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Ridge has truckloads of nerve to try to make Taylor feel bad about all of the nasty treatment that Brooke has suffered.

Ok, why is she so mad NOW, you ask? Hmmm...well, I have sat and watched the last two weeks of B&B in utter disbelief and disgust. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how loud the viewers convey their disgust; the writers keep going back to the same old tired nonsense that has successfully driven away plenty of fans. Believe it or not, I may soon join their ranks.

I started out 2006 on a very positive note. Then I sat down to watch the 'big confession' from Taylor about an indiscretion that happened a thousand years ago. First of all, let me make this very clear...Taylor is human like the rest of us and for these writers to make it out as though she wasn't was wrong. I see that everyone in this cast has been unfaithful in some way. You show me one person (regular cast member) that doesn't have a skeleton in their closet and I'll dress up as the Tooth Fairy! It can't be done! So why are the writers all of the sudden deconstructing Taylor? It's simple...she is the plot device to help feed the Bridge fans a big fat carrot that their favorite couple may actually 'couple' again. We are placating at the expense of a popular character and it stinks.

So Taylor kisses the fireman. So what? Ridge did not post for the holidays and according to today's program, we 'conveniently' know why. Amazing timing to just now reveal his continuing love for Brooke. So Taylor decides she will confess all to Ridge as she feels guilty for letting Hector kiss her. She tells Ridge about the pity-boink with a 40+ year old virgin during an earthquake. Oh yeah, that's a terrible secret. PLEASE! And now I get to add the word 'HYPOCRICY' to my list of words I never want to hear another character utter on this show. Ridge has truckloads of nerve to try to make Taylor feel bad about all the nasty treatment Brooke has suffered. Taylor was supposed to stop everyone from being 'mean' to Brooke because of her one time disaster sex with James? If that is the threshold of morality in this show, Brooke and plenty of others should be stoned and flogged immediately! Brooke's list would take days to go over all by itself! Thorne, Darla, Sally, Stephanie, Eric, Bridget (yes, even the new Taylor clone of perceived perfection has a few things to be ashamed of too!), and the list goes on and on of people that have done worse. But the biggest hypocrite is NOT Taylor...it's that slime she remarried, Ridge.

I would love to meet the Pulitzer Prize winner who wrote that drivel that Ridge was spewing last week and even today in the Big Bear scenes. 'You were mean to Brooke', 'I still love Brooke', 'How could you hide this from me?', 'You're not the same person I married.' UGH!!!!! What?? Give me a break! Let's see...did Ridge tell Taylor about the smooching with Bridget? No. Was it ok for him to 'lie' to Taylor about wanting to be married to her at all? No. Has he held Brooke accountable for ANYTHING she has done over the years? No. As long as she was free, easy, and available, he didn't care what kind of crazy things she did. Sleep with Nick after he died? Free pass. Sleep with Deacon and have his baby? Another free pass. Ridge didn't care and never will. Brooke could go on a 5 state killing spree and Ridge would still keep coming back for more. So who is the hypocrite now? He is a P-I-G. Plain and simple.

And why on Earth would Taylor become a hysterical mess out of nowhere? She is a big ball of psychosis and all this from a psychologist! She never acts this way but now we are supposed to believe this change? Whatever. All that begging and pleading and hanging all over Ridge ...yuck. It's demeaning and just goes to show the length at which Brad will go to make the women in this show weak and co-dependent. I have always liked Taylor and make no apologies for it and for what it's worth, I have liked Brooke so much more in these last several months as well. She has been more independent than I have ever seen her and I am crossing my fingers as we speak that she stays FAR away from Redwood Ridge. Both women should have healthy stories that involve them being happy and not hinging all that happiness on an ass like Ridge. I think Taylor should be dancing a jig down the street at the mere thought of not having to wake up to that idiot every morning and Brooke needs to just run the other way, period. Both women will be just fine without him. But it can never be that easy.

Bridge fans have been upset ever since Taylor came back and tried to reclaim her life. I understand wanting to have your favorite couple back together. I hope beyond hope that there is a chance that Brooke and Nick could be together. But I also realize that maybe some see this as not so good as the Bridget situation makes it look bad if they pursue their feelings. Likewise, if Brooke and Ridge get back together, it becomes a stale and sad reunion that will alienate more fans. No win for either coupling now. So what now?

Taylor has apologized. Brooke has asserted herself on the high ground. Stephanie is doing damage control and busy trying to run douse the flames of love at Hector's house. Nick is pleading with Brooke to NOT go back to Ridge. Bridget is blissfully clueless at the Malibu Beach House. What a mess. My thoughts? Taylor pulls herself together, goes to Hector and gives a Ridge-free life a fighting chance. Hector tells Stephanie to go to Hell. Nick stops being a cake-eater by trusting Brooke to make a healthy decision for a change. He is married to his child bride and 'committed' to a life with her thanks to Brooke's pleading. Brooke tells Ridge to go to Hell and finds a good relationship in due time (assuming Bridget doesn't take the kid to term). I like Nick but it does seem a bit unfair to use their feelings to dictate her actions while he babysits Barbie. I am just not comfortable with his latest round of speeches. I know he loves her but how long should she be alone? Ok...no Ridge but does that mean NO ONE?

Something else that makes my blood boil is all this rhetoric about Brooke's whole existence being somehow defined by Taylor's perception of her and her 'sainthood' being something she had to measure herself against at every turn. WHAT??? What kind of sophomoric writing is that? So all the things Brooke has done over the years is now somehow Taylor's fault? She did everything of her own accord and she should not be defined by anyone other than herself. How much lower does her character have to be dragged through the mud? Brad and his writers really hate Brooke, bottom line.

This is a short column this week due to an out of town faux pas on my part. As I was traveling out of town, I realized I did not have my laptop with me and was just able to sit down tonight to craft my rant. I'll be posting on Sunday again this weekend and will hopefully have more sunny and bright things to say.

Until next week and I can't believe I am saying this for another week....GO STEELERS!!! My blood pressure went up a few points with that last game but what a great surprise...for my Indiana readers, please put down your Steeler voodoo dolls.

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