Brooke's series of unfortunate events

For the Week of July 9, 2007
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Brooke's series of unfortunate events
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It wouldn't hurt for the writers to show Brooke taking some time out between sex partners to focus on her kids. It would be a great way to show that she is actually ready to mature a bit.

I wonder if the new 'head' writer has started as promised? Is this her doing...the 'negligent Mommy' scenario that is setting up with Brooke? Hmmm. Well, though I have had more than my fair share of Brooke-bashing in the past, I have to say that I was surprised with this turn of events. Ok, so now Brooke has 'left' the kids alone (stupid Aunt Donna couldn't wait to MAKE SURE it was Brooke pulling into the driveway?) and will be passed out in a car smelling of cheap scotch? Little 'pyros' Hope and RJ set fire to the house? WHAT?? Oh no...this is going to get u-g-l-y.

Bash, bash, bash...I know-that's what I do best, right? Ok, so Brooke is having a meltdown about her lack of man for the last 11 minutes or so and the kiddies are home with sleazy Aunt Donna. Everyone needs a break I guess and we have all had someone watch our kids so we could get a break. I loved the cheesy line that guy tried laying on her at the bar and loved even more the 'Are You Crazy...You're Not a Forrester' look she gave him right back! HAHAHA! That guy's DNA put him right out of the running! The convenient 'spill' and it's curtains for Brooke when Stephanie puts it all together. It will be a nasty battle for those kids no matter how you look at it...and not just because of Ridge, but Nick as well.

First, though, do I think Brooke deserves all this? Not really. She is not the most attentive Mom, that's for sure. It seems poor Katherine is the one raising them most of the time anyway but I'm sure Brooke loves them and she did try to come right home. The Forrester Family Harpy will see to it that the worst possible light is shed on it, though. I have always said that it wouldn't hurt the show AT ALL for the writers to show Brooke taking some time out between sex partners to focus on her kids. It would be a great way to show that her character is actually ready to mature a little bit. But no...we are going to drag her through the mud a little more only this time it will be Stephanie pulling her. But Nick...this will be interesting...

Ok, suppose the family courts try to take the kids from Brooke, even temporarily...who gets little Hopeless? If my memory serves, Nick actually has guardianship over her as signed over by Deacon a thousand years ago. So I would think that Nick would actually be the one they would call to take Hope home until all this mess is sorted out, right? RJ goes home with Ridge (his parenting skills leave a little to be desired but whatever...) and Hope hangs with Nick and Taylor. Yikes...that would be uncomfortable considering Brooke as yet unnamed bun is cooking in Taylor's oven! This is just too much, huh??? But we all know what is coming...not only will that be revealed but RJ will quickly become DJ when he needs a blood transfusion for the mysterious illness he'll have so we can all say 'I told you so!!!' about his paternity.

Why is this story even necessary? We already know Stephanie hates Brooke and vice versa, so why bring the kids into it? I'm so bored with this back and forth. There are so many stories yet untold that this inept writing corps could really build on and suck us all into but no...same old rehash. I'm sure Ridge will have his doubts about whether or not Brooke can handle the kids in her delicate state but I don't see him trying to permanently take RJ from her (if it's his at all...always a looming question mark). He's been a jerk but not to this extent. One thing is for sure...Brooke needs to get a grip and soon. Malibu Bridget is right...Mom needs to stop being the human ping-pong ball between Nick and Ridge.

Speaking of which, I was actually very happy to hear Ridge's 'goodbye' speech to Brooke and what a better place to have that little chat than the runway! Where it started and where it ended. Very fitting. Poetic even. He is right...he seems happier and more relaxed with Ashley and Brooke has bounced back and forth too much. What man can take all that? It was some of the smartest dialogue that he has ever said and I hope they are done for good. I like him much better with Ash.

And leave it to Ashley to be the only mature one in this rotten situation between her and Rick. I can't believe we are going to have to see her eventually suffer when the truth comes out (and we all know it will) and Rick will be smelling like a rose. It always works that way...Ashley should just come clean now and now turning back. Rick...well, I am liking him less and less each day he goes on with all this nonsense with Phoebe. He just doesn't want to lose, that's all. Or maybe he just wants to be the 'one' to Phoebe. Eww. And the singing competition? I'm fasting-forwarding through ALL those scenes. Just more incessant pandering to an Idol cast-off. Shameless.

Someone PLEASE bring CJ back full time!!! I'd love to see him woo Bridget out of her egg-switching funk and get her the hell away from that super-nerd Carl. It was good to see Mick Cain if only for a scene...

I hope Ashley is ready to be dating Ridge AND his control-freak Mama. She comes standard with any relationship Ridge has.

Wow...thanks to the 50+ email responses I got to the question of who is a stronger female character, Brooke or Ashley. I am pleased to say that the emails I received showed a unanimous support for Ashley being the stronger female lead. I will post several of them below but I found that the Brooke-bashing was really subdued as many cited good reasons for feeling that Ashley is more appealing to watch these days and that she brings a much needed bit of class to the cast. I hope she sticks around for a long time and I LOVE her attitude with Stephanie. She doesn't seem like she will be taking any of her grief either. Gee, if Ridgey-Poo is in a relationship she actually approves of then she can pay some attention to those other people she gave birth to.

No question this week, just ROLL CALL.........I like to do this each year to see where everyone is in the world! Give me a shout out from your little corner of the world!!!!!!

The Soap Box

Connie says: 'Ashley is definitely the stronger female lead in B&B. Brooke's heyday has come and gone. Now it's time for her to enter menopause!'

Cinnamon writes: 'The stronger female character is Ashely, without a doubt. I think she could take on Brooke who is too wishy-washy...'

Louanne says: ' ...Ashley is the stronger female character...she can also be a 'B' when she needs to be too so Brooke better not mess with her!'

Have a great week!!!

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