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Déjà vu all over again
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Since she walked into her first scene with Stephanie and Ridge at the first of many Forrester family parties, Brooke Logan has been wreaking havoc within fashion's First Family.

Since she walked into her first scene with Stephanie and Ridge at the first of many Forrester family parties, Brooke Logan has been wreaking havoc within fashion's First Family. She has slept with all the Forrester men and most other men in the cast except for CJ, Clarke, Tony, and James. She has slept with her son-in-law and has successfully pitted two half-brothers against each other for the better part of the last few years. She has a frequent tester card at the paternity clinic as most of her children have been conceived under a giant 50 foot question mark of who the real father may be. Brooke has unapologetically helped to bring about the demise of several marriages and engagements. She has been called tramp, whore, and slut. She has been down the aisle more times than Elizabeth Taylor and has as many 'false alarm' weddings as actually ones that lasted for longer than the average bathroom trip. That Brooke...she's a real pill. But just when we thought it was safe to wallow in the Brooke Logan Tramp from the Valley mystique a little longer, she goes even further into the abyss of trashiness.

Brooke has spent the last week or so quite literally hurling herself at Nick trying to pry him away from the vice-grip that Taylor has on him. Now I do believe they love each other and he has made it clear on MANY occasions that he doesn't want to go back to Brooke. That is for real. However, I get the nagging feeling that he may be so scared of Brooke's seductive wiles that he is using Taylor for cover. I could be wrong (and trust me, I hope I am because I love these two together) but he always looks terrified when he is in the same room with Brooke. Anyway, Brooke did not get the response she thought she would get...what is up with her colossal EGO? How does she get through the day with that thing weighing her down? All she has to do is dress in a teddy and POOF! All men will submit to her charms and throw their lives away just for a moment with her. I say they all need to submit to THERAPY!

I thought, however, that Taylor made a good point when she theorized that perhaps it's not the men, per se, but her that Brooke is obsessed with. Interesting and could apply to the whole 'Ridge is my destiny' crap but how do you explain someone like Deacon? Right. But maybe this goes a little deeper? Maybe Brooke has to have men that she cannot have in the first place? Maybe the easy and available man is not enough of a challenge for her. Ridge (with Caroline, then Taylor)...Thorne with Macy...Deacon with Bridget...Nick with Taylor. Do you see a pattern? Brooke lives it. Move over Taylor...there's a new therapist in town! I'll send you my bill!

And I have never seen two people in such a race to get knocked up as Nick and Taylor! GEEZ! Is this baby just Brooke repellent? I say let nature take it's course...if it's meant to be, it will (but not today as the pee-test was negative...oops!). It's like the 'Amazing Baby Race'! Who can cross the finish line first? Taylor and her ovaries better start working soon because I am sensing an 'Ashley' coming soon...(fans of Y&R know what I am referring to!). All I have to say is hide the turkey baster!!

Shane certainly is looking FINE these days. Psycho, living in his car, and stalking the spoiled little rich girl of the fashion industry...quite a step up for his character since we saw him last! Give's "Pimp My Ride" a whole new meaning! Word has it that he is the one to get shot by Ridge and that's what leads to Nick getting framed for it. That Ridge...what a class act. Nick wouldn't do that, that's for sure. Is this the best the writers can come up with for a choice murder mystery? It's all too easy this way. There needs to be many suspects and a hated character that buys the farm, not someone so new to the B&B canvas that few of us even care that he gets killed off.

Ashley and Rick? Even though it has a touch of the 'Mrs. Robinson' thing going on, I like it a lot better than him and Phoebe. He must have an affinity for older women, you know? I'm feeling the heat between those two for sure. I do think it is funny how they are supposed to share such a deep and meaningful tryst in Paris yet it was never referenced until Ashley hit LA. I know... that's just me being picky. Well, I have been called worse, trust me. Rick needs a more mature relationship and Phoebe needs to go back to Abercrombie and be quiet already!

Well, my Inbox for my Scoops email hasn't had a break in the action yet from the results to the question I threw out there last week. Should Nick take Brooke back? I say no for the simple reason that if the past is the best predictor of the past, Nick would be eternally screwed. And according to the B&B masses, you all feel exactly the same way (though many of you used much more colourful language than I just did). There seems to be widespread support of Nick and Taylor as well.

In my many hours of lurking on different message boards in search of the current pulse of the viewership of B&B, I have not yet come across a board for Nick and Taylor (or Naylor, Ticky, or whatever people are calling them these days). Brooke and Ridge have a board and so do Brooke and Nick. Even that abomination of a couple in Nick and Bridget have a board! So where is the Taylor/Nick love? Aren't they a couple deserving of some internet support? Let's see...we have the House of Bridge and the Shady Marlin.

That's a great question for the week: What should a message board be called that exists solely to support Doc and her favourite sailor? Be creative... I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

I feel compelled to send out my thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy that unfolded today. I had many friends that went to Tech and spoke so highly of the campus and the quality of the education they received there. I hope that this thoughtless violence doesn't take away from what a wonderful institution it is and what it means to the students that attend there. As a parent of a daughter who is a few short years from going away to college herself, I shudder to think of what those families must be going through at this very moment. It's my hope that at moments like these that our national consciousness will be stirred enough to help ensure this kind of tragedy never happens again. My thoughts to you all.

The Soap Box

Porsia writes in: 'Heck no, Nick shouldn't take Brooke back. He's a man of morals and kindness; Brooke has neither and she has proved that over and over again, including this past week with her embarrassing plays for Nick. If he takes her back at Taylor's expense, then he is not acting according to his "character."

Andi says: 'Absolutely NO...Nick should not go back to Brooke. She only cares that he is with Taylor and could have a baby...one that she would not give him.'

Cathy writes: 'Well, he might as well. I feel like the only reason he is with Taylor is because Brooke went back to Ridge. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head when Brooke comes around and starts talking about him being the only one for her and vice versa. He realizes that he still loves her and probably always will.'

Erin says: 'I think Nick should run fast and Taylor should kick her A**.' Yikes!!!!!!

Cassandra wrote: 'NO! Nick should be sick of Brooke's crap...he and Taylor make a much better couple. seriously, how many men are willing to have a Brooke-style dysfunctional relationship...even in the land of soaps.....'

Have a great week!!!

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