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This incessant back-and-forth that has been going on between Nick and Brooke has just become nauseating to watch.

My once relaxing time spent in front of the TV during my lunch break has now been replaced by too much time getting nauseous watching the guilt-laden sex between Nick and the little woman. I can't stand it. I hate it. It's disgusting for SO many reasons and you might be surprised WHY I think that. Let me pop a TUMS and get started...

Ok, I have never made any secret out of the fact that I believe Nick and Brooke should have gotten their shot. 'Nuff said. But now with this incessant back-and-forth that Nick and Brooke are going on with has just become too much to watch. I have liked Nick's character from the beginning but it's becoming obvious that he is to be vilified at the expense of Bridget and this well-timed pregnancy. He has become a shell of his former self and his behavior is comical at best. What is all this nonsense about seeing visions of Brooke in some weird green get-up? She's a siren now? Oh good Lord! My ribs still hurt from the laughter on that one! Can no one write this show any better than this? What's next, Nick's admittance into a padded cell due to his overwhelming obsession with Brooke?

So I suppose, by this idiotic story development, that every time Brooke and Nick are within the same radius of each other, Bridget can look forward to more gotta-forget-about-yo-Momma sex, huh? Nasty. Demeaning. I may not like Bridget in her current form but I can say with some authority that no woman, no matter how clueless, she have to be sexed up strictly to forget another. Nick IS a better man than that, or so he was in the beginning. Brooke is being made the heavy again and this time she has't even kissed him yet. The comparison to Deacon...unfair I think. Ok, ok...before everyone lights the torches and marches to my house, hear me out. Brooke was sleeping with Deacon and actually had sex with him, many times. They were not doing the deed until AFTER he married Bridget. There was no history between them before they got busy. By contrast, Brooke and Nick had history AND Bridget KNEW that. They have shared one kiss since and no sex...yet. Yes, I am willing to concede that it could be coming though. I am not saying all the sneaking around is ok and I am not saying that this whole situation isn't screwed up and dysfunctional from the word GO, but please Brad, if you read this each week...make it all stop. Some honesty would be welcome here no matter how it may hurt.

Honesty. What a foreign concept in this show. No one tells the truth. Well, except for the now-raving lunatic Forrester matriarch. Stephanie made her triumphant return after spending some charitable time in Big Bear. Helping the homeless? Yeah, I guess since she was run out of town on a rail by her own family, she could identify. But that whole story is lame and another example of stilted writing. I did like the interchange between her and #1 son Ridge. His attitude was justified and I thought he handled it well. No kissing up to Mommy, just lots of suspicion and irritation with a woman that has butted in one too many times. But she may have been down these last few weeks, but not out. In less time than it takes to say 'Busybody', Stephanie was back driving the Brooke Hating Train by spying on the forbidden admirers and quickly reporting back to Bridget. I don't know about you but I really miss these two going at it. It's some of the best soap acting I have ever seen. Now if we could just get a more evenly matched fight, we'd really be doing something!

Once again Brooke was reeling and grasping for something to say when confronted with Stephanie spewing her report to Bridget. Hey, what can she say except lie and haven't we had enough of that? And while I am thinking of it, how DUMB can Bridget be? Call it whatever you like...stupid, clueless, perpetual blinders on, blind without a cane, nave, etc. How can she not see that something HAS to be going on? I'd start putting two and two together if I found out that before every savage and zesty sex session this guy has with me, he is fresh from a visit with another woman! Maybe ol' Budge is book-smart but street-smart she ain't! I don't know...I just think the writers and Brad himself think we are all amazingly gullible and will happily take whatever they serve up in the name of entertainment. Sad as I think the popularity of the show is starting to suffer.

Seems that there is as much of a fan polarization with Bridget as there was with Ridge. Both are characters that have to play spoiler to this Nick-Brooke romance that no one can seem to get going. It used to be Ridge as the love-him or hate-him character that made the boards light up and sparked many a battle thread after thread. Now Bridget is causing the same reaction among fans and even some who politely blasted me for not defending Bridget's position in all of this. My question of the week dealt with this directly and I have to be honest, the majority of those who emailed back said they felt for Bridget and if she has gotten worse it was because Brooke and Nick were driving her to it. Her supporters see her as the innocent here and that Brooke will always do wrong by her. Her detractors feel that she had become like Brooke in many ways and some even speculate that her pregnancy may be fake. This would allow her to hang on to Nick and stick it to Mommy one last time for the Deacon affair. I don't know if I buy into that but I will say that something about this pregnancy smells f-u-n-n-y.

Not that I am particulary prone to conspiracy theories but there are a few things that just don't add up. 1) No one ever saw the pregnancy test. 2) During the first visit to the doctor with Dante there, no one actually said she was pregnant and there was no doctor confirming anything. 3)She went to ANOTHER visit and claimed to have a sonogram which is highly suspect as she should not be THAT far along for that step yet and Nick was NOT there nor was he even invited. 4) Bridget admitted during that farce of a double-date dinner that she was 'further along than she thought' which throws into doubt who the daddy could be, Dante or Nick (Dante claims they did not have sex but who knows?). Could it be that Bridget has gone so far around the bend mentally that she has concocted this whole thing just to get one away from Brooke? Could she be that calculating? Could she be trying to compete in the worst way with her mother? Could this story GET ANY MORE RIDICULOUS? Probably.

Jackie and Eric aren't wasting any time. Now this coupling I can get behind. They look good and will probably BE good together. This should clear the way for Mojo and Stephanie to keep each other busy. Someone should get him out or something with all that cheesy siren talk he was laying all over Nick. Yep, Mass needs a woman.

This Gaby vs. Taylor thing is stretching things a bit, too. I used to think Gaby wasn't so bad but now her character has taken that sleazy and manipulative turn as of late. Is she a gold-brick? I think so...just a little bit. Think about it...Mom is dead, you have no one and this rich hot Forrester guy thinks you are all of it and will marry you to keep you in the country. If in the same situation, would any one of us do anything different? Probably not but I hope Ridge and Taylor win this round. Testosterone Tommy needs to keep it in his pants and get some schooling before he tries to be the man of the house. Maybe he should be calling Rick about what happens when a MOTIVATED woman gets their hooks into you. He could tell some stories, huh? That poor bastard is so scarred he's been out of town ever since.

Well, the Wooden One actually admitted his part in the problems between him and Taylor! The world will never be the same! I think I just got an email a few minutes ago that Hell DID freeze over today! About time, I say. He's a jerk and the only was to redeem himself, even a little bit, would be to act like a human being for once. As far as their marriage is concerned, I don't see where Taylor did anything wrong at all. Yeah, she trusted the house-playing kids too much and got burned, but that's about it. She stills loves him (why I have no idea) and wants to work it out. Oh well, I guess there is no accounting for taste, huh? Maybe that is her biggest flaw...she wants to be with Ridge. Funny, she has no idea about his little make out sessions with Bridget. Curious, huh? Maybe those beans will be spilled during counseling.

Question of the week: Is Gaby a gold digger? Is she out for the big bucks and nothing else or is it true love?

The head-scratchers of the week: Stephanie claiming she has learned from her mistakes, Brooke and Nick ending up in Big Bear AT THE SAME TIME, and the Twins classmates thinking Taylor is hot. Scotty, beam me up...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Megan writes... '...what show have you been watching?...Brooke is the one that has reduced Nick to the bumbling fool...Ashley Jones rocks as Bridget Forrester and the chemistry between her and Wagner is mind blowing.'

Zack writes... '...(Ridge), lets give the man a break here...his head has been beat on, he came back from a fall into a fire and came back from everyone believing you're dead only to find out your wife couldn't wait to be widowed so she could take Popeye's ship for a ride...let's have a moment of silence because B&B has officially killed the man.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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