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So Taylor makes a huge error in judgment and accidentally kills Darla with no premeditation at all, and she should be tarred and feathered?

I know everyone has heard the expression 'Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.' I have used it in my life more times than I can count. And I have also been the person in the glass house, too. So my advice to Thorne after watching him last week (and keep in mind that I really like his character) would be to remember that everyone around him, including him, have done something illegal or violent and not been pounded the way Taylor is getting pounded now. I mean, this is way over the top considering the people in his own family that have gotten away with (or tried) murder.

Wasn't it Thorne that shot Ridge after the whole Caroline debacle? Hasn't Stephanie tried to choke Brooke to death (probably more times than I can remember)? And wasn't it Thorne's nephew Rick that shot Grant? Taylor makes a huge error in judgment and accidentally kills Darla with no premeditation at all and she should be tarred and feathered? We know the truth since we have the luxury of seeing it happen over and over but Thorne refuses to believe Phoebe (the real dingbat on this cast) because she has kept the truth to herself for too long. Think about it, Thorne...why lie at this point when Taylor is giving herself up? He should realize that it is a possibility that Darla did fall and no one could have stopped in time, drunk or not. Reality is what it is and sometimes bad things happen to good people. Darla was good people. But it doesn't make Taylor a premeditated killer, just a bad liar.

I am still not sure why Thorne went to the cell...more bashing? Taylor has admitted enough guilt to choke a horse, so enough already and I would have told him that if it were me. She is falling on her sword so why keep up the verbal punishment. The one thing that shocked me was that in all the retrospective Darla-love we heard throughout the week, no one said to Thorne 'With all the anger and hurt you have, don't you think that Darla would have found a way to forgive Taylor under the circumstances and that maybe you should too?' I believe that's true...she was very open and forgiving. She would have been the first one to rally to Taylor side to offer her a shoulder to cry on and tell her that family forgives family no matter what. Note to time you get up on that high horse, remember your own turn with violence against your brother and your wife's heart. 'Nuff said.

My question last week addressed the concept of forgiveness and whether Nick and Taylor were worthy of it. I was honestly surprised at the responses. I thought the Taylor-haters out there were use this opportunity to skewer her but many said she deserves to be forgiven since she did not mean to hurt anyone. Nick's transgressions, however, seemed to be viewed a bit differently. I suppose it is due to his inability to keep out of his ex-pants. I agree but, as with EVERYTHING in soaps, there were circumstances that would have helped avoid that critical error in his judgment. Let's just look at the few shots we got of Brooke this week...where was she? Hanging all over that slug of an ex-husband as thought he were some pillar of manhood and integrity. Guess she has made up her mind then, huh? Oh wait, that's right...we will have another period of crying and indecision about whether or not she wants to stay with Nick. Let's make Nick squirm a little, right? After all you learned from the master, Ridge! So Brooke will do to Nick what Ridge did to here when he was deciding between her and Taylor. Hmmm...well, if I were writing this show, I would have Nick just throw in the towel now rather than be humiliated like this. Just give up because Brooke has allowed her sick obsession with Ridge to undermine her marriage to Nick from Day 1. You can call it Brooke bashing all you want but that's the truth. She never truly shut the door on Ridge.

Nick should not have slept with Bridget. Fact. Brooke was looking for any excuse to run back to the nostalgia that is Ridge. Fact. If it wasn't this kind of a situation to give her a reason to run, it would have been something else. Brad and his high school writers are hell-bent on rehashing a tired and sad love story that is SO tired and sad that even the actors that play the characters are sick of it too! There could have been LOADS of potential with Brooke and Nick and perhaps helped to bring many more viewers into the fold but I suppose for the time being we will be tortured with images of the least appealing couple in daytime doing the dance yet again. No wonder this show can't touch its big brother Y&R in the ratings and at this rate never will.

Gotta love how amazingly selfish that Bridget is, huh? Sitting in a courtroom and all she can think about is herself. I don't even know why she was there? She SHOULD have been at Dante's breaking the bad news to him and Felicia. All I can say is good luck with that!

This Shane situation smells to high heaven. Once there is some resolution to all this nonsense with Taylor, what will they do with him? Will he fight Harry for Phoebe's affections? Oh Lord, someone pass me the No-Doze now! I just don't get the impression that this would be a story that anyone would care about.

Hey, someone should keep Storm around for more than a minutes in a courtroom! And what's up with Brooke's kids not seeming to know who he was? While Brooke was 'raising' them once upon a time, wouldn't she have told them about her family? Weird and yet another sign of bad writing. Guess someone was taking a lunch break when that dialogue was written. But back to Storm...I say keep him around. Maybe he could hook up with Jackie or even try to win back Taylor's affections (didn't they have a thing going back in the day?). Either way, it's nice to see a face from the good old days.


Jane writes: 'I agree totally in your entire assessment of the recent plots on B&B. I am so bored with Brooke and Ridge to the point of utter distraction. I like or at least like the idea of what Taylor can be although they waste her and her character. I like Nick as he has more dimension and is more of a challenge to Brooke than Ridge. I hate Bridget's sniveling. Dante was totally wasted and his storyline with Bridget wanting him / really wanting Nick was incredibly stupid. I wanted Brooke to stay with Nick as she is imperfect and finally realizes that. I wanted Ridge to have to get on with his life where he is not the gravitational center of every woman in the room. About time!'

Alayna says: 'I read your column every week and I feel the same way you do about most of the characters on this soap. Your column is hilarious and each week I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the "Bold". For an answer to your question regarding Nick and Taylor, Yes, I think they should be forgiven and the writers should start bringing their characters around to what they used to be like.'

Karen wrote-"Nick admits he was a jerk and that he hopes Brooke can forgive him the way she asked for forgiveness when the runway kiss happened, the office kiss happened, and the sexual assault happened."

This statement in your column really bothered me. Brooke shouldn't need to be forgiven for being sexually assaulted. I know it is probably not how you meant it at all but it sounds like you are implying its the victims fault.'

****I emailed back to Karen on this point right away as she was right that I presented my point in a manner not at all what I intended when I typed it. I know no woman should have to apologize for a sexual assault. What I should have said was that Brooke's constant vacillation with Ridge did not help the perception that Ridge had that it was ok to take liberties with her. Had she truly shut the door, that encounter likely would not have happened. I truly had a literary hiccup and I thank Karen for calling me on it.****

Natalie says: 'I am SO ready to see Brooke and Ridge back together as they belong. God, I can't stand Nick (Cappy, as my Nick-hating spouse sneeringly calls him) OR the arrogant Jack Wagner and can't wait to see him walk the plank and off of B&B. Forgive Nick? Please... indeed, it is the hypocrisy. And Taylor is getting her just desserts. Finally! Unfortunately, they'll figure out a way to free her. Dang, why can't they kill her and KEEP her dead???

Never been a Ridge/Taylor or Brooke/Nick fan, but I love your Two Scoops. Keep up the good work and remember, LOTS of us can't stand Brooke and Nick.

And I'm with you on Bridget... who IS this girl anymore??? Can you imagine Jennifer Finnigan playing this crap?'

Dee writes: 'Yes, I think both should be forgiven and start over. Taylor didn't set out to kill Darla it was an accident. She shouldn't have covered it up but it was not intentional. How is what Brooke did with Ridge any different than Nick and Bridget. Brooke ran to Ridge every chance she got. There were long kisses and stroking and the rape, yes rape of Brooke by Ridge. Yet Brooke expected Nick to just forget about that and all the kisses, and he did! So why can't she see the person she has been? She kept telling Nick not to through Deacon in her face, or the kisses by Ridge, well why not she did those things. If any one caused the unfaithfulness (besides Bridget) it was Brooke, she drove Nick away and Bridget through herself at Nick in a very emotional moment. I don't like Ridge never did, he is arrogant and pushy. Nick is the honest, truthful person Brooke was looking for and she should stay with him.'

Ok, so let's put this to bed once and for all...who is cheering for Nick & Brooke and who is cheering for Ridge & Brooke? Let's see a show of hands, huh? I suspect the former has a higher number of fans than the latter. We all know where I weigh in on this one!

Have a great week everyone!

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