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For the Week of February 28, 2005
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Last week ended on a rather somber note, as Ridge decided to do what he THINKS is the right thing and tell Brooke the truth. Little does he know what's around the corner!

Looks like everyone's favorite egomaniac is about to shoot himself in the foot. Last week ended on a rather somber note as Ridge decided to do what he THINKS is the right thing and tell Brooke the truth. Little does he know what's around the corner...

The truth can set you free...or so they say. For Ridge, it will give him a one-way ticket out of the house as it looks like Brooke will kick him to the curb in a hurry. Of course we will have to have a 4 or 5 day build up to the actual exit as nothing in this show is done in a timely manner. I don't know if that's because they have so little going in the storyline department or because we just haven't had enough of Ridge and Brooke lately. I'm inclined to believe in both actually. But it may be the end of the road, at least for now, for the couple that still too many believe make this show. I still don't buy it and would love to see the ratings maintain or even get BETTER when the spotlight is off them for a little while. What I am worried about, though, is what happens next...

The message boards have been lighting up like Christmas trees as of late with the speculation and rumors that Morgan will go through SUCH a major transformation that Ridge will actually be reminded of Taylor and be attracted to her. Ok, this is the same woman that kidnapped Steffi AND Taylor and the SAME woman that vowed eternal revenge against Ridge and his family. Don't get me wrong...I am glad she's coming back. The show needs a villain BAD, but to have her get involved with Ridge romantically is so far off the charts and so ridiculous that I don't even know where to begin. Morgan and Ridge weren't that in love before, right? I know she got pregnant but still...from the very beginning of this show we have never been given that impression that they were some star-crossed couple. She was just another unfortunate woman to have shared a bed with Redwood Ridge. Morgan should be trying to score with Mass or Nick, not a Forrester man. But then again, what do I know?

I think it will be entertaining, however, to see her go toe-to-toe with Brooke over Ridge. We all know that even though she will be hurt and feeling betrayed by Ridge, Brooke will not be happy to see any woman keeping him company while living at 'the curb'. Brooke is a classic cake-eater...throw him out and highlight your insecurities but don't let any discarded man move on. Can't happen. I think Stephanie even alluded to that very fact during the week while discussing her 'talk' with Nick about dating Bridget. She hit the nail on the head and Brooke has had a problem with every man she has dumped along the way being able to get involved with another woman. Men are like shoes to Brooke...wear them for a while and put them on a shelf but never lend them to anyone.

I have been waiting to see Amber on 'America's Most Wanted' for her myriad of crimes but nothing yet. I hope if nothing else comes out of all this Brooke/Ridge/Kissy Photo nonsense, I hope that at least Amber will finally get what is coming to her. A 6x6 cell with NOTHING but her own stupidity to keep her company. Random doesn't even begin to cover her actions and how far down the reality black hole she has fallen. I read this week on a board that she may go recurring. That can't happen fast enough for me as I think her character has come to the end of the line the same way Deacon has. She has never been part of a really good story and has never had a solid and engaging romance with anyone. That's what we tune in to see...hot romance and passion. Amber has never had it and really doesn't even have the onscreen charisma that helps sustain a character long-term. Most readers, like myself, find the thought of a root canal more exciting than watching her week in and week out. Time to go..buh-bye.

Nick seemed to survive his third-degree questioning from Stephanie and even got in a few zingers of his own. I'm glad to see him stand up for himself and not bow to the pressure to leave Bridget alone solely because she is Brooke's daughter. That argument is getting a little tired now and if we are going to be given this pairing by the writers we need to get used to it. What will be interesting to see in the next few weeks is whether or not Brooke being single again will give her license to make her move on Nick to get in the way of his feelings for Bridget. That would truly be a cheap way to tease the 'Bricky' fans into thinking they could get together again. If Nick and Bridget are going to truly make it as a couple, they better run the other way if Brooke shows up looking for a little post-break-up comforting.

I have been surprised that on some boards there is some buzz about Nick's character taking a dive since getting involved with Bridget. His introduction on B&B was shrouded in mystery and while he has been painted as a person that was aloof and macho, it is possible that he has other facets to him that we haven't seen. What's wrong with him having a sense of humor? It doesn't make him any less appealing to see him joke around or be sensitive. Call me crazy but give me a wise-cracking cute sea captain any day over the gravel-voiced aging dressmaker. Nick is the best thing that has happened to this show in years...let's give him a break.

Question of the week...is Morgan coming back on the scene a good thing or a bad thing? You already know how I feel...let me hear from you! Don't be shy, let it all hang out and tell me your thoughts.

Who's on the Soapbox?

Erin writes... ...I feel like I am settling for Nicket but Brooke's a goner and it looks terminal'

Bonnie writes... ...why did Bridget not recognize Scamber's trademark ear-piercing screech after the many tirades she has been subjected to over the years from everyone's favorite scrunchface?'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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