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Last week, it was announced that more characters would be placed on recurring status. At this rate, we'll soon be watching the Brooke Logan Show, because there won't be anyone else left.

In my chaotic moving misadventures to the great state of North Carolina this week, I must admit that I missed the shows this week. But in the interest of making sure I knew what was going on anyway, I checked the boards and figured out that I didn't miss anything of any note. More scheming by psycho-Mom Stephanie in the interest of her whiny idiot son and more high-school nonsense between Bridget and Felicia. That's all. Oh wait...there was a almost entirely nude CEO laying around for the camera. You know...the usual stuff, right?

I guess I am just a little bored these days. I see this constant merry-go-round about Ridge-Nick-Brooke and think to myself 'When is this EVER going to end??'. It makes me wonder how much longer the show can sustain any viewers when the main characters do little but go around in circles over and over. Are they going to get together? Are they NOT going to get together? Will Ridge ever grow up and realize this ship has sailed? Will Brooke ever REALLY tell him 'No!'? I have to say for the record that I am getting so tired of watching this and now have some small glimpse into why Ronn Moss feels the way he does about constantly revisiting this tired Ridge-Brooke nonsense. If I were him, I would have bailed a long time ago.

Now we will have another hurdle for my favorite couple in the form of some ill-timed soft porn ads featuring a blissfully unaware Brooke Logan. All this crap Ridge goes on with about Brooke being this wild and free stallion of sexuality shows his true colors right away and that he will exploit this I hope this is sends this messy storytelling into it's death-throes. I have yet to hear from any one reader that actually finds the show engaging on a day-to-day basis. Now Nick is going to have to endure a similar speech from Brooke after their botched wedding attempt...how much is this man supposed to take in the name of 'letting Brooke BE Brooke?' I wouldn't have put myself in that position to begin with but since she does, I would have liked to see her tell Ridge once and for all to leave her alone. But instead we will be just dragged along for the ride when their could be some many other stories to work on. Somebody send me some No-Doze!

And what's all this school-yard nonsense between Medical School Barbie and the newly delusional Felicia? Did I miss something? Who's writing this, a kid during his summer vacation? Now we will be watching childish tricks from a character that was always painted out to be a straight-shooter and would just come right out and handle her business. Not now, though, as she has become as crazy as her mother. Barbie is not much better but I have to at least give her credit for finally telling Dante and everyone else how she feels instead of going on with all this 'fall on my sword' dialogue we have endured lately. Nice to see her take a baby step towards maturity.

While I am ranting on this subject, I will say that any respect I had for Dante is rapidly fading. Why won't he just tell Felicia to back off and that he will not marry her? I know she is acting a little psycho and all but sometimes you have to hit people over the head to get them to realize the truth. And if she STILL doesn't get it, call the guys with the nets.

I heard that both Mojo and Dr. Dimples Ramirez are both going recurring. At this rate, it will be the Brooke Logan Show because there won't be anyone left on the cast. Why bother to hire anyone to come on this show if they are only around for a few weeks. All the fanfare and promotion for what? It irritates me because some that have come and gone were actors I felt were fun to watch. I have always liked Massimo no matter how much he channeled Marlon Brando from 'The Godfather'. I was beginning to warm up to Dr. Ramirez and I was REALLY mad that Patrick Duffy has left. The revolving door at B&B could very well be it's undoing if it's not careful. I can't think of one show on daytime that has this much turnover of stars.

Here's a good question for the week...which character do YOU miss the most? I think I would have to say Deacon. He brought so much havoc into everyone's lives and was just cool to watch. No hokey gravel-voiced dialogue and always looked stylish.

I'll be tuning in this week and will have more to skewer next week...that is, if unpacking boxes doesn't do me in first!

Have a great week!

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