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For the Week of September 26, 2005
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Nick came on the scene with a lot of fanfare and anticipation. His character had a lot going for him in the beginning, and then the writers sucked the life out of him by pairing him with Bridget.

Ok, I know I am late posting. After dealing with some 'issues', I have a little time this Monday night to ponder the goings-on of the most exasperating soap I have ever watched. Last week I was looking for all the missing characters and this week I find myself thinking that with the latest writing disasters, they all might want to stay missing. I know I would.

What's that old saying...making chicken salad out of chicken (****)...uh, you know what it spells. Ok, so how does this latest foray into the mediocre become something we can all enjoy? The writers have left us twitching in the wind, having no idea which way we are headed and while some shows can pull this off and sustain a high rating level, I worry that for B&B this schizophrenic storytelling will be their undoing. We are here, we are there, we have no clue where we are going. Maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen. But nonetheless, there has to be a bright side somewhere, right? Hello? Is my mike on? Anybody out there? Hello?

Let's see...I'll tell you what I AM enjoying quite a bit (gotta find that silver lining, right?)...Ridge taking it in the you-know-what for all the rotten crap he has pulled on nearly everybody in the show from his father right through Thorne and down to his latest round of nastiness with his own wife. I call it karma, plain and simple. Of all his characters, his has taken the sharpest turn I believe. This latest nonsense about deciding your son's fate 'on the runway' shows how out of touch he is with reality. Maybe he should look up the boy's birth certificate and check out the line that shows his DATE OF BIRTH...HE'S 18!!! HELLO!!!. Maybe while he is at it he should ask himself why he renewed his vows with Taylor. I believe he loves her but did he really want to be with her again...forever (or at least until she dies again)? He should ask himself why he feels compelled to keep Brooke hanging on by a thread as if her ego-stroking is essential to his very existence. I really have gotten to the point that when he enters the scene, I take a bathroom break. I would much rather pee than even hear his voice these days. Awful, just awful. Ridge/Ronn, maybe it's time to set up shop 'down under'. This show needs a fresh face as a leading man and a character that people can really cheer for. I used to think Nick could be that character but with the hatchet job that has been pulled on him, I'm rethinking that notion.

Nick came on the scene to much fanfare and anticipation. He is hot and an outstanding actor. His chemistry with the female lead, Brooke, speaks for itself. His character had a lot going for him in the beginning. And then the writers sucked the life out of his character. The culprit...Bridget Forrester. He became a sappy, goofy, and nearly bumbling shell of his former mysterious and macho self. Just having him involved I this sick inter-family chick-swapping mess was bad enough, but then the writers have now got him faking an entire life with her in the name of being a dad. But what is the positive here? Well, I suppose that it may be the fact that Nick finally had the you-know-whats to at least admit to Brooke how he has felt all along. Will he eventually get his dream woman? I don't know...I hope but it would tear apart his character so much that he may become more reviled than Ridge if it goes down badly. I like that he is focusing on being a dad and have always believed (based on how he is with little Hopeless) he would be a great one. Good man, impossible situation.

I could shout from my rooftop just how happy I am about Taylor spending time with everyone's favorite fireman!!!! WHO-HOO!!!!! Taylor can do MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Ridge and though the rumor mill is saying she does not hook up with Hector, I would glued to my TV to watch her be with a real man. Hector may not be my first choice but he will do nicely. He is a man of character and very down-to-earth which would be a breath of fresh air for a woman that came back from the dead (again) only to be the booby prize in Ridge's game of musical mates. I felt the heat today, didn't you? I'm willing to give it a try. But after the butt-kicking Ridgie-poo got at the hands of his ex-wife, I rather think he will be crawling back to Taylor rather quickly. See, Ridge doesn't want to BE with anyone. He just doesn't want his ex's to BE with ANYONE else. That's the key. All women must worship him for the rest of their lives, period. Whatever...drop dead, dressmaker. Taylor...DON'T GO BACK!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Heat, heat, heat...that's what I see there and what a coup it would be to see Ridge on the outside looking in at Taylor getting' busy with her studly public servant!

OK, think Kristine, think...what else is there to be hopeful about? Hmmm...well, I would have been happy if the rumor was true about Kristen coming back but as usual the carrot was yanked away from those of us who thought her return could give us a much needed boost. I am VERY happy that Brook boosted Ridge right out of her sight today. I found myself dancing a happy little jig in my living room as she said the words '...I guess you expected too much' or something like that. GOOD FOR YOU!! These are the things that will make me look at Brooke differently and allow me to rethink my opinion of her. I think she could reinvent herself into a real force to be reckoned with in a more positive sense but you know as well as I do, Bell won't have it. Hate to get Freudian here but maybe Brad has some unresolved mother issues or something...the obsessive deconstructing of Brooke's character points to some kind of problem. She has been written as LA's town tramp and crappy mother for so long that the writers may have absolutely no idea how to write her any differently. Gosh, how does she be a good and selfless mom? How can she be a powerful executive without sleeping with everyone in the company? How can she be anyone's one and only? No...all that must be too easy. I saw a little light at the end of the tunnel today and then it went out as soon as she answered Ridge's cell and said '...and I love you too'. Ugh. So much for 'real' change. Oh well...we can still hope, can't we? I really do want to see her in a different light. A healthy relationship with Nick would have done just that. Oh damn...there's that darn broken record again!

Eric and Jackie. Jackie and Eric. Ok. So what? We all knew that was coming. Eric can't be without a female within kissing distance for more than a day, so this is no big news flash. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea. They look good together and are the same age. It's all good. Until Stephanie gets wind of it. Hey Eric, hang on to your wallet. Jackie, girlfriend, get your flea collar out cuz' IT'S ON!!!

I am on record: IF I HEAR BRIDGET USE THE WORD 'INSECURITY' ONE MORE TIME, I WILL EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, do I understand why she is harping on this? Yes. Nick and Brooke are so obvious that a blind man could see what is going on between them. But could a woman BE so stupid? I find it hard to believe she is that clueless. It's now every scene she is in that she references 'old insecurities' and 'it's all in the past'. Blah blah blah....SHUT UP ALREADY! How did this character go from saintly and smart to silly and stupid in such a short amount of time? I'm trying hard here, I really am but where I used to like watching Bridget doing her thing in LA, now I cringe when she's on too. How sad. So much for positive spin, huh? Well, I gave it my best. Let's hope the next couple of weeks will bring even the smallest smile to my face.

Back to the question of the week...listen up folks: How do you feel about Bridget? Does she have many supporters? Weigh in on whether Budge has lost her edge or still commands a following. The Boards are either loving her or hating her these days...

One more we have seen this past weekend, the Gulf Coast region has been dealt another crippling blow courtesy of Mother Nature. Let's all keep the victims of Hurricane Rita in our thoughts. Also, please remember those four-legged friends who need our help as well. I chose the American Humane Society and there are many like them that can use the help to shelter and feed those furry family members who can't fend for themselves (can you tell I'm a big dog lover?). My readers are the best and your emails after Katrina proved that. Take care all...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Nicole writes... '...I just cannot believe this fashion show competition-again! this really how people settle things in the fashion world?...I cannot believe Thomas agreed to this even though dumber than dirt Gaby told him to...good Lord!'

Gretchen writes... '...I want my strong, romantic captain (back) who adores his lassie-BRIDGET...THAT is the man THIS viewer wants back and yesterday isn't soon enough (and is anyone is the 120 pound anchor around his neck, it's BROOKE not Bridget.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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