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Due to a family emergency, our columnist was unable to provide a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Los Angeles during the week of August 2, 2004.

Due to a family emergency, Kristine is unable to provide a column this week. In its place is a column from this week back in 2004.

Last week we saw some compelling family drama and some rather nauseating forays between characters that would have made Mrs. Robinson from 'The Graduate' blush. But I will start my rant with what could be shaping up as the most entertaining couple on B&B to watch (NOT Brooke and Ridge) and the truly bad week they had...

Thorne and Darla are fast becoming a centerpiece couple and I, for one, like it. What a breath of fresh air to be allowed to see another couple AT ALL grab some precious screen time? Darla, through what was a genuine mistake, finally was called out publicly as the design-stealing culprit in front of everyone. Mr. I Told You So Because I Am God was there to cast doubt as to whether or not it was an accident and whined about losing the market share for his Dental Floss collection. Here's my thought...if he's such a great designer, than shouldn't he be back at the drawing board whipping up some new creation that will be better than this one? Get over it! Vilifying Darla was not necessary as everyone there could see it was not intentional and Ridge did little else than cement his place in the Jackass Hall of Fame. His character's sharp turn is worse than I thought it would be and it will be HIM, not Darla that causes irreparable harm to the family.

However, the best part of this set of episodes had to be the exchange between Thorne and Darla during the aftermath. When Thorne came home, he found Darla ready to pack it in and take off to spare him any more heartache. In one of the best character moves the writers have executed lately, Thorne told her they would work through this and he had no intention of giving up on their marriage. Now that's a real man. He forgave the mistake and made it clear he wants to spend the rest of his life with her even going so far as to paint a picture of the two of them growing old together. I hope everyone caught the line 'It's only a and the baby are what's important'. Funny, I don't think we would ever hear Ridge say that these days. He's acting like ruling Forrester is all there is to life. Thorne is fighting for fairness while Ridge is whining for entitlement. I hope Thorne successfully ousts Ridge from he company but my fear is that Ridge will make good on his threat to make Brooke use her shares to fire Thorne. That's just what he would do, not caring about anyone but himself. Will Stepford Brooke go along? Well, these days she's little more than a mouthpiece for Ridge, so my guess is yes. You know what I would love to see happen? Thorne leaves and goes to Spectra and make them a real legitimate force in the industry. They will flourish while Ridge is making Forrester into Frederick's of Hollywood II. Thorne finds a hot young designer to compete with the Jail Bait collections coming out of Ridge's office. Rumor has it the show is looking for a new character that would be a designer, so....

Thorne and Darla...not a pairing I really loved from the beginning. She slept with him while he was drunk, got pregnant and ending any hope for Macy to remarry him. He hasn't had the best marriage history with a couple to Macy that failed, a sloppy seconds marriage to Caroline, and the worst being the marriage o Brooke that was nothing more than her waiting for Ridge to become available. So these two don't seem well suited, but are they and we just don't want to admit it? He is a good man and she has a good heart, if not always that strong in the brainpower department. He is standing beside her even through this sticky little mess and she was going to sacrifice herself to make life easier on him. Sounds like a healthy marriage to me. Two people committed to sticking it out no matter what or WHO tries to split them up. This show hasn't seen that in a while. Some have speculated that maybe Thorne is only hanging on to her to get under Ridge's skin a little, but I think it may be Ridge that hates the fact that due to Thorne finally having some support he might actually have to pay him some respect. Yeah, wouldn't that be a terrible thing.

I know this is the fashion biz but I get so tired of the cheesy runway shows. Last week's was highlighted by Caitlin getting escorted down the runway by Rick instead of Hornball Thomas. Oh, wait, 'the Heir to the Throne'. Please. But I'll get to that in a minute. Anyway, she and Rick shared a pre-show kiss and Thomas had a front row seat. He disappears in dramatic form and the show goes on without a hitch. Cameras were flashing, the press was drooling, and Caitlin's teeth were the shining beacon that signified the new face of Forrester. European orders will probably save this line of hooker-wear, while Rick gets the girl. Of course, Daddy Hector will be waiting at the front door with a shotgun. I will definitely be tuned in to see that reaction!

Not much out of the Captain Nick side of the dock...just another fishing visit from Felicia. What's her deal anyway? She comes aboard all hanging out of her top looking to lure Nick into some hot action, but instead got a cool and sarcastic reaction. Good for him...I think she is trying too hard. She can't replace Brooke in his heart or mind and coming on like a Mack truck won't help either. Still not sure on this one...but I do hope he gets a good relationship. Nick is right up there with Thorne as some of the only real men on this show and always worth watching.

My rant for the week...what spell is Eric under when it comes to Ridge? I swear, if Ridge came to Eric saying he was going to stab Darla and throw her under a bus, he would say 'Well, whatever you want Ridge, I trust your judgment'. Come on! Exactly what is it going to take for him to think for himself and see Ridge for the self-centered pig he really is? We only glimpsed a little of that after the punch Thorne laid on him when he told Ridge to get along or else. Big deal! How can he ignore his biological son? It's bad enough Stephanie has ignored all of them (daughters included) but Eric too? Ridge is rarely ever told 'No' by Daddy and now it will come back to haunt him. The Jellyfish is BACK!!

An overwhelming number of readers felt that Oscar should have stuck around per the question of the week. Nearly all said it could have been avoided if they brought him into a stronger story, but with the REAL Bridget (JF) leaving and the 'scrub' not being a viewer favorite, what choice did he have? I thought he had a lot of potential and could see him hooking up with anyone...Amber, Megan, Felicia, etc. Good luck to you, Brian...may you find a more stable corral of writers to showcase your talents.

Oh my! Mrs. Amber Robinson must be feeling a little lonely these days out in Taylor's beach house. After Thomas left the fashion show, he went to the beach house (why I don't know!) for some quiet reflection, and instead got treated to some X-rated massage techniques from Amber. Both whined about Rick and Caitlin, but when the topic turned to Thomas being a virgin, the perverse Jail Bait Shuffle began! When Thomas called home to Ozzie and Harriet Forrester to check in, he failed to mention where he was (imagine that!). He was looking for something to take his mind of Caitlin and she was looking to have her 28/29 year old ego stroked. YUCK!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! She should either go find Deacon or buy some batteries as this story is just plain awful. What are the writers thinking?? Are we taking a page out of Y&R's book by repeating the Lauren/Raul trist? What purpose does it serve? MUCH older woman with inexperienced heartbroken teen? Ok, so he'll sleep with her, lose his virginity, get her pregnant (by accident...yeah right!), and we'll have another twisted baby-induced Forrester relationship. Maybe she is going to be the new second generation Brooke, not Caitlin? Hmmm...first Rick, then Thomas. That leaves little RJ as her next victim! Ridge won't know what hit him and he better not hire her as his babysitter. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Time for the burning question of the week...why do you watch the show? Simple enough question, but really, what keeps you coming back every week? The characters, the stories, the setting, what? I'll kick it off by telling you why I watch. I like the over-the-top feeling of it, and that it never takes itself too seriously. I know the show has tackled tough social issues but for the most part it is as crazy as a Jerry Springer show and I suppose at the end of the day I would rather have that nutty entertainment than be brought down by an overly depressing show. They know they won't win the best soap Emmy or any hardware for Best Actor or even come in #1 in the ratings, but that's ok. It's still a 30 minute slice of hilarity that inspires some to treat it as though it were real life and some to just chalk it up as entertainment. Give me your views....

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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