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Brooke and Stephanie hate each other. It's just the natural order of things. The Stephanie-Brooke fights of the past have been some of the best catfights on television, so why ruin that now?

I thought I would have lots to talk about this week but with 5 days of Stephanie sorting out her childhood problems, not much else happened. I don't like weeks like this. Yes, I thought the scenes with Steph and her Mother were question. But I was left at the end of Friday's show looking around asking 'Is that it?'

Betty White and Susan Flannery gave stellar performances and if someone doesn't use this week for Susan's Emmy reel, it would be a travesty. Kudos to both women who took it up a notch with a tough storyline. As far as that goes, there is no question that abuse of any kind is a truly epidemic in our real world and therefore deserving of some kind of treatment on daytime. B&B has been no stranger to shining the spotlight on tough social problems and I believe they handled this well. We all know that the way this whole story has shaped up has primed us for a return from her Mommy, undoubtedly with a heavy heart and an apology for hanging her daughter out to dry. With all that being said and with the neat and tidy ending yet to come, I just hope they don't play that insipid song again. I see the symbolic need for it given the lyrics but COME ON!! How many times did we hear it...6, 7, 8 times? Enough...we get the hint. Mom is out to lunch.

As for how this will impact her life and relationships with the people in it, I suspect that Stephanie will not mellow too much. Oh sure, she talks a good ballgame but she is the same person she was, just more enlightened as to the 'why'. She will still meddle, control, and alienate her kids in the process. Think of life on B&B if she didn't do all those things ALL the time....yep, pretty boring, huh?

And someone please tell me when Brooke became so concerned about Stephanie's mental well being? Sitting around having tea with Taylor of all people showing such worry for what Stephanie has gone through. What a joke...I certainly hope the writers don't start down the same road they have with Kay and Jill from Y&R (for those who watch that show). Brooke and Stephanie hate each's just the natural order of things, like the sun rising in the East. For there to be some amazing and fake love-fest now would be so laughable and insulting to the die-hard viewers that have been entertained to no end by their feuding. The Stephanie-Brooke fights of the past have also been some of the best catfights on TV, so why ruin that now? It's one of the binding things about B&B that keeps us coming back. Don't take away one of the few guilty pleasures I have left on this show!

The kids reaction to Stephanie's situation was predictable. Ok, they understand and they will rally around their Mom. Ok, now what. See? Besides the schlocky 'Dad's tucking in their daughters' montage mid-week, there wasn't much more to write about. I will say this, though...poor Hope will likely need Taylor's services as she grows up. That girl's bedroom has the same revolving door on it as the production studios for the show! But for now the ever-saintly Ridge is the Daddy of the Week (but still wanted Nick first...classic!!!). How wonderful. Well, she better look out...with his track record with Brooke's daughters, he may be making his move by her 18th birthday! Deacon, where are you when we need ya?

I hate that there wasn't more to rant about this week. As for the responses to my question of the week, the majority of readers agreed with me that the hottest couple this show has had in the last half of it's history was Brooke and Deacon. Yes it was naughty and repugnant that she slept with her daughter's husband but I think that added to the overall 'hot' factor. It was illicit and wrong from the word go but boy, was it ever good to watch. That's what I think the majority of viewers are looking for in soaps...the complete escape from our morality-driven lives. We get to watch and live a little vicariously through the crazy behaviors of these characters and more often than not, wish we were them for a day. As for any current hot couples, well, none that I see. Even Taylor and Thorne don't seem to register on the Hot-O-Meter. They are more 'sweet' together. Two do-gooders that have overcome blah-blah-blah. They have the potential to be a solid and likeable couple but lacking that sizzle. Brooke and hot as Minneapolis in January. Stephanie and Eric...well, other than that cute exchange on the company jet when Eric asked if she would 'put out', they are beyond eligibility for the Hot-O Meter. So my message to Brad and his Band of Amateurs: We need some hot romance and FAST!

With the holidays in full swing, I wanted to map out the next several weeks for you Scoops faithful. Next week I will be forgoing the usual format and waxing nostalgic with my own version of the Christmas classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', B&B style of course. The following week will be the annual Worst of 2006 where nothing is sacred (is it ever with me?) and I will hand out the my Lumps of Coal awards for stories and characters that really made Santa mad this year. To end the year on a positive note, I will present the Best of 2006 and shine my beacon of positivism throughout the land highlighting what actually worked last year as well as my wishes for 2007.

As for this week's question of the week, well, it's that time of year again when I like to ask everyone for a Role Call. I have readers come and go from so many different places in the world that I love to highlight it for everyone. I will never get tired of saying that I have the best readers on the Web hands down and this is the time of year when I like to highlight all of you and the proud places you hail from.

And for those who were so kind hearted several weeks ago to send your well-wishes for my writing buddy Maggie, I am pleased to report she is still with me and though a little thinner than I would like, she is eating and drinking and getting around at about 80% of her pre-lymphoma diagnosis. I am not much of a religious person by nature but I would be lying if I said I have not asked for a miracle or two for Maggie. I know she is still sick but she is fighting a miraculous fight in my eyes. She is lying at my feet as I write this column and is undoubtedly dreaming of a stocking full of Milkbones from Santa Paws!

Have a great week everyone and be sure to let me know where in the world you are!


Nan writes: 'I enjoy your commentaries. However, this time I believe you have most of it wrong. I'll stick around a bit and come back and explain.' Yikes, I'm scared! It must be bad if you needed extra time to write me. I'll be waitin'...

Jessica declares:'I have to agree with you that Breacon, for as sick and tainted as it appeared was such a guilty pleasure of mine. Deacon is so scorching hot with any woman they pair him with, but he and Brooke were on fire. I couldn't tear my eyes away when they were on. I also liked Brooke with Nick, but with all the changes to his personality, I just can't get into that pairing anymore. In fact, I don't like anyone on canvas these days. I know I might get roasted for saying this, but Nick and Donna might have a certain spark. My all time favorite hottest couple will always be the forbidden Breacon.'

Linda lobs this one at me: 'Shall we call your commentary the Brooke and Nick show. You are not being fair, gf there are a lot of Bridge fans out there, the ones who watched the beginning and saw the love. Does Ronn Moss ever get mad at you for bashing him like you do. After all that hope u are well. Linda'.
Let me say that I love Linda's counterpoint emails! She is the oil to my water, the sweet to my sour and someone that keeps my rants honest. We disagree on all things Ridge & Brooke but her emails have always been respectful and funny...she can skewer me anytime!

Gail says: 'I believe the writers went a tad overboard with Nick's character, but with all that Brooke put him through, I can believe his anguish and the reasons for his actions. I have always liked Brooke and wanted her to be with Nick. Now my attitude is changing. Ridge is a despicable person, with no other reason to have Brooke than to be the 'winner'. He will start manipulating her again and she will tolerate it, again. I think he will use her as bait to get the company back, and she will go along with it. Despicable. Both of them. I hope Sally comes back and stays with the company. I really like her.

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