Is Thorne really that lost?

For the Week of August 13, 2007
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Stephanie tossed Donna around the beach house, and Thorne didn't say anything about it. He should have restrained his mother and told her to leave, but no one stands up to Stephanie.

How does this man NOT see that this 'add water, instant engagement' to Donna is a sham? All week I felt like screaming at the TV saying' HELLO??? Are you in there? Wake up!! You're being played!!!' frustrating and I have to say, not at all easy to watch. I thought looking at Ridge pet Brooke was bad but this was made having a root canal look like fun. It's a little like seeing an accident on the highway and looking when you know you shouldn't but you can't help yourself. It's just that...a tragic mess.

And I have to admit, even I did not see Donna as such a 'b****' as she has been these last couple of weeks. Wow...her former persona of Grace Turner sure was a good primer for this storyline. Slutty, manipulative, and downright nasty...poor Thorne never saw this train coming. WAIT? Poor Thorne?

Maybe not poor...just dumb. The writers are fooling themselves if they think that the viewers won't notice how over-the-top lost this guy is! One drunken night and a dinner out and now they are soul mates? And what kind of example is he setting for that girl, huh? Hey there Alexandria, here's your new Mommy Part 2! Ewww. That girl will end up a serial killer before all is said and done. She already has that 'possessed' stare anyway (hahaha). So he sees her pull the old 'I'm closing my legs if I don't get a commitment' move and he starts calling jewellers? Good lord. This whole story makes my head swim and my stomach churn, I swear. And the worst part of all this is that when Thorne finds out this whole thing is a charade; he'll go over the deep end. How could he not? He isn't picking up on ANY of the signs (what does he need, a billboard?) that this is all about revenge and he'll be bringing his family into it...yep, he'll hit the bottle and get hurt or something. I can see this one coming from a thousand miles away.

Now how about that WWE Wrestling reaction from Stephanie? WOW!!! What a great scene to end the week! YIKES!! IT'S ON!! Hair pulling, death threats, cat calls...ahhh---that's good TV!! And raise your hand if you saw visions of Brooke when Donna came from around the corner semi-nude! And as usual, another Forrester male can't control the family harpy...she is allowed to throw Donna all around the beach house before Thorne says anything. He should have restrained his mother and told her to leave but NOOOOOOO. No one stands up to Stephanie, they just watch from the cheap seats and yell. Well, it going to take more than that to keep this situation calm because if Friday is any indication of things to come, Donna better hire some bodyguards!

Ok, so what happens when this news hits the streets? How will Brooke look at it because I have to believe SHE will see through this ruse like Stephanie did. Will she support it or tell her to cease and desist? I'm hoping she tries to reason with her since she does seem to care about her ex#3 (or 4...I lost count). This could be another great opportunity to show she has changed in some way.

Word on the street says that Heather Tom (the original and best former Victoria Newman) is going to play Katie Logan very soon. I laughed out loud when I read that...wasn't I just ranting that Katie should be brought back to do something ridiculous with her worthless siblings? Well, I may stand corrected...she is coming back to hopefully reset the moral compass of her sisters and will be the 'good' Logan sister. Interesting. Don't get me wrong... I'm glad to see the Logan's return. I had hoped the stories they were involved in were better, though. I will keep an open mind as I do really like the actress they tapped to play her. It's like a little Y&R reunion!!

This guy Andy is a little slimy, huh? Here is another plot device that makes little sense to me but I am assuming that it is something designed to move things along a bit. My question what if CPS 'catches' her with a man in the house anyway? So single mothers are not allowed to date? Not that she will go out with him but still! Unless he's some kind of closet psycho, I don't get it at all. And hello??? Did you not recognize him at all? Brooke's one-teared eye must have been blurry.

Speaking of wastes of airtime, this 'Suck-fest Challenge' needs to wrap up here soon, too. It's another story going nowhere...will I sing with Constantine? Will I sing with Rick? Will I ever have my hair done right? Will I ever stop whining? Will Mr. Goldilocks ever shave? Somebody wake me when it's over. And who else is getting tired of the gimmick post-show commercial pushing the nationwide vote? Yeah, me too. Can't we have a third option....dial 000 in your touch-tone phone if you CAN'T STAND CONSTANTINE and don't care if a hippo sings with Phoebe...just make it stop!

I loved Ashley's handling of the chat with Ridge and Phoebe. Very classy...don't get involved in a cat-fight. Just walk away gracefully and realize that nothing you say will make her feel any better about sexing up her ex-boyfriend. I really like her!

Here's this week's question.....who actually likes the Phoebe-Constantine-Rick story? I haven't heard from very many who do. Let me know because on the off-chance Brad reads me this week, he needs to know how flat this story is.

As for last week's question, well most of you felt that Brooke will never change even through this latest family crisis. Everyone is taking bets on how long it will be before she steals Nick away from Taylor.

The Soap Box

Barbara answers early: 'If you've only received one email liking the pair of Phoebe and Constantine, it must be because they don't like Phoebe. Constantine is fabulous, a doll, and can actually sing! It sounds like he and Felicia may become a twosome and I can't wait. The sparks are gonna fly, wait and see.'

Terry says:' I hate what they've done to Donna Logan. Early on she was a beautiful, smart brunette! Grant it, she was young and made mistakes, but she wasn't helpless and without potential. Remember her going undercover to go after the porn guy in the late '80's? That took guts and she is a whacky, sneaky, weak character. And why do the 1st two Logan children end up with college degrees, and she's a 30 something year old waitress? I wish they never brought her back - I don't like what they've done to her and I don't agree with their choice in casting.'

Dee writes in: 'Brooke, change? She is just confused because she doesn't have Ridge or Nick or any man for that matter in her life to focus on. She is making like she was with the children a lot and she wasn't. They were usually with Kathryn the babysitter. I am with you Kristine about this singing competition, WHO CARES! If I here those songs again I think I'll puke. They need to get back to some exciting scenes, even their love scenes are bad, when you watch other soaps they are romantic or hot but on B & B they are barely anything at all. Please guys give us some real storylines!!!!'

Have a great week!!!

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