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For the Week of March 7, 2005
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Ridge has gone off the deep end with everyone, and Nick has had enough. Shouldn't Nick be worried about his own dysfunctional family, instead?

There is some justice left in the world after all. The Emmy noms were announced recently and I actually cheered out loud when I saw Jack's name on the list for Best Actor. You know, I am not ashamed to admit that I did watch him when he was on Melrose Place and I liked him then, too. He is the best actor on the show in my opinion and I will be working over the lucky rabbit's foot during the ceremony for sure! [Click here for a complete list of this year's Emmy nominations.]

Having sung his praises, I now need to address his little speech on Friday. During his lecture to Ridge, he made the proclamation that he needs to be the protector of the 'family'. Ridge has gone off the deep end with everyone and Nick has had enough. Well, I wasn't sure how to react to all that. He is not exactly a member of the family, yet. Maybe if he and Bridget get hitched but I thought it was a little weird that he was becoming the Forrester Family champion all of the sudden. He does have more integrity than Ridge, hands down. But shouldn't Eric be the one to 'protect' the family? He made his hasty exit after telling Ridge off, which left me yelling at the TV "Come back and throw HIM DAD and take control of the family!!" I guess the jellyfish had never really gotten much stronger, huh? Nick should worry about his own dysfunctional family and making that situation better. He is hardly unbiased here as we know he still cares for Brooke and coupled with his new feelings for Bridget, that may be more of a burden than he wants to take on.

What's my one wish? That the writers don't set up some twisted triangle with Nick-Brooke-Bridget. That will only cheapen all the characters involved and will undoubtedly leave my favorite sea captain in some emotional Hell and have everyone cursing him as they did when the furnace boink happened. I'm tired of him being the doormat for the writers to use to make Ridge look saintly. I have enough frustrating moments with this show as of late...too many more and I may throw in the towel.

I guess no one will be getting any invitations to the Forrester Family Barbecue at Ridge and Brooke's this year! After sleeping in the guesthouse, Ridge came slithering into Mom & Dad's house to pout and scream about how everyone is ganging up on him. Boo-hoo! You know, if he wasn't such a colossal jerk, a person could almost feel sorry for him. We all know that kiss was BS and clearly not a hot move on his part. Face it...if he wanted to put the moves on her, wouldn't it have happened right from the start of their little ordeal? Yes. But, this all comes under the heading of karma in my opinion. He has had it coming and now he will not only get his 'clock cleaned' by Nick on Monday but will be keeping time with his fatal attraction from the past, Morgan. Maybe that will prove to be punishment enough for everything he has done to people lately. No matter what, though, the writers will never have Ridge down for long. He will claw and scratch his way back into the mansion and onto the pedestal all he characters have put him on for years. Gosh...I can't wait.

Speaking of decking people, GO BROOKE! Amber got slugged for her part in all this mineshaft nonsense and thrown out of the mansion herself. God, I just couldn't take much more of the whining about how she did this for the family, blah-blah-blah! ENOUGH ALREADY! She did it so she could sleaze around with her boy-toy Thomas and nothing else. She could not go recurring fast enough for me! The sad thing is she is too stupid to realize that when Thomas finds out what happened, he will never look her way again no matter how many times she comes on to him. He can focus all of his attention on deflowering young Caitlin.

Will someone please tell me when Hector became such a 'confidante' to Brooke? Did I miss something? Have I been on a different planet? First let me say this, I was very impressed that Brooke was fully clothed during that scene with him and she really looked great with her little ponytail. She looked like a mom for once. Now, as for their little 'chat', how could she think that he evens cares about the VERY intimate details of her marriage to Ridge? He doesn't exactly like Ridge and doesn't know Bridget. So what was that whole scene designed to do? Are we going to see some pseudo-romance between these two? I hope not. That would make him another notch on the Logan bedpost and do nothing more than drag her image through the dirt again. I thought the writers were settling her down a little (even if it was with Ridge) and allowing the spotlight to shine on some other female characters. What gives? Hector is not affair material anyway and sleeping with him would be hard since his HALO would constantly be in the way. He's TOO good and TOO sanctimonious for anyone on this show. Not that he isn't still easy on the eyes so many years after Falcon Crest, but come on! Can anyone out there see him hooking up with Megan? I can...they would make a scorching couple! Since Sam is on her way out with her cake-wearing python of a mother, he might as well keep 'busy' with someone!

Sally was working overtime this week (and I don't mean just on reading those huge cue cards!) trying to keep her two designers from spending time in the Beverly Hills lockup for attempted murder and whatever else Amber and Clark could be convicted of. Stephanie will do her part to keep everything out of the scandal rags but I think it will be at Brooke's expense. She will want to punish Amber and likely won't care about the rumors. I read a post somewhere that said Thorne will be giving Amber the axe for her part in all of this and as well he should. That was an attack on his family and we all know Thorne is a very principled person. He can't turn a blind eye to that. Spectra doesn't need her streetwalker designs anyway. Maybe Amber can designs some housedresses for the trailer park set.

Now for this week's deep, thought provoking question...what do you think of a Brooke-Hector romance? Good or bad idea? Good for a quickie or is there some real potential?

Who's on the Soapbox?

Linda from NJ writes... ...why oh why can't they just keep Ridge and Brooke? This show makes me sick.' Thanks for checking back in Linda! It was great to hear from you again!

Liz from MI writes... ...congrats to Jack Wagner on his Emmy nomination! He deserves it! He resurrected a dying show all by himself!'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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