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Sally's battles with Stephanie, and her antics in the fashion industry, gave The Bold and the Beautiful a much-needed shot in the arm. Darlene Conley will be missed.

I spent every afternoon this week screaming this at the top of my lungs! Are you kidding me??????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If this is the best this show has to offer going into their first weeks of 2007, than I am SO worried. Good Lord, where do I start???

What is Thorne thinking when he kept pushing that creepy kid all week to accept his marriage to Taylor? Hey, DAD, you need to be a little more sensitive to the needs of your kid here. She JUST found out Taylor was behind the wheel and mowed down Mommy...can't she get a little time to digest it? She's defacing pictures and cutting up dresses and going all 'Damian' on everyone...I think she is having an 'issue' with all this. Is Thorne rushing this because he really loves Taylor or could he be sensing that Nick has a passing interest in her and he's scared he'll lose her? I'm not sure but I know that girl needs some help. He is being rather selfish and that is not a trait I would have associated with him...just Ridge. And one more thing...that little girl REALLY looked evil this week, didn't she? And if I hear her drop another 'r' sound, I'm going to jump off a building. It ceased to be cute after the first 2 or 3 times she said it just makes me cringe.

I liked how Taylor handled everything, though. She seemed more in tune with Allie's needs than her father and knew it wasn't right to go through with it. But hey, it doesn't hurt to have a hot sailor giving you the eyeball and a rather hot New Years kiss at that to distract you! I think it is becoming a foregone conclusion that she is marrying Thorne out of obligation (she has all but come right out and said it!) and she is falling for Nick. I am starting to really see the chemistry between them and I swear on my laptop that they would be better off with partners that had no genetic tie to anything named Forrester. I am hoping for a hot and romantic encounter between them soon...but WAIT! I almost forgot...Nick has his very own annoying blond stalker to deal with! Ugh. She's like a bad rash...she just keeps coming back.

Why does she have to come sniffing around Nick AGAIN? I swear she is channeling her mother with all her sniffing she did around Ridge for years. It's the same thing, I swear! I thought she hated him for taking the company away yet now she comes around dressed for seduction and making eyes at him. WHAT? Can't this girl get a life? Shouldn't she be saving a life or changing some bandages at the hospital? So, now she wants him back? He better stay as far away from that crazy chick as he can get because no good comes from being involved with her. I think she's a little unstable actually. I personally have no stomach for another Bridget involved triangle. So I hear she walks in on Nick and Taylor getting close (figures she would interrupt it!) and freaks out! She has blasted him over and over for a variety of things but never just goes away! LEAVE HIM ALONE! Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction' looks more well-adjusted than you do!!

Ok, so what is up with Brooke cultivating the Sharon Stone look from 'Casino'? The hair band, the gaudy chandelier earrings, the dress...ugh. And the glassy eyed Stepford Wife look is just so disappointing. The entire time she was talking to Donna and trying to recruit her, she sounded like she was on Valium or something. 'Please Donna...come work with us...blah blah blah.' Hello? Are you in there???? This is what happens when you hang out with Ridge too lose any sense of individualism you ever had. And why would Donna (and mind you, I'm no fan) want to work there anyway? Ridge can't stand her now for telling the truth and no one would trust her to be around anyway. Why grandstand? Just trying to look good to the rest of your family? Oh yeah, that's right...the Forresters are your family now, not the Logans. Speaking of the Logans, Storm is looking hot these days with his scruffy lawyer look he has going on! He needs a woman...can't we find a hot new designer or model to shake things up a bit? I remember when Tony came on the scene to liven things up years ago. But wait...I digress. I have a bigger fish to fry...where does Brooke get off getting rude about the divorce papers from Nick? WHAT? She has been shacking up with Ridge from the very moment she gave up on Nick, so what is her problem? She's got a lot of nerve to say anything and even more nerve to criticize Nick having an interest in Taylor (even though they are trying to deny it). Since when does she care about Thorne's feelings anyway after the way she treated him? HYPOCRITE! CAKE-EATER! So Nick has to be alone and miserable while you sleaze around on Ridge's arm all over town? Whatever...

Exactly where does Brad get his impression that we all collectively want to keep seeing cheesy runway proposals over and over again? Does he really think that anyway cares? NO ONE CARES. It's OLD and BORING! This is nothing new and certainly nothing even remotely romantic or inventive. Geez....even the actors said it for heaven's sake!!! 'Oh well, we know the drill...will you marry me?' Gosh, I'm all a-flutter! It's this kind of tired writing that will be the death of this show, I swear. I see nothing romantic about these two AT ALL. They look like they are calling in most of their scenes anyway. Hell, the actors themselves have said they wish they weren't not paired on screen and that they would love some variety after all these years. If Brad won't listen to them, he won't listen to us the overwhelming majority.

Ok, so Pam is going to try the 'June Cleaver' seduction trick on Eric, huh? She is becoming as transparent as Glad Wrap these days. Her sister says keep Jackie away from Eric, but I don't remember her saying it was ok to make a move on him! Queenie won't be happy about that, huh? Pam is baking, sewing and doing all the little things that Stephanie doesn't do (or thinks she is too good to do). Hmmmm...there are all kinds of ways for her to get knocked down a peg or two but I wouldn't have expected this! She competed against Brooke, Lauren, Sheila and Jackie but maybe it will be someone much closer that makes Eric see what he is missing. But between you and me, I don't see much sizzle between him and Pam. I still think he has a hotter connection to Jackie but that's just me.

Last week's question asked whether or not Rick's return will help the show and the majority felt while it would be good to have a main character come back, they did not see it helping a lot. More of a novelty than anything else I think. I just hope he looks older than the pervious actor did...he had too much of a baby-face for me. Rick should come back as a more dynamic man as well...more worldly. But if the writers have him getting busy with Phoebe well, all I have to say is 'EWWWW'. What is this show, 'Deliverance-L.A.'? Everyone is sleeping/kissing within the family! It's weird and even though the 'technical genetics' make it ok, it's still weird. Every reader has agreed with me that all this inter-family coupling is getting tedious.

This week's question: In keeping with the passing of Darlene Conley this past week, write me and let me know what your favorite Sally Spectra moment on B&B was. I was sad to see she lost her battle with cancer and I don't think anyone would disagree that she was a class act every time she graced our screens. I wish her family well and hope that the producers deal with this properly and with dignity. Her battles with Stephanie and her antics in the fashion industry gave this show a much needed shot in the arm and she will be missed.


Sugarstamp writes: 'Yes, Rick will add to the show. They need to move on with some of the younger characters in the cast. There is a real need for new storylines other than the old folks constantly swapping partners.'

Tashalover says:' I wanted to write you to tell you how much I am enjoying the beautiful and romantic development between Taylor and Nick. The two of them together are intriguing, sexy, passionate, romantic, mature and fun. I love their lighthearted banter and I can see that the two characters are drawn to each other. I really hope the show continues to build on them as I have no desire to see Nick with Brooke again or Taylor with Ridge again. I think Taylor and Nick can help free each other and the show from the curse of Ridge and Brooke!'

Ana says: 'If bringing back Rick and pairing him up with Phoebe will break up Ridge and Brook...then I am all for it otherwise I would love it if deacon came back and kept Bridget busy so she can stay away from Nick.'

Maggie left me January 15th and for all those who have been so wonderful, thoughtful, and kind to me these last few weeks, I thought you might like to see her in 'better days'. This is the first column I have written without her here under my desk and even though I know she is in a better place, I miss her more than words can describe.

Thank you for adding the picture, Dan.

Have a great week everyone.

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