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With Nick and Brooke, viewers never knew when the other shoe was going to drop. It was always that great feeling of desperate, obstacle-laden passion without a clear sense of permanence.

I know what you all are going to say...if Brooke has her way, Nick and Taylor's romance will be short-lived. Perhaps you are right but what a week! I really love these two together and just the proposal alone was worth suffering through a few gushing scenes with Stepford and Redwood in Australia. And the Marlin is back (amazing how quickly she could pull that off, decorations and all, huh?). It all paints the same picture for me...Nick and Taylor have that 'it' factor that is hard to come by in soaps today. Let me explain...

Am I saying there is a 'timeless quality' to them as with other super couples throughout Soapland (think Victor/Nikki, Josh/Reva, Holden/Lily and even Luke/Laura thought I don't watch GH but everybody who hasn't lived under a rock the last 25 years knows who they are), I don't know. But I think they have that freshness about them as a couple. You never thought they would be together after the way they met and the surly disdain Nick had for the Doc. There was sarcasm and loads of scepticism in how he looked at her yet now it seems like he looks at her differently. She is certainly not as 'well-travelled' as Brooke (**ahem**) and doesn't have nearly the same amount of skeletons in her closet. She is his intellectual equal and even their dialogue is really something to enjoy. Now I don't know how much of what I enjoy has to do with the quality of the actors more than the writing but I enjoy it nonetheless. They have something, a spark or this element of surprise. Nick and Brooke were always written in a way that you never knew when the other shoe was going to drop. It was always that great feeling of desperate and obstacle-laden passion but never any clear sense of permanence. Face it folks...any man with Brooke has a relationship built on quicksand. Looks solid from a distance but once you step on it, it sucks the life right out of you.

You don't have to look much further than Nick's proposal to Taylor for proof of what I am saying. Amazing scene!!! Very genuine and romantic. The part of about having a baby...well, the jury is still out on that one. I personally would love to see Nick have a kid of his own but I think Taylor may be pushing it a bit. But her intentions are in the right place and if it weren't for the fact that Brooke's interference will screw everything up (including how everyone will view this baby), I may be looking more forward to it than I am. And as sure as I sit here I know the Boards will be pulsing with hateful Taylor rhetoric and calls her head on a platter if she fights for Nick. Whatever...I say go for it, sister! Don't let Brooke ruin another relationship. Everyone will also be ready to burn her at the stake if she actually does get pregnant and end up labelling it a 'baby-bait' pregnancy like Bridget's was called. Sad, so sad. But I will stay the course in my fervent hope that this coupling lasts and flourishes despite Brooke's sudden back-peddling epiphany Down Under.

Brooke finally will get to see the rage and hate filled Ridge. Oh goody! I have long known since the days of him manhandling Amber that his character was about to take a dark turn but not quite like this. Now don't get me wrong...I am happy that these two are going to be pried away from each other and spare us all months upon months of bathroom breaks to avoid watching them. This couple never had the staying power of any of the couples I mentioned above, that's for sure. But for all the things that man has done to her, THIS is what gets her to realize he's scum? Wow...I gave her more credit than I should have. Constantly picking her second to other women would have been enough for me but that's another story. So she's done with Ridge and expects Nick to drop Taylor? Why the Hell should he? Yeah, yeah...I saw the 'psychic boat harbour scene', too. He is moving on and maybe just letting go of all doesn't mean he loves Taylor any less. He seems to be written as the kind of guy that will always care for the women he has loved (unlike Ridge). Nothing wrong with that. Brooke is a classic cake-eater and now that her safety net is not there, she can't take it. Sounds like Ridge a little, huh? Yep, they deserve each other in my book but Brad is dead-set on subjecting us to another Godforsaken love triangle only now with Taylor as the real victim.

Cool stuff from last week: Taylor looking at Stephanie and telling her she was through with her family! Great line and shows how much more mature she is than Brooke when it comes to the Forresters. The return of the's cheesy how she came back SO perfect but I loved how Nick remarked that the new Marlin will have a whole NEW set of memories. The exchange between LA's two harpies...Stephanie and Jackie. Those two wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they didn't have their son's lives there to RUIN. Maybe Jackie should marry Brooke if she wants her around so much! And I LOVED LOVED LOVED the call between Taylor and Brooke! WOO-HOO! Brooke is not used to being on THAT end of a call like that, huh? Now she knows what Taylor probably felt like all these years. And I don't blame Taylor one bit for revelling in it! I was watching it and doing my 'happy dance' all over the living room!! WAIT! Let me dance a little right now (getting up from my seat and singing "I'm Never Goin' Back Again").

As for the rumor that Nick will tell Brooke he loves Taylor and that's that, well I hope he sticks to it. But knowing Brad he can't have any romance on this show without Brooke Logan being some destructive force within it.

When asked whom Brooke should go after if Nick does stand his ground and stay with Taylor, I had an interesting majority of readers say she should not be with anyone and that she needs to spend more time with her children. Many believe her bed-hopping days should be coming to an end and that she has to grow up and cut ties with the Forresters once and for all. Some said she should stay with Ridge as they deserve each other but almost no one wrote to say she belongs with Nick. Has the luster of that pairing worn off? I was on the bandwagon, too. I thought they were a great couple until she pulled the ultimate hypocritical stunt and went back to Ridge. was forgivable for Ridge to be sucking face with her daughter and for Brooke herself to sleep with and bear the child of her son-in-law, but when Nick sleeps with Bridget thinking his marriage is over (and drunk at that), that is now worthy of immediate divorce. Not buying what your sellin', lady. You probably should be alone for awhile because you can cut it in any relationship.

This week's deep probing question: Do you think Ridge will be more or less palatable with a character like Ashley? I think that is the set-up coming down the pike, so will he be easier to watch with her than Brooke?

The Soap Box

Annie says:' I was so overjoyed today when Nick gave Taylor the ring I hope they get married before Brook and Ridge. If Nick takes Brooke back again I will stop watching. Brooke and Ridge deserve each other.'

Nancy writes: 'I think Brooke should end it with Ridge and hook up with CLARK! He is about the only man on the show she hasn't been with!'

Belinda says: 'Honestly, I'm tired of Brooke's love life being the central focus of this show. Only once did I stop watching since the show started in the 80's, and that was when she dumped Thorne to go running back to Ridge again ... after she'd spent two years fighting Stephanie to be with Thorne, her "best friend." That was the lowest, most hypocritical point in this show's history, in my opinion. But since you asked, like you, I'd like to see her hook up with Deacon again.'

Lisa Lyons writes: 'How about Brooke & Massimo? He's the only male related to Ridge that she hasn't sworn her undying love and "commitment" too yet. Why bother with a wedding? She doesn't even listen to the vows? I would love to be her divorce lawyer. He's the richest man in town.' [This one made me laugh out loud!! HAHAHAHA!!]

Have a great week!!!

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