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For the Week of October 10, 2005
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Stephanie's back, and she's gunning for Brooke and Nick in a way that we have not seen in a long time.

What an exciting week! We had more of the Triangle from Hell and...more of the Triangle from Hell. All week long. I'm beginning to feel like I'm reliving a scene from 'Groundhog Day'. The same dialogue, the same reassurance sex, and the same hysterics from everyone trying to make sure Bridget never knows the truth. The only difference was the psychotic tenacity of everyone's favorite busybody...Stephanie! She's back and she's gunning for Brooke and Nick in a way that we have not seen in a long time. And thanks to Eric's big mouth, now she has all the ammuntion she THINKS she will need to get Bridget to see the truth. Yeah, right. Is Eric lacking in brain cells THAT much that he thought he could tell Stephanie anything? I wouldn't tell her the sky is blue, for God's sake! Mouth the size of the Grand Canyon...no one should be surprised.

The showdown will be fun to watch but won't be fun to watch will be the ongoing deer-in-the headlights look of complete idiocy that Bridget will have when listening to Stephanie's sermon of truth. See, the truth won't help here because Bridget's character is being written to have no perception whatsoever. She couldn't see the hand in front of her face much less the obvious attraction of Nick to her mother. So what will all this accomplish this week? Not sure other than more calls for Stephanie's commitment into the nearest mental hospital. Some have speculated that she may be using the gun she left (conveniently) at Brooke's house weeks ago and be looking to pump Brooke full of lead. Here's my thought of all of that...Brooke is not going anywhere any time soon. Love her or hate her, she is the focal point of this show and I don't see her being bumped off, even in a Stephanie-induced rage. Not happenin'.

Ok, since we can't possibly get away from the story for ANY length of time these days, I have to say I am disgusted with this latest wrinkle of Brooke and Eric getting married JUST to appease Malibu Moron. Why would anyone do that? I know Eric has always had a 'thing' for Brooke (as most men seem to do) but still! Why should Brooke settle for another sham marriage (can you say 'Whip'?) to help bury the truth from her daughter? How far down will her character have to be written before the writers figure out that this whole thing just isn't working? Every bit of this storyline insults the intelligence of every fan that has stuck with this show through all the good AND bad over the years. Three characters have been completely mangled beyond recognition and we are all supposed to see this as 'cutting edge' storytelling? And how long does this have to be dragged out at the expense of EVERY other character on the show?

And while I'm on the subject, when has Brooke NOT been involved in some sick, twisted triangle? There was Caroline/Ridge/Brooke, Thorne/Macy/Brooke, Stephanie/Eric/Brooke, Taylor/Ridge/Brooke, Bridget/Deacon/Brooke, Nick/Ridge/Brooke and now Bridget/Nick/Brooke. WHEW!! That's more geometry than I ever remember from school! Why? What's the purpose? It's not even fun to watch anymore. It's sad and it seems to me that when I take the 'pulse' of the fan base for this show, it's hard to find anyone who is really enjoying this storyline.

I would continue writing on this subject but honestly I have run out of things to say. Something better break soon or I'll be camping on Brad's doorstep until he gives me a shot!

Not like we saw her this week (thankfully I suppose) but last week's question had to deal with Gaby and whether or not you all thought she was a gold-digger. Surprisingly it was a draw. Half felt she was an opportunistic little goldbrick and the rest felt she really loved Thomas since she did not immediately jump all over that signing bonus Sally offered him. Hmmm...I still say she knows exactly what she is doing. Watch and see how much of a piranha she becomes when she butts heads with Taylor in Round #2. She will show her true colors for sure. Thomas is too busy thinking with his you-know-what to see anything. Another coma-inducing story hardly worth mentioning in its current form.

Ok Kristine, think...there HAS to be something worth a positive word in this show! Well, things are so bad that the only thing I have truly enjoyed lately are the PSA's for hurricane relief with Winsor Harmon! If we can't see Thorne Forrester grace the screen, I guess I will have to settle for that. What a cutie! Such a waste that Brooke's dysfunctional relationship woes crowd everyone else out of the show.

My head-scratchers of the week: doesn't Nick have a lock on the door to that boat? Everyone seems to be able to come and go as they please. And what about Bridget's sudden use of the pet name 'Baby' when speaking to Nick? And if Bridget is far enough along for an ultrasound picture, why is her stomach flatter than a pancake?

Question of the week: Do you think Bridget is REALLY pregnant? Could this be an elaborate ruse? Who thinks we should call Oliver Stone to film the next big conspiracy movie starring Brooke, Nick, and Bridget? 'JFK' couldn't hold a candle to this nonsense!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Dee writes... '...what woman in her right mind would EVER attempt a relationship with a man that has ever loved/wanted to marry/wanted to have kids with her mother who has a history of sleeping with her husband? Enough said about Bridget's ability to think...I'm not a fan of Ashley Jones and I'm positive that Jennifer Finnigan would have done better with this pitiful storyline.'

Ras/Poo writes... '...I don't think Gaby is a gold digger...if she were she would have taken the $250,000 check and said 'Let's go!'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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