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What will Stephanie do now that Brooke has turned on her and married Nick? Brooke still has the advantage of the now-infamous 2% that puts her truly in charge of Forrester's direction for years to come.

You want to talk about a happy viewer??? That's me!! I finally got to see Nick and Brooke get hitched and even better still was watching Ridge pry the wedding ring off his melancholy little fingers. HOORAY!!!!! DING-DONG, the 'Bridge' is dead!!!! There is joy in the streets!!! Happiness is spreading throughout the land!! The clouds have parted and the sun is shining again! Can you tell that I'm a little ecstatic about this?

Some may say the nuptials were less than ideal but I believe that with the way these characters are with each other, it was perfect. They have a humor and easiness that her and the Wooden One did not and I could have laughed out loud at the ring exchange with all its subtle comedy. I think it proves that a romantic wedding doesn't have to be awash in corny dialogue and weirdo costumes. Sometimes a smile and a laugh can hit the spot just nicely. I actually liked the fact that everyone left them alone to finish the ceremony and it was all about the two of them, not Bridget's jealous eyes or Jackie's over-enthusiasm. Just a man and a woman that despite knowing they may have differences chose to celebrate them instead of let them get in the way of a wedding that was far too long in coming. I like that Brooke stood her ground and so did he. It shows that it is a relationship built on more than sex and obsession but rather respect and real love of who the other person is. It was truly some of the best viewing I have had in years. I laughed, I smiled, and yes, got a little misty at the end. Call me sentimental but I thought floating off in the Marlin was just about perfect. It's where this whole journey began during the stormy revelation of love and that's where they get to start their lives together as a married couple. Ahhh...romance!!! Never thought I would see that again around here.

Loved the sailor suit on Nick but I didn't know he was ever in the Navy? Hmmm. And other than the noose-like thing around Brooke's neck and the color white (uh...hello?), I thought she looked nice. What was up with Burned Up Barbie's dress? Looked like it would be better for the school dance than a wedding. It was nice to see Rick again though he's another one I think should stick around and cause some havoc. Another underused character, go figure. My favorite non-Brooke/Nick moment was Jackie calling Stephanie to deliver the bad news that the wedding had indeed taken place. I am LOVING Jackie these days!!! That was truly a poetic moment as the Queen Mother looked at Sonny Boy and lowered the boom. Awwwww!! Poor Widgey-Poo!!! He's actually going to have to find someone else to stalk, harass, objectify, and sexually assault. I've got $5 that says he'll go sniffing around Taylor again because no other self-respecting woman in LA would have him. However, if the spoilers are true, he may be seeing her in the joint as she may be in big trouble for a faux pas behind the wheel involving Darla.

And would someone please tell why we have to bump off Darla??? I guess the actors are so bored with no storyline that they are 'dying' to get off the show. Now Thorne will be heartbroken off-screen and we will be without another good character when we need them the most. I liked Darla and had always lobbied for more screen time for her and Thorne. But I see what's coming down the pike...with bad-girl Donna coming back to town, she will either set her sights on a grieving Thorne or a desperate Ridge. I am hoping for the latter of the two as I don't want to see Thorne with any skanks. He's one of the 'good guys' and deserves better. But then to have your ex-sister-in-law be the one to mow down your wife is just crazy! More shoddy writing but what else is new. Now the mystery will be whether or not Taylor was really drinking. Gee, I can hardly wait for this story to further make Taylor into a crazy and out of control drunk. It's a shame.

I will say this, is nice to have a new direction in this show. I loved seeing some resolution to the 'Will they of won't they get married?' story but it was becoming time to have something new to watch. I was beginning to wonder if everyone was going recurring except Steph-Ridge-Nick-Brooke-Dante-Bridget-Felicia. We need some new drama and some new couples on this show as every other show manages to do this time of year. The summer should have the sizzling romances and bed-hopping intrigue, not just sunburns and rehashing.

So what will Stephanie do now that Brooke has turned on her and married her sailor? My guess is that all bets are off and it's WAR!!! But Brooke has the advantage of the now-infamous 2% that puts her truly in charge of Forrester's direction for years to come. Ridge may try to play well in the sandbox but Queenie won't. We'll be back to slapping and pulling hair before you can say 'Tramp from the Valley'. I hope Brooke drives her crazy and makes piles of money all for her and her new family. Though I love to watch Stephanie in action, I thought her latest round of psychosis was just a bit too much. And what's up with the shadowy limo rides in the distance with Mojo? Is that all he has to do with his time? Oh yeah, that's right...he has no job since he betrayed his true son. Maybe Nick can hire him to clean the decks on the Marlin!

As for 3rd Degree Barbie, well she should have been smart enough to steer clear of crazy Felicia to begin with. I have a feeling her and Dante will still be on shaky ground though as her look of longing watching Nick sail away with her mother made me a little suspicious. I thought she was 'over' him and they had said their goodbyes? If she stays with Dante, she better be truly done with her feelings for her mother's men. Felicia, on the other hand, needs some therapy and QUICK! I wonder how long it will be before she is shown the door right along with everyone else. With her cute Doc going out the door and Dante screwing her sister, who will be around for her to hook-up with? This show is starting to show a definite shortage of guys lately, too.

It seems that the character the overwhelming majority of readers miss the most is Deacon. Not too much of a shock there but some of the other characters named were. Some missed Macy and a few actually said they missed Amber. I thought that was weird until I really thought about why folks were saying that. She always stirred the pot and pissed people off enough that some of my readers felt that alone kept the show interesting. You never knew what she would do next. I'll agree with that, though I really don't miss her character that much. One person said they missed the 'old Brooke and Nick' but I'm not sure what they were referencing exactly.

My rants for the week: I'll throw myself off a cliff if I see Ridge do the 'praying hands' thing again!!! Can't stand that!! He did it in almost every scene last week! What was Rick thinking when he made that comment about Brooke's many weddings? Someone smack that guy! It may be true but GEEZ! When did he become such a smart-a**? Did Ridge design that horse collar thing around Brooke's neck in case he could get close enough to reign her back in from marrying Nick? Where were Hope and RJ?? I would think that since Hope took a pass on watching another Ridge-Mommie wedding that she would have jumped right out of her skin to see Mommy marry Uncle Nick! And once again, no Logans at a Brooke wedding. What's up with that? Has Brooke been shunned? Do their invitations get lost in the mail? How many more tired and dysfunctional montages do we have to endure every time Ridge doesn't get his way? Is it possible that Brooke has aged better over these last 19 years than Ridge when you look closely at those past scenes?

Ok, now for the question of the week: What was your favorite wedding on B&B? Feel free to go all the way to the back of the rack on this one. Mine would have to be Friday's marina wedding. I have had favorites in the past but this one was different enough and yet still romantic that it is my new #1.

Have a great week and thank you to all that have wished me a hearty welcome to the great state of North Carolina! Go Heels!

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