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How long can this show survive on Brooke, Ridge, Nick, Taylor, Eric, and Stephanie? The other characters aren't really getting enough screen time for viewers to care about them.

As I peeked and saw what was going to be going on this week it occurred to me that this show really needs some new characters and FAST. I know there is a lot going on for a change (Ridge sitting in the clink...(yay)...Rick getting busy with Ashley and the impending gross triangle with Phoebe...Brooke and Nick baby growing inside Taylor, etc), but it's all just so boring at the same time. Same old triangles, same old players. Ashley is the exception I suppose. I like having her on the show but even still, the writers are making her into a sex starved and unsure woman right before our very eyes. I don't remember her being that weak in Genoa City. But amidst all this 'one act' type of storytelling, there is a real void in this show.

How long can this show survive on Brooke, Ridge, Nick, Taylor, and the 'rents Eric and Stephanie? No other characters are really getting enough screen-time for any of us to care whether they are there or not. Storm only shows up to do some really bad lawyering every now and again. Donna sleazes her way into the scenes to stick her boobs out and rag on the Forresters. Jackie is non-existent these days as well. What happened to those nasty headaches? Nothing more about all that, huh? Clarke...Clarke who? Felicia stopped by long enough to grill the super-sleazoid Constantine about his intentions with Phoebe. She is also good for those 'The sky is falling!' scenes where Forrester Originals is facing some lame crisis. Thorne...hardly remember what he looks like. Bridget is around for no other reason than to push the plot on the Who's Got My Eggs drama. Nothing else for her except running from one medical specialty to another in the blink of an eye. See what I mean, though?

Don't get me wrong...I like all the players I mentioned in the beginning. They are necessary but as they get older (sorry... not trying to be age-ist but it's true) they cannot continue these stories about 'oops' pregnancies and 'keeping it in the family' infidelity as much as a younger generation of characters can. There is also a serious lack of heat on this show for one thing. Nick and Taylor aren't hot...they are cute together. Brooke hasn't had REAL heat with any man since Deacon. Felicia hasn't had any either, poor thing. Bridget couldn't spell 'H-E-A-T' is she had SpellCheck in her head. Thorne should have been paired up with Ashley and then maybe there would be a little something going on out at the beach house. But alas, it's about as hot as Green Bay in January.

I really think this whole thing with Case of the Missing Eggs is awful. So over the top and so amazingly ridiculous for us to sit through these next few weeks or months (however long they want to torture us with it). Now Brooke and Nick will have to decide what to do with this news and Taylor will become a conniving snake in the grass trying to hide it to begin with. WHY? Why is this necessary? Brooke is already willing to cut Jailbird some slack and get back with him...Nick and Taylor are happy and procreating...leave them alone! Move on to some new stories with new people. And this Rick-Ashley 'thing', whatever it is, is just silly now. I want you but I can't have you...what did we have in Paris?...what is this thing we have?...blah blah blah. Rick needs to be a man and make his decision one way or the other. I personally am sick of hearing about Paris! If it was so amazing he would not have been sniffing around some 18 year old booty. He needs to drop both of them at this rate and concentrate on a more 'grown up' story. I just about fell out of my chair when I read something on the Boards about him getting 'close' to Taylor during therapy over the Grant Chambers shooting. 'Oh no! I did shoot Grant!! Wow, thanks Taylor for relieving my suppressed guilt over that. Now, you're about Ashley's age, right? How about joining me on the couch, huh? I need real connection and intimacy!! Come on Hot Momma.' EWWWW!!!! Crazy, just crazy. And yes, that was a real post.

There is nothing like some good old fashioned jailhouse justice to make a week worth watching! I couldn't believe that sick and twisted speech Ridge delivered before he confessed. Nick should have popped him right in the kisser! I would have! What a jerk. I'm sure Ridge fans will excuse it and continue to beat the 'Nick stole the company and Brooke' drum but I swear, his character has become about as appealing as Victor Newman or Craig Montgomery (ATWT). Yes, they have had flashes of actual heart now and again but always going back true to form as the slime they really are. I hope Cricket Blair fails miserably and he still has to face real jail time. And truth be told, that night wasn't the only night he threatened someone with and discharged a weapon! What about the shot gun at Big Bear? Of course that's different, right? Ugh. And the fact that Brooke is waffling yet again just proves my earlier point that those two are meant for each other.

As for the Idol reject, I still am perplexed as to why he is taking up space on this show? Was Brad so desperate for a ratings boost that he felt he needs MORE star power? Why him then? Maybe because he sucks and no one has heard from him since America booted him from Idol? Yep, that's it. And while I'm complaining, he's needs a haircut and a bar of soap, BAD! Yuck! I want someone to tell me why they have not casted for Deacon's son to come back and make a play for Phoebe? That would be a perfect and age-appropriate storyline that viewers could really sink their teeth into. He could be the bad boy going to school with her and maybe another guy could be created to compete with him for her affections. It's a tried and true way to boost ratings and bring in the coveted teen viewers over the summer. But having this silly teenager be the target of nearly thirty-something's is just nasty.

I got money on Eric finally having enough of Stephanie and either making a move on Jackie or Pam soon. That whole story has gone to sleep as well. Where is Pam and Ann and are they ever coming back? Eric needs to dump the old harpy and move on while he still has some libido left! Stephanie, while I love watching her, needs a reality check. I hope it comes while she is doing time in the system!

Last week's question had to do with whether or not Brooke is capable of redemption or if she is destined to be the Tramp from the Valley. Believe it or not it was a split response. No consensus either way. I personally think she will never lose her bad girl status as it has become the lynchpin of the show.

Here's a question for all of you....what do you think Nick will do when he finds out who the egg donor was?

Sorry for the delay...my free version of the new Word expired and I was paying no attention (imagine that)...it locked me out!

The Soap Box

Sharon says: 'As far as the Phoebe and Constantine SL is going, I'd like to know where Phoebe's parents are in THAT relationship? Why hasn't Steph ran over there and grilled Constantine? Just between you and me, I cannot STAND Constantine! LOL! He's gross looking, and I hated the way he was on AI with the STARING at the camera and the karate kicks. He's an obvious amateur as far as acting goes, and I'm disappointed in Bell for trying to play him up as some big sex symbol. There were WAY prettier men than Constantine on AI. Besides, if Rick is too old for Phoebe, then what the heck is Constantine who looks even older? And if Phoebe has sex with him, after she told Rick she intends to remain a virgin until marriage, then she's nothing more than a saint-wannabe but isn't, just like her mother.'

Dee says: 'Brooke a saint? No way she's always been the **** from the valley. I love Nick and Taylor together at least they have honesty unlike Brooke running to Ridge every few minutes. I hate that this baby might (and it looks like a good chance) be Brooks and Nicks. I love how Taylor stands up to Brooke and tells her just how it is, while Brooke just has another teary eyed look on her face. I've said it before his soap is way to predictable we need to have surprises and some REAL twists in this show.

Have a great week!!!

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