie made it clear, not knowing that Deacon was listening, that she is with him now more out of obligation than love and Nick's advice to come back 'home' has put more pressure on her. Doesn't Nick have a home of his own now? Is he hanging out upstairs in his bedroom playing with his boats and running downstairs for dinner every night before playing video games until bedtime? Ask her to go back to Mass and give their marriage one more try, but not the way you did it, Captain. Truth be told, I don't think she should go back to him. The problems between them had nothing to do with her 'love' for Deacon as much as it had to do with Massimo's inability to lighten up and let her be who she wanted to be. Maybe she should play the field a little, not play Mommy to a drunk. Now was the whole 'spiked protein shake' thing wrong? Yes. But it is the most direct way to orchestrate his exit from the show. I am beginning to believe that Deacon's place in the show had come to an end anyway as he has been bounced around to too many different women and had too many different personality transformations. It's been fun, Deacon. Maybe we can all look forward to your invisible son to come back from his imaginary boarding school and shake things up in LA.

You gotta love Brooke and her insatiable need to look sleazy and immature. A naught nurse? How original. Oh well, at least we all got a laugh when she realized that Stephanie was her Ridge-substitute. I will always say this-those two onscreen together are always entertaining no matter what the situation. Whether it's a nasty catfight or a funny misunderstanding, it makes for great comic relief. It will truly be a shame when Susan Flannery finally retires. She is the best actress on this show, hands down.

Eric is going to retire? No surprise there really. Ridge will take over setting up a brother-vs-brother fashion war for the ages. I will always pull for Thorne to win every time but we all know that won't happen. It's a good thing that Eric's office is so big...there will be enough room for Ridge AND his ego.

Many kind readers fed my own ego this week and let me know that what this show needs is ME writing it. Thank you! I'm sure there are better folks out there to inject life into this show than me, though, and I hope the show finds them quick. The best suggestions I think I read all week came form Jane and here's a sample: ---Taylor is discovered alive in Morgan's mother's backyard shed. ---Ridge comes out of the closet and changes his name to Sharon, run away with Clark ---Brooke turns out to be Eric's daughter ---LESS BRIDGE ---Rick decides he's done with the fashion world and joins the circus.

Thank for the feedback Jane...I think you should consider the job!!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Emma writes... ...(the show needs) female friendship. Sex and the City was so popular because it showed women bonding despite difficulties...think about a storyline with Morgan coming back and having an affair with Ridge but at the end both Morgan and Brooke realizing what a jerk he is and supporting each other to get over him.'

Jean writes... ...I think the plot to get Deacon back on the booze by Massimo was way overboard...of course I realize there are evil people in the world who could do such a thing to get revenge on someone.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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