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The venom spewing from Stephanie and Eric last week was classic! It's about time that we had some sharp dialogue!

I think my leftover turkey 'surprise' was more intriguing than the three shows we saw last week. Then again, it's always this way during Thanksgiving week. Due to the onslaught of college football games, we are cheated out of two shows and I am cheated out of my normal amount of things to criticize. Never mind...I'm sure I can always find something!

Nice to see that some of the writers over at Comedy Central made a stop at B&B last week. The banter between the lawyers for Eric and Stephanie was worth a chuckle or two. I appreciate the comic relief but HOW they settled things temporarily seems a little weak. Having everyone under the same roof won't work but I couldn't help but feel great at the sight of Eric having to set up shop in the basement (actually, it looked like Thorne's old cell). He deserves it after the way he treated him. Thorne may have his faults but he should never have been relegated to the dungeons of Forrester. A little humble pie for Thanksgiving never hurt anyone, right? Ridge should be pulling up his toilet Monday or Tuesday!

If I were Brooke, I would stay out of that building. Forrester doesn't need her to be successful and I am a firm believer that she should start her own company. That lingerie line could be the next Fredericks of Hollywood, you know? Why not? Nearly everyone associated with that business has screwed her at some point, and for once I DON'T mean in the literal sense. Ridge has tried messing with her authority there at different times and Eric was a willing participant in de-throning her from the CEO position as well. So why be loyal to them now??? Who cares...everyone in that building will be fighting so much that they won't get anything done anyway. Brooke could hire Dante and Rick and be just fine. See, I have it all worked out!

I loved the back and forth between Stephanie and Eric...the venom spewing from each of them was classic! About time we had some sharp dialogue! I'm glad Stephanie held her own as I feel bad that she was duped all those years. Eric really has a selective memory and exactly how he could think keeping all this from her was ok is beyond me. Bottom line is that it took two people to make that business work...he drew the dresses and her efforts at home GAVE him the opportunity to work all the long hours to achieve that success. Any divorce lawyer will tell them the same. Some would say that Stephanie should not have any part of the business and while I agree that it was not her creativity that led to Forrester being a 'fashion powerhouse', she should have the chance now to show how she can lead the company. But I will agree with one thing that everyone has been saying to her...she needs to lead the company with a vision that is not clouded with Brooke hate.

Can't wait to see Felicia come back Wednesday...I hope Nick eats his Wheaties because he will need all his strength to deal with her and Princess Cries-A lot. Between Bridget's raging hormones and her broken record 'I need to be sure' nonsense, this should make her go postal. She'll snap and Nick will wish he had gone out in that bad storm a month or so ago.

The question of the week garnered a rather stern set of emails that all said Bridget should just take Dante and run. Nearly all felt she needed to give Nick his freedom to be with Brooke since no woman should take any man that doesn't love them FIRST. She is too needy and too competitive herself to give up on Nick. I still say staying with him is more about keeping someone away from her mother than keeping someone she truly wants.

Ok, new question...what do you think of Felicia coming back? Will it help the lagging storylines? Does anyone care about her character anymore?

One more thing.... It's time for my yearly roll-call!!!!!!! Tell me who and where in the world you are while reading the Scoops. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend filled with enough leftovers for turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey loaf, turkey pie, turkey fajitas and anything else you could put turkey in. See ya next week!

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