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Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when Sheila fired the shot heard 'round the world and killed Taylor? We all saw her 'die' in Ridge's arms.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when Sheila fired the shot heard 'round the world' and killed Taylor? We all saw her 'die' in Ridge's arms and refuse the artificial life support that could have saved her. After all, that was the dignified and saintly character she was, right? Well, no one is THAT perfect and even Taylor had her share of baggage but with all the glorious flashbacks this week, it seems that B&B's OTHER beloved heroine is on her way back and should be officially making her presence felt this week. It's lit up the message boards all over the Net and no matter what side of the fence you fall, everyone has to admit that her rise from the dead has given new life to B&B.

You have to feel a little bad for Bridget, though. She and Gilligan are taking their vows and heading into their cozy yet rushed union only to have it postponed due to Ridge's boo-boo induced hallucinations of seeing his long-dead wife. Had it been me, I would have told the minister to 'keep it coming' and get to Ridge later. No matter how you look at it, a postponed wedding in B&B Land usually means it will never happen. Bad luck. I guess the jury is still out for me on this couple. I see reasons on both sides for why it could work or not work, but I know I would feel differently if it wasn't and 'add water, instant marriage' situation. Maybe they do love each other but it's all happening so quickly that I feel it won't last and Nick's underlying feeling about Brooke may resurface and will do little other than make him look like a jerk for leading Bridget on. More vilification of my favorite character but the writers have made it a standard part of their writing for him.

I loved watching all the crazy conspiracy theories floating around all week. Who is the perpetrator of all the strange goings-on around the Forrester mansion? Was it Morgan? No, just entered the nut farm with her dysfunctional mother. Could it be Amber? No, according to Brooke, she has no more axes to grind against Ridge. Did anyone ask about Sheila? Maybe I missed it but her name should have come up from sure. Alas, all the theories were off their mark and the cast was left wondering if it could be at all possible that either Ridge was finally out of his mind or that Taylor could have been alive all this time. The magical discovery of the anonymous scribbled signature on Taylor's death certificate and Dr. Mark's own special brand of amnesia as to how her death was handled made for some great viewing last week. I just love how writers try to re-work history to fit their newly changed present. Of course we don't remember all this confusion years ago when she just seemed like a standard garden-variety soap death to us. We saw a body, we saw her tombstone. The end. But then again, it is a soap. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy.

Last week I posed a question to all the readers of the Scoops column and as a result, my laptop has officially gone on strike! It was smokin' with activity all week from over 81 emails since last Monday when the column posted. I haven't seen so many emails since the WTD storyline was polarizing the country more than the last presidential election. My inbox was overflowing and thus I have decided to SHOW the results rather than give just a watered down summary. I will list all the names of the readers who were nice enough to take the time to 'weigh in' on whether Taylor's return is a blessing or a curse. Everyone loves his or her name in lights! are the folks that felt even a bizarrely resurrected Taylor is better than no Taylor at all. They feel that she adds something to the show that has been lacking and that, believe it or not, many said they would love to see her be so disgusted with Ridge that she tells him to go to Hell. Some even said it would be great to see both Brooke AND Taylor give him the boot and find men worthy of them. Not THAT would be interesting viewing! Here are the pro-Taylor folks:

Anna, Julia, Kathy, Sri, Monica, Linda, Macarena, Marie-Josee, Jackie, Angel, Rosie, Claudia, Beth, Linda (2) , Reubina, Patsy, Sharon, Trey, Mary, Lisa, Heather, Holly, Lisa, Sherry, Connie, Jessica and Sue

But, and it's a big 'BUT'...there were a great many readers last week that weighed in with not so happy thoughts about Taylor's return from the beyond. I have to say all points were valid and show that this storyline will likely be as polarizing as the WTD and Bridget-Ridge stories were. All emails were very candid and a refreshing turn from weeks past. I know many that emailed were Bridge fans and I thank them for checking in with their thoughts. The overwhelming feeling was that this will not only upset the happy family that Ridge and Brooke have waited so long for, but that it is just a sad repeat of the past for the sake of ratings. Most said this would keep them from Tivo-ing the show now that she is back. She has been called a hypocrite and a character that has never had to suffer any consequences for the things SHE has done in the past. Still others just simply felt the story was too ridiculous for any self-respecting fan of the show to believe. It is a stretch, people. There had to be some better way to explain it besides phony death certificates and spooky wax casket imposters. Here is a rundown of those that have had enough and just won't take it anymore...

Pat, Joy, Francine, Linda, Vivian, Jerri, Christine, Cassie, Nikki, Rich, Priscilla, P Diddi (I love that one) , Pam, Talia, Rhondav Grace, Jinnie and Pamela

A fairly even mix of those that are giddy with anticipation and those that have their VCR's packed up and on the shelf until Taylor's next death. How do I feel? I suppose I am just happy to have something new (or...old I guess?) happening that doesn't involve constant tantrums from Ridge or Brooke crying about something. I am not so nave as to think that the focus will now shift AWAY from Brooke and Ridge since Taylor has always been the third wheel in that decade-old drama. However, if we can't get any other characters involved in the daily episodes, at least give some new spin on the Brooke-Ridge Show. Taylor's return from the beyond has certainly done one thing...given Brad the kind of viewer outrage/elation he looks for every now and again to remind him that he has some kind of power in the soap world. I guess the old saying is right...there is no such thing as 'bad' press.

Great things about last week: Nick's jokes about grave-robbing, Thorne getting some screen-time (shirtless at that), and more proof that if I EVER end up in a hospital in LA, I won't be very secure whether I am alive OR dead! Have they ever heard of checking credentials in that hospital? How can bodies disappear and Ridge be able to just get up and sneak out without anyone seeing him? Is everyone farsighted in that place? Hey, I guess even an orderly can sign a death certificate and no one is the wiser? When it comes to medical care in LA, if you heal them, they will disappear into thin air.

Questions, questions, questions....hmmm, what to ask this week. I was so spoiled last week with an Inbox on overload that I may be hard-pressed to come up with a real zinger for this week. Ok, how about this...if Brooke finally has enough of Ridge after his insensitive rantings last week and the inevitable conflict as to what to do now that Taylor is back, who should Brooke go after? Should she spend some time alone or is it high time she find a man that loves her FOR her where she is not second fiddle all the time? The eligible bachelors are few but mighty...Hector, Nick (gasp!), Massimo, Dr. Mark, Thomas (ewww), and Clark. Geez, that's a short list! We need some more men on this show! Slim pickens for our beleaguered heroine unless the producers come up with some suitable and yet hot eye candy to turn Brooke's head. I say she just needs a relationship that make her feels good and help her be more self-assured. It's getting old to keep saying 'Brooke' and 'insecure' in the same sentence these last few years. So tell me what Brooke should do if SHE has enough of Ridge...

Shameless plug here but I can't resist...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my biggest and yet smallest fan, my son Nicholas. Where did 5 years go, anyway? I love you little guy! Have a great week everyone! Who's on the Soapbox?

Pat writes... '...I've had Tivo set for B&B. After I realized they were bringing Taylor back from the dead (again), I deleted it. This is nonsense, not to mention Brooke will be jipped and so will Bridget. There's no point in watching this nonsense.'

Angel writes... ...I love the idea of Taylor coming back. What I hope happens is that Ridge kicks Brooke to the curb, Brooke comes crawling back to Nick who says "Too little, too late, you can't compare to your daughter."'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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