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Nick and Bridget's one night of utter stupidity pales in comparison with the NUMEROUS times that Deacon and Brooke slept together before ever admitting a thing.

Brooke Logan Forrester is officially a card-carrying hypocrite. I put the question out there to the legions of devoted viewers and in what amounted to a near record number of email responses, it became clear that the masses have spoken.

I was so disappointed to see how Brooke reacted to the confession from Nick and Bridget, for that matter. I am on record as saying that Nick sleeping with Bridget was stupid with a capital 'S'. Having said that, the mere fact that Brooke went on and on and on about how she felt she was betrayed and that she could ALWAYS count on Nick. Hmmm...probably in the same way that Bridget should have been able to count on her mother to NOT sleep with her husband. And I take immediate issue with the fact that Nick and Bridget's one night of utter stupidity pales in comparison with the NUMEROUS times Deacon and Brooke slept together before ever admitting a thing. It just seems a little wrong to ignore that clear fact.

Ok Ms. Scoops Smartypants...what should she have said then? Ok, I'll tell you how I would have written it. Nick and Bridget tell her together. Brooke gets justifiably upset and curses are exchanged. Brooke then calms down and realizes that she doesn't exactly live in a glass house. She begrudgingly admits that the constant pawing and kissing with her ex couldn't have helped matters and helped create the situation. She takes ownership for her misjudgments with Ridge and asks that Bridget and Nick admit their failing in all of this. They do and Bridget looks at Brooke and says that no matter what she thought they shared that drunken night and no matter what outcome she may have hoped for, she is not the one her wants. Nick wants Brooke and no stupid night of sex could affect that. Nick admits he was a jerk and that he hopes Brooke can forgive him the way she asked for forgiveness when the runway kiss happened, the office kiss happened, and the sexual assault happened.

And of course the best part of the scene would be when Bridget leaves the room. Nick and Brooke decide that they need one more chance to make this work...if not, we pack it in. Brooke put down the Puffs long enough to kiss her man, look deep into his eyes, and threaten him within an inch of his life if he ever LOOKS at her daughter again. Big kiss, fade out.

Now, what I find interesting is that Dante (as played by Antonio Sabato Jr) will be leaving at the end of the year (WHAT A SHOCK!... Not!) what happens with the child Bridget his carrying? How do they deal with this? I say Bridget loses it...she's not a mature enough character to have kids in my humble opinion. I know I sound harsh but come on...her character is hardly recognizable anymore and I just don't see any spark in a Felicia-Dante-Bridget triangle. I'd rather watch paint dry. Felicia will have poor Bridget for lunch anyway. What's the fun in that?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Prisoner #2657483 State of California: Taylor Hayes Forrester. Drunk driver. Vehicular murderess. Big fat liar. I hate this story. Hate it, hate it, hate it. There could be so many cool directions to take Taylor but this? And now Thorne has some weird notion that Taylor meant to do it. I was literally screaming at the TV on Friday! I know it's all too fresh and he's very emotional as we all would be. I am hoping he comes to his senses, though, and sees that Taylor would never intentionally go out driving LOOKING to kill someone. Stephanie actually said it best was a tragic set of circumstances that spun out of control. And I liked how she corrected his thought process when he said he drove that night and did not kill anyone. I was saying the same words as could have been him or anyone driving under those conditions but Darla did fall into the road with dark colored clothing on. Anyone could have hit her, drinking or not. What I am waiting to see is how he treats her when he pays her a jailhouse visit later this week. I hope he chills out a bit and sees that she is a wreck and needs help. She's not a murderer. She's just lonely, addicted, with too many resurrections, whacked out kids, and a pig for an ex-husband. Who among us wouldn't be a wreck? Being married to Ridge would be enough to check myself into the Nut Farm.

Due to the amazing amount of emails I received last week, I want to feature some of the better ones that focus on both sides of the 'Should Brooke forgive Nick angle'. That means there are some emails that were written by 'Bridge' fans and I always believe in giving equal 'Counterpoint' time. Strap yourself in because there are some doozies!


Linda in NJ writes: Boy oh boy gf you are not a Brooke and RIdge fan like the many who has watch the show for 20 years. This Nick guy come on. Have a great day.....Linda'. I drive poor Linda crazy each week with my pro-Nick/Brooke stance, but she reads me anyway! Thanks for hangin' with me these few years!

Tonia writes in: Stop it now, Brooke!!! Brooke just asked Bridget how she could make excuses for what Nick did? OKAY! Did anyone ask her how she could make excuses for what SHE did to Bridget?It is a bit ironic that she is asking a question that many asked her when she sex'd and bore a love child with HER DAUGHTER's HUSBAND?!? Brooke wanted and expected and received forgiveness for that didn't she?!?!'

Olah writes: I think you do a very good job with the Two Scoops commentary: I don't always agree with your analysis but you do express your thoughts beautifully.

just to point out that nick and Brooke were NOT everyone's favorite couple. They had their followers, for sure but not all of us B& B fans were rooting for them. I didn't like them together at all because I felt it was a slightly incestuous relationship with the endless vacillation between mother and daughter!!

i think Brooke and ridge should just stay together and the writers should get on with other storylines that don't just revolve around their love lives alone. lets have some mystery or some intense boardroom suspense for a change.'

Aussiecon: 'I think that Bell would like us to believe that this Nicket boink was a payback for Breacon. But he conveniently forgets that Brooke has already been paid back, with Ridget 1 & 2, with Nicket round 1 and with every time her bratty daughter has thrown Breacon in her face. No, the Breacon Express Card has definitely expired. Despite the fact that Breacon started as an accident, and while that doesn't condone it, Brooke never set out to deliberately hurt her mother. Bridget, on the other hand, has absolutely no respect for her mother, her mother's marriage or even Nick. She took something because she was selfish, not because she was caught in the moment.

As for Brooke forgiving Ridge for Breacon, what did it have to do with him? He was happily married to Taylor at the time, and she didn't betray him, she betrayed her daughter.

Personally, everything would be cleared up on this show if Ridge and Bridget would run off to Copenhagen together.'

Sharon B says: 'I completely agree with your column this week, except for the exaggeration that Ridge chose multiple women over Brooke. Brooke was not in competition with Caroline because Caroline and Ridge were already married and she was dying. The only other woman that Ridge chose over Brooke was Taylor. So there weren't "women" chosen over Brooke.

Anyway, the rest I agree with 100%!! You have the same impression I do. Ridge is no longer a sex symbol! I think it's the way Ronn Moss acts Ridge too. He could find a way to make the character sympathetic. A truly good actor can do a lot even with a crappy role!

Brooke being a hypocrite? I don't think so. Since the Deacon fiasco, Brooke and Bridget had reached a new relationship, both agreeing that what Brooke did was wrong, bad, etc., but Bridget eventually was able to forgive it. Brooke will forgive Bridget. What Brooke is having a hard time forgiving Nick for is the same hypocrisy that Ridge couldn't forgive Taylor for! It's the HYPOCRISY. Raking Brooke over the coals when she has been totally honest about her feelings about Ridge from the beginning, when Nick himself, in the right circumstance, would have apparently made the same mistake! Nick got drunk that other time and almost had an encounter with Taylor. Now he does it with Bridget! BUT, I do hope she DOES forgive him eventually. She has the right to make them squirm the way they have made her!!!

These Forrester kids really need to have an intervention to get Stephanie under control. They should hire someone to follow her and report back to the family on what she is doing day in and day out.

Ok, after those 'spirited' emails and I think you all for them, by the is this week's question: Should Nick and Taylor be forgiven for their transgressions or are they unredeemable?

Have a great week everyone!

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