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Hold on, Ridge!
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Our columnist was unable to provide a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Los Angeles during the week of April 4, 2005.

Well, if I were spending time in Venice, the LAST person I would want to run into would be Amber. As the week focused largely on Helen's death and Morgan's departure from reality, it has become increasingly evident that we are facing yet another Ridge-obsessed week on B&B. But WAIT! LA's favorite skank-turned designer-turned skank-again, is peeping from across the canal and may throw everyone for a loop!

Before I launch into my keen and sharp analysis of last week's goings-on, I have decided to throw an early Scoops spotlight on my reader's emails from the past week. I had some great comments come in and thought you all would enjoy them...

Jackie wrote...'I have always been a Ridge-Brooke fan...cheering them on because of their obvious heat...until Nick Payne came along...Brooke and Nick are the hottest pairing I have ever seen.'

Kathy writes...'(Nick's) romance with Brooke was hot stuff and I don't even like Brooke...both are great actors...and Ridge can't act, even after all these years.'

Teresa writes...'...it would be good if Morgan gets pregnant with Ridge's child...I'd like to see Stephanie and Brooke's reaction to that newborn.'

Scott wrote in...'..I have read that Kimberlin Brown is leaving OLTL...maybe she'll return to LA to shake things up but not like this Ridge's amnesia storyline with Morgan..PU!'

Evelyn writes...'Nick is great but needs a woman his own age...not a Brooke substitute...although I don't want him paired with Brooke, there is absolutely no sexual chemistry between him and Bridget. And I gotta say...come on guys, get rid of this Ridge obsession and make use of other talented actors you have under contract...pleaseeeeeee.'

Corinne emails with...'I don't mind the Bridget/Nick pairing...they seem pretty sexy.'

Nicketfan says...'(Nick and Bridget) I like them together...Bridget is enchanted by the dashing, complex sea captain...he deserves a woman who appreciates him and that woman is not Brooke.'

Ok, we'll come back to some more reader musings a little later. Well, Ridge won't be lost for too long...not only has Amber spotted him and will likely be letting Brooke know where he is, but Massimo and ...Jackie (?) are heading there as well. Mass won't let the Chosen Son languish in Europe for too long believing that he is intentionally blowing off his family. Won't he be in for a BIG surprise when he realizes what has been happening? Mojo, meet Morgan DeWitt, LA's craziest parolee and psycho du jour! Keep your pants zipped and run like Hell! What's with this show's only 2 good villains being sex crazed women with motherhood-obsessions? Morgan is trying to have Ridge's child (again) and we have been led to believe that Sheila had Mojo's love child. So look for lots of heroic actions next week as we all have to wait with baited breath to see if Ridge can expand at all on those slight memories of Brooke he experienced when he heard 'Unforgettable'. Gee, I can hardly wait...can you?

Honestly, the rest of the week was pretty boring, so I'll skip on now to the question of the week: Should CBS have renewed B&B for 5 more years or should they have tried to come up with another 30 minute soap? A question that I hope will bring a flurry of emails my way and what I am sure will be some 'spirited' responses.

Who's on the Soapbox?

Ginger writes... '...Nick and Bridget have as much chance of igniting a fire as two twigs blowing in the wind...they look stiff, uncomfortable, and awkward...as much as I DISLIKE Brooke, at least there was chemistry with her and Nick.'

Angel writes... ...I love Nick and Bridget...they should have Brooke realize how good she had it with Nick and want him back AND I think she should say 'Too little to late'...'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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