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For the Week of March 6, 2006
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Exactly where does Massimo get off threatening anyone these days? Did he lose some of his eyesight when he was on extended hiatus?

Exactly WHERE does Mojo get off threatening anyone these days? Did he lose some of his eyesight when he was on extended hiatus? Does he not see what everyone else sees...that Brooke and Nick have something goin' on? Here I had my shortened version of this weeks Scoops all planned out and then I have to see that scene with him and Brooke. So let me get this straight...Mass wants Ridge with Brooke for no other reason than the sake of RJ? And he is just NOW noticing all the inter-family mingling is a bad thing? I said I wanted him back in the fold, but not like this. He's been on his yacht too long. Go back, old man and use some of your millions to buy a clue.

Well, Brooke certainly has her work cut out for her now, huh? The good Captain made it there in time to stop the funeral. I'd like to say something here that I have been itching to say since viewers have started warring on the Wedding Interruptus. Anyone that thinks that Ridge doing the EXACT same thing (only with the Feds following behind) is somehow different needs a reality check. Ridge felt justified to stop her wedding to Nick just as Nick felt justified to stop hers to Ridge. It's no different. I personally LOVED the look on Ridge's face knowing that he had little or no control over how Brooke felt. He tried and tried and tried but to no avail. Brooke mandated no decision really but personally, her LACK of decision for Ridge spoke volumes. You lose, sucker and you deserve it more than anyone else on the planet. I felt very good about Brooke standing up for herself with Mass today, too. Everyone needs to be reminded that Ridge started all this, not Nick. Selective memory seems like the right term here, don't you think?

It was nice to see that Nick hasn't lost 'his' completely and even better to see a tidal wave of reality crashing right into Bridget for the first time in a year. Glad to have you back, girlfriend! I wouldn't want to be married to any man that loved another and was with me out of some (albeit benign) obligation. She has a man who will love her if she lets him and her mother can finally be with a man that loves her. Period. Oh wait....that's right! With Brad at the helm, all this just can't be that easy.

Of course we have to have another ugly 'Venice' style obstacle that will cause lots of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, only further delaying the inevitable. I wonder if this whole 'spying on Ridge and Brooke' thing is a set-up? Nick will think Brooke and Ridge are back to boinking and in a drunken state he gets caught with an equally smashed Taylor in a compromising position. Brooke gets the wrong idea not realizing what Nick saw, blah-blah-blah-blah. Good Lord...why hasn't someone unplugged the Xerox machine in Brad's office? This is OLD and TIRED. This story needed some fresh spin or resolution...something never done before. How about...let them get married and have a couple months of happiness. Maybe then we can move on to some other stories. Novel idea, huh? I guess that's way to easy though as we can't possibly let Brooke's character go for a 4 or 5 minute walk through the Land of the Normal Relationship. Nope...gotta have her crying, hurt, and humiliated. That's the way we like her right? Whatever.

I checked my trusty thesaurus here at my desk prior to hitting the keyboard trying to find the perfect word to describe how abhorrent and sick Ridge really is. I couldn't find a word that was strong enough. Not one. This 'oh my sister is dead, Brooke, you have to screw me right now' thing makes me want to vomit. UGH! But yet again, I can already hear the cries of 'Nick's Furnace Boink' was worse. Well, it was certainly ill-timed and yes, pretty creepy but to use your dead sister to PURPOSEFULLY worm your way into bed with a woman that just left you at the altar is just evil. I don't think Nick went to the Foundry with the expressed intention to have sex with Brooke. It was weird and just happened, as BOTH have admitted. This latest desperate move on Ridge's part is manipulative to the core. He knows esactly what he is doing and for God's sake, tell me WHO among you readers has known someone who lost a family member and then the same day went trolling for sex? EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone in the writing room write this with the least little ounce of dignity?

With the way Forrester get married on this show, the minister should be given a room upstairs and the back terrace turned into a drive thru! Wedding, christening, funeral, wedding and probably another funeral now for Felicia. WHEW! That living room has seen more traffic than J-Lo's bedroom.

Now Taylor is the town drunk, huh? That's a laugh. You know what that's all about? A producer that has no idea what to do with an established character once you move heaven and earth (literally on both points) to get her back. Ridge hits the road and now she hits the bottle. Come on, guys, can't you come up with better than that? And her and Nick? That's only happening to further fan the flames of the Brooke-Taylor rivalry that is equally old and tired. I'll even bet the actresses themselves are tired of it by now. Taylor's character could go in many different directions with the help of a little creativity and I still say she is a great actress to watch. I hope HT doesn't grow too tired of the Lonely Lush scenes and bolt altogether.

Tough scenes, today, very tough. LK did such a great job and honestly I was fine right up until Stephanie lost it while holding her. Someone pass the Puffs! It was scenes like that today that give me hope that the writing corps can still be saved. It was stellar acting and just wonderful to watch. Bravo to all involved in that scene!!

I have a question? If we can dig up Kristen for an AIDS PSA appearance or to see Felicia when she announced she was sick again, why is she not there WHEN HER SISTER IS DYING????? Are we all blind? Is she there and I just don't see her? If she were brought back for good this would not be happening. How can the 'whole family' be there at her bedside and not her only sister? Appalling.

Ok, so what did I like over the last week or so? I guess not as much as I was hoping. But I did like the strength I saw in Brooke to at least not give in to Ridge's chest-thumping. I liked seeing Thorne again since we only see him now for weddings or funerals. I liked Eric standing up to Massimo and letting him know that at some point all the 'talking heads' need to back off and let the ADULT children handle their own lives and decisions. I like knowing that whenever I am in LA I can just walk right into any house I want as they must not have door locks. I loved little Hopeless declaring that she was going to boycott the Neanderthal Nuptials in favor of going to school. Good for you, little one!! So, there was plenty to be happy and positive about! Can you feel the love?

As for the last question of the week I posed, the majority of you felt that Sheila has run her time and should definitely NOT return to B&B. I guess her days of true villainy are over and her hi-jinks have lost their luster.

Sorry for the late, late posting. I was out of town handling some issues (nothing serious) and was only able to craft my stunning opus until just now. I'll be back in the saddle next Sunday at my regularly scheduled time.

Until next week....

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